After breakfast at the Iberostar buffet, I headed to the spa to see if I could get a massage squeezed in. It was the perfect time to get a massage because it was pouring down rain.

Unfortunately they had zero openings on the book. I settled for a manicure instead. My nails were beat up from the activities.

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As soon as she was done clearing the fingernail polish from my nails, the spa manager came in to let me know that her appointment had canceled and that she could fit me in. I was so excited. The lady doing my nails told me to get the massage and then to come back and we would finish my nails. She didn’t want my nails getting ruined during the massage.


I looked over the sheet and decided to go with the 60 minute swedish massage. I made the mistake of getting a 90 minute deep tissue massage last year in Scottsdale and I couldn’t move for a week.

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My favorite flowers surrounded the massage table. I got on the table, and she began to work on my back. She used aromatic oils too. Listening to the sound of the piano playing and the natural thunderstorm outside made it even more relaxing.


That was the best massage I have ever had, especially after a week of an intense itinerary. After the massage, I robed up and headed to the Jacuzzi’s and relaxed.

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Afterwards I dried off, got dressed, and then hydrated with some green tea water. I felt like a million bucks after that!


She finished my nails before I left and I chose a peach! This photo reminds me that I need to go get my nails done soon!


After the spa treatment, I took a walk on the beach and then laid out for two hours before packing up and heading to the airport.

I had such a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic and I can’t wait to go back.