Big Blog X: Dares

If you remember correctly, Taralynn dared me before we set off to do three typical American things: Halloween, eat peanut butter and oreos together and tailgating. I only managed to two of those things, but it’s only a raincheck for the other one I hope. Here are the proofs of these dares.

Dare 1 – Halloween… better twice than once!




I really had two amazing Halloween nights in the USA in great company. It is a great holiday, I love dressing up and I hope I can do it again one day!

Dare 2 – Eat peanut butter and oreos together


You can see the video of me trying it out here :

It was good, but a bit intense for me. I have to finish the oreos I have and the peanut butter, but I don’t think I would do it again, unless I am really really depressed 🙂

Dare 3 – Tailgating

That’s a miss, I did not find anyone to do it, but raincheck Taralynn?

If you followed the exchange, you know I dared Taralynn to eat snails and stinky cheese and master our weird “kiss on the cheek” habits. So Taralynn, any proofs for us?


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