Breakfast Sandwiches To-Go All Week Long!


One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, but you already know that. It prevents you from overeating throughout the day, boost your metabolism, keeps you energized and focused.

A common problem with breakfast is finding time to make it. It seems a lot easier to stop at a drive thru, or pick up a doughnut at the gas station when you are on the go. Grabbing a piece of fruit and granola bar from your house is just as easy, but people never think of doing that. Some are in such a rush to leave the house, they forget the six minutes spent at the drive thru or gas station could have been spent in their kitchen’s.

If making time to grab a light breakfast is hard, create time in advance to prepare. Instead of watching your favorite reality show on Sunday from the couch, watch it from the kitchen while preparing to-go meals for your busy week. This will save you lots of time and money.


If you find yourself sitting at a morning meeting with a growling stomach, you’ll most likely go for the doughnut sitting in front of you. You know what they say about the first doughnut…it leads to another. That is so true for me. If you would have prepared a breakfast your will power would have been much stronger.


You could just go for the easy way out, and buy frozen prepared breakfast sandwiches. But those are full of salty and sugary unpronounceable ingredients that will leave you hungry within an hour.

All Natural Turkey Bacon:  from whole foods because it was all natural, no artificial flavors and made up of only eight pronounceable ingredients. It was also only 40 calories per slice.

Organic Wheat English Muffins (currently working on creating my own recipe for)

Organic American Singles it had a much lower sodium and lower calorie. I could have done without the cheese, but it adds extra protein and calcium to the breakfast.

Cage Free Organic Eggs (Large): I only used 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg. It reduces calories, sodium and cholesterol. It adds protein and a little healthy fat.

Red Bell Peppers: Bell peppers give eggs a great flavor. You could add  as many vegetables into the eggs as you’d like. Next time I’m going to add: onion, spinach and peppers.


-Dice Bell Peppers

-Preheat Oven to 350

-Line Bacon onto a cooking sheet.

-Scramble Eggs Together


-Mix egg and pepper together

-I sprinkled a little black pepper for extra spice.

-Grease a muffin pan (6 count)

-Add 1/4 of the egg mixture into each muffin slot. (muffin slot? what do you call it….?)


-Cook the bacon for six minutes before adding the eggs to the oven.

-Cook the bacon and eggs for an addition 9 minutes.


-Take bacon off the pan and pat down any grease leftover.

-When the muffin pan cools, remove the eggs.


-Take out six English muffins and slice them all in half.


-Top one side of each  muffin with a slice of cheese.


-Place bacon on top of cheese and egg muffin on the other half.


-Preheat your indoor grill to 425 degrees.

-You do not have to use a grill. You could toast the English muffins in your toaster or toast them in your oven.


-Depending on how big your grill is, place your muffins on and close it as far as you can.

-Cook until both sides are golden. (5-6 minutes)


-See you later, McDonalds….

-Now, time to wrap them up!


-To wrap the up  before throwing in the freezer I used: Wax paper, crayons, pen, tape, scissors and white card stock paper.

Nothing fancy and much cheaper than buying labels


-Draw six little circles on a card stock (or computer paper)

-Write each day of the week + a freebie in the center.

-Decorate with crayons (I couldn’t help myself)

If you are doing this for your kids, have them do the labels. Kids are more excited about eating foods they helped make.


-Wrap up the sandwich in wax paper.

-Tape together.

-To save time, just throw the breakfast sandwich in a plastic baggy. (well, don’t literally throw it)


-Tape a label on top of the breakfast sandwich.


Store them in the freezer.

Microwave for 2-3 minutes. All microwaves are different so use your freebie as a lab rat.

Makes six servings (1 sandwich per serving)

Nutrition: 250 Calories, 4 g Fat, 29 g Carbs, 5 g Fiber, 22 g Protein.

Grab a piece of fruit and you have yourself one healthy breakfast! 

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  • Lauren

    First, I just love your name! My daughter’s name was Tara and the name always reminds me of a girl with spunk and a fierce love and passion in her heart. She passed away when she was 3 in the 80s and still inspires me. Second, this is a great recipe for my hubby who gets up early and is not ready for a regular breakfast, however, I will change out the turkey bacon for pork bacon. Your version is just right for me and sounds delicious and healthy.

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Lauren!

      I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been and how hard it must be still. I hope you enjoy this recipe and pork bacon is 10x more delicious anyways 😉

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kacee Arey

    Hello, Taralynn,
    I just came across your blog recently while surfing Pinterest. I have spent my entire Sunday exploring your journey we call life. As the new year approaches I can’t help but get excited because I have found your blog that is inspiring and real. I am also from Iowa and experienced similar obstacles in high school and it is nice to know that we turned out just fine and have found a happier places. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that you have gained another blog reader.
    Peace and love,
    Kacee Erin

    Reply to Kacee Arey
  • amanda

    This may be a really dumb question but do you usually microwave them in the wax paper or take them out?

    Reply to amanda
  • Monica Haley

    Hello Taralynn, I know I am behind but I just recently discovered your blog! You have so many awesome tips/advice/recipes etc., but this sounds perfect for me because I am constantly on the go and needing a good, quick breakfast to grab on the way out the door! Thank you for your inspiration and healthy tips 🙂

    Reply to Monica Haley

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