Packing For France: Carry on, Personal, & Clothes!

In 33 hours I will be taking off for France. I’ve packed everything, printed my ticket, and checked off most of my list, but it still doesn’t feel real. Going to France has been a dream of mine and it’s actually happening. This is going to be incredibly life changing and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent all day getting ready today. I made check lists, packed clothes, shopped for extras, and I only have a few things left until I’m ready to go. I am so excited and of course nervous, too! You guys have saved my life throughout all of this. You’ve helped me with phrases, what to pack, where to go, and safety precautions. I know I’ll be leaning on you again during my trip. I’m even meeting up with some of my readers which will be exciting!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I decided to put together a little packing guide for my trip. Maybe I’ve missed something that you can help me add or maybe I packed something I won’t need! I’ve flown a lot in my lifetime, but never this far. This is going to be a new experience and I’m so anxious to jump into it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.27.32 PM
After packing all of my bags, I pack my carry on. I also plan and keep my airport clothes out before I go to bed the night before a flight. Sometimes traveling is stressful; so stressful it keeps me up at night. I like to make sure everything is done and ready to go. That way I feel at ease. Some people can wake up, pack an hour before a trip and never stress. That’s definitely not me. I stress out before two hour flights, and this one is a huge flight. Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.13.19 PM

Make Up: If you lose your luggage, buying makeup won’t be fun. Bring some of your basic makeup pieces with you in your carry on. I’ll be bringing my blush, my mascara, and lipgloss.

Sleep Necessities: Sleeping on a plane is hard, but when your plane is longer than twelve hours, you’re going to have to figure a way to do it. Bring a travel pillow, a sleeping mask, headphones that drown out noise, and maybe a small throw blanket. Fill your iPod with classical relaxation music to hep you relax and fall asleep. Also, try to get “crappy” sleep the night before your flight.

Things to do: Books, Puzzles, Magazines, A Rubik Cube, Phone, Notebook & Pen, Computer, Ipod. etc. You may get lucky and find a seat partner that is super talkative, but most of the time, people like to keep to themselves on the plane, so bring something to entertain yourself. I have a french language book I plan on reading the entire flight.

Camera: Don’t forget to take your camera with you on the plane. That is one thing you will not want to lose with your luggage! Imagine going all over Europe and not being able to snap good photos. And if you’re a blogger, you’ll want to take picture on the plane.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFresh Products: You’ll need a way to freshen up without showering, so bring some wipes to freshen up. Bring lotion and lip balm just incase the plane is dry. Make sure you pack antibacterial soap with you. Planes are full of germs. Wipe down the drop desk, the armrests, the windows, your seat, and your hands every time you use them. Just wipe everything.

Documents: My exchange partner, Lucie, had a brilliant idea of making copies of all important documents and credit cards to have with you. Make sure you have your money, your cards, your passport, tickets, important documents, and any other paperwork with you on the plane.

Clothing: You never know what will spill on you, so bring an extra shirt. Bring some under garments, bring socks, and extra hair ties. Don’t forget your sunglasses because you’re obviously closer to the sun 🙂 One time I was stuck on a plane in the middle seat and the guy next to me kept the blind up the entire time. I normally wouldn’t mind but the sun was reflecting off of his iPad right into my eyes. I never forget my sunglasses now.

Food: Don’t bring food into the airport. It’ll most likely get thrown out at customs. If you want to bring food on the plane, wait until you get past security. Buy your healthy trail mix, junk food, fast food, or whatever you want and bring it on the plane. I don’t think eating bad food is a great idea on a long flight. Having an upset stomach would be miserable. I plan on buying water, trail mix, and a couple other snacks. They feed you on the plane, but you never know how good it’ll be. I also buy gum before getting on the plane because it prevents your ears from popping at take off.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know buying all your toiletries and extras before packing may seem like the right thing to do, but I disagree. I like to pack everything and then make a list of the things that are missing. You don’t really know what you need until you realize what you don’t have. So after you’re done packing what you have, make a list of what you need and go get it! If you shop first, you may forget items and have to go back, or you may buy something you already have.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI usually pack all of my make up with me. I take some on the plan and I keep the bigger bag in my luggage.Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.00.07 PM
Makeup I keep in my bag: Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Blush, Mascara, Concealer, Remover, Eyeshadow, Lip Liner, Lip Stick, Eyebrow Pencil, and Brushes. I don’t normal wear this much make up, (partly because I’m lazy) but you never know when you’ll need it in France.
You’ll need a chip in your credit card in France for most purchases. The downfall to having a chip in your card is that it makes it much easier for thieves to steal your information. I bet you’re thinking “I never lose my card or it’s always hidden”, but that won’t matter. The crappy thing about nowadays is the technology used for theft. Thieves can scan your pockets with a piece of technology and grab all of your credit card information. That’s why I bought a identity theft protection case for my credit cards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I’m a very basic person when it coms to jewelry. I wear the same diamond and gold cross necklace, crystal stud earrings, and a gold bracelet. I decided to pick some extra pieces to dress up my outfits for France. I put them in a bag and placed them in my luggage. If you keep them together in a bag, they won’t tangle as easy or get lost in your luggage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I brought my prayer bracelet with a guardian angel on it and the Saint Christopher Patron of Travelers. It was blessed by our priest to keep me safe during my journey. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Instead of packing giant bottles of shampoo, conditioner, perfume, shaving cream, and other toiletries, you can go to Walmart, CVS, Target or other stores and buy travel sized bottles. I also picked up a lock for my luggage. You’ll need to buy your lock in the travel section because TSA has an access key to them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is something you’ll need to do in advance. Our outlets are different than the ones in France. I had to order an adapter for my plugins. It came in three days, and they’re pretty cheap on Ebay. I’m sure you can buy them at the airport, but I would imagine you’ll save more money doing it in advance.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow as for the clothing goes…

I tried my best not to overpack, but not under pack. I have a huge problem with overpacking. I regret it every time I do it and this time I’m learning from my mistakes and taking all of your advice. I packed all of my clothing in a suitcase and then packed an extra carry on bag with my clothes for the flight home. I plan on doing a lot of shopping in France.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve heard that wearing dark colors makes you look less like a tourist. I tried to pack as many dark colors as I could, but couldn’t resist some of my fall pieces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI looked up the weather for the upcoming days so I could pack accordingly. While I’m there, it’ll be 55-70 degrees and so I packed for both temperatures.
I packed:

For the cold: A burgundy leather jacket, a black jacket blazer, a black leather jacket, and a puffy vest, two scarves, two pairs of gloves, umbrella and earmuffs.

For Shoes: two pairs of flats, Sperrys, sandals, boots, slippers,  and sneakers.

Tops: I’m bringing 10-14 tops that include button ups, tanks, cardigans, dresses, and sweaters. They all fall under the “fall” colors and will look good mixed and matched together.

Other: I’m bringing bras, underwear, socks, hats, jewelry, tights, leggings, and pajamas.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For the plane ride, I laid out a white seater, purple skinny jeans that are super duper comfortable, flats, a scarf, and a vest. I plan on bringing an extra shirt on the plane just in case!  Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes on a long flight! If you want to look cute when you land, bring extra clothes and change in the airport bathroom.

I hope these tips help you and me on the next flight!

Have advice for my readers and I? Leave them in the comments.


  • Sarah

    Where is your pink tote bag from? ?

    Reply to Sarah
  • Nadine

    Tara, where did you get the prayer and bracelet. It’s awesome!


    Reply to Nadine
  • Gabrielle


    Can you yell me where you got your sheets and the striped bag you are bringing? I really like them! Thanks.

    Reply to Gabrielle
  • Suzanne Ingram

    It is absolutely forbidden to visit France without at least 2 dresses. I am just kidding, a pair of stylish trousers are good option, too! Last year I visited Monaco. I made a copy of all my documents. it was a long trip so just in case I lose the originals. Thank you for sharing your tips! Greetings!

    Reply to Suzanne Ingram
  • Erin Logan

    Hi, Taralynn! Your post is amazing. I really love the stuff you packed. The most important is that everything seems to be very comfortable for the trip. Greetings

    Reply to Erin Logan
  • jessica Jarel
    Where did u get the shoes in this picture, I’m obsessed!!

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  • Kate

    Hi! Where did you get the striped purse/bag? I love it!!

    Reply to Kate
  • Georgia

    I love your suitcase and was wondering where you got it from.

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  • Diane

    I’m no doubt older but I need to take an insulated bag for insulin plus many other meds…I do not leave meds in my check thru bag! I also take snacks should I get a low blood sugar. Never had the food or meds taken away. Most airlines allow you to take a medical bag besides your purse and carry-on.
    The best way to tell us from Europeans is by our shoes!!! Our atheletic shoes are a dead giveaway!
    Also, learn the money and count it as they give you change. I bought food in the Paris train station and she tried to give me incorrect change back to cheat me! Also several people approached asking for money…don’t do it!

    Reply to Diane
  • Lena

    Thank you for these really helpful tips! This is the first article of your blog I read but I love him already!
    I would also like to know, where you get this beautiful black jacket, which is right at the 6th image from below.

    Reply to Lena
  • Abbey

    I understand this is a very late comment (hope you enjoyed France!), but I just came across this post pinned to Pinterest and thought I’d share experience …
    The chip & PIN cards are actually much more secure than cards you have to sign for – signing for payments is now no longer accepted for security fraud reasons in most shops. I’m in the UK but I believe it’s the same across most of the EU. (This was a huge confusion when I went to the USA recently!) That thing about thieves having machines they can swipe over wallets to steal info? Erm … literally the first time I’ve ever heard of that, right here, and I work in a bank. 😉 Doesn’t happen, or if it does then it’s in small, isolated incidents. That honestly seems like another unnecessary product to rip off tourists. That’s not to say that it’s not worth looking after your details; only carry cards you’ll need, and take advantage of zipped compartments in your handbag to hide things from prying eyes and hands. That thing about dark colours making you look less like a tourist is a bit of a false-truth as well: it’s like carrying your bag across your body, it might seem safer but if you don’t look comfortable then you’re practically screaming as a target to thieves.

    Reply to Abbey
  • Selena

    Oh, you look so sweet! I hope you’ve had a great time there! I’m going next month and I just hope the weather will be good, so I can spend my days walking and trying to sink all of Paris. 🙂 Thanks for this article, I’ll bookmark it and read it again when packing 😉

    Reply to Selena
  • Cindy

    Girl, how long are you going to be there because that is a LOT of stuff. I think you might regret having so much, especially if you are doing much train travel. Know you’ll have a blast regardless. I will be there in May

    Reply to Cindy
  • Celine

    take a picture of all your important documents and upload them to google docs so you have them with you everywhere you go.

    Reply to Celine
  • Elizabeth

    This was so helpful, Taralynn! Carry-ons are especially tough for me… there’s a fine line between too big and ending up with not enough to make do with or entertain yourself! Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely be filing this one away! 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Hannah McShane

    i know this is from October, but I saw it on Pinterest and read it. I just wanted to say that I travel a lot and I always bring food in with me, I don’t buy it in the airport. I’ve never gotten my food taken away, and I bring cookies, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, pretzels, etc. I even brought a small yogurt once and didn’t get it taken away. Just so you know.

    Reply to Hannah McShane
  • Christiana

    I used this guide and had a blast in France! Thank you taralynn

    Reply to Christiana
  • Hannah

    Hello! I just found your blog and I love it! I am traveling to France in late March, early April and do not have the slightest clue on what I should wear when in southern France compared to Paris. Would knee-high boots, skinny jeans, a nice shirt, and a cardigan be appropriate at that time of year? Any suggestions?

    Reply to Hannah
  • Brandi Nicholson

    Where did you find your jazz style shoes? They look super comfy.

    Reply to Brandi Nicholson
  • Diane

    The best thing I keep in my carry on is a ski underwear long sleeve t-shirt in a nude color. Best ones are make of silk, but synthetic works as well. They roll up super small, take up no space or weight but can save you on a cold flight or a cold day in Paris. Wear it under any blouse or tshirt or even a dress. The slight scoop neck doesn’t show (but would be hidden by a fabulous scarf anyway) and the sleeves can be rolled or pushed if need be.

    Reply to Diane
  • Monica

    Where did you get those mega cute lace up flats??

    Reply to Monica
  • Kimmy

    I was just traveling to Europe, Africa, and around the states. Security didn’t throw any of my food away. However, before going through customs at your destination, they will not allow you to bring in fruit or meat. Anything else was considered just fine for us.

    Reply to Kimmy
  • Claire

    Hi- thanks for this post, it is very helpful! Where are those tan lace up shoes for your flight from? I love them!

    Reply to Claire
    • amanda

      i had the same question! love those tan lace up shoes. please tell who makes them.

      Reply to amanda
  • magda

    hello from Europe / Prague…where did you buy pink bag on the first Picture, please? thank you magda

    Reply to magda
  • Jessica

    Hey! I know you’re already in France, but I just wanted to say something about bringing food into the airport. You can definitely bring the food you said you were going to by at the airport. Plus it would be way cheaper to do it that way. I went to China and brought all kinds of things with me: chips, granola bars, candy, stuff like that and did not have a problem at all. It’s just the liquids you would have a problem with. Hope this helps and I hope you are having a fabulous time over there!

    Reply to Jessica
  • sasha

    Your clothes look super cute! Where do you shop? Have a wonderful time and safe travels 🙂

    Reply to sasha
  • Sarah

    Where is the striped carry on bag from? It’s gorgeous!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Amanda

    Love this post! Can I ask where you got the purple pants from? Have a great trip!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Flo & Dénia

    We’ve just baked your delicious Roasted cinnamon pumpkin seeds.
    Hope you had a safe flight to France.
    We liive in the South, may be you’ll have time to come and visit.
    Take care.
    A bientôt

    Reply to Flo & Dénia
  • Trisha

    I hope you are extra careful! My husband and I were pickpocketed, shoved, grabbed, and touched in uncomfortable ways. Maybe our mistake was that we looked like tourists, we also took the subway a lot. I don’t know how you will be traveling around but cabs are very hard to find so keep a few numbers in your phone. I do hope you have a great time! I’m not meaning to scare you but you seem so friendly I don’t want it to get you into unwanted trouble! Our experience wasn’t the best but I’m glad we went. In fact, my mom teases me that it’s my favorite place because I always talk about it!

    PS. try an eclair when you are there! They also have a restaurant called “Maxim’s” they have the best salad EVER! If you go to disney, don’t base your future excitement of Disney world on the one in Paris, it’s just not the same…not even a little bit!! My favorite adventure was Moulin Rouge! Most people think it’s too much because they are topless but it’s so much more than that! They do acrobats in the show and it was incredible!! Great motivation too because they are in shape, as most people are in France. It really is a beautiful show and who doesn’t loved getting dressed up for drinks!?

    Reply to Trisha
  • Amanda

    Hi Taralynn,

    I love that sun hat! So adorable. Where did you get it?

    Enjoy your trip! Will be a blast 🙂

    Reply to Amanda
  • Caro

    Hi Taralynn,
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful trip in my country. I lived in Paris during 25 years and just one important thing : you need more warm clothes and comfortable shoes !!
    November could be very cold – more excuses for shopping, right ? 😉

    Paris is Paris, you don’t really need some advice, there are always great things to do.
    One of your readers is right : Mont Saint Michel near Rennes is really an amazing place( by bus from Rennes, 12 or 13 €). A wonderful place, incredible and … just waow !

    Bon voyage à toi !
    See you here or on Lucie’s blog !

    Reply to Caro
  • Eline

    I’m actually going in an internship in Paris next year! I’ve visited the city 4 times before and kind of left my heart there 😉 I’m sure you’ll love Paris! Really watch your stuff in the metro though!

    Reply to Eline
  • Jay

    Hi, I pack only 4 pairs of shoes (sneakers, pumps, flats & flip flops) and create outfits based on the first three pairs. That way the shoes don’t take up a lot of room in my luggage. I usually wear the sneakers while traveling to & from (they’re usually the bulkiest) and I wear the flip flops in my hotel room. Anywho, have a great trip! I can’t wait to see your photos! Bonjour!

    Reply to Jay
  • Lauren

    I went to France last year. Two big tips. One is be careful of gypsies, they have their children distract you and then older kids reach in your bag for stuff, so I know little kids are cute and you might feel bad for them, but resist the urge to pull out your wallet in public and if you do talk to your children, make sure u keep your valuables in sight. I know because this almost happened to me.
    Second bathrooms cost $$ and some won’t accept cards. They want euros. That’s crazy for us. But try using a bathroom over there that’s in a public place and you’ll pay anywhere from 50 cents to a $1.50 converted to euros. The louvre was the most expensive place to go.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Ashton Jury

    I love all of your flats, but I hope that they are really comfortable because you will especially need that in Paris. I just got back from France myself and its not like our sidewalks of concrete we are use to here. Also it’s chilly so I hope you packed a cute pair of boots (if not its the perfect excuse to buy some!) Also make sure you are prepped for rain, I forgot my umbrella and had to buy one when waiting outside the Louvre because it was pouring, its ok though its adorable and an Eiffel Tower on it! Safe Travels and Au Revoir!

    Also pack some band aids! Never know what may happen and they ease the pain of blister!

    Reply to Ashton Jury
  • Stefanie

    I think it’s going to be colder than you think. You need some boots!

    Reply to Stefanie
  • Natalie

    Hi Taralynn,
    A suggestion for your electronics- take a powerboard with you and then use the adaptor to plug it into the wall. That way you can plug your iPod, iPhone, laptop, etc all in at once.

    Have a safe trip!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Lacey Zaiser

    I brought tons of protein bars, trail mix, instant oats and stevia packets for my coffee on the plane and had them throughout my trip. Also little packets of almond butter are great 🙂 Also I had my wallet stolen from me on the metro in Paris, while it was in my purse, across my shoulder, with 4 of my friends around me. I honestly don’t know how they do it, they’re like little magicians. I had a bright pink dress on which probably drew more attention to me as a tourist, but still make sure to have your hand on your purse at all times! Other than that Paris is wonderful. Have a great time 🙂

    Reply to Lacey Zaiser
  • Heather in Raleigh

    Bring a washcloth or shower pouf! They don’t have them in Paris hotels! 🙂

    Reply to Heather in Raleigh
  • Kate

    I would definately make sure to pack some of your clothing in your carry on. My luggage missed my connecting flight once and it took several days to get it back! I now always pack a change of clothes in my carry on! Also, too many shoes! They’ll be a pain to lug around and take up too much room in your bag. I’d trim down to a single pair of flats, sperry’s for daytime, boots and sneakers if you plan to work out. Good luck!!

    Reply to Kate
  • Caitlin

    You are going to have so much fun!! I cannot wait for all your photos!!

    As for food, I think you should absolutely take your own. I take complete meals and especially for international flights I pack a ton of healthy food. I have never had a problem with this. The only time I have seen someone get in trouble is when the plane is landing in the new country and they do not want you bring fruits, veggies, etc into the country. Trust me, the food you bring will be 10xs healthier than what you’ll find at the airport and on the plane. Also, this will help save you money to spend in France! I have spent well over $100 for airport food that is not of good quality or healthy.

    Take your own! It will make such a difference for how you feel on the plane!

    Reply to Caitlin
  • Kelsey

    Ditch the sandals and pack fuzzy socks for the plane 🙂 A cross-body bag would be helpful, too. Paris is the most wonderful city on earth. Eat a pain au chocolat for me!

    Reply to Kelsey
  • Nessa

    you should definitely bring some warmer things, especially shoes – these are all summer shoes and it is freaking cold in France now.
    I hope you have a great time and and a good flight!
    Looking forward to read about your experiences.

    Reply to Nessa
  • Lisa

    I’m so excited to read all about your trip and experience it vicariously! I really love your coloured jeans, where did you get them? I’ve been searching for colours like those. I would agree with a few other comments and think about bringing travel size of common medications you may use – think Gravol, Advil/Tyelenol and tums!

    Reply to Lisa
  • Anna

    This is super random, but bring your own tampons! Obviously you can buy them there but brands are different and I always regreted not bringing my own…

    Reply to Anna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’ve heard that theirs are not so comfortable lol

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • virginie

        Hi Taralynn,

        Hoping that you will have got a wonderful trip in my country. Where will you go? Paris or Province?..
        Note sure for tampons, there is a lot of marks in supermarkets…you know..
        Concerning the weather, it depends on where you go. But it should be cold in November in the north.. even in the North-East.. And it’s better to have got socks, pull-overs, trousers, a big coat… kisses

        Reply to virginie
  • Jessica

    Not sure how many outlet adapters you bought, but I always regret not having more than one-that way you can charge your camera/phone/computer simultaneously! Also, not sure what type of purse/bag you plan on carrying, but I’d suggest a top-zip or flip top crossbody-it’s way easier to manage a small crossbody & ensure that all of your documents are with you than it would be with a larger bag. Plus, it’s kept close to your body, so you’ll be able to guard it more carefully!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Marissa

    I’d suggest putting a copy of your itinerary in your luggage in case it gets separated from you and perhaps contact information of someone in the US just in case. Also like someone else said you’ll be fine bringing your own food on the plane (I did when I went to London last October). I’d suggest bringing a spare change of clothes in case your luggage is lost or delayed. I’d also pack any medication in your carry on or anything else you absolutely need when you land. Have fun.

    Reply to Marissa
  • Sarah

    make sure you have comfortable shoes! when i went to europe we walked like 10 hours a day. it’s the best way to see everything! but if you dont have comfy shoes, you’ll regret it. also, if you buy new shoes make sure to break them in beforehand – some of the girls i went with didnt and had crazy blisters on their feet afterward!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Becky

    I just flew back home from my vacation and I was so glad I brought a quest bar on the plane 🙂 Also you’ll have no problems bringing your own prepared snacks on the plane (even before security check). As long as you don’t put fresh food in your suitcase, you can bring whatever you want to eat on the plane.

    I was once given the advice to bring copies of the receipts of electronic devices such as my laptop, ipod and camera to prove to customs (on the flight home) that I didn’t buy them during the trip.

    Depeding on your cell phone contract you might want to take a look at “international surfing packages” they offer to reduce the costs of surfing online while being outside of the US.

    I bet you’ll want to send post cards to your loved ones at home so don’t forget to write down addresses you don’t know by heart.

    Since you’re traveling alone I suggest you put a little note into your purse saying who to contact in case of an emergency – your parents’ phone number for example.

    And last but not least I suggest you pack some nasal spray (if you tend to get the “airplane ear” when landing – don’t forget to put it in a zip lock) and an emergency set of pain killers and tampons 😉

    Reply to Becky
  • Kayla

    You have probs already been made aware of this but just a heads up, When we was in Paris there were loads of scams going on. We had a gypsy who keps following us really closely then suddeny started shouting that we dropped a ring (obviously we didn’t!) She then said it looks like its worth alot of money(not) and we could buy if off her for 50euros. We just laughed at her and walked off. I did actually see some people getting sucked in by her though! Hope you have a amazing time! The crepes are amazing btw! x

    Reply to Kayla
  • Kirsten

    I am currently studying abroad and living in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m from Iowa also. I’m excited for you, you will love this adventure and Europe!

    One thing I was worried about when coming here was exchanging money. I made the mistake of bringing too many dollars from the US and switching them at currency exchanges. My advice is to keep a stash of dollars with you, just in case you lose all your cards or something strange happens, you always have some emergency money with you. When you get to France find an ATM and take out money in their currency. It’s much cheaper. 🙂

    Safe travels, I know you will LOVE it!

    Reply to Kirsten
  • Katie

    Hey Taralynn,

    wow, that is so exciting, 🙂 But I would recommend that you might pack some other, warmer shoes? It’s almost beginning of November and I guess that at least in Strasbourg and Paris, it might get really cold around this time of year 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to all your photos and blog entries from your trip and I wish you a wonderful time in France – it’s a beautiful country, enjoy every second!

    Katie xxx

    Reply to Katie
  • Cami

    When traveling through other countries I try make it a goal to pack within the same color scheme…or even better, pack to match the same shoes. That way you’re not necessarily wearing the same colors but it all “goes” together by sticking to one or two shoe colors. If you plan on taking a curling iron or flat iron make sure it has the capabilities to be converted to the correct voltage too- I bought one in the US to use in Spain and even with an adaptor and a converter it didn’t work 🙁 Safe travels!

    Reply to Cami
  • Chloe stewart

    I would pack less shoes and more scarfs. When I went scarfs were everywhere. And it’s a good staple to have. Show wise, every shoe should be comfortable enough to walk in for a long time. There’s a lot of walking in France. Have fun! You will have the time of your life!

    Reply to Chloe stewart
  • Paige

    I’m a really light packer and I never regret it. I would try to eliminate half of that stuff. Maybe black flats for day and night. You need a good pair of walking shoes unless you plan on taking a cab everywhere. Boots are practical if they work for day and night and you can walk around comfortably in them. They usually go with everything too. I would pack black pants, black dress, a pair of jeans and several shirts (to layer if need be), a lightweight sweater, and one jacket that goes with everything. Accessorizing is the way to go when you travel and black alway looks stylish and sophisticated. I know it’s tempting to pack cute outfits but you’ll regret lugging the luggage around and you can buy cute stuff when you’re there. You’ll want a warm scarf shawl for the plane. I’m super-low maintenance with beauty products but I bet France is THE place for that, so you might want to take only essentials, although everything is more expensive there. Also, I’m not sure how long you’ll be there so you might not want to wear the same pants five days in a row.

    Reply to Paige
  • Sandy

    Beware the cobblestone streets!

    You may want to get some sturdier shoes!

    Have fun!

    Reply to Sandy
  • Maggie

    Toooooo many pairs of shoes! I went to France this summer for almost 2 weeks and brought 5 pairs. Cute strappy gladiator sandals, Birkenstocks, wedge sandals for dressier nights, Vans-style slip on sneakers, and athletic sneakers. I could have done without the last pair, I only ended up wearing them on the plane because they were so bulky to pack and I was walking everywhere so much that I was too tired to work out. I also bought another pair of casual sneakers while I was there, the shopping is irresistible! I’d recommend just bringing the Sperry’s, one pair of ballet flats, boots, and the oxford/sneaker-looking shoes. It will probably be too cold for the sandals, it was a little chilly in northern France, especially in the mornings, when I was there in July/August. I’d also recommend keeping your money, credit card, passport, etc close to your body instead of in your purse when you’re out and about. Either in an interior pocket on a jacket or buy a passport holder that you wear around your neck under your clothes. Pickpockets sometime will try to cut the bottom of your purse and steal stuff. And if you’re using a backpack be EXTRA careful in crowds where someone behind you can just reach in. Also, don’t talk to people asking you to sign a piece of paper. I saw this a lot in the really touristy areas of Paris and on street corners. They’re trying to distract you and pickpocket you. Just remember to constantly be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe and have fun!! 🙂

    Reply to Maggie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks for the wonderful tips! I’ll keep all of those in mind! 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Caroline

        Just wondering what type of camera you use in your blog and if you’re taking the same one for travel? In one of the images you had a camera that looked interesting… can you help me out with titles? xo

        Reply to Caroline
  • Laura

    Customs will only throw out fruit and meat. Things like nuts, granola bars, etc. are fair game – I’d recommend bringing them. Also, the chip makes identity theft way harder – much more difficult to need to input a code than to be able to just swipe freely.

    Reply to Laura
  • Laura

    Wow that’s a lot of stuff. Maybe worth an edit down? Plus, you’ll but a ton of stuff there, I’m sure.

    Reply to Laura
    • Taylor Norris

      Yes, for real. Half those clothes and you’ll be much happier. I assume when you say you’re packing an extra carry on bag, you mean it’s empty and can be filled with things you buy, correct? That’s a good plan.

      You need only 2 pairs of shoes: flats and sturdy. And clothes that are in the same color palette so things all go together and you’re flexible with combinations/weather. You only really need two pairs of pants and one (maybe two) sweaters. The jewelry seems unnecessary but if you want to have fun and don’t mind lugging it around, it could offer variety for your outfits.

      I always exchange money at my home bank and bring the country’s cash with me on the plane, with maybe a few American dollars in case they become necessary.

      Reply to Taylor Norris
  • Cindy

    I always carry basic medicine with me on the plane: Advil, Pepto tablets, Dramamine, Immodium, Tylenol, Pepcid, Tums. Nothing worse than feeling like crap at 35,000 feet and not having any medicine!

    Reply to Cindy
  • Cortni @ YakkaFit

    Have an awesome time! Good luck with everything. I also like to bring a toothbrush in my carry on, I feel so grimy after looong flights. I can’t wait to stay updated on your adventures 🙂

    Reply to Cortni @ YakkaFit

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