Light Tuna Salad with Multigrain Crackers


I didn’t start liking tuna until I was in my twenties, unless it was shoved into my mom’s Tuna Helper casseroles. I actually enjoy the taste of tuna now if its prepared the right way. I like tuna in sushi, grilled tuna, and tuna salad! Yesterday, I made a tuna salad to go with my multigrain crackers.


Mix together: 1 can tuna drained (type:in water), 5-8 sliced red grapes, 2 tablespoons chopped white onion, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 roma tomato diced, 1/4 green bell pepper, diced, 2 tablespoon olive oil light mayonnaise, 2 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt, salt, pepper, pinch garlic powder.


You can eat this salad with crackers, in a wrap, on toast, or on top of a salad! If you don’t like tuna, try this with shredded chicken! I love it made that way as well.

My brothers tuna wrap he made for me before a road trip was the best tuna salad I’ve ever had and you can find that recipe here!

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  • mindy

    Great recipe. Your brother’s tuna wrap is still one of my favorites. He should start a blog.

    Reply to mindy
  • Pennie

    This was great! I brought it into work for a snack and I’m sure my co-workers loved the aroma!

    Reply to Pennie
  • Emily

    Hi! sooooo you’re adding the tuna WITH the water to your mixing bowl? I’m confused lol. Doesn’t that get too strong?

    Reply to Emily
  • Chloe

    Im also a huge fan of tuna and recently to try and make it just a little healthier I started replacing the mayo with 1/2 an avocado!! its the same consistency and a lot healthier too!

    Reply to Chloe
  • JG

    Hey Tara! What is gour return policy for your new shop? Love it so far!

    Reply to JG
  • Kristin C

    I’ve never had tuna salad with grapes. I have had chicken salad that way, but not tuna. Sounds good! And I LOVE olive oil mayo. So few calories, but still with a pop of southern taste. haha.

    And I adore that Elephant necklace. Who produces your line?

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Love this micrude more on crackers than on actual bread. 😉

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Cassie

    Thanks for the recipe! Tuna salad is so unhealthy but addictive!

    Reply to Cassie
    • Kristin C

      This one isn’t really unhealthy. If you use olive oil mayo (even the kind that isn’t light) it’s only 35 calories and WAY healthier. 🙂

      Reply to Kristin C
  • Shannon

    Looks tasty and I’m not a tuna gal. I do love your brother’s recipe you posted a long time ago.

    Have a great Sunday, and enjoy your furry babies

    Reply to Shannon
  • Emily

    Gotcha! Didn’t know a kind with oil existed. Thanks! Just made this and it was good! I added chili powder and cayenne too since I enjoy a bit of spice, omitted the olive oil, one of the tablespoons of yogurt, and also half of one of the mayo tablespoons,and added corn as well for some more bulk but less calories! Turned out good and somehow not dry at all even though I took out a lot of the binding ingredients.

    Reply to Emily
  • Mary Sokolowski

    ***mean! Haha happens to us all when we try to post too fast haha! Just eager to post and reply I guess!

    Reply to Mary Sokolowski

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