Hornets, Macs, & Movies!


I’ve been going through my phone and trying to clean up the 2014 pictures. Before I completely delete everything, I want to post all my doings on the blog!

Above is a college from last weekend’s Hornets game. Nick and his brother are season ticket holders and they bring me now and then. My favorite part of the game is when they’re announcing their starting lineup. The lights go out and they have blue and purple lights all around the arena with a animated hornet on the screen. I’m obsessed with the sound effects. Halftime is usually good too.

During the third quarter, Nick and I bought some peanuts, popcorn, and a drink. We were freaking starvin’ by that point because we hadn’t had dinner yet and it was nine. After the game Nick and I had dinner with Joe, Nick’s brother, at Macs Speed Shop. We go there a lot because it’s fast service, good barbecue, and close to Nick’s place. I ordered the beer can chicken with a side salad and baked beans.

After the game, Nick and I set up in the living room and decided to do a movie night. I always fall asleep watching movies, but for some reason I was up all night watching them. Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong movies that don’t keep me awake, or maybe it was Ferrero Rocher and the coffee. We watched The Interview, Gone Girl, and The Equalizer. All movies were freaking awesome! Gone Girl was my favorite and a must see!


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