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I’ve been working on the same post for the past ten hours, but I won’t be done until tomorrow morning. I couldnt leave my blog postless today and so I decided to do a quick one from last night. It won’t be as pretty or entertaining, but it’s something. I found one of my memory cards hidden in a bag from France and I’ve been editing the photos from Marseille. I was devastated when I lost that card, but now I’m proud of how well those photos look.

Before I started editing the photos, Grumples was up and ready to go for a long walk this morning. I was so happy with how energetic and healthy he was. He’s been on a egg, chicken, and rice diet for the past couple of days and it seems to be helping a lot.


I pulled a half-nighter. I went to bed at 4 am because I decided to finished the second season of The Following. Watching the last episode of a Netflix binge is one of the worst feelings. The Following is honestly my favorite show of all time. It’s better than Breaking Bad, Lost, Dexter, and the only thing that ties with it is House of Cards.

Another show I’m obsessed with right now is The Bachelor and that was on last night. This season is a little strange. It’s a lot more trashier than the other seasons, they portray Iowa so wrong, and it’s more staged than normal. I do however, love seeing “onion girl.” She’s hilarious! If you watch the show, you  know what I’m talking about. Do you guys think it’s all an act? Who do you think he’ll pick?


While I was watching the bachelor, I felt like making brownies. You don’t have to have an excuse to make brownies and so I just did! Oh, and I went all out and made them from a box 😉 Making boxed brownies remind me of my childhood and that’s why I love making the boxed brownies every now and then. The batter reminds me of my mom yelling at me for stealing the spoons when she was done. “You’re going to get sick with the raw eggs.”


I added Valentines day m&m’s for some color 🙂 I used the cookie dough brownie box and it was freaking good! I know brownies from scratch are tastier and a little better for you, but sometimes you have to live on the edge!


  • Julia

    I love boxed brownies! I get a really cheap package from Costco that comes with six (or ten, I don’t remember) boxes of Ghirardeli brownies! Those are the best brand.

    Reply to Julia
  • Helena

    Your blog is my favorite right now so please don’t change your blog too much! All I really want is more of the same.

    I recently tried a couple of your recipes out and they turned out fantastic! I love how recently you have mentioned other blogs too – so thanks to you, I have discovered awesome NEW blogs to follow. Your blog also interests me because it shows pictures of places you have traveled. So, basically I’d love for you to continue to share cool blogs with us and I’d like to see more travel, self-help, photography and lifestyle. Oh ya, and please show use more of your artwork!!

    Reply to Helena
  • Kristin C

    Ya know, it’s funny.
    I have always like brownies from a box better than from scratch. I know that’s weird, but that’s how my dad has always made them and it reminds me of him. He doesn’t cook/bake very often, so I guess it’s just the memories 🙂
    Have you watched Bones? It is my all-time favorite show. Give it a whirl (watch past the pilot, because the pilot isn’t a great first impression).

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Helena

    So happy to hear that Mr. Grumples is better! Don’t you just want to spoil him rotten? When my pets recovered, I just wanted to cuddle, buy them toys and treats. And I felt an extra-special bond. We were bonded before, and I thought I couldn’t possible love my pet anymore – and yet all those emotions felt so much stronger. Maybe, I took my pet for granted. It’s just so scary when a pet is sick.
    PS – How did you only get four hours of sleep after being so sleep deprived taking care of Mr. Grumples? You are the BOMB!

    Reply to Helena
  • Cassie

    I’ve actually been watching the Bachelor this year for the first time ever, and I’m hooked. I watch it on Demand when my boyfriend is working late, with Vanderpump Rules and have my own trashy, girly TV night. The onion girl is insane, I wonder if it’s an act, too. Cookoo!

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  • Alissa

    Ok, those brownies look SO good. A friend made some from the Ghirardelli boxed mix the other day, and I was surprised at how good they were.

    Reply to Alissa
  • Kirsten

    I agree with you on this season of the Bachelor. I thought Jimmy Kimmel totally saved that last episode. He also made the dates and that farm challenge a lot more realistic for the girls. Jimmy also asked questions that actually matter in relationships, which Chris totally hasn’t been doing. I think it’s stupid that he kisses every single girl too and it seems like he’s just going with his “feelings”. I honestly don’t have much hope for this season. Whitney is really one of the only girls I like.

    Reply to Kirsten
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Is The Following really that good?! Maybe I should start watching it.

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

    Those look delicious! And I have found that brownies from the box are not that bad at all!

    Reply to Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

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