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Bonjour, Everyone!

Today is the day that I get to take over Lucie’s blog. If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Taralynn Mcnitt. I’m from the blog Simply Taralynn. Now, you’re probably wondering where Lucie is, right? No worries! I didn’t kidnap her, only her blog. She’s taking over my blog for the Big Blog Exchange. She’s on way to the United States to switch countries with me, and I’m on my way to France. My parents almost named me Lucie when I was a little girl, and now I actually get to be Lucie! My dad still calls me Lucie or Lulu. How Ironic is that?

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Unlike Lucie, this is all new to me. I travel a lot, but only in the states. I’ve been to Mexico and Canada a few times, but never overseas. I have a feeling this won’ the the last time. Once I break in my travel shoes, I’ll be able to explore the world with less fear of the unknown. The only part I wish I could change is my lack of the French culture. Don’t worry, I’ve been studying all month. I took Spanish as my language course in school and kind of wish I would have been more into French. But, I am excited to learn learn learn! I have a feeling I will continue to learn about the French culture after my return. (If you would like me to use a translator and insert the text into the blog, let me know in the comments)

Last night before doing my final packing, I took the time to have dinner with my friends. I dropped my dog, Mr. Grumples, off with his sitter and tried not to cry.  Leaving pets is always hard for me. I think it’s harder to leave a pet because they don’t know you’ll be back, and humans do.

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I packed days before my trip. I wanted to do a blog post to get the advice of my readers in advance. I have a lot of readers that have been, or live in France. They filled my brain with so many tips and have made this trip a lot easier on me.

Apparently I had way too many clothes, not enough black pants, and way too many pairs of flats. I didn’t have an umbrella, coat, or gloves, but now I do thanks to them!

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I’m a huge “be on time” kind of person. Actually that’s not true. I’m more of a “be early” or I’m late type of person! So, I got to the airport two and a half hours before my flight. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.

I was actually excited about my flight this morning. I set my alarm for six am, so that I could watch the news, and relax before it all. Plus, there was no way I could sleep in with the excitement running through my veins.

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I am left with an hour to go before my flight. I have breakfast and coffee in front of me, and can’t wait to board. First up? Washington D.C. (where Lucie will be) and then Paris!

Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, and tips below! xo xo