Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to do a little update post! I have been slacking on posts lately, not because I don’t have the motivation, but because I am still living out of boxes. Jeremy flew out for the week, but when he gets back on Friday, we are OFFICIALLY heading to Michigan. We found a place on the lake and I am getting excited about the move. I will miss the south, a lot, but I will be back! I have been feeling much better about how unsettled it has been. All of your positive comments really help. I can’t thank you enough for that. I have a ton of recipes and ideas I want to bring to life and can’t wait until I’m settled up in Michigan to get started.

My coffee maker is packed away, so for the past week I have been getting my caffeine fix at Starbucks. I tried the whole instant coffee thing, but…gross! I just can’t do it! I order a tall skinny latte with no syrup and a couple extra shots of espresso. I keep Stevia in my purse and add it in. After I pick up my Starbucks I head to the park to walk my dog. It’s our morning routine 🙂

I finally cracked and went out and bought a heart rate monitor. I bought mine at Dicks Sporting Goods. My workout was amazing and I’ll post it today!

Post workout snack: one large banana, one Vega One protein bar & two tbsps almond butter.

After working out and fueling back up I cooled off at the pool. I feel like this should be a MUST for post workouts 🙂 I also learned to never let the other person get a hold of your leg in a water battle…Jeremy…

After the pool, I went back to the apartment to eat some food and get ready for the night.

This weekend while Jeremy was home, we went to a baseball game. Usually nachos, hot dogs, pizza and ice cream are the only options available. I was shocked when I saw a healthy booth with salads and wraps. Way to go, Atlanta!

After the baseball game, Jeremy and I went out for a late dinner. After my crazy workout earlier in the day, a salad at the baseball game wasn’t going to cut it.

Before dropping Jeremy off at the airport yesterday, we went to our favorite Mongolian restaurant, Genghis grill.

I’m about to grab my camera to upload my 1000 calorie burning workout! Look out for that! 🙂