This trip home has been so relaxing and mind clearing. Spending time with friends and family has cheered me up, which I’ve really needed lately! Sometimes family time is the perfect recipe to clear your rut.

Yesterday while my mom and I were floating around the pool, my dad brought us out mocktails. That was so adorable of him. He used the juicer to make fresh orange juice. He mixed mine with sparkling water and my mom’s with champagne.  My dad loves bar tending so much that he turned our basement into a full out sports bar. The retired have too much time. Just kidding! Love you, Dad!

I also wanted to share my new snack obsession! Cucumbers, tomatoes, black pepper, and Italian dressing! It’s full of water, fiber, and vitamins! Not only is it healthy and filling, it’s refreshing in the summer heat.

What are some of your favorite summer recipes?