Summer Walks, Healthy Eats, Home Updates, & Grumples Birthday!

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week and weekend. Even though it’s been scorching hot outside, I’ve been loving the summer and trying my hardest to embrace every moment. I’m always so quick to wish in Fall, but this year, I’m trying something new. It also helps that all of the Married at First sight seasons are on Hulu and Kyle, and I cannot stop watching. We’ve watched three seasons in one week, and I can’t believe I’m so late to this show.

This past week was another calm one. We spent time working on home projects and just relaxing. We are usually go go go with getting things done around the house, but wanted more of a low-key week.

I just finished watering my plants, filled my infused water, and now it’s time to spend the rest of the afternoon on this recap post! Oh, and I filmed another cleaning video that’ll be live tomorrow! Look out for that. 💜 
I started last Monday morning with a walk. I did the first half with a neighbor and the second half walking back to my house while listening to a podcast. My daily walks are a priority lately, and I’ve been trying to fit in five a week. They help with stress levels and focus for me. I’ve also noticed my endurance increasing with the number of hills in my neighborhood. I would never be able to run in this neighborhood because the elevation is insane.
I spent the rest of Monday working on my blog, emails, and a few things around the house.

For dinner, I did leftovers from last week, and it was so delicious. We also make homemade pistachio almond ice cream for dessert. 😋 
I was up bright and early for my Tuesday morning walk. I always walk around the house in the morning, checking out the new blooms while sipping coffee. I’m so excited that my dahlias I planted from tubers in April are funning budding! I think this one is going to be purple.
I don’t know what got into me, but I completed a 7-mile walk!

I felt so good afterward. I don’t think I’ll be doing seven-mile walks again until it gets cooler, but I was proud of myself. I did half of the walk out on the trail and the rest in the neighborhood. The trials are all shaded, so it makes it easier to stay outside longer.
I was so hungry after walking, so I made a quick order for breakfast at Clean Juice. I’m glad there is one down the street from us.

I ordered a garden wrap with chicken, a berry acai bowl, and a hardcore green juice. SO DELICIOUS. 
The berry bowl was fantastic. It reminded me that I need to step up my smoothie bowl game. I used to make them all the time. 
Lemon tree check up!🍋 This is the tree Abby, my brother’s girlfriend, got us for a housewarming gift. When we got it, it was so tiny. I can’t believe how well it’s doing. I think this fall, I’ll put it in a larger pot and place it back inside.

The rest of Tuesday was spent working on the computer and binge-watching MAFS. 
I took a walking break Wednesday morning.

I edited a few videos and enjoyed my gluten-free bread with avocados, Earth balance butter, everything but the bagel seasoning, and tomatoes for breakfast. 
I decided to do a strength training workout in the garage since it was raining Wednesday evening. This was my first workout in there since remodeling it. I can’t wait until it’s cooler out there, but I enjoyed it! We still have to add ceiling fats and mirrors, but it’s a great workout space. When you can, bring your dog to the gym…😊 
For dinner, I had the last bit of the cabbage and taco dish with Siete cheese and chips. 
Thursday was Grumple’s birthday! ♥️ I can’t believe he’s nine.
I had a lot of errands to run Thursday, and while I was out, I stopped at Lights Juicery for lunch. It’s one of my favorite spots, and I hadn’t been there in forever. While I waited on my order, I had a nut milk cappuccino. 😋 
I ordered my favorite!

I get their vegan caesar salad and the supreme veggie dream gluten-free sandwich. It has the best flavor ever! I could eat this daily and never get sick of it.  The sandwich is made with macadamia ricotta! It’s unreal. 
When I got home, I added a new bedspread that I picked up at Home Goods. I never fell in love with the blue one in there, so that one is now in the guest room. This waffle rose floral quilted comforter is exactly what I had been looking for!
I could not find this one on the internet anywhere, but Home Depot, Birch Lane, and Overstock have similar ones.

More bedroom details can be found on my bedroom makeover blog post!

I was still full from my big lunch, so I made a protein shake for dinner.

It had strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, protein powder, spinach, and peanut butter. 
Friday was dedicated to cleaning.

I swam laps early morning and then started charging all the camera equipment for filming.  
For breakfast, I had blueberries, avocado toast, and my coffee!
I finally found the strawberry and raspberry Oui flavors. I had this for my mid-cleaning snack.

I have been so obsessed with these lately! They are the BEST dairy-free yogurts I’ve ever had. They taste just like the Yoplait. 
The stars of all of my cleaning videos!
For dinner that night, I was not about to cook anything in my clean kitchen 😂 Kyle, and I split some wraps and salads from Clean Juice! 
I was surprised by their Hummus Bowl! 😋
We had a crazy craving for cookie dough ice cream, so we headed to the grocery store in the middle of a storm to pick up all the ingredients. I added a can of coconut milk, almond milk, vanilla, monk fruit, and sea salt to my ice cream maker. After it was thick, I folded in the pieces of the cookie dough. It tasted AMAZING! We are making this flavor again. 
I dedicated Saturday morning to editing my cleaning video while enjoying my Cheerios with berries.  
We did a trail walk on Saturday morning with my mom before heading down to the pool. It was SO HOT outside. 
We also celebrated Grumples birthday, and my mom made him homemade cookies! ♥️
Spent the afternoon at the pool! ♥️ 
I made the cinnamon chips for a bbq we were invited to on Saturday evening. These are such a fun summer snack and easy to make for parties. 
We finally started putting up the drapes in the living room. It was exactly what this space was missing. Unfortunately, these drapes are way too short, so I’ll use them upstairs after we find a replacement. 
We spent the evening at the barbeque. ♥️
Sunday! 💜
I made homemade banana pancakes on Sunday morning. We slept in a bit since we didn’t get home late, and it felt like an excellent way to start a lazy day. 
I used my homemade fluffy pancake recipe and just added bananas to them.
I spent the rest of the morning reading my book outside and also editing my cleaning video.
I finished up my meal prep Sunday afternoon for the week. I made kale, brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, and rice.  
We ended our evening at Spice with our friend, Steve, having dinner and then headed back home to hang out with the dogs and, of course, watch more Married at First Sight.

I had such a good week, and I can’t wait for all of the exciting things going on THIS WEEK! My wedding dress FINALLY came in. I get to pick it up Wednesday.

Questions for you!

  1. Are you embracing the summer or wishing for fall?
  2. Have you seen any of the Married at First Sight seasons?
  3. What is one thing you’re loving this summer?


  • Hannah Devine

    I love all of your coffee mugs! Do you know where you got these from this post?! Do you collect them?! I would love to see your coffee mug cabinet!

    Reply to Hannah Devine
  • LalaTheFox

    Definitely embracing summertime fun with my pawrents! Haven’t seen the tv show. One thing I’ve been enjoying is my humans are teaching me how to play frisbee!! I was scared at first but no I fetch and bring it back, still working on my mid air catches!! Happy Birthday to Grumples!!! He is so adorable. -Lala The Fox #lalathefox

    Reply to LalaTheFox
  • Kristy

    I love reading your blog! Could you tell me what kind of protein powder? There are so many out there on the market!

    Reply to Kristy
  • Lauren

    I give you props for waiting for Fall! I am putting out my fall decor august 1! I am beyond ready for Fall, especially during this awful year!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Liliane

    Hi Taralynn, I dont know if I have ever commented, but I come here often 🙂
    Your week looks so nice and lots of very summery fresh looking food! . I love your garage workout space, looks so cute.

    Reply to Liliane
  • Sue

    Congrats on the wedding dress! Do you guys have a date for the ceremony??

    Reply to Sue
  • Suzanne

    I love your cleaning videos! It motivates me even more. I also love all the recipes you share. I want to try the cinnamon chips next.
    1. I am loving summer and also trying really hard to soak up as much of it as I can. I feel like the virus kind of made it start later since we weren’t allowed to go eat places or go to the pool for the first part of summer. Even though it’s hot, I love not having to wear lots of layers! I am also excited for crisp air and pumpkin patches.
    2. I tried to get into Married At First Sight. I like 90 Day Fiance!
    3. I am loving my first summer in Buckhead and going to the pool. I love hiking the North GA Mountains and going to the cabin!

    Reply to Suzanne
  • Kelsey K W.

    Which home gym setup is that? My fiance and i are in the market to get our garage gym setup and it looks perfect.

    Reply to Kelsey K W.
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    So healthy! Love your food! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Harriet

    Happy 9th Birthday Grumples!! both of your dogs are super cute, any chance your mom would shear the recipe for the dog safe cookies? would love to make them for my boy. I made your cinnamon chips for a CrossFit party and everyone loved them! I am embracing winter but if it could stop raining and start snowing I would be happier. USA Married at first sight is so much better then married at first sight Australia or/and New Zealand, I have watch every USA MAF season so far. Also that’s super exciting that your wedding dress came in!! hope you have a great week.

    Reply to Harriet
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Harriet!

      I’ll ask her. I’m sure she’d be happy to share! ♥️

      So happy the cinnamon chips were a hit!

      I didn’t know there were Australia/NZ episodes! I need to find them 😆

      Hope you have an amazing week as well!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jenny

    1. A little bit of both, but I think I’m mostly wishing for fall.
    2. We have seen all but the most recent (currently airing) season of MAFS. We like to wait until it’s about finished and then binge the whole season over the course of a week! It is SUCH a good show and we talk a lot as a couple while we watch it so I think it’s good for us to watch together.
    3. So many things. I’ve been averaging 2-3 long walks outside every week which is only possible here 6 months or so a year! I’ve been so good about doing fresh fruit and fresh veggie salads Taralynn (you’ll remember that was one of my goals this spring) and I think (you and) the summer weather has helped inspire that. We have also been enjoying a cool cocktail or beer several nights a week and how refreshing that tastes after a hot summer day.

    I’m hopeful I can keep working lots of fruits and veggies into my diet this fall and winter too (though I tend to prefer warmer foods in those months so it’ll be a little trickier).


    Reply to Jenny
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Jenny!

      We can’t stop watching the seasons lol. I think it’s 10x better than the Bachelor.

      Wow you’re so good on your walks. Great job!! Yes, im so happy you’re doing your fresh fruits and veggies!! Are you starting to enjoy them??

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jenny

        I look forward to them and while it seems like a simple suggestion you made on your posts it was spot on- vary them. Eat different ones even weekly and I find myself looking forward to trying new ones and picking fresher Choices

        Reply to Jenny
  • Jess

    I don’t know how you walk in the heat!

    Reply to Jess
  • Rae

    I’m obsessed with your cleaning videos. They are so satisfying to watch, and really motivating too. I hope you’ll continue to make them!

    1) I’m trying my best to embrace the summer, but the humidity makes it hard to enjoy sometimes.
    2) I loved the first two seasons of Married at First Sight. I didn’t like the couples as much in the later seasons though.
    3) I’ve been making homemade slushes with just ice and watermelon in the blender – super easy and refreshing.

    Reply to Rae
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you, Rae!

      Ohhhhh that slushie sounds amazing!

      It’s funny because I’m watching the MAFS backward. I’ve watched season 9, 8, and 7. I like the couples less each time.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ashton

    Summer hasn’t been too bad this year heat wise, so I’m not wishing for fall just yet…However I was thinking about a pumpkin spice iced coffee the other day and wished Starbucks would just release it already since 2020 has kinda been crazy! lol I’d say my favorite thing about summer is the fruit, I’ve been eating a TON of peaches, nectarines and watermelon it has been heavenly.

    Reply to Ashton
  • Holly

    Can you please share your cookie dough ice cream recipe? That looks amazing!

    Reply to Holly

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