My Birthday Weekend, Selling our House, & All the Yummy Food

It feels so good to sit down and write a recap post, mostly being able to sit down (& chat with you all, of course.) This past weekend was crazy! We made over six trips to Goodwill and tossed out pretty much everything. There’s nothing left to toss, no disorganized closets, and even my Tupperware is organized. It feels so good, and my house is almost echoing because it’s so empty. We scrubbed every floorboard, wall space, filled in nail holes, and made this place new again. Now, it’s officially ready for the market.
I didn’t do a recap post last week because I’ve been exhausted, mentally. It rained all week practically, and sometimes that makes me feel melancholy. My moods are easily affected by the weather, but luckily, this week is going to be in the high sixties, and I’m so here for it. Today’s recap post is going to be a  bit out of order, but that’s because I wanted to throw in a few things from last week that I didn’t blog about. You can expect a more orderly blog post next Monday.

On Sunday morning, I finished the leftover ingredients from my weekly meal prep. This was one of the chia parfaits with homemade granola and fresh berries on top! 😋 Kyle and I started watching the show Outsider on HBO! It’s so good. It’s a nice mixture of a thriller with a splash of horror (but not enough to freak me out!)
homebuilt, masons bend, fielding homes, fort mill sc, fort mill, building a home I’m taking you all the way back to last Sunday.

We love doing our weekly check-ups at the house. It’s crazy how much they change within a week. I’ve been trying to take as many photos of the process as I can so I can put together a fun timeline blog post once it’s done. And don’t forget to follow my home’s account on Instagram for all the updates (follow here)

Last week, the electrition had all the outlets, lighting hookups, and more installed. We had them pre-wire a ton of unique places for fun lights! I’m most excited about sharing that process.

The next time you see a house update, the outside will be painted all white! 😮 We will eventually have the brick painted white, and the garage doors painted black.
On Sunday night, I made the best dairy-free and gluten-free fettuccine alfredo! It was fantastic, and I had to blog it right away because I knew you all would love it. Make sure to check out the recipe here! I had been craving fettuccine for so long, and this hit the spot.
I spent most of my week behind the computer working and in the kitchen recipe testing. On Monday, I had to have a part replaced on the furnace, so that was a fun ordeal. 😒

Peaches, gluten-free bread, and avocado for Wednesday’s breakfast!

On Wednesday, we had a walk-thru with our builder, which was so neat. He showed us all the updates, things to look out for in the walls, and went over light locations and outlet locations to make sure they were installed correctly.
For breakfast on Thursday, I had gluten-free toast, avocados, everything but the bagel seasoning, eggs, banana, homemade granola, and blueberries! I was so excited because I headed up to Raleigh to take some newborn photos. Photography is something I’ve been diving into lately as a hobby, and it’s fun when I get to capture special moments.

Here are some fun shoots I did this past month.

Before driving home after the shoot, I stopped into Blaze pizza. I had wanted to try this place out forever, and I was hungry enough to do it. I did build your gluten-free pizza with vegan cheese, peppers, onions, pineapple, and spinach. IT WAS AMAZING, and the cost was unreal. I had half for lunch before driving home and ended up eating the other half for dinner. Luckily, we have a Blaze in Charlotte, so I’ll be picking up pizzas from there more often.
I turned 29 on Friday! 😝 I spent the rainy day with Becca antique shopping, and then we had lunch together at Cava! ♥️ It was so sweet of her to take the day off of work just to hang out with me on my Birthday. She’s truly the best.

I had the salad bowl at Cava. It came with their super green mix, brown rice, carrots, brussels sprouts, harissa hummus, classic hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, and garlic dressing. 
And what’s a birthday for me without a dinner at The Garden Cafe! ♥️

I spent the evening with my family at my favorite spot. I love this little gem and have been coming here for the past six years. I ordered the citrus lime salmon with aioli and sweet potato hash.

Saturday was our EXTREME cleanout day.

I didn’t wait to dirty up the house before we had a showing on Sunday, so I had a smoothie for breakfast at Clean Eatz in Fort Mill and a delicious salad from Panera bread for lunch. I had the other half with chili the night before.
homebuilt, masons bend, fielding homes, fort mill sc, fort mill, building a home
Remember when I said things happen fast? Well, a few days after our builder’s meeting, the drywall has begun!
homebuilt, masons bend, fielding homes, fort mill sc, fort mill, building a homeI cannnnnnot wait!! Make sure to follow the account for my Q & A I’m doing today!! You can head over there and ask me anything.
I still have not gone grocery shopping, so I was eating whatever was in the house. After I hit publish, that’s where I’m going! I ended up making a homemade vegan cheese sauce that is absolutely incredible! I mixed it in with my baked cauliflower gnocchi, and it was the best dinner while watching the Superbowl.

All I did for the sauce was bring about 1 cup of unsweetened cashew milk to a boil, mixed in one tablespoon of gluten-free flour, two tablespoons of nutritional yeast, a splash of black pepper, onion salt, garlic powder, and olive oil! You can add extra spices to fit your taste, but I think I’ll add jalapenos next time! It was a quick sauce to make and tasted just like cheese.

And then we treated ourselves to my 3-ingredient brownies while watching the football game! It was cool seeing the Cheifs win! 😊 Anyways, I hope you all have the best week, and get some beautiful weather your way! Only 46 more days until Spring!😀

Questions for you!

  1. Did you stay up and watch the Superbowl?
  2. Do you have a secret hobby?
  3. What is one thing you always have on your grocery list?



  • jessie

    I have always thought you were an amazing photographer and these pictures you took are beautiful.

    Reply to jessie
  • Harriet

    Wow they are moving so fast On your house! Happy birthday for the other day. I made your fettuccine recipe it was incredible. We don’t get the super over here. My secret hobby is photography, I just did my friends daughters first birthday photos, and I also love drawing. the one thing that is always on the grocery list is fresh fruit. Have a great weekend

    Reply to Harriet
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Harriet!

      Oh yay! I’m so happy to hear that you made the fettuccine & loved it!!!!!!

      You’re always great at everything you do! I bet those photos turned out so wonderful.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Shannon

    I didn’t want the superbowl but my hometown won and the school district I work at closed so we got a Red Snow Day!

    My secret hobby is watercolor painting I love it!

    So many are on my list every week: Salad stuff, Teas, Fruits, Sourdough hard dutch pretzels, and much more I’m sure…

    Reply to Shannon
  • Breeanna

    Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.

    I don’t really have any interest in football, so no!

    Like another reader said, I think mine would be drawing. Almost every Valentine’s, anniversary, and birthday, I draw a handmade card for my husband, and it’s usually scenery like woods, wildlife, the sky, etc. and I enjoy it so much but don’t make enough time for it.

    I always get organic mixed greens (kale, chard, and spinach) and berries for my smoothies.

    I just bought nutritional yeast from Trader Joe’s and I have some cauliflower gnocchi in the freezer so I think I know what I’m making tonight!

    Reply to Breeanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Breeanna!

      I love that you take the time to do that for your husband! & it’s something you enjoy which makes it even better!

      OHHHH let me know what you think of it!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Erin Hitchens

    Friendly advice. Have a home inspection done on the new build before you go to settlement.

    Reply to Erin Hitchens
  • Alayna

    Random question! Where did you get the adorable leopard print slip on sneakers?

    Reply to Alayna
  • Shaun


    Love reading the updates! Young house love did a blog post about painting their brick white (with paint that is healthy for the brick).

    Reply to Shaun
  • Lauren

    Hey Taralynn!

    We are birthday twins – I turned 28 on the 31st! 🙂 My fun fact in elementary school was that I had the same birthday as Justin Timberlake haha

    I love how the new house looks!! Our goal is to build a house within the next two years. We currently rent but where we live (Southwest Florida) there are so many new communities popping up and we want to build! Do you find yourself budgeting constantly and trying to save money wherever just in case of last minute expenses? That is kind of where we are at now and it is no fun haha

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Lauren!

      That’s too funny! I always told people about JT as well. I was SOOOO in love with him back in the day! haha

      & happy belated birthday!!!

      We definitely think about where we want to put our money. If I’m out shopping, I’ll reconsider things I want to buy and choose to put the money to the house instead. I definitely find myself budgeting for sure!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Milena

    Hey Taralynn!

    Your new house looks fantastic, it changes so quickly! I can’t wait to see the final resut 🙂

    I did stay up and watched the Superbowl, but just until the half-way show because I had to work next day and it started after midnight (Barcelona time zone). It was my first time watching Superbowl! And I really liked it 🙂

    I have a secret hobby which is drawing and to be honest I didn’t spend a lot of time lately doing it. I should definitely come back and do it more often!

    One thing I always have on my grocery list are fruits. I love fruits and they are a must for me, at least once per day 🙂

    Have a nice rest of the week!

    Reply to Milena
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much, Milena!!

      That’s so cool you were able to watch it in Barcelona! 😃 Wasn’t the halftime show awesome!

      Drawing is so therapeutic! ♥️ Funny how life has a way of taking up our time and we slowly forget to make time for hobbies.

      MMM could definitely live off fruits!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Madison

    Happy birthday! Love the recaps every week! I love your home updates, I can just feel your excitement. We bought a home in November and have been having SO much fun doing little home improvement projects and making it perfect.

    Reply to Madison
  • Jenna Rall

    Yes and I’m so glad I did, the fourth quarter was amazing. Go Chiefs!!

    My secret hobby is scrapbooking but I never do it, it takes so much time.

    One thing that is always on my grocery list is sour cream!

    Reply to Jenna Rall
  • Emily

    Cauliflower gnocchi with cheese sauce sounds AMAZING!! I”m going to have to try it as a treat meal, thanks for the idea!

    Reply to Emily
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Happy birthday, Taralynn! Looks like you had a great week – you make me feel so unproductive, like I’m not doing anything with my life, haha. 😛

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I bet if you were to write everything you did in a blog post, you would feel just as productive! You’re only seeing everything on highlight! 😊 And somethings NOT being productive is the best thing you can do!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Dana

    Happy Birthday! Your day sounded great even though our weather was the worst!

    Always on my grocery list is carrots, lettuce, milk, and coffee!

    Reply to Dana
  • Cara

    I am absolutely loving your home update posts! It’s making me want to build a house one day and I love the floor color you chose.

    Reply to Cara
  • Susie

    Happy birthday!! And what a great one you had!
    It’s so cool to see all the stages of your home taking place. Good luck with selling your current home. And great job on the decluttering…love how minimal your bedroom looks. I find that I can relax more in a clean space without so many knick knacks.
    You have such a great eye and take such beautiful photos that I can totally see you as a professional photographer.

    I won’t lie about being disappointed that the Niners lost (Cali girl here), but still so proud of my team!

    Eggs, avocados and cheese are always on my grocery list…and beans too.

    Reply to Susie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Susie!

      Thanks so much 😊 😊

      Ohhhhh everything is so much better when it decluttered and minimal!

      Just making it to the Superbowl is an amazing accompaniment! They’re a great team.

      ohhhhh great list!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Krista

    Haha it’s in the low 70s today, huzzah! We aren’t much for football, so we didn’t watch the Superbowl, but we spent Saturday night with a bottle of wine and playing Incohearant– that card game where you have to guess what the phonetics mean (it’s either a word or phrase). It’s kind of hilarious and so much fun. 🙂

    One thing always on our grocery list: bananas! Whether that means we inhale them all in time or make banana bread, it’s always a staple.

    I don’t think I have a secret hobby, though I really want to get into reading more than I do now. My husband and I have mastered going to bed earlier now, so now’s the time to get ready earlier so we can have time to read!

    Reply to Krista
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Sounds like the perfect Saturday night! 😊 & YAY for the 70’s!!

      Ohhhh yes BANANAS always!! You can use them for pretty much anything.

      Yes! We are both in bed by eight and that’s when I read! 😊

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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