Gluten Free Caesar Parmesan Crabmeat Pasta

ย parmesan caesar crabmeat pasta

Well today’s plans fell through due to my well being! I got really sick last night and I’m still not feeling so great. I didn’t want to make a long trip home feeling like this, so I’ve decided to wait it out another day. I guess it’s a great excuse to fit in some blogging and work.

I have some recipes to blog from this week with my parents. We always make delicious recipes and meals when I’m home. Yesterday for lunch we had a delicious Caesar Parmesan crabmeat salad. It was one of those “make from scratch” meals and it turned out great. My mom and I kept adding the missing ingredient every time we took a bite until it was perfect!

parmesan caesar crabmeat pasta
*1 box gluten free fusilli noodlesย *1 can drain crabmeatย *3 roma tomatoes dicedย *1 large bell green pepper dicedย *1/4 cup Caesar dressing (if you are gluten free, be sure to choose a gluten free Caesar dressing) *1/2 tbsp crumbed dried basil*1/3 cup fresh shaved parmesan cheeseย *1/2 teaspoon garlic powderย *pinch of sea saltย *black pepper to taste *2 tbsps olive oil

Let the pasta chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before combining all ingredients.

parmesan caesar crabmeat pasta

I added grilled chicken on top of the pasta, too! This is a great spring salad to serve for Easter!


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