Sunday Stacks & Waxhaw Grub


I’m sure you all saw this one coming. And if you didn’t, you must be new to my blog, so welcome! After church Sunday, Nick and I went to Stacks for breakfast.


We were super hungry after waiting 45 minutes to get a table for two. We went all out with our orders. Believe it or not, before yesterday morning, I had never tried biscuits and gravy before. Something about the way they look turned me off. And after my first bite, I couldn’t believe I had waited this long to try them. They were delicious andย remindedย me of the dumplings on top of chicken noodle soup.


I ordered my usual: whole wheat toast, veggie egg white omelet, hash browns, fresh fruit, and a side of bacon.


We headed over to the Waxhaw Creamery after breakfast to pick up ice cream for Sunday night dessert. Nick ordered a Strawberry ice cream and I stole some bites. It was so good.


We picked up cotton candy for his brothers, maple walnut for me, and peanut butter cup for Anthony.


I love that the Waxhaw creamery always has a seasonal ice cream flavor. Last month is was pumpkin paradise and this month it’s EGG NOG! MY FAVORITE:)

PicMonkey Collage

It was a rainy Sunday and the perfect excuse to get in my cozies and watch football all day. Althought the Lions lost, it was still a good Sunday. Later in the night, Nick and I headed to pick up pizza at Pizza Works in Waxhaw. They have amazing pizza.

While we waited on our order, we walked over to crossroads coffee house to play board games and drink coffee. I dominated in Checkers.


And I was the one to knock down the Jenga tower first:(

I headed home after the Cowboys/Giants game. It was a successful Sunday. I have a big week coming up! Tonight is Friends-giving, Wednesday is the big thanksgiving party at Nick’s Parents, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I’m going to Charleston on Friday to visit my parents.


Now, I’m headed to the store to get some ingredients to make pies for tonight!


  • A.L

    do you have any more posts about France coming up?

    Reply to A.L
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Pardon me for asking, but is Nick your boyfriend? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yeah I saw this post coming. 45 minutes is a long time to wait for breakfast, they must be a popular store. Will you be making your own healthified version of biscuits and gravy now that you like the combo?

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Kristin C

    Friends-giving sounds like fun! I may have to do something like that next year….if I’ve made enough friends wherever we are for my hubby’s seminary. lol.

    I cannot believe this was your first biscuits and gravy experience! Welcome to the South! You have officially arrived ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

    Love your Sunday traditions. Nothing compares to the perfect breakfast spot!

    Reply to Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

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