Your Request: Behind the Bedroom Doors


After a ton of request, I am finally sharing my bedroom photos with you all. My bedroom changes every month depending on where Jeremy and I go for work, but this is the bedroom I always come home to.


A little about this bedroom. 

This room use to be filled with: white carpet, black furniture, red walls, brown walls, gold curtains, and a large wall where the french doors are. The wall has been knocked down, turning the two bedrooms into a large room separated by french doors.


I have a huge obsession with white and colorful accents. My kitchen also has colors everywhere. I did not want the room to be too bright, so we chose gray walls to tone everything down. I contemplated white walls.


The jars and dresser are from a little antique shop in Iowa. The dresser was originally white, but we chose a bright aqua blue to make it pop. The dresser is not complete. We are going change the mirror and add new knobs. The pillows were a gift from my mom. She made the giant white ones. This summer we are going to take out the windows and replace them with Pella windows.


The bench and night stand were old wood pieces hiding away at a garage sale. We sanded and painted them white to bring them back to life. I think they look pretty cute compared to their original condition. Garage sales save me so much money.

Another money saver…the floors. These are “mock” hardwood floors. We ripped out the carpet and added laminate hardwood floors. They are just as nice and super easy to place. It saved us about $3000 throughout the house.


I made this painting a year ago with squeeze paint. I was inspired by a $1000 painting in a Chicago art gallery. This piece brings out the colors in the the pillows. (Painting Post Here)

The baskets are 9.99 from Home Goods…bargain! I love Target, but their storage baskets are way too expensive.


I bought extra baskets to create a mothers day gift for my mom and Jeremy’s. I’ll be posting a tutorial later today after my Fab Fit Friday post! Stay tuned!

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  • Crystal

    Could you share the paint colors you used in this bedroom for walls and dresser? Love them both!!

    Reply to Crystal
  • Sophia

    I love the pillows!! Where did you get them from???

    Reply to Sophia

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