Super Easy Chicken Fajita Rice!


Ingredients: *2 Large Zucchini, *3 Tbsps Olive Oil, *1 lb diced chicken breast*1 1/2 Cups Chicken Broth, *5 Cups Prepared Brown Rice, *1 Medium Onion, *2 Green Pepper, *1 Red Pepper, *1 Packet Low Sodium Fajita Seasoning and *2 Cups Cheddar Cheese.


Sautee all the vegetables in a frying pan with the olive oil, add diced chicken and continue to cook .

Add prepared rice, chicken, sautéed vegetables and fajita seasoning to a large pot.

Cook on medium heat for 1-2 hours.

Before serving, mix in cheese.



  • eman

    I want to try this but i am allergic to rice. Do you think i could make this with cauliflower?

    Reply to eman
  • Melissa

    Any possibility this recipe could be done in the crockpot?

    Reply to Melissa
  • Samantha

    When do you add/use the chicken broth?

    Reply to Samantha
  • Gemma S

    May be a silly question, but does ‘prepared rice’ mean cooked rice??

    Thank you!!

    Reply to Gemma S
  • Melissa

    This might be a silly question (I’m new-ish to cooking anything), when you add the chicken to the veggies and “continue to cook” do you wait until the chicken is fully cooked before adding it to the large pot with everything else?

    Looks tasty! (:

    Reply to Melissa
  • plasterer bristol

    This looks really good, thanks for sharing this.


    Reply to plasterer bristol
  • Denise

    Do you add the chicken broth when you combine the rice, veggies and seasoning?

    Reply to Denise
  • Shelby

    Hey Taralynn! I think on one of your previous posts you asked about post ideas. I’d be interested in seeing some easy/healthy to-go lunches. I’m in college so when I spend all day in classes, microwaves and bulky/giant Tupperware isn’t always an option or a convenience. My go-to lunch is a PBJ/peanut butter banana/egg salad sandwich. Any other easy ideas that are also healthy? 🙂

    Reply to Shelby
  • Megan

    How many servings will this make, and what size serving?

    Reply to Megan
  • Kit-Kat

    I love how packed with veggies this recipe is! It looks so good! Since I’m vegan, I’ll just sub vegan ingredients for the non-vegan ones, but I’m going to try this out asap. 😀

    Reply to Kit-Kat
  • Livi

    I love anything Mexican-esque, and this sounds amazing!!

    Reply to Livi

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