Last Friday Night: Derby Weekend Festivities!

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Happy Derby Day!

I am so so so excited to get all fancied up and put on my well crafted hat! I am very proud of the outcome. I can’t wait to show you all later! I am also excited to see all the fashion today! I’m wearing a recycled dress from last Easter…BUT…I’m OK with that! It’s pink and white striped. I bought it at the Loft. I’ll get tons of photos.

Earlier yesterday, I got my run in! It was super hot, but I knew I’d be going out and wanted to make sure I did something healthy 😉 After this post, I’ll need to do my six miles today! I’m getting so much better with the huge hills!

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My friends down here and I planned a Derby weekend. Yesterday was round one of events! We went to dinner, hung out by the pool and went to a couple bars around the town.


We had dinner at Duckworths. The food was delicious! We all split a bottle of Merlot with our dinner.


I ordered the grilled chicken salad. I had to take some of that cheese off, but it was perfect! The grilled chicken was spot on! One problem people have with drinking is eating unhealthy along with it! I like to choose one or the other!


I ordered a side of grilled vegetables which were also tasty! I’ll definitely be eating there again.

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After dinner we headed to the pool. Samantha made Sangrias for us! Paulina made chocolate covered strawberries.


She also made salmon and cream cheese crackers!

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After hanging by the pool we walked a mile closer to town and had drinks!


  • arnell

    It is nice to see that you have settled in so well. I also enjoy the fact that lately you have become more relaxed and that you are enjoying a drink now and then. Makes you appear more relateble and not that intimidating health bunny. I love to see and learn from you about how to achieve a balanced lifestyle after the weightloss.

    Your blog junkie 🙂

    Reply to arnell
  • Mariah

    Tried commenting at least 5x on your Derby Competition post, but it keeps giving me an error message. Here’s what I was trying to say on there:

    Wildcat Red

    Reply to Mariah

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