Banana Walnut Freeze!

Another two ingredient fix! This one is too easy not to make. It’s also perfect for college students who only have a little freezer and a lack of cooking equipment. You can make it anyway you want adding chocolate chips, almonds, more fruit etc.   I prepared this early yesterday morning and had it for a late night dessert. It’s also very budget friendly and a healthy dessert. All you need is 1 small banana and 1 Tbsp walnuts!
Line a small bowl with wax paper. Chop up bananas and walnuts. Try to use an extra ripe banana for better flavor. I like to use brown ones for this but I didn’t have any in the house.

Place walnuts and bananas in the bowl and smash the banana down lightly with a spoon. Don’t stir just lightly mash.  Cover the top of the bananas with more wax paper. Freeze for 2-3 hours.


  • Jan

    I would suggest to smash a bit before putting in was paper and then cover it. It looks so yummy!

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  • Kathleen Breault

    How many points for this? Also, would it help to let it thaw a little after taking from freezer? Thanks!

    Reply to Kathleen Breault
  • Teri

    Unfortunately this turned out horrible for me. I was very excited to make it since it was so simple and i love both bananas and walnuts but when i got it out the freezer, it was so solid that it broke my bowl when i tried to scoop it out! Very disappointed.

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