Easiest Grilled Barbecue Chicken!


I love grilled chicken for two reasons. 1. It’s super easy to make and 2. It’s freaking delicious!

I made it the other night to go along with the sweet green beans and honey butter bread!


Everyone has their favorite bbq sauce. I like anything honey hickory flavored! Or you can make your own! I’m too lazy for that.

Lather the clean chicken breast with your favorite bbq sauce and two tablespoons of chicken seasoning.

Let it marinate in the refrigerator for five hours or longer! If you can, make it in the morning!


Throw the chicken on the grill (this is where my dad came in) until it’s fully cooked!

Paint a little extra bbq sauce on the cooked chicken for more flavor!


There was zero chicken leftover! We basically fought over the seconds. Anyone caught giving some to Mr. Grumples got punished. 😉

I love that warm weather is just around the corner because I look forward to all of the grilling!


  • Jenny

    That looks amazing!!!
    But what is chicken seasoning?

    Reply to Jenny
  • Livi

    Oh my gosh, sounds delicious!

    Reply to Livi
  • Bethany

    Nom nom!!! I love chicken breast!! And don’t even get me started on barbecue sauce… 😉

    Reply to Bethany

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