Essentials I Keep In My Carry-On + Travel Bag Giveaway

I love to travel, and I think a lot of you all do too! I have a trip coming up in a few weeks, and I’ve already gotten a head start on packing. The reason I love packing so much is that it gets me all excited about my trip. I love having something to look forward to. Having everything packed and ready to go in advance helps me with any travel anxiety. Today, I’m partnering up with CVS Pharmacy, to share some essentials that I keep in my carry-on bag! It changes up every season, but during cold & flu season, it’s crucial to pack essentials that will keep us healthy and well. 
I love stopping into CVS to pick up my travel essentials. They carry all of my favorite brands, but also carry CVS Health brand products that I love. CVS Health is CVS Pharmacy’s leading line with nearly 3,000 unique, new, on-trend health and wellness products. These products make staying healthy and getting healthy more convenient and less costly. CVS Health has products such as vitamins, supplements, travel essentials, over the counter products, and more. You’ll find many CVS Health products lurking around in my carry-on bag.

When I’m going on a short trip, I avoid checking my bags at all costs. I’ll usually arrive at the airport with two carry-on bags that I can store in the overhead bin and below by my feet. One bag will have my laptop, headphones, a book, camera, snacks, and a few other essentials I may need easy access to. The other bag will have my clothes, and bathroom essentials packed away in bags and bottles.

Let me show you some things I carry with me! 

I always always always have hand sanitizer with me. Airports and airplanes are extremely germy! I had a friend who was a flight attendant that confessed that most planes do not get cleaned or wiped down for weeks after the busy flying season. Think of all the people touching the seat belts, tray table, window, screens, and so on. So before you dig into your bag to eat some snacks, make sure to use your sanitizer! I also buy sanitizing wipes to wipe down tray tables, seat belts, the window, and armrests.

Since we’re going to be in a busy city in a few weeks, I also like to keep hand sanitizer in my purse. I want to make sure to stay clean after touching subways, taxi’s, elevator buttons, and door handles! 
I always buy the small pack of tissues for my carry-on bag, especially during the colder months. There’s nothing worse than a runny nose on a plane, or having nothing to sneeze into other than your elbow.

My skin also suffers in the winter, especially when I’m applying hand sanitizer to my hands regularly. I always make sure to keep a small bottle of lotion with me. Lotion can also help with dry, itchy skin. CVS has excellent travel-sized moisturizers and products to choose from when you’re on the go. 
I would have never thought of taking a probiotic while traveling until I saw these Traveler Probiotics several months ago. It makes a lot of sense because probiotics help keep your immune system strong which is crucial when you’re exposing your body to new germs and bacteria. I usually start upping my probiotics a week before I take a trip to get a head start on strengthening my immune system. 
I always carry ponytail ties when I travel. It’s normal for me to lose or forget them! I make sure they are packed for my trip far in advance. There is nothing worse than having to wear your hair down on a hot plane after running to your gate. Speaking of running through an airport, it happens, and that’s why I always have cleansing cloths with me. If I feel like I’m sweating or need to freshen up, these are perfect. I also use them to wipe off makeup from the day if I’m on a late-night flight home.

One thing I always deal with when traveling is breakouts. I get so stressed sometimes, or wearing makeup more frequently than my face is used to, and get breakouts. It happens to me every time, so I’ve always learned to bring Acne Treatment Gel! This helps with redness, tenderness, and treating the problem faster. I love the CVS Health brand because it’s a money-saver and works quickly. 
When I fly, sometimes the pressure of the cabin makes my sinuses flare up. Carrying around a nasal inhaler helps with breathing, and I’ve also found that it helps with my ears popping. The lavender plant is believed to help provide calmness, reduce stress, anxiety, and those are all things I deal with while traveling. Even though I’ve been on hundreds of planes, I always deal with traveler’s stress. I don’t think I could fly without my nasal inhaler.

You never know when you’re going to need a first-aid kit. I keep this small kit in my car as well. The kit comes with antiseptic wipes, sterile pads, sheer spot bandages, large sheer bandages, fabric antibacterial bandages, waterproof bandages, and sheer bandages. All of that in this tiny thin box is impressive! It’s so small and lightweight that it could fit in my jeans pocket. 
Supporting your immune health is a must when traveling in the winter! When your flight attendant comes around and asks if you’d like anything to drink, you can ask for a hot cup of water to dissolve these AirSheild Tablets. You could also use a water bottle if you’d prefer to drink it cold. AirShield also comes in a gummy form, if you’d prefer something quick and easy!
Carrying floss and mouthwash is crucial when you’re at the airport. I’m not going to stand at the bathroom sink and do a full out teeth brushing but flossing and rinsing my mouth out is more realistic. There’s nothing worse than getting food stuck in your teeth, or having to deal with the aftertaste of a savory airport snack.  Plus, having fresh breath is always nice for the person who’s stuck next to you on the plane 😉 
Blister care cushions are my best friend when I’m on a trip. We usually walk around for miles exploring and taking photos of everything, so I’m always dealing with the blisters on the back of my ankles at the end of the day. The care cushions go right over the blister and heal the spot while making it more comfortable for me to walk again. I won’t go on trips without these! I used these a lot while training for my half. 
The CVS Health line is a great example of how CVS Pharmacy looks at every opportunity for innovation through the eyes of their customers. CVS is always making changes to make their products based on customers feedback and paying attention to their lifestyle needs, specific pain points, needs for convenience, desires for certain ingredients, or packaging preferences.

I love packing CVS Health vitamins and Radiance Platinum vitamins with me while traveling. One of the great benefits of buying your vitamins and supplements at CVS is that they sometimes BOGO when you use your CVS ExtraCare rewards. The Radiance Platinum is CVS Pharmacy’s brand of premium vitamins, which are free from artificial preservatives. Most of the vitamins are vegan, non-GMO, and organic. Cranberry Jelly Beans for urinary tract health and the Biotin gummies for hair, skin, and nails are my two favorites.

Cough drops are perfect when you’re traveling. It’s easy to get a dry throat during the winter, so the CVS Health honey lemon is ideal for soothing my throat. These cough drops are free from artificial flavors and dyes, which is rare to find! Tums are my BEST FRIEND on the plane. Whenever I’m flying or eating different from my regular diet, my stomach can easily find itself in knots. You can find these easy on-the-go travel-sized Tums in the travel section. I also love the travel-sized Ibuprofen tablets. These are great if you’re dealing with headaches or cramping while traveling. I usually carry these with me because Kyle almost always gets headaches on airplanes.

CVS has the best travel kits available. I love their organizers for shampoos, lotions, hairspray, and more! The plastic bags they come in keep them secure, so they don’t leak on the rest of your clothing. I love the little labels that came with the set. The shoes, laundry, and stuff bags are genius! I can’t stand mixing my clean clothes with laundry or placing my shoes on clean clothes. I love the bags to keep everything organized and separate!

One other thing I always keep in one of my carry-on bags? My tennis racket 😉  I’m giving away the two travel kit bags to help you organize your travels! All you have to do is visit and leave a comment below telling me what you keep in your travel bag!

Questions for you!

  1. What do you keep in your travel bag?
  2. Are you a last-minute packer?
  3. Over or under packer?

Thank you, CVS, for sponsoring this post! ALL opinions are my own! 


  • Hannah R

    I *LOVE* packing.

    I have always loved it! People have told me I was crazy, or way too organized, or packing way too soon for so many things :’D I just LOVE to be organized; to know where all of my things are at any point, should I need them. Especially when traveling away from the comforts of home!

    I never travel without chapstick, my Kindle (because, although I would SO much rather have a real book in my hands, ebooks are cheaper and easier to carry on the plane. Plus, Matt & I both can play games on the Kindle as well, if I get tired of reading!), my neck pillow (helloooo airplane sleeper!), my wireless headphones, and a small first aid kit I put together myself with bandages, antibacterial gel, floss picks, and blister cushions (because, YES, those blisters after walking forever in the shoes I demanded to wear because they were cute over the “more sensible” but less stylish tennis shoes are REAL lol!)

    I am so not a last minute packer. In fact, when I was young and attended church camp every summer, I would make a super detailed list of literally EVERYTHING I wanted to bring (because I don’t like the idea of forgetting something when it’s totally avoidable!). Then, when I picked out my outfits for the week, I would find the shoes to match and wash them all in the sink with a toothbrush! HAHA! It worked so well, though, and they looked fab. I’d start this process almost a month in advance sometimes, just because I was so excited!

    I would say I definitely lean to the over-packer side of the scale, but really I’m a pretty realistic packer. I plan out my outfits based on the activities we are doing on any given day, and maybe throw in one or two extras, but not really much. I’d definitely say I was more “prepared” than “over packer.” Actually, when I have been a camp counselor in the past, and just around my friends all through high school and college, they called me “Momma Hannah” a lot because if they needed something, chances are I would have it. I wear that title proudly, though! It is the best way I know to combat my travel anxieties and to (obviously) just have whatever we might need on a trip! Seems like a no-brainer to me! ♥

    Reply to Hannah R
  • Wehaf

    I always keep lip balm and earplugs in my travel bag, I’m a slight over packer, and I pack at the last minute but I have it down to a science so I’m not rushed or stressed.

    Reply to Wehaf
  • Jenna

    I always keep tissues, hand sanitizer and a portable charger for my phone. I have really, really, really bad allergies so I always need tissues. Plus I keep a lot of non-sense stuff that I never actually use. Like a book, I try so hard to read on the plane but it just puts me to sleep.

    I’m most definitely a late packer…like night before kind of packer… it gives me anxiety. I’m also an over-packer. I always bring like 12 pairs of undies even if I’m only going for 3 days. No idea why, I just always over pack.

    Reply to Jenna
  • Lindsey

    I always have water, gum and a good book! I pack last minute, sometimes a day early if I’m really a rockstar 😉 and I allllways overpack! You never know what you’re gonna need! We’re leaving for Maine next week so I will definitely be hitting up CVS

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Macie

    I always make sure I have snacks! Justin almond butter packets, nuts and crackers

    Reply to Macie
  • Liz

    I always keep emergen-c or airborne tablets when I travel, especially during this time of year! I love the idea of getting a nasal inhaler though – never would’ve thought of that but it would definitely come in handy.

    Reply to Liz
  • Kelly D

    I am an over-packer and I plan ahead. I usually pack allergy pills, tissues, lip balm, hand sanitizer and anything else I can think of.

    Reply to Kelly D
  • Shelley

    My must bring is face moisturizer, I’m all about skincare!

    Reply to Shelley
  • Casey

    I always bring lip balm and sugarless gum. Usually pack well in advance and def an over packer (i’m working on that).

    Reply to Casey
  • Stephanie

    Hi! I always look forward to reading your blog for inspiration. My go to for traveling is always baby wipes. They come in so handy! I am definitely an overpacker and save most of it for a day or 2 before I’m leaving.

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Amanda

    Hand sanitizer is absolutely #1!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Tracie Cooper

    I am very much a last minute over packer! I must have hand sanitizer , snacks and water and a portable phone charger.

    Reply to Tracie Cooper
  • Stacie Byrd

    What are some suggestions you have for healthy travel snacks? My husband and I are going to Disney World in a week and a half and I want to have some healthy snacks on hand for him. He’s 6’5″ and always hungry.

    Reply to Stacie Byrd
  • Mandi C

    Travel size baby aveeno eczema cream. My little one has such sensitive skin and it helps it not be so dry, along with me and my hubster. It’s a great thing to throw in your bag and go since the whole family can use it!

    Reply to Mandi C
  • Lea

    Thank you for the ideas! Sanitizer always!

    Reply to Lea
  • Gabby

    I’m an over packer and always pack at the very last minute. (Mostly because I’m used to wacky weather changes so I want to make sure I’m prepared for every situation!) My favorite thing to bring on all trips and especially in my carry on is a small bottle of Aloe Vera gel. It works great for dark circles under the eyes for red eye flights or late nights, helps with calming down rosacea/dry skin (I get it in dryer weather on my chin and cheeks), and of course for any sunburns you might get while away. It’s a must have no matter the situation!

    Reply to Gabby
  • Kelly

    Hi Taralynn!

    So fun!

    1. Things I keep in my travel bag include a book (or 2), my phone, headphones, snacks, water bottle, lotion, chapstick, ibuprofen, gum and my sunglasses because I go nowhere without those!
    2. Definitely a last-minute packer!
    3. Over-packer if I’m driving, under -packer if I’m flying (but I always mange to forget something either way)

    P.S. Your vlogmas videos are absolutely adorable, you crack me up!


    Reply to Kelly
  • Natalija

    Hi, Taralynn. Thank you for this very informative post, I really enjoyed it. The products featured are perfect for any travel.
    As a mum of 3 (wow, I can’t even believe it myself) I have to keep in mind not only my own needs,but also those of the little people travelling with me. (is it me,or “little people” sounded more like dwarves or fairies than kids? lol) Although I usually pack them each a little bag to take on board,I also make sure I have sanitizer,wet wipes,antibacterial gel,mints,little sets of stationary to occupy them when everything else fails,travel sized deodorant (phew,mums do sweat a lot),gum,a bunch of healthy lollies for those take off and landing moments we all are dreading,a magazine for myself that usually stays not even half read,few light healthy snacks and pots of fruit and veg for kids,tiny snacks that require time unwrapping like satsumas or babybell cheese (every minute of them being fully occupied counts!),few pens and notepads and…my guilty (not so guilty actually) pleasure-Anandas Mocha Marshmallows (vegan and gelatine free!) and if i get a chance of a hot coffee on the flight and a few minutes to actually enjoy it..well,that’s what i call a very successful flight :)))

    Reply to Natalija
  • KV

    I’m trying not to overpack. I take chapstick, water, & cough drops especially in the winter.

    Reply to KV
  • Allie Buck

    I sooo wish I was as organized as you are!! I am a night before (aka last minute 😳) overpacker. I’m awful as never know what I’ll want to wear 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄. Then I get home and realize totally overpacked. Ugh!! I always must pack in my carry on, tissues, ear plugs (I have the kind that helps regulate the air pressure… I have an inner ear condition called menieres which is really debilitating when an attack strikes so these help!). As well, in case of an attack gravol and Imodium (so gross I know but during an attack both work so fast and are needed so I don’t panic of having an attack without them!!). A good fun book, my son’s Nintendo 3ds and games. And if arriving in daytime a small stash of makeup if need to look half decent lol. Oh and fully agree on hair elastics!! Cannot handle hair down the whole time. Love those little labelled bags and love the travel bag as I realize possibly could organize the unorganized me 🤣. Where are you off to next?? Ps and how cute is it you carry Ibprofin for Kyle??

    Reply to Allie Buck
  • Meghan McMackin

    These tips for traveling could not have come at a better time for me, because I am about to take 8 trips over the next two months to interview for internship programs! The anxiety is already setting in. I always make sure that I have non-perishable, protein-packed snacks in my bag (e.g., almonds, turkey jerky, pumpkin seeds, etc.) because hangry is NOT a good look for me. And I can’t stomach airplane food, especially on international flights 🙁 Also, my kindle is a must. Thanks for the helpful hints!

    Reply to Meghan McMackin
  • Alyssa Connolly

    CVS has some cute travel stuff! I always keep a snack and water bottle in my travel bag, you never know if there is a delay or something. I am not a last-minute packer, I LOVE PACKING! I literally can’t wait to pack for trips. I’m going home for Christmas and I’ve already started packing over a week early! If it’s a quick trip, I won’t over-pack, but long trips have way too many variables and you need options! What’s your next trip planned?

    Reply to Alyssa Connolly
  • Mira

    Hair bands, mouthwash, dry shampoo and oatmeal packets! Haha so random but all important!

    Reply to Mira
  • Meghan

    Great post! My husband and I are taking a late honeymoon to Hawaii in February & this post was so helpful! I haven’t traveled on a plane in almost 10 years so I’m a little rusty on the travelling essentials! We are planning to just pack into our carry ons since the AirBNB we are staying at has a washer & dryer so this was so helpful.

    Reply to Meghan
  • Heather F

    Despite traveling all the time I always forget some of these things! Normally its hand sanitizer which is terrible considering how dirty planes probably are! I think the hand sanitizer with the little key chain would be the most useful.

    Reply to Heather F
  • Lisa Arant

    I always have hand sanitizer, healthy snacks, and a good book!

    Reply to Lisa Arant
  • Ashlee Bartley

    Carmex! I don’t want to be any where without it!

    Reply to Ashlee Bartley
  • mami2jcn

    I carry ibuprofen of course! I also have antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.

    Reply to mami2jcn
  • Katie B.

    I am a way in advance packer but then as it gets closer start to just throw everything in my bag “just in case.” As a mom usually traveling with small children, I always have extra diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for the girls. And a definite must = SNACKS SNACKS and more SNACKS!

    Reply to Katie B.
  • Brandy H.

    Water! Always water! And hand sanitizer, nasal spray, earbuds, a book, chapstick, lotion, tissues and some sort of protein bar!
    I pack the night before! I used to be an overpacker but now I take what I need and it has worked out fine!

    Reply to Brandy H.
  • Pam Lambert

    Lip gloss and aspirin.

    Reply to Pam Lambert
  • Hannah


    Reply to Hannah
  • Emily

    Face wipes are my number one thing to always keep in my travel bag! With a fresh face I always feel like a new person.

    Definitely an overpacker and an early packer.

    Reply to Emily
  • Jill

    Always bring snacks, a cardigan/jacket/sweatshirt, and a water bottle to fill up at the airport!

    Reply to Jill
  • Brit

    Water bottle to fill up! (because your tip)

    Reply to Brit
  • Savannah

    I am a early over packer !!! I have to have my charger cords , ibuprofen , kindle and Carmex lip ointment !!! And I love the gold emblem snacks to keep from being hangry!

    Reply to Savannah
  • Tam

    I love those CVS bags!

    Reply to Tam
  • Harriet

    Wow CVS products sound awesome, we don’t have them in New Zealand, but I kinda wish we had a company like cvs over here. My travel bag must always have 3 things my camera, light jacket and lip gloss. I am a under packer as I like to keep my bags light just in case I find something to bring home. Definitely pack in advance as I always tend to research where I am going, so I know what to pack.

    Reply to Harriet
  • Tehilla

    Hand sanitizer. A must as i use public transportation daily!

    I am a last minute packer because whenever I pack early I end up taking stuff out that I need. .

    And def an overpacker….better safe than sorry! Yet honestly….i am always still missing something

    Reply to Tehilla
  • Maria

    There’s a lot of important things you need when you travel. I do like to keep some gum and my travel pillow. If I have to take a nap I don’t to wake up with a bad neck. It makes for a bad trip

    Reply to Maria
  • Teresa

    Great post! I’m taking your list to CVS tomorrow to stock up for my upcoming trip to Italy.
    I pack a couple weeks ahead and slowly remove items I won’t need eventually getting to the point where I’m not over packed or anxious about what I packed versus what I really need.
    If I waited until the last minute I would have a suitcase full of mismatched items. Ha.
    I always have sanitizer and wipes too. I also bring my portable charger and plenty to read. Oh and good snacks for a long flight.

    Reply to Teresa
  • Zenieda Peralea

    Hello 👋 I Love Love this Blog Post this week, especially because I can relate. I travel on a weekly basis for work. From one hotel to another hotel room. Over packing my suite cash can be stressful.
    My must have on my Travel bags are
    ♡mini dry shampoo spray – keeps my hair feeling amazing
    ♡tidepods – life saver when you need those favorite jeans to be wash at the hotel.
    ♡ CVS has great mini bottles where you can place your different lotion, soap etc.

    These are my ultimate must take in my Travel bags. Thank you! & *loading on to the next plane ♡

    Reply to Zenieda Peralea
  • Meg

    I always have moleskin in my travel bag. Blisters are the worst, and moleskin is a life saver!

    Reply to Meg
  • Emily

    I always have sanitizer,lotion, and chapstick! Those are my essentials. If I’m excited for a trip, I’ll be packed a couple days before.

    Im definitely an over packer! But I’d rather be that than an under packer. 😂

    Reply to Emily
  • Sam

    I need lotion in my bag! Hand sanitizer makes my hands so dry!

    Reply to Sam
  • Jess

    I am an over packer! I always try to pack ahead of time, but it never seems to happen. I always always have hand sanitizer packed! ALWAYS!!!!

    Reply to Jess
  • Daylon

    Yes to all of the above 🙌🏼 Extra yes for the blister cushions because I’m also always getting blisters while exploring new places. Chapstick & a good book are some more of my essentials. Melatonin for the overnight flights 😴 I would say that I’m sort of a last-minute packer butttt I make a list weeks in advance so it could go either way! 100% over packer; queen of the most crammed packed carry on bags. Better safe than sorry!

    Reply to Daylon
  • Rachel

    I am definitely an over packer:D I used to be more last miniute but I’m getting better. My must haves are my hydro flask (not paying those airport water bottle prices!!) earplugs, neck pillow, and an audio book!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Lexi

    I’m an over packer for sure and tend to get way too excited for my trips and end up packing early! Must haves are a book, cough drops, and hand sanitizer!

    Reply to Lexi
  • Christine

    I keep wipes and mouthwash!

    Reply to Christine
  • Morgan

    Chapstick. I have one in just about every bag I own!

    Reply to Morgan
  • Samantha Bryant

    I carry most of these things as well! I’ve been taking a lot of long-haul flights between Asian and the US as well, so I like to keep a change of leggings with me too. It’s nice to feel fresh on the last part of the journey! I love seeing people with full on face masks though. I haven’t been brave enough to try it, but maybe soon!

    Reply to Samantha Bryant
  • Allison

    Headphones, a good book, and snacks! 🙂

    Reply to Allison
  • Carissa D

    I ALWAYS pack disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, and tissues!
    TOTAL last minute packer and I always overpack! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Reply to Carissa D
  • Courtney M.

    I’m usually a wait until the day before packer, but it depends on the type of trip I’m going on. If it’s a weekend trip, I wait until the day before. If it’s a week long trip I start ahead of time. I usually make sure I have lots of first aid supplies on every trip I go on just in case anything happens and I always over pack to make sure I am well prepared for anything ☺️

    Reply to Courtney M.
  • Doreen

    I’m an overpacker and like you I pack in advance because i have a squirrel brain and like having time to get everything needed.
    My must haves are hand sanitizer, jerky and a good book 🙂

    Reply to Doreen
  • Alaina

    Water and sanitizer!

    Reply to Alaina
  • CAE

    My purse is my travel bag! Lol! I could live out of it for a weekend if I needed to.
    So needless to say I pack early for trips and over pack.
    Love this post, some great products and awesome tips!

    Reply to CAE
  • Jen

    I keep tissues, chapstick, a stain remover stick, a portable charger (with cords for my phone and kindle), gum and extra hair ties!

    Reply to Jen
  • Christianne Neely

    Love this post! So many good ideas! I love to have wipes handy! There are just so many germs on the plane. Also, I like those little mini toothbrushes with the scope built in. They are so handy when you need to freshen up a bit.

    Reply to Christianne Neely
  • Heather k

    I always keep bandaids, travel size shampoo/conditioner and face wash. Also, lotion and deodorant, but travel sized.

    Reply to Heather k
  • Alyssa D

    Definitely chap stick! My lips always get so dry! I’m not a last minute packer. I usually set everything out at least a week before to make sure I have everything. There have been times I have over packed, but as I get older I learn to make my outfits more versatile so I can wear them more than once!

    Reply to Alyssa D
  • Amanda

    Hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes are a must!! Even if it’s just a road trip, I have both in my bag!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Abby

    I’m a last minute over packer which is basically the worst combination, lol. I always pack a presentable change of clothes in my carry on because I live in fear of lost luggage. I also am prone to motion sickness AND migraines on planes, so Advil and Dramamine are must haves!

    Reply to Abby
  • Kacee

    I am a last-minute over packer! I always have headphones, lotion, face wash, and a toothbrush/tooth paste in my travel. I can’t stand to feel dirty on flights which is why those things are so essential to me!

    Reply to Kacee
  • cAROL

    I always pack ahead of time, always keep lots of advil on me!

    Reply to cAROL
  • Stacy Leigh

    Your travel bag sounds a lot like my travel bag! Although I always tend to over pack lol. Like my husband says though , it’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. I always tend to pack a week in advance. My husband packs the night before. Drives me nuts! Lol.

    Reply to Stacy Leigh
  • Micki Lipe

    I always have to have water, headphones, a book to read, gum and CHAPSTICK! I hate having crumbly lips! 😛

    Reply to Micki Lipe
  • Jean

    Water bottle and Advil! I’m such a last minute packer but I always seem to get everything I need. I will always over pack even when I think I’m under packing.

    Reply to Jean
  • Lucy

    When I travel I make sure to have my toothbrush, paste and mouthwash. I’m a teeth weirdo and I feel I need to brush all the time. Haha! I also always pack in advance and I definitely over pack. You never know what you’re going to need and I like being prepared 🙂

    Reply to Lucy
  • Karyssa Schmitt

    Bobby pins and chapstick are a must for my travel bag .

    Reply to Karyssa Schmitt
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I always try to keep enough water and moisturisers for travelling on the plane! So important to stay hydrated! 🙂

    I’m definitely an overpacker, but I’m actually improving now! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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