Thanksgiving Breakfast!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope you’re all spending the day with friends and family, eating gobs of delicious food, and putting yourself in football comas. I know I am!  I woke up and made pies with Emilee early this morning, and after that I headed over to have breakfast with Nick’s family. Breakfast at Nick’s doesn’t consist of your normal breakfast food. It’s like breakfast food on crack. If Ralph doesn’t open up a restaurant soon, I’ll be disappointed. I’ve already convinced him to start selling his sauces, so maybe I can push him to open up the restaurant.

I feel so blessed to have Nick and his family in my life. They’ve really made the Carolina’s feel like home.


Nick’s family’s friend, Willie, was in town and he’s a spectacular photographer. He let me use some of his photos for this post and you can obviously tell whose is who’s! I’m not looking into getting a camera like his. He’s going to take the photo of my strawberry dessert for tonight!

I had extra scraps from the pie dough this morning and made this mini pies. They ended up being so cute.

Pie Recipe Here


So let me explain why breakfast at Nick’s family is not normal, out of the ordinary, unusual, and an experience you’ll never forget.

WG2_2967 WG2_2969


He creates recipes that you can’t find at restaurants, you can’t find them in cookbooks, and they taste like God threw it down from heaven. Okay that sounded like of cheesy, but for real…his creations are unreal.

Above is a french toast sandwich with cheese, ham, sausage, eggs, and syrup.


Grumples loves the attention he gets.


And he likes to kiss the chef, with hope that treats will come in return.


His scrambled eggs are not just scrambled eggs. I don’t know what seasonings he adds to them, but they are so flavorful and fluffy. I’m sensing a lot of garlic.


Usually people fast before Thanksgiving, but not in an Italian’s home. You should have seen the feast they had last night at the party!


The bread he used for the french toast had the best texture. Crispy on the outside, ooey gooey in the middle! And who would have ever thought that cheese and French toast would go well together? It’s incredible!


After breakfast, we sat down in food comas and tried to make room for dinner while watching the Lions! My boys are killing it!


-Phyllis’s Cinnamon rolls.


Well, I better get going! It’s Turkey Time!

Do you guys have a Thanksgiving breakfast?


  • Kristin C

    This looks delicious! I know if my husband I end up moving to Charlotte for his seminary, I would definitely frequent Ralph’s restaurant, so he should definitely start building. lol.
    I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Taralynn. And I am glad you have a man who is family-oriented. It is such a blessing.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Kate Upton

    Who is that adorable little kid in the duke sweatshirt

    Reply to Kate Upton
  • mookie

    Did he use challa bread for the french toast? My mom uses it and it is THE BEST bread for french toast. It is just how you described it here. The food looks so yummy :).

    Reply to mookie
  • Wonni

    Hi there,

    this post made me smile! Nick´s family seems to be a really nice bunch!
    And Grumps… bahahahar… he is soooooo sweet. I love the expression of the pic with Ralph an him.
    And those posts switching from healthy to bad and from bad to healthy are pretty varying. Love it!
    I was really amazed just looking at the french toast combination.Must taste like heaven.
    *sigh* I miss those Thanksgiving days. Sadly not celebrated over here.

    Reply to Wonni
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    I didn’t know thanksgiving ws a whole day event–I thought it was just a thanksgiving dinner with some pie and some turkey 🙂

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Ally

    I’m confused though Taralynn – who is Nick? You keep mentioning him kinda vaguely with no explanation. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Reply to Ally
    • Adelaide

      Her boyfriend, duh! She never spelled out, but it’s obvious.
      What’s NOT obvious is who “Ralph” is. The father? The brother?

      The food looks great, and Ralph really seems to be a great cook, whoever he is :p

      Reply to Adelaide

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