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I’m kind of a blogging mess right now. I have so many things going on, so little time and all my thoughts are discombobulated. I drove around looking for a coffee shop today and I had to drive fifteen miles. I started checking emails and then decided to get started on blogging about my chicken noodle soup. I opened my backpack to grab my camera and realized I left all memory cards in my camera bag. Now I’m left here with a computer, a coffee, a notebook, and no pictures of chicken noodle soup to blog about. I’m going to have to try it again Wednesday when the internet man gets out to the house.

Now I can’t just leave my blog without posting something, so I’m taking advantage of this time and blogging some recaps and then working on my next blogging how to post. I hope that’s ok! Luckily our mountain trip was canceled over the weekend because of the weather and so I got some things done.



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I have two apple pie recipes on my blog, a healthy one and a delicious unhealthy one. The one above is the delicious unhealthy one. There is something so therapeutic making pies. The crust is art, it takes thought, and it’s a craft you want to keep getting better at. I can’t wait until the farmer’s markets open so I can get some fresh peaches and blueberries to make different pies!




After church, I went to breakfast with my boyfriend and his family. I ordered the egg white garden omelet at a new little breakfast place. I also had a side of wheat toast.


After breakfast, we headed over to the outlets to shop! I had to buy new clothes for my trip, new shoes, and a couple new swimsuits. I can’t wait to show you guys what I bought. I went into a couple of boutiques and found adorable resort dresses. We spent about 4 hours shopping and then we went to get coffee at Starbucks on our way out. I got a skinny latte with extra shots of espresso and a little snack because I was starvin’. I had the fruit and nut blend. I love the little dried blueberries in the mix! I have to make some of these little trail mix blends for my Fit Trip to the Dominican.


I got back around seven and I just whipped up a quick piece of chicken and salad. I did some laundry and then made a plate of strawberries and red wine to watch the Oscars! Did you guys watch the Oscars last night? I thought it was a great show, the dresses were beautiful and Lady Gaga killed the stage. I’ve always liked her, but last night I fell in love! When she was being interviewed on the red carpet, she told the girl interviewing her how beautiful she was. I thought that was really nice of her. She’s just an amazing person with a beautiful soul.


And I know this seems silly, but I just had to blog about this! I have a new favorite breakfast, cashew milk and chocolate fiber one cereal! The cereal tastes like cocoa puffs and the cashew milk taste like real milk! I had this for breakfast this morning and I literally can’t wait to have it again when I get back.

I have some more things to go buy today, and then I’m going to start packing tomorrow! The Bachelor is on tonight and I can’t wait to watch it!

I promise to have that soup posted sometime soon!


  • Stacy @ SweatingTulipz

    Mr. Grumples is so cute. I haven’t gotten to try Cashew Milk yet…but I love almond milk and love cashews…pretty sure I am going to be a fan! Have a great trip!

    Reply to Stacy @ SweatingTulipz
  • Alissa

    Sorry to hear about some of the experiences you’ve had in the past, Taralynn, that’s really awful 🙁
    Congrats on the beautiful new home, though–love the pool!!
    I have to try the cashew milk! I usually use almond milk in my morning smoothie, so this sounds like a great alternative.
    I’m guessing y’all are getting this wintry weather we have in ATL, be safe out there!

    Reply to Alissa
  • Lindsay

    Glad to hear you’re settled, happy and life is good. Oh and that Grumples has more space to run free like a bird. 🙂


    Reply to Lindsay
  • Joi @ Joiful

    Congrats on the new home! I know moving can be a lot of stress and work, so well done on keeping up with everything! You are a big inspiration to me and a great example for independent women! I am really sorry that some people take advantage of that and stalk you. That’s just so wrong!

    Hope you enjoy your new home!

    Joi xx

    PS: What a cute photo of Grumples! Makes me really want to cuddle him!! 😉

    Reply to Joi @ Joiful
  • Kristin C

    Congratulations on your new place. That’s a huge blessing and I hope you LOVE it 🙂
    I don’t know what I’d do without the big backyard for our dogs!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • katie

    Did people really break into your home? Like stalker style?!! Thats so creepy. Im pretty sure you share enough of your life with us, what else can people really want to know haha xx

    Reply to katie
  • Sophia Besaw

    I just posted my weekend recap with a workout on my blog as well 🙂 check it out!

    Reply to Sophia Besaw
  • Barbara

    Mr. Grumples is adorable!

    Reply to Barbara
  • Cassie

    Yummy apple pie!!! 😀

    Reply to Cassie
  • Ariel

    I’m very glad to hear things have been getting better for you! Praying God continues to bless you and your life. You sharing your life through your blogging has meant so much to me and has encouraged me to chase after my own dreams! thanks! 🙂

    Reply to Ariel
  • MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog

    I love recap posts! The omelet looks to die for. I haven’t had one in forever.


    Reply to MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog
  • Heather

    Congrats on the new home! I love the dining room and I bet you will sure enjoy that pool when the hot summer heat rolls in!

    Reply to Heather
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Do you go to bed earlier now that you don’t have WiFi at home I know i stay up late at night sometimes to watch videos even though I should be sleeping, thats My guilty pleasure.

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    Internet problems are the worst!! Hope you get yours fixed soon!

    Reply to Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out
  • Sierra @La Spice Sisters

    So happy for you! Congrats on the move and those pies look to die for! Weaving crusts is always a challenge…

    Reply to Sierra @La Spice Sisters
  • Stephanie

    Mr. Grumples looks very happy! 🙂 Also, as I am remodeling my house right now, I love that room you posted! Obsessed with crown molding. I am very jealous 🙂 Congrats on your new place!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Jessica

    I’m so excited for The Bachelor tonight! I started watching it late, so I’m finally all caught up and I cannot wait to see what happens! Who do you think Chris will choose in the end? 🙂

    Reply to Jessica
  • Charmaine

    LOL The banana man is from the Banana Bar Crawl! I saw a bunch of them at Fitzgeralds and all over the Epicentre on Saturday, for 15 bucks they give you admission to like 8 bars or so as well as that banana suit. It was quite a sight to see!

    Reply to Charmaine

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