Healthier Products to Look Out For at CVS + Fall Giveaway

Working with CVS Pharmacy over the past couple of years has been a blast. I love learning all about their new items and reporting back to you! Speaking of new products at CVS, their fall limited edition products are on point this year. It makes me especially happy seeing how excited you get for the giveaways and how interested you all are when it comes to learning all about what CVS has to offer! I had many readers send me pictures of their shower tablet purchases from last month’s post, and it made my day! But seriously, how amazing are those?

Today’s post is going to be a fun one! I’m sharing some healthy snacks from popular brands that CVS has available in their stores. If you need healthier snacks for lunch, while you’re out and about, or for road trips, CVS has your back. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, I’m all about balance! So in addition to sharing some of those healthier snacks, I’ll also be sharing a quick idea for a last-minute party tray that you can bring to any occasion. No one will have any idea that it was courtesy of CVS.

I’ll also be kicking off the fall season with a fun CVS giveaway. It’ll include some of the healthy snacks featured in this post! 
I don’t know about you, but I’m always out and about during the months of Fall. After a hot summer, all I want to do is spend my time outdoors. I love shopping at farmer’s markets, little shops downtown, or taking my dogs to new trails. Many people hibernate in the winter, but down here, we hibernate in the summer. Once fall hits, I’m so excited to be on the go!

Nine years ago, I turned my unhealthy habits around and created a healthy lifestyle that I could always follow. I learned to love fitness and started to pay attention to the types of foods I was eating. In 2014, CVS created a healthy lifestyle for themselves by removing all tobacco products for their shelves. It didn’t just stop there, they have continued to make leading a balanced and healthier lifestyle for their customers more convenient and accessible. It’s a lot easier to stay on track and reach for better choices when they are available. I know that I’ll be able to achieve that every time I walk into a CVS Pharmacy.

CVS has expanded their healthier food options. You can find a healthier snack from your favorite national and niche brands to fit your savory cravings, sweet cravings, or both! Brands like Lenny & Larry’s, Halo Top, Enjoy Life, Hippeas, Annie’s, Amy’s Kitchen, and more have been taking over the CVS shelves. They have a lot of kid-friendly snacks for all the mom’s out there!

I’m also pretty pumped that CVS carries one of my favorite sparkling water brands, Bubly! The grapefruit flavor is my favorite. I love sparkling water because it’s bubbly like soda and quenches your thirst while hydrating you, and way healthier than sugary soda drinks. I’ve never enjoyed drinking water, and I know that is terrible, so sparkling water helps me stay hydrated.
When I was a kid, I always wanted to pick out something from the candy section at the checkout when we went to stores. I’m sure most kids do this. It’s hard to ignore all the candy when it’s at a kid’s eye level. At CVS 25% of the front checkout, space is dedicated to “better-for-you” options. This makes it easier for a parent to compromise by letting their child pick out a healthier choice from brands like Larabar, KIND bar, RXBAR, or exclusive store brand Gold Emblem Abound snack bars. To be honest, this isn’t just for kids! I find myself grabbing something healthy from the CVS checkout line almost every time I’m in there (which is multiple times a week.)

Who doesn’t love a protein bar with an afternoon pick-me-up latte? ❤️ 
CVS Pharmacy has expanded their refrigerated and non-perishable healthy food and beverage selection by adding more than 250-fresh products to their shelves across the country. I always learn about new products when I visit CVS, and I always trust their brand selections.

(This cute mug was in their fall aisle. If you need any last-minute gifts, you’ll be able to find all kinds of cute little household items!)

CVS Pharmacy carefully curated a selection of national and niche better-for-you brands to feature in different Trend Zone displays around the store. These zones help showcase healthy brands that make healthier eating on-the-go convenient and more affordable. If you haven’t tried the Gold Emblem Abound dried banana chips yet…you’re in for a real treat. I have been dipping them in peanut butter lately.

One of the products I love right now that can be found at CVS is the Hippeas organic vegan white cheddar chickpea puffs. I can’t believe these are a real thing. I added a handful to my chili last night, and now I want to run to the store right now and pick up ten more bags of these. If you are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, or have food allergies, you’ll be able to find something to fit your lifestyle at CVS. They have healthier choices to fit almost any lifestyle.
Some favorite items you can look out for are:

I have to share a quick note: The Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars are out of this world!!!!! Someone, please hide the bars from me. I’ve always been a fan of Enjoy Life products and it makes me happy to see them available in the CVS stores. They are allergy-friendly for those who have a hard time finding products to fit your needs.

All of the items in the photo above will be in included the giveaway! 💜
Remember when I said that living a healthy lifestyle is about balance? You can eat a slice of cake and have a salad too. I live by that motto, and I think it helps me continue to live a healthier lifestyle with no trouble. So let’s talk cookies!

Have you ever been invited to a party last-minute and felt obligated to bring something, or forgot that you were responsible for bringing food to a morning meeting? Well, CVS Pharmacy can come to the rescue in literally five minutes, and this easy idea is budget friendly.

All you need is four boxes of Gold Emblem Abound cookies made with real ingredients, a brown shopping bag, and a tray! For some reason, I think the crinkled up brown paper shopping bag adds more character to the tray. It’s the small things! Just spread the cookies out in rows, and you’re done! No baking, no mess to clean up, and you didn’t have to break the bank or run around in a grocery store for hours. You can bring this tray to work, a soccer game, a football party, a morning meeting, or set them on the table when friends stop by.

This is just one of the many ways that CVS can help make your lifestyle so much more convenient when it comes to just about anything!

Giveaway: Visit the CVS Website and leave a comment telling me which healthy product you’d like to try featured in today’s blog post! (Ends 11/5/18)

Questions for you!

  1. What is one tip that helps you live a healthier lifestyle?
  2. What brings you into the CVS stores the most?
  3. What healthy product from today’s post would you like to try the most?

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  • ASA

    I have been wanting to try the Hippeas! I’ve heard such great things about them!

    Reply to ASA
  • Mandi C

    Definitely want to try the Hippeas!

    Reply to Mandi C
  • Lynne

    I would like to try the Hippeas. Those sound really good!

    Reply to Lynne
  • Maria

    I cant wait to try the Hippeas snacks!! MMMMMMMM they sounds delicious and I miss the Cheetos puffs..these seem like the perfect equivalent maybe even better 🙂

    Reply to Maria
  • Amy L

    I’d really like to try the Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars. I go to CVS to shop for sale items, vitamins, medicines, and snacks

    Reply to Amy L
  • Abby Carlson

    I want to try the banana chips and dip in PB! I love banana and PB together!

    Reply to Abby Carlson
  • Nadine

    1. I think eating healthy and exercise go hand in hand so if I’m not eating well I’ll make an effort to exercise a little more and eating well usually follows.
    2. when i randomly realize i dont have something that i need like shampoo or tooth paste etc.
    3. Those chocolate chunk cookies look delicious

    Reply to Nadine
  • meghan

    Would love to try RXbars!

    Reply to meghan
  • Casey

    Tip for a healthier lifestyle: Drink more water, walk/move more and always have healthy snacks on hand. I would love to try the white cheddar chickpea puffs!

    Reply to Casey
  • Tara

    I would love to try the Hippeas Organic Vegan White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs and the Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars. Savory and sweet!! I wish we had a CVS in my town. They seem to have so many more healthier options than Walgreens.

    Reply to Tara
  • Jen H

    The Bear Naked granola bites look yum!

    Reply to Jen H
  • Julia

    I would like to try the Enjoy Life bars 🙂

    Reply to Julia
  • Hannah G

    I would love to try the Hippeas snacks! They look so yummy!

    Reply to Hannah G
  • Meg

    Where did you get your olive green shoes? I need a pair like those!

    Reply to Meg
  • Rachel

    I love going to CVS for snacks for work! I like that they are healthy and interesting. Always something new to try. I want to try the maple creame cookies purely because they just look so “fall” 😛

    Reply to Rachel
  • Cindy A.

    I would love to try the Nourish Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites. I have such a weakness for peanut butter.

    Reply to Cindy A.
  • Kristen

    I’d like to try the White Cheddar Hippeas.

    Reply to Kristen
  • Allison

    I love Bubly waters! 🙂 They are my new favorite brand. We don’t have CVS locally but your posts always make me wish that we did. If I could, I’d try the Maple creme cookies. They look delicious and would pair well with a latte in the morning!

    Reply to Allison
  • Kelly

    I’d love to try the Enjoy Life Bars! May have to head to CVS to get some!

    Reply to Kelly
  • Jessica N.

    I love CVS and the Hippea puffs look like they’re right up my alley!

    Reply to Jessica N.
  • christina

    Those maple cookies sound so good!

    Reply to christina
  • Jennifer W

    CVS is a great store! I always find something new to try when I go there.
    I think the Maple Cream cookies look fantastic!
    My simple health tip would be to make sure to drink plenty of water each day, it’s simple but so important!

    Reply to Jennifer W
  • Amanda

    Where is your pink cardigan sweater from? (The one in the first photo) I love it!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Leah O’Malley

    I’d love to try the Maple cookies or the chickpea snacks!

    Reply to Leah O'Malley
  • Jennifer

    I want to try the Enjoy Life bars! I see you baking with the chocolate all the time and have yet to try them!

    – I think about what my end goal is health-wise, and remind myself that crappy decisions (food) makes me feel crappy, and therefore I stray away from bad decisions when I remind myself of those things!
    – The only CVS in my town is in Target, so it’s not an actual store. We do have a Walgreens, but it’s amazing the difference between the two. CVS has so many healthier options! When I am near a CVS I tend to pop in and grab a couple things since there isn’t one super close to me.

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Jenna

    The Nourish granola looks sooo good!

    Reply to Jenna
  • Anonymous

    Yay! Giveaway!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Hippeas are my favorite!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Audry

    I wish CVS would sell hot coffee!

    Reply to Audry
  • Emily

    those maple cookies! or the blondie bars

    Reply to Emily
  • Susan Christy

    Having a dog helps me live a healthier lifestyle because I have to walk whether I feel like it or not! The dog has to get her exercise.
    I go to CVS for prescriptions and hair products that I can’t find elsewhere.
    I’d like to try the RXBAR – Chocolate Sea Salt.

    Reply to Susan Christy
  • Shanna

    I love CVS and go at least once a week! I have got to try those Enjoy Life blondie bars!!

    Reply to Shanna
  • Elizabeth Beach

    I would love to try the bear naked granola bites. I think they would make a great pre workout snack!

    Reply to Elizabeth Beach
  • Morgan

    I’d love to try the granola bites! I love granola but the big bags disappear a little too quickly in my house!

    Reply to Morgan
  • Edye

    I’d love the gold emblem cookies 🙂

    Reply to Edye
  • Jill

    I’ve been wanting to try the RX Bars – but the Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars sound delicious!

    Reply to Jill
  • Mary

    I never visted a CVS before your blog. I was always a Walgreens girl but now I’m in CVS like ten times a month! So pick me!!! I would love to try the hippeas!

    Reply to Mary
  • Willis

    Your smile is contagious, Taralynn!

    I have never visited a CVS and would like to try the gold emblem peanut butter granola bars!

    Reply to Willis
  • Kelsey W.

    One tip that helps me live a healthier lifestyle is making sure I eat a bowl of veggies with every meal. Even if it’s a pizza night, I like to steam up a side of broccoli and sprinkle some lemon pepper on top. I mostly go to CVS to stock up on vitamins and personal care items since they always seem to have great sales going on. Those chickpea puffs look AMAZING so I would love to try those!

    Reply to Kelsey W.
  • Sara Kennedy

    I’d love to try the Enjoy Life bars! I love their chocolate chips!

    Reply to Sara Kennedy
  • Savannah

    I would love to try the enjoy life caramel Blondie bars. And that owl mug is adorable 🙂

    Reply to Savannah
  • Julie

    I would love to try the HIPPEAS! I just moved around the corner from a CVS so I’ll have to go in to check out their new products 🙂

    Reply to Julie
  • Anonymous

    Hey did anyone ever tell you that you look like Hayley Orrantia?

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Mindy Mercurio

    Omg give me all the hippeas and the maple leaf cookies!

    Reply to Mindy Mercurio
  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    Fall products are my FAVORITE! Dipping banana chips into peanut butter?? GENIUS. Trying that out asap. And Hippeas are one of my absolute favorite snacks. We love taking them on plane trips with us too!
    My one tips about living a healthier lifestyle is to not STRESS about living a healthier lifestyle. Once you learn what foods will nourish your body and WHY, it becomes easier to naturally choose them. But there’s no point in freaking out if you binge out on a pile of fries or a whole cake every now and then. That’s life! If you develop the healthy lifestyle because it makes you feel good, it takes the pressure off.
    Haha well usually we go to CVS when we’re in Vegas since there’s aren’t any in Boulder, but it’s honestly really nice to be able to be in Vegas and still snag healthy snacks, which also saves us money!
    I’ve definitely been wanting to try the Square Organics bars!

    Reply to Susie @ Mile High Dreamers
  • Kelly D

    I would like to try the chewy protein bar. My tip is to have lot of fruits and veggies around for a quick snack. Health care products bring me into CVS the most. I would also like the caramel blondie bars.

    Reply to Kelly D
  • Danielle

    OMG I love the Hippeas! White cheddar is my favorite but Sriracha is also really good! I would love to try the
    Gold Emblem Mango Coconut Nut Grain and Rice Bites! Looks delish!

    Reply to Danielle
  • Jacqui

    I’d love to try the Hippeas! They sound delicious

    Reply to Jacqui
  • Sarah

    I’d love to try those Maple cream cookies! Oh my goodness I need to go get some now!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Mira

    I’d love to try the Enjoy Life Chew Bars – the Caramel Brownie sounds amazing!!!

    Reply to Mira
  • Rena

    The enjoy life bars look delicious-. I am always looking for a way to satisfy my dessert cravings without actually having plate of brownies.

    Reply to Rena
  • Nichole

    CVS is actually my weekly stop because they are the closest store to my house. I can’t have RX bars or Bear naked granola in my house without my 2 year old hiding them in her room and eating them! I love the sales they have and especially on their vitamins. They also deliver straight to my door when i have a crazy work week. I have seen the Bubly water but haven’t tried it yet.

    Reply to Nichole
  • Lizzie Rock

    First of all, I love bubly! I like it so much better than LaCroix and grapefruit is definitely my faves. I want to try those chickpea puffs! I’m a snacking maniac!!!

    Reply to Lizzie Rock
  • Brooke

    I’d like to try the maple leaf cream cookies! I’m all about fall goodies right now!

    Reply to Brooke
  • Kassandra

    I’d like to try bubly! I admit I’m not great at drinking as much water as I should. I’m much more of a coffee girl! Any water that is jazzed up a bit sounds great to me!

    Reply to Kassandra
  • Pam

    Your photos are so great!

    Reply to Pam
  • Jennifer

    I love LOVE to try hippeas white cheddar chickpea puffs!! What a great, healthy alternative for when you have a salty craving!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Lacie

    Wow those Hippeas look super yummy 😋
    I don’t have a CVS close to where I live but it’s great to know about all the healthy foods they have available for when I’m road trippin 😊
    My go to tip for a healthy life is pretty boring but it would definitely have to be WATER 💦 just drink your water. Even on those days that your nutrition is not on point water can help you flush out your system and feel better the next day.

    Reply to Lacie
  • Alena

    One tip that helps me live a healthier lifestyle is to not be afraid to have that treat you want! Health is all about balance.
    I have a CVS two minutes from me so really I pop in whenever I need something – it’s so convenient for a quick snack, nail polish, even soap!
    I would really want to try the hippeas. I love anything with a crunch.. and what a fun way to switch up a snack!
    Hope I win this giveaway! Xox

    Reply to Alena
  • Blair

    My healthy tip would be to always carry a water bottle with you. It helps me to keep drinking water not to mention less tempted to get something else when you already have something to drink and on hand.

    I usually go to cvs for the minute clinic or prescription pick up.

    The granola bites look yummy!

    Reply to Blair
  • Sabrina D

    I wanna try the halo top SO BAD. I still haven’t 😭😅

    One tip I’ve stuck to pretty well is carrying my water with me I go ! Hydration is so important!

    CVS is usually my stop for first aid products, and a quick healthy snack! (Usually not a thing the same time) lol

    Reply to Sabrina D
  • Heather S

    Hey Taralynn! Yay, by visiting the cvs website I was able to learn about the $5 coupon you get with a flu shot. How awesome! Oh I definitely want to try those chickpea puffs in our vegan chili. That sounds so delicious! I definitely think my one tip for a healthier life is to stretch!! Cvs is right down the road and has become our one stop shop because they have so much to offer, including amazing prices.

    Reply to Heather S
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Heather!

      Yayaya! That is awesome 😊 YES YES! That is the first thing I did with those Hippeas! They were like the better version of croutons in soup.

      Oh, I could do more stretching for sure lol

      Love that you’re already a fan of CVS!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jenna Samuels

    I LOVE all the healthy options! You’ve really gotten me hooked on the RX Bars! I hadn’t tried them before you posted about then, and now I love them SO much! 🙂

    Reply to Jenna Samuels
  • Melissa

    1. Balance! You inspired me to do intuitive eating it and it’s been the best change. I used to deprive myself of so many foods because they were “unhealthy”. I’m a lot happier and healthier now.
    2. Basically if I need anything quickly. Best place to stop
    3. The caramel blondie bars!!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Jennifer A

    Lots of water and fresh air everyday are two small things I do each day!
    I’m often in CVS for random makeup or cards and almost always swing by the holiday and snack aisles.
    I NEED to try those Hippeas!
    Happy Friday!

    Reply to Jennifer A
  • Erin

    I’d like to try the Halo top on ice cream for sure!

    Reply to Erin
  • Brooklyn Murtaugh

    I always have FOMO when you post about CVS, because there isn’t one in Canada. All the products look awesome!

    Now I want cookies. Yum.

    Reply to Brooklyn Murtaugh
  • Liz

    I’d love to try the go macro bar! I’ve heard great things about that brand’s bars but they’re never on sale!
    I always head to CVS for pharmacy items like cold meds, bandages, etc. but I have found I linger way longer than I used to because they have holiday/seasonal sections that I like to peruse and then I always get distracted by the snack aisles since I pass them on the way to the pharmacy section haha.

    Reply to Liz
  • Olivia Kyle

    I love quest bars but I haven’t ever seen those enjoy life chewy bars before!

    Reply to Olivia Kyle
  • Meagan

    I tend not to shop at stores like CVS for snacks cause they are usually overpriced.

    Reply to Meagan
  • Alexsandra jenner

    I absolutely love this post on your blog! I work at a doctors office that is next to a CVS and I find myself there daily grabbing beverages to get me through the day and sometimes a quick breakfast or snack to get me through the day. I have noticed over time the change in their choices of snacks to a healthier option which has helped me to continue my healthy gluten free lifestyle while I am busy at work. I do admit I have over looked a few of these products you featured but Monday I am pretty sure I have some options I will have to give a try like the banana chips with my favorite Justin almond maple butter, and trying out the maple cream leaf cookies for a sweet treat! Being a New England girl in Maine I always go for everything Maple!

    Side note my healthy tip that helps me is focusing on making sure I take time everyday for self care wither that is reading a book before bed, getting yoga in before work, or just sitting back with a coffee. I always find some time to do something for me in my busy mom life I love.

    Reply to Alexsandra jenner
  • Laura


    Reply to Laura
  • Veronica

    Hey tara!
    The cookies your eating in the cvs post aren’t gluten free. I thought you have been following a gluten free diet? Do you sometimes eat gluten? What happens if you eat gluten? I’m wondering if I should try and avoid gluten to see if I feel better? I am perfectly healthy but sometimes have low energy because I’m tired and have a stubborn 5-10 pounds I want to lose. I already had my thyroid checked and it wasn’t that. My MD didn’t have any suggestions…grrrrrrrr.

    Reply to Veronica
  • Katie

    1. Everything in moderation, including baked goods!
    2. With two small daughters, I never know what I will be running into CVS for…emergency diapers, wipes, toddler “cold medicine”, chapstick…the list could go on and on!
    3. I would love to try those Enjoy Life blondie bards!

    Reply to Katie
  • Allison J

    I also struggle with drinking water do I have been trying a lot of brands of sparkling water and I love bubbly!
    I always go to cvs before the movie theaters. If I come prepared then I won’t end up buying all of the movie food. I love it beacause I have a great healthy selection and the rest of my family can get what they like!
    I would really like to try those chick pea puffs they sound delicious!

    Reply to Allison J
  • cass

    i’d be interested to try the hippeas!

    Reply to cass
  • Ann

    Those Hippeas look delish!!! I am definitely going to check out CVS again!!!

    Reply to Ann
  • Pam

    I would try the Nourish brand. I’ve never tried anything from that brand.

    Reply to Pam
  • Hayley

    Definitely would love to try the vegan cheddar chickpea puffs! 🙂 Also the banana chips for when I want something sweet 😉

    Reply to Hayley
  • michelle

    where is your green sweater from?

    Reply to michelle
  • Jenna

    Definitely to drink all the water I can. I love drinking ice cold plain water. It’s so refreshing.

    I love the coupons and the snack options!

    Those Hippeas look and sound amazing!

    Reply to Jenna
  • Kaylin

    I like the bear naked granola bites – they sound appealing. I gravitate towards those small portion packages because it helps prevent me from eating way more of the bag than I should in one sitting.

    Reply to Kaylin
  • Abby

    Excited for the giveaway because I literally just came back from CVS lol. I go there often during my lunch breaks to get a caffeine pick-me-up, extra snacks for my desk and whatever random items are on my shopping list. I’ve never tried the go macro bars but I want to- maybe Monday when I’m undoubtedly back there in frantic search of snacks and caffeine 😉

    Reply to Abby
  • Allyson

    I think it’s pretty cool that they’ve moved to encouraging folks to make healthy choices…but just wanted to make a suggestion for your next CVS post! I’m sure they sell reusable bags, and it would be great to see that featured in your post instead of the single use plastic!

    The places I’ve lived (Chicago and San Diego) have a bag tax when you don’t bring a reusable bag, and it definitely has worked – I would say the majority of people I see try to use their own bag. That’s a lot of waste saved!

    Reply to Allyson
  • Sammy

    Hippeas look amazing!

    Reply to Sammy
  • Catherine

    1) I have a desk job so I love that my Apple Watch tells me to get up and stand/walk around once an hour! I usually get up and get a fresh glass of water, too.
    2) CVS is my pharmacy, but I try to get other items like toiletries and snacks when I am there!
    3) I want to try those Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars!! Those sound delicious!😊

    Reply to Catherine
  • Catherine H

    1) I have a desk job so I love that my Apple Watch tells me to get up and stand/walk around once an hour! I usually get up and get a fresh glass of water, too.
    2) CVS is my pharmacy, but I try to get other items like toiletries and snacks when I am there!
    3) I want to try those Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars!! Those sound delicious!😊

    Reply to Catherine H
  • Katie

    Those hippeas sound amazing! Sign me up 🙂

    Reply to Katie
  • Stacy Leigh

    I neeeeed that owl mug in my life! I’m stopping at CVS after work to grab a mug and a bag of the Hippeas organic vegan white cheddar chickpea puffs. Wow that’s a mouthful lol! I’m making chili this weekend and would love to throw some on top!

    Reply to Stacy Leigh
  • Emily

    I LOVE how CVS has turned to healthier options. I’m always running into CVS for either makeup or a healthy snack option in between my personal training clients!

    I’d love to try the chickpea puffs the most! This sound so good! Love this giveaway!

    Reply to Emily
  • Lisa Arant

    I’d love to try the Hippeas organic vegan white cheddar chickpea puffs! They look incredible!!! 🙂

    Reply to Lisa Arant
  • Cydney Chastain

    2) Printing pictures actually
    3) The Hippeas!

    Reply to Cydney Chastain
  • Corinne Iris Flax

    1. Healthy tip: Water Water Water!! Just drink that water.
    2. I’m always going to CVS to get snacks- especially their Gold Emblem Nuts.
    3. OOOH that Halo Top looks good!

    Reply to Corinne Iris Flax
  • Christianne Neely

    I would love to try the granola bites! Those sound delicious. And that enjoy life caramel bar! Yum. I think I will be stopping by CVS on the way home.

    Reply to Christianne Neely
  • Christine

    I’d like to try the go macro bar

    Reply to Christine
  • Heather

    I would try the Hippeas! Today I’m going to CVS for my flu shot , so I’ll look around at their snacks too!

    Reply to Heather
  • Lauren

    Do they have a gluten-free option(s)?

    Reply to Lauren
  • Tessa Starr

    RXBAR – Chocolate Sea Salt!

    Reply to Tessa Starr
  • Vikki

    I still have yet to try Halo Top, so I want to try that one! 😁

    Reply to Vikki
  • Julie

    1. My healthy tip is make a shopping list and stick to it. That way I am not tempted to buy junk because it’s not on my list.
    2. I shop mostly for beauty products and a few snack items at CVS.
    3. I would love to try the Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars.

    Reply to Julie
  • Natalie

    Well, now I want to try the Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars because you mentioned how good they were! And I LOVE blondie bars!!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Jean

    Those Chewy Protein Bars look delicious! I struggle so much around the holidays to make healthy choices like most people but I’m super committed this season to stay healthy and still enjoy everything the holidays have to offer. It’s my favorite time of year.

    Reply to Jean
  • Amy T.

    1. The thing that helps me the most is having my fridge and pantry full of healthy options! I’ll usually meal prep, but also try and have a healthy freezer meal for that night I want something different and am tempted to get fast food. The days when my fridge is empty, I usually make unhealthy choices.
    2. I haven’t been to CVS in awhile. I used to go for school snacks a lot! 😛
    3. I’m going to have to try the Hippeas puffs!!! And how adorable is that mug?!?!

    Reply to Amy T.
  • Liz

    First, I wanted to say I love that chunky turtleneck sweater! I totally understand about hibernating during the somewhere. Now that it has gotten cooler here in Tucson, I am trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I know you’ve talked about RX bars a lot. I love the seasonal flavors – pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon. Both so good! This isn’t from this post, but I saw a couple posts ago you talked about the gluten free crackers Mary’s Gone Crackers. I think you got the jalapeno ones. I picked up a box of the chia and hemp ones and have been eating them with hummus. So good! I wasn’t able to find the jalapeno ones.

    1. Not keeping cereal in my house. I LOVE cereal, but if I buy it then I will eat the entire box within a couple days.
    2. Picking up my prescriptions. I always walk around looking at the products after I pick it up. I usually end up leaving with some snacks. Last time it was the Love Corn.
    3. As far as what I would like to try from CVS, those Enjoy Life Caramel Blondie Bars. Sound so yummy!

    Reply to Liz
  • Bri

    Drinking water is super important!!! I would love the granola bites!

    Reply to Bri
  • Katie Meshko

    Happy Friday girl!!1 This is such a fun post and you look so happy and gorgeous in the photos!!! I love how colorful they are.

    What is one tip that helps you live a healthier lifestyle? -> Drink a lot of water, plan meals out!! & always get some kind of workout in – even if it’s a walk around the neighborhood!
    What brings you into the CVS stores the most? Vitamins + supplements!
    What healthy product from today’s post would you like to try the most? Can I choose all of them? 😉 haha Top 2.. the RX Bar chocolate sea salt & the Biena chickpea snacks rockin’ ranch. Mmm sounds delicious.

    Have an amazing weekend! <3

    XO, Katie |

    Reply to Katie Meshko
  • Steph

    The one tip that helps me live a healthier lifestyle is writing all my workouts on a calendar after I do them. I like to see what I’ve accomplished and if I see I haven’t been very active over a few days, it motivates me to do something!

    The thing that brings me to CVS the most is the typical medicine and prescription pickup. I have hypothyroidism and allergies so am there at least once a month. It will be nice to look for snacks and that cute owl mug next time I’m there!

    The healthy item from cvs that I want to try the most are the blondies-they sound delicious!

    Reply to Steph
  • Caroline

    Love this! CVS saved me from overspending on a work trip because they had my chia seeds, califa farms almond milk, honey and of course all of the stuff to even make my chia pudding! Love the healthy options there these days!!

    Reply to Caroline
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Wait. They have Califa farms almond milk?!?!?! How did I not know this?! AMAZING!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Caroline

        Yes! Had the regular sized one available in CA and since my room had a Keurig I never paid for what would have been endless Starbucks trips!

        Reply to Caroline
  • Jen

    I’ve never had the hipeas and would to try those! I live for Rx bars as well, haven’t found anything as good as them! And CVS always has great sales on vitamins so I usually get those there

    Reply to Jen
  • Tanya

    I would love to try that chickpeas. We dont have a CVS by us. But when I get there, love to walk up each aisle to see what is new.

    Reply to Tanya
  • Taylor

    1. I try not to buy premade meals and food and so that way I can save money and also always know what ingredients are in my food!
    2. Usually toiletry items or meds!
    3. The Hippeas puffs look yummy!
    Thank you!

    Reply to Taylor
  • Courtney H

    1. Balance is KEY! I have T2 diabetes and have to really watch the amount of carbs I eat. I make sure to allow me to have at least one snack per week that may not have much nutritional value, but fits within my carb limit. It allows me to still enjoy the foods I liked before and keeps me from over-indulging.

    2. I unfortunately don’t have a CVS store near me, though rumor has it that we’ll be getting one soon! What draws me to want to go into a CVS store are the healthy foods they offer and it’s a smaller store so it’s not overwhelming compared to Walmart, Target, or other grocery stores.

    3. I have a hard time finding healthy pre-made products that I can eat (yay tree nut allergies!). It’s so awesome knowing that they have many choices that are allergy friendly! I really want to try the Nourish Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites, they look soooo good! (I can have peanuts, I’m only allergic to tree nuts 😀 )

    Reply to Courtney H
  • Alaina

    Oh my goodness! It all looks great! I want to see a post featuring those delicious looking Gold Emblem bars!!

    Reply to Alaina
  • Regan

    Hi Tara lynn!! LOVE CVS and PB and have a huge desire to try their Nourish Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites.

    Your blog posts are my fav…look forward to them every week!


    Reply to Regan
  • Carly N

    It helps to know that treating yourself isn’t the end of the world and actually helps me stay on track! Not depriving yourself. For CVS I just like the convenience of being able to grab anything I need since there’s such good variety. And I’m excited to try the Hippeas snacks and of course Rx bars!

    Reply to Carly N
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I think depriving yourself is the destruction of living a healthy lifestyle! You must try the Hippeas! I can’t believe how good they are!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mallory

    1. Definitely drinking more water! I’ve been trying to make it a habit.
    2. Needing items quick on the go (snacks, toiletries, etc.)
    3. I would love to try the Bear Naked granola bites!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Reply to Mallory
  • Stephanie Pollack

    This blog makes me feel good every time I read it. I think I am most excited to try the chickpea puffs!

    Reply to Stephanie Pollack
  • Anonymous

    I look forward to reading your blog every week! I think I am most excited to try Halo Top!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Carol

    I alwys run to CVS to get water after working out!

    Reply to Carol
  • Gina

    1. The health tip that has helps me live a healthier lifestyle is to focus on small sustainable habits. Focusing one area of my live that I’d like to improve and working on it little by little. I went from hating to workout to going to boot camp, spin, and yoga classes and running half marathons. It didn’t happen right away, but I’m at a great place now and genuinely enjoy the workouts that I do!

    2. I usually run into CVS to grab snacks for the movies or road trips. I love that there are so many healthier aleternatives now!

    3. I want to try the Biena Chickpea Snacks – Rockin’ Ranch. Yum!

    Reply to Gina
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Gina!

      I couldn’t agree more! SMALL is key!!

      CVS before the movies? YES! I know it’s wrong, but I stuff my bag with all the CVS snacks lol


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Georgia VanRy

    Would love to try the Nourish PB granola bites!!

    Reply to Georgia VanRy
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    So many delicious snacks! I’d love to try some of these – most aren’t available here in Hong Kong. The Nourish Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites sound so good! 😀 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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