My New Year’s Resolution – Cleanse My Body of Harmful Chemicals Through the Consumption of Food.

Almost everyone sets a New Year’s resolution. I do just about every year. A lot of the time I fail and make up for it during Lent. The only New Year’s resolution I stuck to was, losing weight. Most people find that one to be the most difficult. At least I know I am capable of completing a resolution. I can’t make excuses this year, I won’t. I want to set a New Years resolution that will better my health.

I have been training and weight lifting a lot more to increase my health. Weight lifting and extreme workouts require healthy food for repairing. I’m not trying to gain a ton of muscle or bulk up. I’m trying to gain muscle to look more toned and fit. Building muscle helps your metabolism speed up. It is healthy for your organs and overall health. Lifting weights burns calories after your workouts. When your shoes are off and you are plopped on the couch like a potato, your body is still burning calories to repair your muscles.

All of these workouts, motivate me focus more on what is going into my body. If I am working hard on strengthening my health through fitness, I should also focus on cleansing it from toxic chemicals that are entering from my food choices. I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately on eating whole, and learning which chemicals to steer clear from. They have really influenced my New Years Resolutions.

I am guilty of always grabbing: fat-free, sugar-free and zero calorie foods. You already know that if you are familiar with my blog. I get so caught up in the advertising that I forget to care about the chemicals or damage I may be causing in the long run. Hopefully by changing around my bad habits, I’ll be able to feel a difference in the gym or in my over-all health. I don’t feel bad or unhealthy, maybe it’s because my body is so addicted to these chemicals and the way they make me feel. I may not notice the difference until I actually make the change. It is worth a shot.

This is going to be a difficult New Year’s resolution for me. I rely on my sugar free products to cure the cravings. I’ll have to focus on the natural flavors for a sweet tooth cure. I’m sure this is a surprise for a lot of you. I never thought I’d do this either. Most people complain about the chemicals I indulge and I just brush it off. I have prepared myself for my change this morning after the gym, I went to Whole Foods and bought some food swaps.

Coffee Creamer – replacing my sugar free coffee creamer. 

Flavored Greek Yogurt- replacing my plain Greek yogurt and sugar free jello. 

-Organic Coffee- replacing my instant artificially flavored brand. 

-Lemons and Honey- replacing my crystal light and water.

-Parmesan Cheese- replacing my MSG filled reduced fat Kraft brand.

-Fresh Vegetables-making my own salad dressing that contains no salt or MSG

-Fresh Fruits- replacing my fruits and making sure they are free of pesticides. 

This is just a small start. Hopefully choosing the right products become natural.

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