I take advantage of the summer weather. After spending most of the winter indoors, I can’t wait to throw on some shorts and dart out the door for a sweaty workout. Sometimes running can get repetitive,  so I like to switch it up every couple days. This morning, I wrote out a little workout on a piece of paper. It looked like the photo above, just less colorful and more scribbles.

Before the workout, I filled up a water bottle, applied sunscreen, and set a yoga mat on the driveway. The first set was fast, but I was already dripping in sweat. The second round was a struggle and I kept getting slower and slower as I did the workout. I eventually completed the workout in 35 minutes. Hopefully in a couple days, when I repeat the workout, I can get a better time! I use my Ipod on the runs for music and the clock on the Ipod to time my planks.

Do you ever make your own workouts? I’d love to see some of yours!

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