Keeping my Skin Refreshed from the Inside and Out + Giveaway

Thank you, CVS Pharmacy for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own!

I didn’t want to only come to Hawaii for the delicious Mai Tais and pretty blue beaches. I tried to use this time as a way to reset from a pretty busy year. The next few months are going to be a bit stressful on top of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I planned to use this time away to relax, have laughs with family, fuel my body with good food, move more, and to give my skin a breather (which is why I only packed mascara and lip balm.) I leave tomorrow for the long trip home, and I’m feeling more alive and motivated. This was the type of self-care my body needed.

Everyone deserves a good self-care routine no matter what it entails. I have been so lucky to be able to work with one of my favorite companies this year, CVS Pharmacy, to bring awareness to self-care. They understand that it’s a vital part of proactive health care, and they are working hard to add new and exciting things to make self-care easier for 5 million+ Americans who shop in THEIR stores daily. And since I’m one of those daily shoppers, I appreciate everything they are doing to make my goal of living my healthiest lifestyle more accessible than ever. Today, I’ll be sharing a few products that CVS carries in their stores that can bring your self-care to a whole new level.

The holidays are weeks away, and it’s essential to start thinking about a game plan for staying on top of your self-care routine this winter. Maybe it’s taking the time to destress before bed, to read more, to drink more water, or to take care of your skin this winter. Something I want to work on this winter is taking better care of my skin.

I tend to forget that the sun is still so powerful even when it’s cold, I fill my body with more sugary treats from the holidays, and I don’t always take the vitamins my skin needs in the winter. And don’t get me started on my lack of moisturizer. The foods we put in our body, our stress levels, and the products we use can make such an impact on our skin. I used to think it was all about the makeup I used or the way I washed my face, but it’s so much more than that. Healthy skin also starts from the inside.

There’s no dodging the sun in Hawaii. I was face to face with the sun while surfing, snorkeling, riding bikes, and paddleboarding. I made sure to apply sunscreen every hour but also ended my activities with a couple of after-sun products. I used the Beauty360 After-Sun Melon & Cucumber Gel mask after almost all of my outdoor activities. There’s a lot of the gel in the pouch, so it lasted a week for me. The trick is to keep it in the refrigerator to make it extra soothing. I decided to keep all of my makeup, other than mascara, at home while being in Hawaii. I wanted to give my skin the ultimate breather, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Not only did I keep my face away from makeup, but I started to create better self-confidence in having a bare face. I got used to looking at my freckles, my imperfections, and began to love them.

The CVS Health Aloe Continuous Spray saved my booty (LITERALLY) after two hours of surfing. I’m not kidding when I said I applied so much sunscreen that my legs looked like Casper before surfing. I learned about my sunscreen lesson last year, but it still wasn’t enough. After being in and out of the water continuously for several hours, the sunscreen washes off. Luckily, I wasn’t as fried as the year before, but I was still red enough to be uncomfortable. I used the CVS Health Aloe Continuous Spray to relieve the redness, and it healed up super fast. I haven’t experienced any peeling, which is a relief.

One of my favorite ways to take care of my skin lately has been my daily matcha intake. I love that CVS carries new products from top brands like Olly, New ChapterAncient Nutrition, Be Well Teas, Navitas Organics, ManukaGuard, Mickelberry Gardens, Oak and Reed, rareESSENCE, Tone It Up, Vital Proteins, Gaiam and more!

I usually have my Navitas Organics Matcha Powder mixed in with my almond milk when I’m home. Since being in Hawaii, I’ve been mixing it in with my coconut milk yogurt. Matcha has one of nature’s richest sources of the rare antioxidant EGCG. The antioxidants in Matcha protect against UV damage, free radicals caused by sun damage, age spots, dry skin, inflammation, and wrinkles. Over time, the consumption of Matcha can help you obtain a more radiant complexion.

I usually mix in collagen with my Matcha, but this Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein is another excellent source of protein and health benefits for your skin. Chicken Collagen Type II and Hyaluronic Acid found in this bone broth help with obtaining healthier glowing skin. It’s also a great way to pack in 20 grams of protein.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein and the Navitas Organic Matcha Powder, are both powerhouses for anti-aging, which is why I love incorporating them both into my meals. You can also add them to smoothies or baked goods.

I’ve mentioned these vitamins several times on my blog posts, but before I take my coffee, I usually always have my CVS Health Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies along with CVS Health Women’s Complete Daily Multivitamin. I set them right next to the coffee maker, so I never forget. CVS has a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, and I love that they created the Tested to Be Trusted program, which requires third-party testing of ALL vitamins and supplements sold in-store and online to confirm the accuracy of the dietary ingredients listed on the supplement facts panel and to confirm products are free from certain additives and ingredients. It gives me total peace of mind that I can trust what I’m buying and putting in my body. To me, treating your body with only the best supplements and vitamins is self-care!

Sometimes life gets busy, and it’s hard to take time to care for yourself, but CVS Pharmacy is going above and beyond to make it easier and more convenient than ever! They have launched hundreds of unique and exciting products this year focused on physical, mental, emotional, and social health! We all have different forms of self-care, but at the end of the day, it’s all about how self-care can make your life a little better.

Being stressed out is a big factor in skin health for me. When I’m stressed, I find myself having more breakouts. Giving myself some self-care time to destress is the perfect way to prevent those breakouts. CVS carries products that cater to holistic wellness and specific needs.

I recently got into essential oils for my skin when one of my good friends told me about frankincense oil, and how it can help hormonal acne under my chin. I’ve always been a skeptic when it came to essential oils healing conditions, but after a week of using the essential oil, my hormonal acne under my skin disappeared. I’ve been putting frankincense under my chin after the shower every day now. You can find Radiance brand Frankincense at CVS.

At night I put my essential oil diffuser on, I spray my pillow with soothing scents, and this Ellia Fight It or Let Go Oils roll-on is a great on-the-go blend for stressful situations. Quiet your tension by applying it to pulse points, temples, back of your neck, or soles of feet.

CVS has so many Radiance essential oils available in their stores! They are perfect for all hours of the day. At the end of the day, when I’m ready for bed, I love having my Be Well Teas Get Some ZZZ and diffusing calming oils.

I’m a big bubble bath person during the colder months. There’s something about the warm water that distresses my entire body, and it also helps me fall into a deeper sleep. Adding Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt Body Soak to my bath is a fantastic way to exfoliate and regenerate my skin! During the winter months, this is what my body needs. The blood orange body soak has a refreshing scent, and I keep it in a cute jar with a little scooper on the edge of my tub. Bath salts can draw out impurities, pollution, toxins, oil, dirt, and sweat from the skin as well as increases blood circulation.

CVS is encouraging customers to treat themselves well by practicing self-care and proactive wellness regularly. They understand that self-care means different things to different people, but it’s an essential part of everyday health for EVERYONE, regardless of age, gender, or income. This year, I’m going to be filling stockings with self-care items that help with stress, healthier skin, and all things self-care!  You can expect a blog post on that one soon 😊

If you’d like to win a box filled with all of the refreshing skin products from CVS in today’s blog post, answer one of the following questions below!

Questions for you!

  1. Which CVS Product from today’s blog post would you most like to try?
  2. Do you take better care of your skin in the summer or winter?
  3. Do you currently have a skincare routine?


  • Jennifer H.

    I really love the Radiance Essential Oil. Great price and great quality!

    Reply to Jennifer H.
  • Emily

    The CVS product that looks the most enticing is the Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt Body Soak. My husband and I just bought our first home and I now have a jetted tub for the first time in my life; this would be perfect to use in it!

    Reply to Emily
  • Julia

    I’ll definitely have to try the essential oils! Right now i am on a skin care routine with CeraVe and my skin has never been better!

    Reply to Julia
  • Jules

    I would definitely love to try the essential oils! I heard some really good things about them.

    Reply to Jules
  • Samantha

    That after sun mask looks so amazing! I usually take better care of my skin in the winter because it gets dry, but you’ve inspired me with all of these great summer products! I wish my face looked as clear as yours! Maybe its time to go make up free…

    Reply to Samantha
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It feels so good on my face!

      My skin definitely has it’s moments, but paying attention to what I’ve been putting into my body and on my body has really helped!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole

    I definitely take better care of my skin in the summer, probably because I show more of it and so I’m more aware of what it looks like. During the winter I don’t take good care of my skin at all. Definitely something I need to work on.

    Reply to Nicole
  • Cassy

    I am most interested in trying the matcha 🙂 antioxidant boost is just what i need heading into cold and flu seaeson. I think I take better care of it in the summer because sweat makes me break out more. in the winter, i do have dryer skin but with daily application of moisturizer usually can keep that under control. My skincare routine is minimal since I have sensitive skin – face wash, avene thermal water, cosrx snail mucin, and stratia liquid gold rn. i’m interested in incorporating more but my skin responds pretty poorly to most products so it’s a bummer to buy something i’m super excited about only to have my face burned (hado labo skim plumping gel for ex).

    Reply to Cassy
  • Hannah

    I TOTALLY take better care of my skin in the summer than the winter. That lack of moisturizer is real in the winter. I am for sure going to be trying to push myself to drink more water this winter to stay hydrated better; I want healthier skin and less chapped lips!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Lauren

    Hi Taralynn,

    I have a great skincare routine – I use skin ceuticals which is AMAZING! however – super pricy. So I think i am going to look into these CVS items!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Whitney

    Love reading about your trips to Hawaii! Every time you go, I make a list of places you suggest to visit so when I finally do get to go, I have a ton of fun things to check out! Wanted to give you a piece of advice if you didn’t know already… do not wear your engagement ring on the beach or in the ocean, as the salt water will ruin it, and that ring is gorgeous!. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Reply to Whitney
  • Dorothy

    Hi Taralynn! I’m interested in the frankincense since I have PCOS.
    I’d never heard of using that before! I think I actually take better care of my skin in the winter because my skin feels drier so I moisturize more.
    I currently use Burt’s bees foaming face wash morning and night, with a witch hazel toner at night. I also use 1000 roses spf/moisturizer.

    Reply to Dorothy
  • Emily

    I’m so curious about the matcha powder! I love a good matcha latte from a coffee shop when I’m out, but I’ve never used it at home! Definitely going to have to check that out.

    Reply to Emily
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s always better to make it at home because sometimes the coffee shops add a lot of sugar (which messes with my skin!) i think you’ll love the at-home versions!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Emily

        Hi Taralynn!

        I tend to take better care of myself in the summer which is unfortunate because I live in the Midwest and the winters can be brutal on my skin! I need to focus more on self care though in the winter so these ideas are great! 🙂

        Reply to Emily
  • Kristin

    I think my skin care routine is pretty much the same year round but I’d like to be better at doing weekly masks and extra things like that!

    I would go for the matcha powder! I just tried matcha for the first time this weekend and I love it! I wasn’t aware of all the benefits you listed, how amazing!

    Reply to Kristin
  • Kelly

    Hi Taralynn!

    I definitely take better care of my skin in the winter since suncreen face is a real thing… but I also eat more sugar in the winter which is not the best for my skin, so it’s a trade off!

    Reply to Kelly
  • Gabby

    There are several products that I would like to try, but I would probably say the matcha powder would be the one I want to try the most!

    Reply to Gabby
  • Heather K

    I think I take better care of my skin in the winter because it is so darn dry, i cant ignore it.

    Reply to Heather K
  • Melissa

    I’m not sure when I take better of my skin! I try to be super diligent about washing my face morning and night and working on being more consistent with putting on lotion since the cold dries out my face!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Ally

    I think I take better care of my skin in winter–more time at home trying to figure out things to do, less time outside with fewer sunscreen reapplications than I should, and more luxurious baths!

    Reply to Ally
  • Hannah

    Hi Taralynn!

    I have a pretty decent skincare routine, that I only seem to be good at doing in the summer (It’s hard to stay motivated when it gets dark before I even leave work in the winter!) If I had a bathtub, I would be ALL OVER those bath salts, but I’d really love to try those aromatherapy rollers!

    Your’e as radiant as ever!

    Reply to Hannah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Hannah 😊

      The darker nights do make things tough! I try to turn the darker nights into a positive by telling myself that once it gets dark out, it’s “me time.”

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Katelyn

    Beautiful post!
    I would like to try the essential oils and the bath salts. I used to never like baths because I thought they took too long, but now I’m starting to see how relaxing they are!
    I take better care of my skin in the summer because it just naturally does better. The heater in winter makes it so dry and I never keep up enough on the moisturizer..
    I’ve found that the less I do to my skin the better it usually does (as long as I’m getting good nutrition and regulating stress). I wash it with water most of the time and occasionally use a face scrub. If I wore makeup then I will make sure to use a toner. And always lotion!

    Reply to Katelyn
  • Stephanie Gibbons

    I do not currently have a skin care routine so this post helps a lot! Thank You for all your helpful tips and advise. I’m a huge fan of your blog.❤️

    Reply to Stephanie Gibbons
  • Ley

    I’d really like to the Get Some ZZZZS tea! I have chronic sleeping problems and I am always looking for new helpful products

    Reply to Ley
  • Hope

    I am currently trying to find a skin care routine that really works for me!

    Reply to Hope
  • Kaylin

    I really need to get better about putting more thought and time into my skincare routine. I tend to stick to those things I’ve used for ages but I am sure as I’ve gotten older than my skin could use some different types of care to make it look its best. Would love to try some of these CVS products to get me started!

    Reply to Kaylin
  • Kiera

    The matcha powder sounds interesting. I’d love to try it!

    Reply to Kiera
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I’d like the try all of these products! Wish I could get them where I live! 💕✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Liz

    I love that you didn’t take any makeup with you to let your skin breathe! I do that on weekends a lot and think it makes a difference 🙂
    I’d love to try the matcha the most!!

    Reply to Liz
  • willa

    Great tips, I swear by face masks and oils when I travel

    Reply to willa
  • Beth

    These all look amazing!
    1. I’d love to try the bone broth protein! Does it have a funky after taste?
    2, I think I take better care of my skin in the summer. I feel like I get more break outs when I’m sweatier and the cooler drier weather seems better for my skin.
    3. I use tea tree oil face wipes and eye cream for this mom life over here!

    Reply to Beth
  • Kat

    1. The Himalayan Pink Salt Body Soak sounds heavenly. I’m graduating this semester so baths have been my de-stressor/treat yourself. Or after a long work day after being on my feet (usually go home with at least 9,000 steps).

    2. I feel like the summer is easier, my skin gets so dry in the winter that I’ve had to learn how to change up my routine (like using Argan oil and then a face cream). Also, this summer, I actually started to apple sunscreen to my face so I’m hoping to be diligent about it this winter.

    3. Yes! My favorite skincare products come from Peach and Lily! They’re an online skincare products that are great and my skin has improved.

    Reply to Kat
  • Sara

    I do currently have a skin routine but I’m always up for trying new skin products

    Reply to Sara
  • Sarai Pinto

    I def tend to take care of my skin more in the summer. I think it’s because more of it shows. And it’s just SO hard to keep it moisturized in the drier months.
    P.s love those defusers! I would love to try some of those stress relief ones!

    Thanks for sharing! Your trip looked fun.

    Reply to Sarai Pinto
  • KV

    I would like to try the matcha powder.

    Reply to KV
  • Maria Dominguez

    I currently am on a potato kick. My face was too dry and someone on YouTube suggested using pieces of fresh potato to hydrate it. It’s been working ever since. Glad potatoes are not just food !

    Reply to Maria Dominguez
  • Jess W

    I would like to try the oils! And I probably take care of my skin more in the summer.

    Reply to Jess W
  • Ashley

    I believe I take care of my skin better in Winter than in Summer because I notice it more in the Winter. My skin is drier and I force myself to drink more water to stay hydrated. Living in Wisconsin isn’t always easy. I definitely lotion up more in the winter.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Emily Taylor

    I’d say I definitely take more care of my skin in the winter. With how dry Colorado is I’m constantly moisturizing to keep my skin healthy. Love this blog post! So many cool products to try!

    Reply to Emily Taylor
  • Elizabeth

    i would really like to try the matcha powder. I make smoothies for breakfast and getting a more radiant complexion sounds great.

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Sarah

    The pink bath salt! I’m big on bubble baths in the winter too!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Ashley P

    Awesome giveaway! I take better care of my skin during the winter because it is so dry the weather. I need to change that though and take care of my skin all of the time because I know it will help me as I age.

    Reply to Ashley P
  • Julie

    I always love these posts!
    1. I’ts hard to pick just one. I would say the matcha powder, let go oils, and Himalayan pink salt body soak will be added to my shopping list.
    2. I’m better about sunscreen in the summer, but better about everything else in the winter, so it’s kind of a tie.
    3. I wash my face with cleanser every night. I try to exfoliate on Saturdays and do a clay mask on Sundays, but that doesn’t always happen.

    Reply to Julie
  • Brandie

    The essential oil roller ball sounds amazing! Better at skincare in the summer as I don’t go anywhere without sunscreen. I’m sort of out of a routine at the moment but like the idea of no makeup for awhile! Really enjoyed this post today!

    Reply to Brandie
  • Katie

    I go through phases of taking care of my skin. I can’t find the right products that I can create a routine with and would really like that! I like your idea of putting your vitamins near the coffee maker to remind yourself!

    I’d like to try those essential oil rollers! They seem great!

    Reply to Katie
  • Allie

    Which CVS Product from today’s blog post would you most like to try? I need those vitamins! I’ve been meaning to get some as I try to grow my hair out. I love bath salts too though. So, all of them? 🙂

    Do you take better care of your skin in the summer or winter? Neither? I need to do better year round!

    Do you currently have a skincare routine? This has me inspired. I’m in my 30s and trying to combat acne and wrinkles. It’s just not fair. Haha.

    Reply to Allie
  • Steph

    I think I take better care of my skin in the summer… sweating outside and wearing sunscreen makes me feel gross, so I’m much better about washing my face!

    Reply to Steph
  • Ali

    The body soak looks awesome!! I care more in the winter because I feel I break out more and for the skin care I love thayers witch hazel and Tula cleanser! Love your blog as ever

    Reply to Ali
  • Alissa

    I’ve learned my skin needs a routine for summer and winter. I’m prone to eczema breakouts and have to stay super moisturized.

    Reply to Alissa
  • Hannah Lee

    I would love to try the roll on oils! I get monsterous hormonal acne!!!! I have a good skin care routine right now, that I only seem to be good at keeping up with in the summer! I’m working on getting better about winter skin care!

    Thanks for the wonderful info as always!!!

    Reply to Hannah Lee
  • Brandie

    The essential oil roller ball sounds amazing! Better at skincare in the summer and really no routine! Think I need to head to a CVS and check some of this out! Really enjoyed this post today!

    Reply to Brandie
  • Allison

    I’ve started to take my skincare much more seriously the last month or so probably because of the cool dry air. I love how you talk about self care, it’s so important and that bath sounds like heaven! Everything you have talked about in this post sounds so intriguing and I’m definitely going to have to look into. I wish there was a cvs close to me!

    Reply to Allison
  • Breeanna

    I would definitely like to try the Matcha powder. I have had a seriously rough couple of months–I think my body is going through some kind of major hormone crisis, as I recently came off birth control and discovered I have an overactive thyroid and thyroid nodules. I’ve also been having waves of anxiety. It’s been a distressing and scary time, and I think my skin has paid the price, so I’d like to start working on refreshing it.

    I pretty much have the same skincare routine regardless of the season. Luckily, my skin is never really dry whether it’s winter or summer. I like to use a good Vitamin C serum, an everyday combination sunscreen/moisturizer, and I will occasionally supplement with various masks and use a spinning brush and derma-roller.

    The pictures you’ve posted of Hawaii look beautiful, and so does your skin!

    Reply to Breeanna
  • Samantha

    I think I’d love to try the bath salts and the after sun gel! I’m going to Mexico in December and need to remember to pick one up to try!

    Definitely am not good about my skin and feel like I need to make sure to take better care of it 🙂

    Reply to Samantha
  • Heather Jelinek

    I’m always trying to better my skin! But it seems like I tend to take better care of my skin in the Winter time since skin tends to dry out a lot more! But I love cleaning my face and feeling fresh! I definitely know clean skin also starts within! So I’m trying to eat better as well!

    Reply to Heather Jelinek
  • Andrea

    Your trip looked incredible! I can’t wait to one day travel to Hawaii! Welcome home!

    1. I just put out my holiday soap in my bathroom and it’s frankincense scented. I LOVE that fragrance, so I’m entrusted by the frankincense oil you mentioned. I had no idea about it’s healing powers for acne!

    2. I think I tend to take better care of my skin in the winter because I remember to moisturize. I also stay at home more since it’s dark earlier and that gives me time to actually have a nighttime routine.

    3. I try to stick to a pretty good routine, but I also love trying new products and seeing if there’s something better suited for my skin. My main thing right now is trying not to pick at my skin! So tempting!

    Reply to Andrea
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Andrea!

      I had no idea about the healing powers either until my brother’s girlfriend informed me. I put it on my face for two weeks and it’s like I never had a pimple in my life! It’s UNREAL. Also, I was one of those “rolls my eyes at essential oil” people too.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Christine

    I take better care in the winter. It’s so dry here, I have to moisturize more!

    Reply to Christine
  • Ashley

    The essential oils sound heavenly! My skincare routine doesn’t change much with the seasons but I do sometimes need to do something extra for the winter dryness. I use a cleanser once per day, a toner than helps with blemishes, a spit treatment for acne areas, and a few different moisturizers that I switch between. I use rosehip oil before bed every couple of days, especially when my skin is very dry.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Haley

    I think I do better in the summer in hopes to not get sunburnt. I’m trying to get in a better skin care routine but it’s hard to find the exact products right for my face 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Reply to Haley
  • Carol

    OMG they are all great, I love oils and bath salts!

    Reply to Carol
  • Melanie Horst

    Great post Tara. Your skin looks incredible without any makeup 🙂
    1.. I would love to try drinking more both broth. Such a good idea to glow from the inside out
    2. Winter. Mainly because I actually use moisturizer whereas my skin feels too oily in the summer so I avoid it
    3. I don’t really have a great routine but I do try to drink lots of water and take collagen everyday

    Reply to Melanie Horst
  • Allie

    I take better care during the winter only because I can actually feel and see my face, legs, arms getting dry!

    Reply to Allie
  • Alaina

    Yes! This is great! I follow a routine yearl round, but with a higher SPF in summer and more moisturizing in winter.

    Reply to Alaina
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yes! Both important!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Gabby

        I’d love to try oils! I’ve been a skeptic too, but even just diffusing them sounds like a great experience. I actually tend to take better care of myself in the winter time, I make more time for working out, eating better and tending to my skin so it doesn’t dry out. I’ve been using Kiehl’s products for years!

        Reply to Gabby

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