• Jennifer

    I also would love to know how you made this. It’s gorgeous and I’ve been trying to create something similar without much luck lately.

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  • Dawnelle

    Taralynn, you are simply inspiring with your bold ideas and the fun you have with your imagination. The inspiring part is you make your ideas and thoughts come to life by making them happen. kudos to you Taralynn. I admire your fresh out look. I love your colorful art work with the acrylic paints. it says a lot about you believe it or not. looking forward to seeing your artistic abilities and projects as they come. creative minds think alike and I like your style.
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  • Keri

    Hello! I was just wondering how you made this art piece? I’d love to recreate something like it sometime and am wondering how to accomplish it. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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