2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Budget-Friendly For Everyone + Giveaway

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Wecome to my 2019 holiday gift guide! I put together some fun ideas to gift that are budget-friendly, fun, and perfect for everyone! Feel free to share your gift ideas in the comments!
holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide Don’t forget to enter the $100 Amazon giftcard at the end of this post & happy holidays!
holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide , under fifteen, under $15, budget-friendly


  1. Colorblock Knit Beanie With Pom ($12.00)
  2. Gray Basketweave Knit Pom-Pom Beanie ($8.99)
  3. Navy & Coral Cuffed Pom-Pom Beanie ($9.99)
  4. Lavender Pom Pom Beanie ($12.00)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide , under fifteen, under $15, budget-friendly


  1. Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat ($45.00)
  2. Polka Dot Long Sleeve Swing ($49.99 – w/coupon)
  3. Coat with Faux Fur ($34.99)
  4. Forever Audrey Women’s Plaid Single-Button Faux Fur Coat ($39.99)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide , under fifteen, under $15, budget-friendly


  1. Blue 12-Speed & Pulse BPA Free Blender ($29.97)
  2. Cuisinart Dlc-2A Food Processor, Mini Prep Plus Pink Collection ($39.99)
  3. BergHOFF Studio Tea Maker ($38.99)
  4. Kitchenaid KHM512 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer ($34.99)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide , under fifteen, under $15, budget-friendly


  1. Olivia Pratt Adult Pink Watch Band ($8.99)
  2. Captain E Pink Floral Leather Apple Watch Band ($12.99)
  3. Brown Rally-Hole Leather Apple Watch Band ($12.99)
  4. Dusty Rose Velvet 42mm Apple Watch 1/2/3/4 Band ($13.97)

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  1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Raburn Wool-Blend Over Coat Slim-Fit ($99.99)
  2. Ralph Lauren Quilted Field Gloves ($54.99)
  3. UGG Harkley Waterproof Lace-Up Boot ($99.97)
  4. Patagonia Los Gatos 1/4-Zip Fleece Jacket ($99.00)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide , under fifteen, under $15, budget-friendly


  1. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy – Plush Hide and Seek Activity for Dogs ($12.87)
  2. High Five Pets Dog Squeaky Toys – No Stuffing Dog Toys Set ($23.99)
  3. Wisdom Dog Treat Ball IQ Interactive Food Dispensing Puzzle ($14.99)
  4. Dog Muttini Bar Collection | Unique Squeaky Plush Dog Toys ($13.99)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Anthropologie Tiled Margot Monogram Mug ($7.20)
  2. Jay Mcclellan Studio Jay McClellan Studio Bone Appetit Mug ($8.40)
  3. Rifle Paper Co. for Anthropologie Garden Party Monogram Mug ($8.40)
  4. Anthropologie Garden Tile Mug ($8.40)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Last Name Monogramed Doormat ($29.50)
  2. Miss Pottery Customized Mug ($33.00)
  3. Customized Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board ($40.50)
  4. Dog Watercolor Painting Wall Art ($20.00)


  1. Alfaparf AlfaParf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy The Oil ($25.00)
  2. It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser ($28.00)
  3. Bare Minerals barePROTM Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 30ml ($34.00)
  4. St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse ($34.00)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Gowise Usa 2.75-Qt Digital Retro Air Fryer ($75.99)
  2. Yamazaki Coffee Dripper Stand ($39.00)
  3. Pretty Blue Pressure Cooker ($70.00)
  4. Cuisinart Ice-45 Ice Cream Maker ($99.99)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Adonna Womens Long Sleeve 2-pc Pant Pajama Set ($12.75)
  2. Nine West Scuff Slipper with Tassels ($24.95)
  3. Express Fluffy Slipper Socks ($14.95)
  4. PJ Salvage Rock N Rose Long Sleeve Pajama Top ($24.97)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Dearfoams Papa Bear Scuff Slipper ($24.99)
  2. Stafford Mens Pant Pajama Set Big and Tall ($21.24)
  3. North Pole Trading Co. Fa La Llama Family Mens ($20.82)
  4. Men’s Dearfoams Papa Elf Clog Slippers ($17.90)

holiday gift guide, christmas gift guide, gifts, what to get, presents, christmas shopping, simply taralynn, gift guide


  1. Madden Girl Glory Weekender Bag ($39.99)
  2. Ban.Do Ban. do Getaway Travel Pillow ($16.80)
  3. Fossil Rfid Passport Case Accessories Black Patchwork ($38.00)
  4. Tri Coastal Design Set-of-3 Packing Bags ($15.00)


Answer one of the following questions below! (winner annouced Decmeber 23rd!) 

Questions for you!

  1. Which gift are you moost excited about giving this year?
  2. Are you done holiday shopping?
  3. What do YOU want for the holidays?


  • Jessie Blucker

    The only thing I wanted this Christmas was time, time with my brother and sister that we dont get much of these days .
    I hope you have a merry christmas

    Reply to Jessie Blucker
  • Kiri

    I am the most excited to give my husband his gifts. I always love how excited he gets when he opens them. His are also probably the easiest for me to pick out. I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet, hopefully I will finish tomorrow though.

    Reply to Kiri
  • Carol Ezovski

    So many good ideas! I have been done with my shopping for awhile (Thanks Amazon!)
    I am most excited about giving a set of speakers to my daughter,
    I want an Instant Pot for Christmas!

    Reply to Carol Ezovski
  • Tracie Cooper

    I am wishing for an IPad Pro and Instant Pot this year! I am most excited about my mom’s gifts this year-she’s gonna love them!

    Reply to Tracie Cooper
  • Stephanie Gibbons

    This guide is one of the best I’ve seen!! Great ideas! ❤️
    I surprisingly am finished with all my shopping I find myself still shopping wanting to buy more haha.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!🎄

    Reply to Stephanie Gibbons
  • Melissa L.

    I am most excited to give the kids their gifts. I love seeing how surprised they get! I am all done shopping just barely! Whew! And a gift myself..well, honestly just some relaxing time and pampering!

    Reply to Melissa L.
  • Sarah

    This year I’m most excited about giving my boyfriend a poster of all the NFL football stadiums on it. It’s a scratch off poster, so you can keep track of them as you visit them. I know he’s going to love it and we’ve gone to 3 of them together in the past year so I’m excited about future trips to see them! He’s really going to love it.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Melissa

    I’m super excited to give our good friends (who we meal prep with) a waffle maker since they’ve admired ours.

    Reply to Melissa
  • Colleen Norsworthy

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been following you for about 3 years and I think you’re amazing. You’re so real and inspiring. I love watching your videos and reading your posts. You always make me feel more positive. I also have a severe gluten allergy so it’s nice to get recipes from you that I know will be delicious and are allergy friendly. Thank you for all that you do. I hope you have all of your holiday shopping done. I’m done shopping, but still have to wrap everything. Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Colleen Norsworthy
  • Brandy H.

    My husband caved and bought our teenage boys airpods. They don’t think they will get them so I am excited to see their faces.
    As for what I want, nothing! We just got back from Disneyland (without our kids!) and that was our gift to each other. It was perfect!
    Have a great weekend!

    Reply to Brandy H.
  • Joni

    I am almost done Christmas Shopping! I have a few more things I need to get, so hopefully this weekend I can get it done! Then let the wrapping begin lol =)

    Reply to Joni
  • Leslie

    I bought one of those massager gun things for my fiancé–I hope we both love it!! I am kinda done but I’m one of those people that is always out picking “one more little thing”. I’d like a weekend getaway <3

    Reply to Leslie
  • Leah

    I am all done shopping!! Woohoo. I love this guide, great ideas for a budget.

    Reply to Leah
  • Lauren

    I got my husband new golf clubs! i am most excited to give that to him 🙂

    Reply to Lauren
  • Linda

    I am still shopping for my friends’ children. I hope to get done by tomorrow.

    Reply to Linda
  • Kelly D

    Yes, I am done with my holiday shopping… unless I see any more deals online!

    Reply to Kelly D
  • Allie McCreary

    I am done shopping! Woohoo! I am excited about giving my son a big box of fun things to make a fairy garden 🙂 he’s been wanting to do one for a while so I think he’ll loving looking at all the pieces and putting it together outside when the weather warms up!

    Reply to Allie McCreary
  • Jenna Rall

    My brother AND my best friend both got engaged this year and I have some cute engagement gifts for both of them. Also, I got my brother socks with his Golden Doodles face on them!!

    I’m not not done shopping yet, which freaks me out….

    I want an air fryer!!

    Reply to Jenna Rall
  • Kristin

    I wish I had this gift guide like a month ago haha! Definitely saving this for future ideas!

    I’m most excited to give some handmade gifts, my husband recently got into woodworking and he made tables for his parents, and beer flight paddles for my parents. I helped a little lol. It was a lot of work but they will be really special gifts!

    I am NOT done shopping, eek. Still need to get a few things and wrap everything up and make some food for parties but I’m taking a few vacation days so hopefully it won’t be too stressful!

    I’m hoping to get a gratitude journal that I added to my wishlist!

    Reply to Kristin
  • Ashley Andrews

    1 & 2) Our family doesn’t do Christmas so it’s really a chill time of year/ day for us! That being said I love giving gifts so I usually make food/treats for people, or I give them a “coupon” where they can have me come make a meal for them at some point. It’s something they find useful and it’s something I love to do! x)

    3)What do YOU want for the holidays?
    No joke, I am simply excited to hang out with my brothers all day on Xmas. We are planning on throwing some food in crockpot, watching some movies aaaaaaaand that’s it. I couldn’t ask for anything better. x)

    Reply to Ashley Andrews
  • Emily

    I am all done holiday shopping and almost done wrapping! Just waiting for a couple of last minute gifts to come in so I can wrap those as well. I’m exchanging gifts with my husband this coming Saturday as we’ll be out of town on Christmas, so fingers crossed everything makes it in time!

    Reply to Emily
  • Miriam Green

    Love this post!
    I’m all done with my Christmas shopping, and I am most excited to give my little niece a portable LEGO tray that we made her! They have to make long trips to and from their home to see family constantly and now she can play LEGOs in the car without making a mess.

    Reply to Miriam Green
  • Milena

    Hi Tara!

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts 🙂

    I already have all my gifts and the one I am the most excited for is the picture frame for my Grandma. I collected different pictures from all of her grandsons/grandaughters and her 🙂

    I can’t wait for her to see it and hang it in the living room!

    Reply to Milena
  • Emily M

    I am most excited to see my boys open their presents. They have been so EXCITED!
    I am Done Christmas shopping
    I am most wanting a Adult Muslin blanket form Aden and Anis for Christmas!

    Reply to Emily M
  • Gaby

    I am almost done with my Christmas shopping (on December 19th)! The last two gifts I need to get are for my mom and my dog. I know what I want for each, I just have to get out and get it! All of my other gifts I bought online, but these two items (a purse for mom and a new harness/leash for my pup) I feel like I need to see them in person to decide.

    Reply to Gaby
  • Anna R

    Hi Taralynn!
    1) I am very excited to give my boyfriend a crock pot. He has wanted one for a long time and I can’t wait to make so many yummy meals with him. I am going to give it to him and fill it with bags of beans and lentils and spices.
    2) I am not done – waiting on one gift. My brother and my dad have birthdays around the holidays so it is a lot of present buying… hard to come up with so many ideas but this post sure does help.
    3) I love self care items like candles soaps stuff for bubble baths etc 🙂 all that makes me so happy

    Reply to Anna R
  • Sarah

    Finally done with Christmas shopping! I am most excited to give my brother new slippers. His are pretty ragged. I’m looking forward to the gift that my hubby has covered in blankets next to the bed for me! Haha hope he ends up wrapping it!

    Reply to Sarah
  • mami2jcn

    I’m finally done shopping! Personally I’d love some ugg boots.

    Reply to mami2jcn
  • Nikki Alden

    I definitely am done shopping…I like to get ahead of all the madness!

    Reply to Nikki Alden
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I don’t blame you!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Catherine Oliver

        1. Was most/too excited to give my husband a handpan… he ended up with it early!
        2. Yes, I’m done shopping. Which is a rarity for me.
        3. The gift I’m most hoping for is smiles on my family’s faces.

        Reply to Catherine Oliver
  • Katie

    I’m done shopping! I went a little crazy and decorated and started shopping in early November this year haha but I don’t regret it! These are all great though so I might just be doing some non-Christmas shopping using this guide!

    Reply to Katie
  • Allison

    I am done with round one of my Christmas shopping! There always seems to be those last few gifts that are forgotten until the last minute!

    Reply to Allison
  • Jennifer H

    I am honestly looking forward to all (6!) Of my kids opening their gifts. Their excitement is awesome, makes me miss being a kid!

    Reply to Jennifer H
  • Savannah

    I’m excited to give my best friend a personalized ornament with pictures of us on it. I’m also excited to give my step son a snow cone maker , my daughter the white booties she thinks she is not getting bc she couldn’t find her size and excited to give my husband his “ 12 dates of Christmas “ box.
    I recently bought the Kitchenaid hand mixer you have in your gift guide and it is the best ever !! I have followed you since the undressed Skeleton days and I am so excited to see you so happy !!!
    Merry Christmas !!!

    Reply to Savannah
  • Deidra

    I finished with shopping super early this year. I’m excited to see my children Christmas morning and their excitement when they see all their gifts under the tree.

    Reply to Deidra
  • Nicole C.

    I’m most excited to give the gifts I got for my boyfriend. It’s our first Christmas together & I think I got him some things he’s really going to love. Still have some more shopping to do for others but I will def get it all done this weekend!

    Reply to Nicole C.
  • Lauren

    I really want a cozy robe for Christmas!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Sara Eggleston

    Love this post as I love to shop! I love finding good deals on cute stuff even more. I would love seeing more of these types of posts in the future as you have good taste.
    What I want most during the holidays is spending time with family and friends as some of the people closest to me have had a rough time with health concerns and significant life changes.

    Reply to Sara Eggleston
  • Brittany M.

    I am most excited to give my hubby some new slippers because he has needed some for a while and he will use them every single day! I am pretty much done shopping, I just need to pick up a few small items. This year, I am most excited to get a new Keurig. I’m all about practical gifts that will be used daily! I loved this post!!!!

    Reply to Brittany M.
  • Andrea Lev

    1. Excited to give my toddler daughter a bookcase and books,
    2. Almost done shopping…maybe tomorrow.
    3. The air fryer is very tempting!

    Happy Holidays!

    Reply to Andrea Lev
  • Kaylin

    I am very behind on holiday shopping….BUT luckily my husband, mother and I are just having a very small Christmas at my husband and I’s house this year between the 3 of us and we plan to keep it very low key, low stress. So we don’t even mind just giving 1 or 2 gifts to each other on Christmas day. I’m looking forward to it.

    Reply to Kaylin
  • Wendy

    I’m done Christmas shopping & wrapping!!

    Reply to Wendy
  • Cailin

    I’m most excited about giving my work “Secret Santa” gift, because I was able to figure out something I know she will love! (And because I usually feel like Secret Santa is really hard.)

    Reply to Cailin
  • Courtney Erwin

    I am most excited to give my husband a new guitar case he’s been asking for. I am definitely not done shopping yet either. I was just out today looking for gifts. I am asking for a new iPhone for Christmas this year. Mine is over 3 years old and I am ready for a new one. 🙂

    Reply to Courtney Erwin
    • Colleen

      LOVE your gift ideas! Thank you for putting these together.

      I’m most excited to gift my husband his Maui Brewing bike jersey. It might sound so silly but we are a simple couple who normally don’t give gifts. He’s been super supportive of me and my career and deserves something more than the ordinary. Maui is where we had our honeymoon & he’s a fan of the brewery. A win win!

      Reply to Colleen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      OMG what a great gift. I bet you’re so excited to see his reaction!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Leah S.

    I like to do most of my holiday shopping throughout the year. When I see something that is perfect for a loved one I buy it and store it until Christmas. It spreads out the fun and the expense throughout the year!

    Reply to Leah S.
  • Erica

    1. I am most excited about giving my kids new bikes!
    2. I am almost done Christmas shopping. Just need to get some stocking stuffers.
    3. I want a puppy! Lol 🐶

    Reply to Erica
  • Sj Dc

    Most excited about gifting my parents a 3-week international holiday!

    Reply to Sj Dc
  • Stacie

    3. I really want AirPods!

    Reply to Stacie
  • Erin

    Just finished holiday shopping today! woohoo!

    Reply to Erin
  • Sarah

    This guide is so good! Everyone loves pjs and coffee mugs. I’m still shopping! I got a late start this year…

    Reply to Sarah
  • Lauren

    Just got done shopping yesterday! I’m most excited for my sister-in-law to get the gifts I mailed her. This is her first Christmas without family since she moved, so I’m hoping the gifts let her know we are still thinking of her even if she’s not here in person.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Heather

    I am done with my Christmas shopping as of Sunday the 15th…which is probably the earliest ever for me!

    Reply to Heather
  • Allie

    I know it sounds soooo silly but I am most excited to give my son (he’s 12) this men’s small robe I got him. He didn’t ask for it but has grown out of his and he loves alll things microfibre and he’s almost as tall as me and I tried it on and it’s just like our Kate Spade blankets he’s in love with and has a giant hood and goes almost all the way to the floor. I just know he’s going to love it and because a total surprise I found at Winners (in Canada I think like your TJ Max? Like brand name stuff but mix and match so never know what you’ll find but so fun shopping?!).

    I’ve finished all but stocking stuffers like you wrote in previous blog post about CVS pharmacy 🤣!! And would love love Amazon gift card as I honestly just finished last gifts today through Amazon Prime!! I have Ménière’s disease (I had never heard of it before had it so no worries if you haven’t) so Amazon and online shopping is a lifesaver for me!! Especially because having to stop working and feel like worst mom to kiddo and dogs ever when they are stuck with just me and I can’t do what I love to at least I can still get there stuff like I always did!! Small thing but makes me feel like at least a bit of my old self even on sick days! And old me used to workout at least an hour a day obsessively and have always been Christmas obsessed!!! So may have to go without the workouts but don’t steal my Christmas obsession Ménière’s disease!!! No! 😊

    I didn’t ask for it as couldn’t find but you actually found for me on this list!!!! I wanted a fake fur leopard print coat!!!!! Think too late to ask for?!?! No joke I’ve been looking at winners haha and everhwhere but couldn’t find one I liked!! Hmmm who still may not have shopped 😏.

    Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the awesome ideas as always 🎄💗🎄💗🎄

    Reply to Allie
  • Ashley

    This is a great gift guide, Taralynn! I love so many of these things!!

    2. I’m all done shopping! So thankful because everywhere gets so hectic during this time. 🙂

    Reply to Ashley
  • Harriet

    Great gift guide, love the beanie’s they are a great stocking filler, also the mugs monogramed mugs are awesome. the gift I am most excited to give is a shiatsu foot massager to my mum its something she has been looking at getting for awhile. I finished my Christmas shopping last weekend, so happy its done, I may have i brought more presents for my dogs then anyone one else in my family. have you completed yours?
    All i would like for Christmas is a week off work where I can jump into my kombi and head off on a summer road trip.

    Reply to Harriet
  • Amanda

    I’m most excited to give my husband these wireless bone conducting headphones that I found. He loves running outside with music, so now he can do it but still stay situationally aware. He has no idea that I got these for him, so it will be a huge surprise.

    I got all done holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. Last year we did everything the week before because we had just moved, so this year I got done super early. Balance. =)

    Honestly, I wouldn’t care if I didn’t get anything. Good food and good company is all I want. =) Happy Holidays! xo

    Reply to Amanda
  • Courtney Haas

    So many great gift ideas!
    I’m excited to give my friend the Harry Potter themed gifts I have. She’s getting a hot/cold tumbler with the Hufflepuff logo on it, Harry Potter Uno, homemade chocolate frogs, and homemade Fizzing Whizbeez!
    Amazingly, I’m shopping already! Usually I’m getting gifts a few days before Christmas still.
    The thing I wanted most was a new memory foam mattress, which my parents were awesome enough to get and let me have it early! Hellooooo sleep.

    Happy holidays!

    Reply to Courtney Haas
  • Chelsea B

    I’m officially done with holiday shopping but these are fun ideas. I have a couple of friends & family members with birthdays in January so I’ll be using this guide then.

    Hope you have a great holiday season!

    Reply to Chelsea B
  • Nadya

    I gave the gift of an experience to my family. We are visiting Houston for the holidays and I bought each of us a “City Pass” so we can tour all the awesome museums there: zoo, aquarium, space, and children’s! It was kind of pricey for 4 adults and 1 child but the memories we will make will be priceless!

    Reply to Nadya
  • Liz Chin

    I’m most excited about my dad and my boyfriend’s gifts – they’re each getting percussive massage guns!

    Reply to Liz Chin
  • Carol

    I am using Amazon prime to finish shopping today!

    Reply to Carol
  • Tara R

    The gift I’m most excited about giving is an idea I got from a Minimalist page. My eight year old nephew has SO many toys! So this year I’m giving him a box that has 12 envelopes in it – one for each month. Every month he gets to open an envelope and we get to go on the adventure that was written in it (ex. go rock climbing, amusement park pass, etc.). He’s obviously not going to be thrilled with it right away, but each month next year he’ll have a ‘new’ gift 🙂

    I’m done holiday shopping – thanks to Amazon! And I just want to spend the holiday with my family. We lost our Grandma this year to Alzheimer’s after a four year battle and I just want to be surrounded by loved ones for our first Christmas without her.

    Thanks so much for sharing your joy and your vulnerabilities. Brene Brown teaches wonderful things on the power of vulnerability so when you share a little bit of yourself more with us, I’m giving you a mental hug and high five. Happy holidays!

    Reply to Tara R
  • cori

    Definitely done shopping! I don’t want to be caught near a shopping center anytime in the next week, haha!

    Reply to cori
  • Lauren

    1,) When we were at Disney earlier this year my sister really wanted something but didn’t buy it, i went back and bought it so i know she will be sooo happy when she sees it!

    2.) yes, i am done with everything, including wrapping 🙂

    3.) I want a new vacuum lol at being an adult haha

    Reply to Lauren
  • Audrey

    I am most excited to give my parents the silver key chains I bought them, engraved with a photo print of their beloved chihuahua, Frank 🙂

    Reply to Audrey
  • Hillary May

    I would love a new winter coat for Christmas because my current one has a broken zipper. .. but after seening your list of perfect gifts, my “want list” just got a little larger 🙂

    Reply to Hillary May
  • Eryn Whiteland

    I am all done with shopping for my 4 kids and husband! We don’t have to buy for our extended family anymore so this makes it easy to just focus on our family.

    Reply to Eryn Whiteland
  • Holly Danielson

    I am making my son a Thomas the Train blanket! I’m so excited for him to open it!

    Reply to Holly Danielson
  • Christine

    I’m excited to give both sets of grandparents and picture of my son with a handprint next to it.

    Reply to Christine
  • Meghan DiSesa

    I want a kitchenaid mixer!! It may have to be my Christmas gift to myself. 🥰

    Reply to Meghan DiSesa
  • Emily

    1. Which gift are you most excited about giving this year?

    A Coach wallet for my boyfriend 😀

    2. Are you done holiday shopping?


    3. What do YOU want for the holidays?

    Earrings! 😀

    Reply to Emily
  • Anna

    Great gift guide, Tara!!

    1. It’s my little boy’s first Christmas and I’m SO excited to give him his presents. He’ll be 8 months on Christmas Day, so too little to “want” anything. I can’t wait for him to experience everything!!

    2. I’m all done (including stockings) and I can’t believe it 😂

    3. A nespresso machine!

    Reply to Anna
  • Alaina

    Yes, I am done shopping and even wrapping all the gifts!

    Reply to Alaina
  • Connie R.

    I like getting restaurant gift cards and movie gift cards for Christmas because I know we will definitely use those because that’s what we like to do ! And I am done with my Christmas shopping except for one gift .

    Reply to Connie R.
  • Alyssa D

    Love this guide!! I’m most excited to give to my son! He’s 3 this year and just now getting into the holiday and getting excited about Santa and gifts. I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning!

    Reply to Alyssa D
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I’m so excited to gift my best friend makeup from Fenty Beauty! I know she’ll love it, the packaging is super cute! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Emily

    When I was little, every year for Christmas I would ask my parents for a dog. My mom was a dog person and my dad was a cat person, so, as a result, I didn’t ever have a pet growing up. So, now at the age 29, this will be the first Christmas with my dog, Loki, who I rescued from a shelter in June! It has been exciting having a dog for the first time in my life and shopping for him this Christmas season. I can’t wait to give him his toys and treats Christmas morning!

    Reply to Emily
  • Emily Martens

    I am most excited for my boys to open their new tablets. Our school offers them educational games to play and they LOVE them. I cannot wait to see their faces!
    I am ALMOST done Christmas shopping. I only have our daycare provider and my boys bus diver to shop for.
    I want a new Aden and Anis muslin blanket for Christmas. They have an adult sized one and it is a DREAM! My current one is getting pretty worn.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Emily Martens
  • Natalie

    I’m excited to give my son basketball tickets to see the Golden State Warriors.
    I’m done with all the big stuff, just need to get some stocking stuffers.
    I would love an Air Fryer!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Jennifer

    I’m just going to answer all 3 😏 lol

    I’m super excited to give my sister a barefoot dreams blanket! She is big into influencers on “the gram”, so I know this is something she’ll love because she doesn’t have one! Plus.. it really is super soft.

    Not quite done shopping yet. Need to get stocking stuffers for Mark, and some bags of peanut m&m’s for my dad!

    I would like to get a pair of wireless earbuds for Christmas. I think it would make working out so much easier! Especially so that I don’t slap my phone off the treadmill from hitting the cord from my current earbuds 😂😂

    P.s. still loving Vlogmas 😊😊😊

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Jacqui

    Which gift are you moost excited about giving this year? – My boyfriend and I are giving each OTHER a fire pit so we can enjoy our roof deck year round!

    Are you done holiday shopping? – Nope, but I only need to pick up a few more things and i’m going tonight

    What do YOU want for the holidays? – Quality time with family, and quality skincare products 😉

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  • Emily Martens

    1. Gift I am most excited about. My boys seeing their new tablets. They love learning games their school provides.
    2. I am ALMOST done shopping 🙂
    3. I want an adult aden and anis Muslin blanket. The one I have is falling apart! I use it every night!
    Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Emily Martens
  • Randi

    I’m most excited about giving gifts to my three year old son. He’s at such an exciting age and has become Star Wars obsessed. So all of the star wars things will make him light up for sure! I’m not quite done with all my shopping- just a few odds and ends to pick up still. I’m hoping to get some candles to add to my collection. I never seem to have enough! Happy holidays!

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