Lunch: The Common Market in South End


After the farmer’s market outing yesterday, Sealy and I headed to South End for lunch. We were in the mood for something quick and nothing too fancy. (hello eye candy)


We decided to stop at the Common Market. We’ve heard nothing but great things and had to see it for ourselves!


I ordered the build your own wrap. I had the tomato basil tortilla with turkey, avocado, red bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, hummus, tomato, and onion. It was delicious and I just picked up all the ingredients to start making my own.


And they had all kinds of goodies to buy to go with it. I bought a little candy for my sweet tooth!


The Common Market was really  neat. It was a little hidden away gem. You could eat in the “backyard” by the alley. I loved the chill vibe. Plus, if you’re into cold beer, they have all kinds!


As we were driving away, I saw this little kid sitting in the Window at the Blush boutique! I thought it was the cutest thing and had to snap the pictures.


Charlotte has so much to offer and I can’t wait to keep exploring. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!


We ended our lunch with a bowl of froyo! Per usual 🙂


  • opal

    I saw you there the other day but I was scared to say hi! Now i’m kicking myself!

    Reply to opal
  • Jane

    Be sure to try: Luna’s Living Kitchen (Awesome Raw Vegan restaurant in SouthEnd), Cabo Fish Taco (Mexican restaurant in NoDa) and Soul (Tapas restaurant in Plaza Midwood). All delicious!

    Reply to Jane
  • Heather

    I see that Cheerwine in the background 🙂 Only in the Carolinas!

    Reply to Heather
  • Brittany

    Cantina 1511 for awesome Mexican food!! It’s my favorite and their mojitos are delicious with fresh fruit.

    Reply to Brittany
  • Haylee

    Andd now I’m craving fro-yo. haha that looks so good. Dang I need to stop reading food blogs at 1 AM (no fro yo places open. 🙁

    Hey this is super random but have you ever tested out one of those snack box subscription services? Like Nature Box, Graze Box, all those. I’m curious because an ad just popped up on your blog about one so I thought I’d ask for your opinion just in case you have. Now that I think about it though, that ad probably has less to do with your blog and more to do with the fact that I’ve been researching them on my computer lately.. haha so nevermind. If you like stuff like that though I’m sure you could get them to sponsor a free service for you since you have such a large blog following. May be worth a try!
    (I don’t work for them or anything ps.. haha I just want to try one out and am thinking about doing the same! I don’t have as many followers as you but may be worth a shot right? 🙂

    Reply to Haylee
  • Heather

    I really can’t comment much on the food in Charlotte, but when I do make my way out there (I live outside of Raleigh) for my Ikea fix, I check out Tripadvisor. 🙂

    But I know you like to shop so I will offer up one good tip that I got from a “thrifty” shopper like myself! There is an upscale mall in Charlotte. I can’t remember the name of it but they have a Tiffany’s, Kate Spade, Gucci, etc. Near that mall there is a Goodwill. No joke, I have picked up so many designer deals while there for less than $4! Check it out if you get a chance! I know some of the thrift shop owners shop there and re-sell at their stores for triple the price! Just a tip. 🙂

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  • Ashley S

    Cowfish!! My brother lives in Charlotte and we always go there when we’re in town. I think it’s near South Park mall. Delicious sushi and burgers!

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  • Lauren

    Amelie’s in NoDa makes a great French press and has delicious pastries. (NoDa is just a really neat place in general.) If you’re in the mood for greasy food, the Penguin Drive-In is one of my favortie Charlotte staples! Also, Phat Burrito is definitely a great hole-in-the-wall quick service Mexican restaurant.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Katie

    Cabo Fish Taco is a must! I also recommend Whiskey Warehouse in Plaza Midwood – their rooftop has the best view of the city. For coffee – Nova’s Bakery! Knowing you like your small day trips, i HIGHLY recommend the North Harbor Club on Lake Norman. BEST brunch EVER!

    While Nolens and Ilios is good food, I can say I worked for the owners and wouldn’t recommend supporting them. Lets just say they aren’t very nice to their employees (I would work 10 hour shifts and not be able to stop and eat something). Personally I like to support the smaller mom and pop shops that really care about their employees 🙂

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  • W

    If you are looking for fine dining Bentley’s on 27 might be some of the best fine dining you can get in the Southeast, and it has an incomparable view, dinner will be extremely pricey but lunch tends to be more reasonable. Ilios Noche tends to be pretty good too.

    Reply to W
    • Natalie

      Ilios Noche is really great too- owned by the same people as Nolen Kitchen

      Reply to Natalie
  • Laura Lambeth

    I have lived in Charlotte my whole life and I love it. I highly suggest going to Cabo Fish taco, it’s very close to Amelie’s. Tupelo Honey is also another great place, their grill cheese with tomato soup is amazing!

    Reply to Laura Lambeth
    • Natalie

      was just about to comment and suggest Cabo Fish Taco but then I saw Laura beat me to it! best tuna tacos i’ve ever had! Nolen Kitchen is a really good spot too– they have great salads, chicken souvlaki, and yummy cocktails 🙂

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  • Livi

    Any meal that ends with froyo is a success!

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  • Lauren

    I actually had my first date with my now boyfriend at Common Market! You need to go there at night…there is a DJ, and it is a very relaxed atmosphere. I have lived in Charlotte for about a year now, and love reading your posts which have helped me to explore more of this great city!

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  • Sophie

    I used to live in Charlotte and I absolutely loved going to Amelie’s French Bakery. It is so cute and the food is just so good!

    Reply to Sophie
  • Hailey Albright

    If you ever take a trip to the beaches of NC (Kitty Hawk is the best!) there is a breakfast place called “Stack Em’ High Pancakes”. it’s a little mom & pop shop but they have the best pancakes in the world! You are served cafeteria style and non of the dishes match- weird, but really unique. It’s not the healthiest option but still, you should check it out!

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  • Brittany

    Amelie’s coffee shop. Not the one in uptown but just outside of uptown

    Reply to Brittany

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