Healthy Eats, Dog Training & Room Decor!

Happy, Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend ♥ Thanks for stopping by to read my weekly recap! Can you believe it’s already mid-January? It’ll be Spring before we know it! Thank goodness 🙂 I love a chilly autumn and snowy Christmas, but anything after that has to go! Bring on the fresh flowers, sunshine, and poolside breezes. I can see why people travel somewhere warm this time of year. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea…

I feel like I accomplished so much I needed to do this week/weekend. I created a lot of content for the blog (that’ll be published later this month), did some decorating around the house, cooked delicious food, spent time with friends, and had a very successful training session with the dogs.

Let’s get this recap post started🤗
After finishing up my recap post last Monday, I threw together a delicious protein bowl. I mixed vanilla bean plant-based protein powder (Orgain) with unsweetened plain coconut milk yogurt (So Delicious). It tastes like a delightful vanilla pudding. I crumbled up my leftover chocolate matcha muffins on top with some toasted pumpkin seeds. 
For dinner, I had a delicious veggie bowl while I read more of my book for the January book review. My bowl had arugula tossed with Tessemae’s Green Goddess dressing, baby carrots with roots sriracha mango hummus, toasted plant-based seeds & grain bread (from Little Northern Bakehouse), sliced avocados, and a tangerine La Croix!

I walked the dogs a couple of miles on Monday evening and then headed straight to the couch to watch the Bachelor. I’m not sure I like Arie. I haven’t decided yet, and that “Pretty Woman” style date was just weird. Thoughts?
After typing up some last minute work to submit on Tuesday morning, I made a delicious breakfast. I had an omelet (4 egg whites + 1 yolk) stuffed with roasted spaghetti squash, fresh fruit, and sliced avocados.

The doctor’s appointment I had scheduled got canceled because the doctor couldn’t make it in, so we reschedule it for next week. I decided to hit up a Pilates class instead. When I got to the gym, the instructor couldn’t make it in because she had the flu. I was two for two! I ended up leaving the gym and taking the dogs to the park instead. 
My dinner wasn’t that pretty, but it was still tasty! I heated up some leftover spaghetti squash and chicken/turkey meatballs and tossed arugula, green goddess dressing, and avocado together for a salad. 
I shared this smoothie on my Instagram on Friday! I was so excited about the new discovery. Frozen bananas have always been my go-to for smoothies. They make the smoothies so creamy and thick like a milkshake. I ran out of bananas on Wednesday morning, but I wanted a smoothie when I got home from yoga. I found a container of frozen pears that I chopped up in November so they wouldn’t go bad. I thought I’d just give them a try as a replacement.  The pears turned out to be a smoothie game-changer! It was creamy, sweet, and thick! This is a great swap if you don’t like bananas.

This smoothie had •1 cup almond milk, •1 cup frozen pears, •1/4 cup oats, •3-4 ice cubes, & •2 scoops vegan vanilla bean protein powder (Orgain)🍐🌱
I had eggs and sauteed veggies for a late lunch. I sauteed bell peppers, red onion, and zucchini with one tablespoon of olive oil. I cooked my eggs over medium, and they turned out perfect.
I sprinkled black pepper and red chili flakes on top! This is one of my favorite high protein/low carb meals to make! I make this for dinner a lot. I usually don’t make it pretty enough to photograph, and it ends up getting tossed in a bowl. You know the eggs are cooked perfectly when they ooze out once the fork stabs into them. 🙂

I went through an intense cleaning session on Wednesday afternoon after finishing up my work. I always dedicate one day a week to scrubbing/cleaning/vacuuming/mopping/ and so on! The dogs hate when I go through my cleaning episodes. They get confused when all the chairs are stacked up on the table, and they HATE the vacuum cleaner. They try to hide under the pillows on the couch. Leo sometimes sits on top of Grumples.
We headed uptown to see Kyle on Wednesday night. We usually don’t see each other during the week, but we missed each other. I knew I was going to get stuck in rush hour, so I made my hot lemon ginger tea to go.

Kyle and I walked to the gym together. I decided to bring my book and ride the bike. I rode six miles, but only managed to get through two chapters. I found it more entertaining to listen to classical music with my headphones while watching big guys play aggressive basketball. The intensity was matching up with the music, and I don’t know why but it was just so entertaining. 
On the way back from the gym, I picked up a salad from Panera Bread for dinner. It had kale, romaine, pecans, roasted chicken, quinoa, onions, egg, and cucumber. We ended the night watching Mudbound on Netflix. It was a long and depressing movie, but still really good. 
I had a crazy busy Thursday shooting content for three upcoming blog posts.

I finished up around 4 pm! I needed to walk the dogs before it started raining, but I was also super hungry, so I made a quick piece of toast with peanut butter and honey.

I ended up walking the dogs four miles (2 miles apiece), and it felt so good to be outside. It did start raining on us, but it was warm enough to be tolerated.

I had a little salad and smoothie later on for dinner. I ate the salad while making the smoothie and didn’t get the chance to take a picture of it. That’s what happens when I skip breakfast. I made the delicious pear smoothie again, but added pumpkins seeds this time! I was in bed at 8:45 on Thursday night. I had the best sleep ever! 
My dad came over on Friday morning to help me install the new showerhead in the guest bathroom. He also helped me change all of the filters and hang up a few things. 🙂

When my dad left, I headed out for a 20-minute run. I needed to start somewhere. I did five minutes on and five minutes off for twenty minutes. Even though I felt like I could keep running when the five minutes was up, I forced myself to stop.  I am going to do the same thing today but add ten more minutes. I think the intervals make the workout go by much faster, too.

After my run, I headed out to the grocery store. I needed groceries bad! I bought everything I needed and more. I don’t eat out at restaurants that much anymore, and I love it. A couple of years ago, I was a restaurant maniac. For the past year, I’ve kept the restaurants for special occasions, or vacations. It’s fun to grab brunch now and then, or convenient to pick up a salad at Chopt, but that’s about it. I find that keeping my fridge filled with healthy eats motivates me to eat at home. Even if you spend a lot on groceries, it’s still cheaper to cook at home! 
I have a lot of people ask me about my trips to the grocery store, so I laid the haul out on the table to show you what I got.

Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, fajita mix, sunflower seeds, grain free tortillas, vegan cream cheese spread (baking vegan/GF bagels for the blog), hummus, grapes, arugula, coffee beans, grain free tortilla chips, lemons, kale, onion, avocado, papaya, zucchini, kiwi, bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream, green goddess dressing, apple honey chicken sausage, pizza, chicken potstickers, pumpkin seeds…
Eggs, chicken, RXbars, No Cow Bars, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, waffles, barista almond milk, Orgain protein powder, ketchup, mustard, lemon/ginger tea, strong dark chocolate, frozen peaches, frozen cranberries, Koia vanilla bean shake, and a lemongrass soy candle! 
I started raining hard on Friday afternoon. I decided to have some tea and read on my back porch while listening to the rain. It was so peaceful.
For dinner, I had some leftover blue apron mixed with arugula and a fried egg on top.

Kyle and I headed out on a long dog walk on Friday night and then hurried back to watch Dateline. I look forward to my Friday nights because I’m obsessed with that show. I also had some coconut milk ice cream with a scoop of peanut butter on top while watching the show!
I was up super early on Saturday morning. I headed out to walk the dogs and have coffee before meeting Becca at the Riverwalk at 8:30! Before we headed out, we stopped into the Grapevine for hot drinks. It was so cold out, so we needed the extra warmth on our walk. I had hot tea and lemon! 
I had three sweatshirts on to keep me warm. It was 28 degrees when we started walking!
Kyle said I looked like an 80’s ice skater when I walked downstairs. He wasn’t too far off…
Becca and I headed out to a new trail after our six-mile walk. We heard of an old abandoned house built 130 years ago that was barely standing in the middle of nowhere. The owners had a lot of the house materials imported from Italy. Apparently, the family as killed in a car accident and they never returned to the residence. This is what the man who works the trails told us. I’m not sure how true the story is because I can’t find anything about the house online. I did have a cellar, gorgeous river rock paths, and giant stone walls still standing. 
Becca went down into the cellar; I stayed out of it. I’m a chicken with that stuff! She’ll do it for the gram, but I’ll stay out for the survival.

On our walk, we decided that we are going to start a new podcast. More details soon, but we are incredibly excited about this new chapter! We’ll keep you posted.

After our walk, we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft supplies. I also wanted to find something to go above my headboard.
I had so many of you give me awesome suggestions! Thank you for sending me pictures and ideas. I decided to go with this dream catcher and my initials. The letters are a bit crooked, but I have to get the right nails to fix it. This will do for now!
Each letter was $7, and the dreamcatcher was $12.99! I got them at all at Hobby Lobby! 🙂 Now, I need to find new end tables. I’m thinking about making creamy white ones. What do you think?
My quilted bedding is from Pine Cone Hill 🙂 It’s so warm and high-quality.
I also made a couple of new coasters on Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t too happy with how they turned out because the stickers were made out of weird paper, so I’ll be redoing them! 
For lunch, I had Siete grain free tortilla chips with hummus, fresh fruit, and my vegan protein chocolate fruit dip! The fruit dip has chocolate Orgain protein powder, unsweetened coconut milk yogurt, 1/8 tsp vanilla extract, one tsp cocoa powder, and 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon. It’s so good! 
I couldn’t stay up for the life of me on Saturday afternoon, so I broke my rule and had a little afternoon cappuccino. I had a lot of work to do, so I needed lighter eyes if I was going to look at the computer screen any longer. If I break this rule now and then on the weekends, then I’ll be OK with that. I’m still proud of how well I’ve done for the past three weeks with the one cup of coffee a day rule. I’m not going back to the amount of coffee I was drinking. My sleeping patterns have never been better.

I found this fantastic Barista Almond Milk while I was at the grocery store on Friday afternoon. I don’t like regular almond milk in my cappuccinos. Almond milk just tastes weird when it’s warmed up, but this barista almond milk didn’t have that odd taste. This tasted like creamy milk! It frothed up even better than real milk. This was one of the best cappuccinos I’ve had in a long time, and it was made at home 🙂
On Saturday night, I closed up the laptop and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. I had one more meal left in my Blue Apron box, but it had a lot of mushrooms, and ginger, which Kyle doesn’t like. I decided to use the meat, rice, bok choy, and radishes from he ingredients and add our own seasonings and a side of sauteed veggies.

In a pan on medium-heat, I sauteed sliced baby carrots, zucchini, onions, and bokchoy. When they were slightly brown, I tossed a little black pepper and sea salt on top.
I cooked the steak in a pan on medium-low with one tablespoon of olive oil, chopped garlic, and 1/4 cup of gluten free teriyki sauce. I tossed Argula with honey balsamic and Green Goddess dressing and radishes. I’ve been all about the arugula lately. I’ve been going through three containers a week. 

Kyle and I played checkers while eating dinner. He finally got the revenge he’s been practicing for. He plays checkers on his phone constantly, and it paid off. He finally beat me. 
This is how our night ended. We started watching this weird movie on Netflix but it was too bad to finish. Blended ended up being on T.V. and that’s one of my favorite movies. It’s so funny and I love the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
We out of the door by 7:15 am on Saturday morning! I mentioned in my last recap post that we have put our dogs in training, and that I’m going to keep you all updated. We are working with John from Holland K9 Services. He’s increidble, and we’ve already learned so much. It’s crazy how simple little changes can make a world of difference when it comes to your dog’s behavior.
We worked on heeling, sitting, and a lot of stay command exercises. It’s more than just getting a dog to stay. You have to get them out of a routine of simply “staying and coming”. Make them come towards you, tell them to stop and sit midpoint, throw a treat and have them stay put, and get them to understand what “no” really means. We also changed up a lot of our command words to make them single syllables. We are using “sit”, “quiet”, “stay”, “up”, “okay”, “heel”, “no”, “off”, “down”, and getting away from the handshake.
Grumples is a very dominant dog and loves to take the lead. It’s only been ten days, but he’s now walking on my side more and staying on my left side. It’s important for him to stop as soon as I stop, and we are going to get this down very soon! As soon as you teach your dogs commands and the simple rules, most of the behavior problems they have will be eliminated, or atleast under control. I’m excited to keep you all updated. You can follow along with their training journey on their instagram! 🙂 I am going to take them out to my parent’s house later to do some exersices in their backyard.

If you have any questions for our trainer, please feel free to leave your questions below! He’ll be looking out for them!
It was finally coffee time when we got back around 10:30!

I made a latte with my Nesspresso Machine! 🙂 It’s been a while since I broke out this baby. I bought one for my brother and Karlee for Christmas, and they are obsessed with it. They send me their coffee snaps daily and I love it. Speaking of them, I need to plan a trip out to California soon!

Look how creamy the almond milk cappucinno turned out. It was pure perfection. I’ve tried many different Nespresso pods, but my ultimate favorite is the Bestspresso/Lungo! I order them in bulk on Amazon. 
Awwwww perfection 🙂
Later in the afternoon, I made a quick lunch. I had arugula with green goddess dressing topped with avocado, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, leftover rice, and avocado slices. I also had my lemon ginger tea with the juice of one lemon.
On Sunday afternoon, Kyle headed to the gym, and I headed straight for a bubble bath. I made some tea, turned my infuser on, and read my book. What a perfect way to end a cold Sunday afternoon. 
Kyle and I decided to make fajitas for dinner on Sunday night. I love easy dinners that take only thirty minutes to make! Fajitas are one of the easy ones.

I sauteed peppers and onions with a little olive oil, and in a separate pan cooked up diced chicken.
I added the sautteed veggies to the pan with the chicken, and mixed in a packet of fajita seasoning. 
This meal was just too easy and so tasty!

I also baked up sweet potatoes with garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, and black pepper at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. I flipped them halfway through.
I chopped up some avocados for the side. Nothing better than fresh avocados 🙂 The great thing about this meal is that there is a ton of leftovers. It’s perfect for tossing into your salads throughout the week, or mixing it into your scrambled eggs.

I headed to bed around ten and watched the new Revenge Body episode on E! It was one of my favorite episodes so far. 🙂

Questions for you!

  1. Do you have any questions for John, our dog trainer?
  2. What’s a quick & delicious meal you make often?
  3. Describe your weekend in ONE word.


  • Melissa

    Hi Taralynn!

    I have a question for John…

    I have a dog who is a collie/husky mix that is about 5 years old. She’s smart and high energy and may possibly have been abused as a pup (we got her through a shelter and have no way of knowing). She is scared of loud noises and fast movements, but when it comes to walks she’s fearless. She will pull on her leash so hard she nearly chokes herself regardless of how long the walk is, and we’ve tried all we can to stop her from ripping us off our feet. If we are on a hiking trail and let her off leash she will run all over, but always come when we call her. We just don’t now how to solve the leash issue without walking her for hours a day to try and wear her down. She has access to a large backyard, so it’s not as if she can’t exercise when she wants, its just on walks. And whenever we walk past a house with a dog in the yard she whines and tries to get free of the leash to go see the other dog. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Darci

    Instead of buying new side tables for the bedroom what about re purposing them? Saves money and lets you be a little creative. All of our furniture is hand me downs so painting them/staining them/ or up cycling them(my husband is an Ace with tools and building) it makes them our own and saves loads of money at the same time. He’s gotten so good with wood working lately he’s making the pups a toy chest with their names!!!

    Reply to Darci
  • Amanda|The Kitcheneer

    Hi Taralynn!
    Great post! Only cats for me (for now) I am so eyeballing so Great Pyrenees rescues ATM so i will be paying attention to the dog training!

    LOVE your bedroom! We are currently updating ours and we bought some great white/cream colored night stands with black hardware from Lowes of all places! And it was very inexpensive!

    Reply to Amanda|The Kitcheneer
  • Emily F.

    I know it’s not right to envy people, but I envy you doing so well drinking all this tea! I love tea, but I love coffee more so anytime I tell myself to drink less coffee and more tea, I last like 2 days ha ha

    Reply to Emily F.
  • LIZ

    My pug was bit by an unleashed dog while on a walk when he was 1. Since then, he is terrified of all other dogs, even when meeting 8-10 week old tiny puppies. He has no issues with people. What would you suggest for re-socializing him with other dogs, he is now 3 and we can hardly take him outside on walks and never to any dog parks. Thanks!

    Reply to LIZ
  • Kelsey Weissner

    Hi Taralynn! Hope you’re enjoying the snow day 🙂

    I wanted to let you know that I tried the Orgain vanilla protein and I love it! I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast with that, almond milk, frozen strawberries and a banana. It tastes soooo go for being plant based. Thank you for the recommendation! I love the new bedroom decor by the way!

    A quick delicious meal I make often is usually some type of stir fry. If I have leftover pork chops, chicken, etc. and some veggies that need to be put to use soon, I just saute everything up with some teriyaki sauce with a small side of rice! I don’t know what it is about teriyaki sauce but it makes anything taste amazing haha!

    Let’s see.. I guess my past weekend in one word would be TACOS! Haha! I spent most of Saturday Pinterest-ing and trying to narrow down a fun taco recipe to make for Sunday dinner. I wound up finding an incredible beef sirloin taco recipe with cabbage, radish, carrots & green onion topped with a homemade avocado cilantro lime dressing. SO GOOD! 🙂

    I hope you have a great week! xo Kelsey

    Reply to Kelsey Weissner
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Kelsey!

      I’m so happy you love the Orgain protein! I am just so obsessed! 😀 They are my fave 😀 Try mixing it with coconut milk yogurt! GAME CHANGER!

      & thank you! 😀 I’m loving my bedroom finally too! Hoping to change up some things soon!

      Oh I love anything stir-fry! 🙂

      YAY FOR TACOS!!!!!

      Have a great weekend!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Traci

    Congrats on the progress with the dog training! I know that can be really tough! Totally random, but if you’ve had the Green Goddess Cobb salad from Panera, how does the Tessemae’s GG dressing compare to their dressing? The Panera one is my absolute FAVORITE dressing and I haven’t been able to find anything similar in stores! Thanks! 🙂

    Reply to Traci
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Traci!!

      I’ve actually never had the dressing from Panera, but I can tell you that the dressing from Tessemaes is SO SO SO SO GOOD!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    I have a question I would love John to answer! When my dog was a puppy, I made it a point to socialize her and introduce her to a lot (bring her to lots of places, meet other dogs, play firework/thunderstorm soundtracks to desensitize her, etc). But despite this, when she was about 9 months old, she became super timid and submissive. She seems to be afraid of a lot now, and will even duck when i go to pet her (she is 1.5 now). Does he have any tips for overcoming this? Thank you!!! <3

    Reply to Lauren
  • Chelsea @ Just Me Chelsea B.

    I absolutely love your bedroom decor! It looks so comfy!!

    My quick and easy meal that I make most often is definitely roasted veggies with a fish filet from Fresh Market! It’s so simple but SO good every single time! But, I don’t really think you can go wrong with Fresh Market no matter what you get! 🙂

    My weekend in one word would be cold! HA! It’s been insanely cold here in Arkansas and I’m definitely ready for a thaw out really soon! We got a snow day today and it was literally 12 degrees this morning when I woke up! Crazy for us in the South, that’s for sure!

    Have a great week Taralynn!!

    Reply to Chelsea @ Just Me Chelsea B.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much, Chelsea!

      Roasted veggies are always my go-to as well, or sauteed in a large pan.

      Hopefully, it warms up soon for you! It’s going to snow here tomorrow!:D But 70 by the weekend lol


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather

    Hi TaraLynn!
    This question is for you! I dont want to sound creepy, but I LOVE the furniture your father makes! I remember a post over the summer that he made some furniture for your deck/porch. Could you share it? Would love to see the whole picture! Looking for inspiration for my own patio and i’m stumped! Thanks girlie!

    Reply to Heather
  • Lauren

    My go to meal: I love making a taco skillet. I cook some ground turkey with taco seasoning, then add bell peppers and onion and saute for a bit. When those are about half way cooked I add corn, beans, tomatoes with jalapenos, some chili powder, cumin, salsa, broth, and quinoa. Then all you have to do is cover it and let it simmer until the quinoa is cooked. Sometimes I just eat it in a bowl or put it in tacos. So good!

    I love your blog! I’ve been reading and following for years but never commented! Thanks for reminding me that not every meal needs to be planned, but just healthy ingredients put together!

    Reply to Lauren
  • mary

    Hi Taralynn! I’m a longtime reader but this is my first comment. Thanks for posting about that almond milk barista blend! We just got an espresso machine and I wanted to use almond milk but don’t love the taste. Had never heard of barista blend. I was able to find a source in Canada and just ordered some to try out!

    I love your pooches and am so excited to see how they take to training. We just got a 9 week old Bernedoodle named Jake and he starts puppy classes soon. It’s hard to know what to do with them so that they are good dogs that you can take out in public and enjoy! I’m definitely going to have Jake follow your dogs on Instagram!

    Have a great day

    Reply to mary
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Mary!

      I promise that the barista blend does NOT taste like almond milk. I can’t stand hot almond milk in my coffee lol You’re going to love it!

      Awwwww bernedoodles are adorable!!! I’m happy you’re putting him in puppy classes. We never did that with our boys. It’s important!

      xo xo xo please tag me in a photo of your puppy!!! I want to see him.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Luana

    Hello! I have question for john! I have two rescued dogs, both females. They are lovely dogs most of the time. However, when I have people over at my house they freak out! They jump on the visitors to the point of hurting them, to get their attention! Sitting on the couch is impossible on these situations. I have to keem the dogs closed in their bedroom so the visits can stay and be in peace. What could i do for them to behave better arround other people?

    Reply to Luana
    • Nicole

      I need answers to this, as well! I have two rescued dogs, one a 50 lb male and one a 20 lb female but they are both relentless with guests and jumping up/literally sitting on their laps. It’s embarrassing!! Help!

      Reply to Nicole
    • John Holland


      I know I sound like a broken record! It really does come down to obedience training and going back to the basics. A dog that can sit stay or down stay cannot jump on your guests. I expect the dogs I train to be obedient regardless of the distraction.

      Reply to John Holland
  • Sara

    Your dogs are so cute!!!!

    Reply to Sara
  • Olivia

    I have cats, so no dog questions here!

    But my favorite quick easy meal to make is a ground turkey skillet. I brown the ground turkey and then add fresh green beans and saute until tender. Then you can add whatever seasonings! I add soy sauce and sweet chili sauce and serve it with rice or baked sweet potatoes. So simple and delicious and makes great leftovers.

    One word for my weekend would be DISNEY. My husband are annual passholders so Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios, Sunday we went to Epcot for the Art Festival, and Monday we went to Animal Kingdom (we saw a newborn baby hippo on the safari, he was less than 48 hours old!). I can never get enough!

    Reply to Olivia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Olivia!

      Cats are great too 🙂

      That sounds like a great meal to make. Sounds like something I’d absolutely love. You had me at soy sauce and sweet chili!

      How fun!! The last time I went to Disney it was kind of bad because I was SO SICK!!!!! I’ll get a redo soon!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Patricia L

    Me easy quick meal I eat multiple times a week…. I cook one cup of rice in the pressure cooker (because I’m lazy like that) and throw some Frozen mixed veggies (I cut and freeze my own mix of veggies because frozen options at the store aren’t great quality. I use peppers, onions, water chestnuts, corn, peas, etc.) on the stove with a few tablespoons of water and cook until soft then stir up 3 tablespoons peanut butter powder, 3 tablespoons soy sauce and a little garlic chili sauce (if you like a little heat) coat the veggies then dump the veggies on the rice. Done in 15 minutes.

    Reply to Patricia L
  • Kaylee

    This question is for John:

    We rescued our dog last May at 1 and a half years old. We’re not sure what his life was like before but supposedly he was kept in an outdoor kennel and was most likely neglected. There were also kids there we were told. Now every time our dog sees a new person he starts barking, or might growl if it’s a guy (we think he may have been abused). He’s the sweetest dog but it makes him sound more mean than he is! Kids have even tried coming up to him to pet him but he’ll bark and growl at them too. We have an almost 3 year old niece and just want him to act appropriately so we would feel comfortable with him being around her! any advice? It makes it more difficult since we don’t know what his life was like before he joined our family. Thanks in advance!

    Reply to Kaylee
    • Lola

      We have a 5 yr old lab mix who also growls at kids-we think he was harmed by kids while with his former owner. Anything we can do?

      Reply to Lola
  • Ines

    Question for John: i have a 7 month old lab who gets over the moon excited when she spots other dogs on a walk. She’ll freeze and stop responding when she sees one in the distance and I have a hard time getting her attention and getting her past the other dog. What would be the best thing to do whenever we see other dogs?
    Favorite meal: avocado quinoa salad with an avocado / lime dressing!

    Reply to Ines
  • Sharni

    OMG Taralynn you’re a genius! My boyfriend hates bananas [weirdo] and so his smoothies are usually SO boring. I’m going to stock up on pears now [it’s summer here] and freeze them for his smoothies! Can I also just say that I’m so excited for yours and Becca’s podcast?! I’m such a podcast lover so I can’t wait.

    Sharni xo

    Reply to Sharni
  • Danielle

    A great post filled with delicious eats per usual.

    Reply to Danielle
  • Sara

    I tried the pear in my smoothie this morning after your Instagram post and you’re right! I loved it. I’m allergic to bananas so I usually skip out on smoothies. Thank you for your amazing ideas and blog.

    Reply to Sara
  • Savannah

    For John:
    My dog is really friendly to people and other dogs except when I am walking him. If a dog comes over to my house or we are at the dog park, my pup is fine, but if we really on a walk and he sees another dog, he will growl and the fur on his back and tail stands up a bit. Why is he only mean to other dogs while walking on a leash and how do I correct it? (He is fine with other people when he is on a leash- just dogs he has a problem with).

    Reply to Savannah
  • liuye

    hi Tara!
    I love this one , and I have a question about your white cups ,I can tell that you also use the white cups to drink tea or coffee, however your cups always as white as new, Bue my white cups are not so lucky, NO matter how many times I washed them , They just look like more and more yellow and dirty, that really bothers me. I have to choose others to drink coffee or tea, but only drink water or mike with white ones. SO, What is your secret ? > <

    Reply to liuye
    • Anonymous

      My husband drinks tea that stains the mugs, I spray a little bleach and let them sit for a bit and they are good as new!

      Reply to Anonymous
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Lol I just put them in the dishwasher! Maybe try soaking them in baking soda water?

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Anna

    My question is for John 🙂

    I have a border collie/cattle dog mix who loves to nip. I’ve been able to get her nipping under control with humans, but I’m not sure how to stop her from doing it when she’s with other dogs. She’s gotten much better in the house, but when she’s playing with other dogs outside she loves to nip and most dogs (rightfully) get upset and it can cause fights. Is there a way I can teach her? She loves playing with other dogs, so I hate that she can’t play peacefully.

    Thank you!

    Reply to Anna
    • John Holland

      Border Collies are herding dogs. They nip. The best way to stop it is to have a strong recall. Everytime the dog nips, make her come back to you. Give her a time out from play. Let her go back to play and keep repeating. She will eventually get the idea.


      Reply to John Holland
  • Alison

    I love the decor and this part of your bedroom. I’ve come back to the photos 3x time now to look at them. The colors and tones are so pretty. And that wood headboard goes perfect with them all. Gah, everything is so cozy looking! You have created yourself a wonderful space. #Home (Gorgeous photos too.)

    Reply to Alison
  • Amy Lee

    Hi John.

    I have a two year old American bulldog. He’s seriously the biggest cuddle bug, and not aggressive towards people at all. I took him to the dog park multiple times a week since he was 4 months old. However, once he turn 1 1/2, he started becoming more and more dog aggressive. I can’t even take him anymore because he gets in fights every time we go. He acts fine around dogs he knows, and loves to play. However, he gets in fights with almost every new dog he meets. Super frustrating because I love bringing him places with me (dog friendly restaurants, breweries, etc.) but it’s almost impossible now with how aggressive he has become. So appreciative of any advice on this!

    Reply to Amy Lee
    • John Holland


      Dogs sometimes become dog aggressive. My two dogs went through the same thing. I strongly suggest seeking a professional trainer. It’s not your fault. When dogs become fully mature they sometimes become dog aggressive. It is natural. Sometimes it can be corrected, sometimes not. I typically focus on obedience in these cases. While I can’t make a dog like other dogs, I can certainly make a dog obey commands in public when other dogs are around. I do try to get dog aggressive dogs around other dogs for play once their obedience is very good. After obedience I work to desensitized a dog to other dogs. Regardless, please seek help from a professional.

      Reply to John Holland
  • Evelyn

    Hey John! My dogs jump on people when they enter our home. It takes a while for them to settle down, and sometimes we need to put them in their crate. I don’t like to do that because it feels like a punishment, and we want them to like their crates for when we’re away during the day. Any suggestions?

    Taralynn – I love lemon ginger tea! Sooo good. Thank you for sharing the journey with your dogs. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, and the dog posts/pictures are always a favorite of mine!


    Reply to Evelyn
  • Ariel

    Hi John,

    I have a 5 month old black German shepherd and she is massive! I can’t keep her from nipping and biting me or anyone else. I know she is playing but the bigger she gets the harder the bite.
    Any advice would be great!
    Thank you! 🙂

    Reply to Ariel
  • Kay

    This is for John!

    Our 2-year-old Samoyed has trouble with too much excitement and jumping when people come over to see his, which happens tons. He’s not aggressive, but super excited and jumps on people and dogs. What is the best way to fix this?

    Reply to Kay
  • Allison

    Leaving this for John! I have a two year old Lab/Bloodhound mix that I adopted from the shelter when he was around 12 weeks old. He’s been through the training classes at our local pet smart and does very well following commands. However around 1 1/2 years old he developed anxiety. I noticed it first on our walks when he would walk with is ears back and his tail between his legs and practically pull me the entire way (something he didn’t used to do). He also growls at men when were walking, when they come in the house, etc. He is literally terrified of everything now and I feel so sad for him I don’t know what to do! I’ve bought him a vest that says “I’m nervous give me space” so no one tries to approach him in public and that helps some but he’s still very nervous anytime we go anywhere new to walk or if anyone new comes to our house. His anxiety is so bad that our vet wants to put him on Prozac and I’d rather that be our last resort. What can I do to make my little fella more ease?

    Reply to Allison
  • Victoria cicero

    Hey! So I’m dog Mom to two great dogs, one a lab mutt and the girl a pit bull mastiff mix! My girl gets along great with our other dog and great with my parents dog whom she’s known for 2 years now, however struggles meeting new dogs of any kind with being over protective of our boy dog and getting into fights. Any advice on how best to introduce our dogs to new playmates? Thank you!

    Reply to Victoria cicero
  • Amber O.

    So excited to see the decorations in your home! My husband and I just moved into our own home and it’s so fun deciding how to have everything. How do you put it all together? Do you use Pinterest or anything like that for planning and inspiration?
    Also thank you for sharing your dog trainer with us! Haha I have two dogs and they both get overly excited when people come over. They turn into these crazy animals that don’t listen and try to jump on guests and the couch. They are normally good at obeying commands but in those moments they freak out. Would love some advice on that!
    Thank you!! 😊

    Reply to Amber O.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Amber!

      😀 Congrats on your new home! How exciting!! eeeek! You’ll have a blast decorating it. Pinterest for sure!

      We are working the same issues with our dogs!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Natalija

    One word to describe my weekend would be: HECTIC. Somehow the “to do” list kept getting longer and longer and I forgot that I promised myself to have a bit of much needed “me time”. Oh,and coffee habit is out of control yet again, but at the same time your yummy teas are encouraging me to resort to mine,too. I love the YOGI Tea brand created by Yogi Bhajan, they are incredible and have a little inspiring message on the tag every time.

    When it comes to quick meals I love rice noodles and stir fried veggies-filling and nourishing at the same time.

    It’s raining cats and dogs in England at the moment and somehow proper spring seems really far away with temperatures dropping below 0C yet again,but let’s keep fingers crossed for an early, gorgeous, sun filled spring-one is not prohibited to dream ;)))

    Thank you for yet another colourful,informative, gorgeous recap,can’t wait to read the upcoming blog posts!

    Reply to Natalija
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Natalija!

      I love the Yogi teas as well:) I totally get the coffee-sodes (where you can’t get enough coffee!) Tea is a great replacement!

      Anything is stirfry is amazing!

      I hope better warm weather comes soon!!

      xo xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather

    Hi John,

    I have an almost 2 year old Shiba Inu that has recently started throwing tantrums when I try to leave the house! He jumps on me and barks aggressively and nips and bites my legs and shoes – he’s actually ripped holes in a few pairs of pants! I call it a tantrum because he’s never growling or showing teeth. I’m not afraid of it but it’s very inconvenient and stressful! I’m not sure how to stop it. Somebody had thought maybe I’m his “toy” and I’m taking myself away, but he has no other aggression or resource guarding issues. He’s also done it to my mom and sister when they come visit and try to leave my house. He doesn’t show any other symptoms of separation anxiety and just started this around 6 months ago. Thanks for reading!

    Reply to Heather
  • Christie

    Hiya John! I have a 9 month old black lab (Benny), who flat out doesn’t listen to me. Whether I’m telling him to stop jumping on me or calling him to come inside, he’s not having it. I feel like an aweful puppy mom. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!🐾

    Reply to Christie
  • Lindsey

    I have a 1.5 year old border collie who is very friendly to all people and other dogs, but lunges at runners, bikers, skateboarders, etc during our walks. We went through puppy training when she was little where she learned loose leash walking, but it didn’t last long so I invested in a gentle leader to help with both the lunging and pulling on leash. It worked for awhile, but she has figured out how to pull with the gentle leader as well. We live near a highly populated bayou, and anytime I see something that might prompt her to lunge (runner, biker) I have her sit, focus on me, and give her a treat (food, ball, stick) if she ignores the distraction. Any other suggestions??

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Leticia

    Hey John, I have a 9-month-old dachshund that has separation anxiety issues. He’s fine in his crate, but as soon as I leave he starts barking and drooling excessively. He barks to the point that he vomits.

    When I leave, I make sure to leave a music or an audio book on, and leave him w/ treats (I have a Kong stuffed full of his favorite treats). But he won’t even touch his Kong when I leave. The second I’m back, he quiets down and eats his Kong. I even moved his crate to another room, not within sight of the door (since that seemed to make it worse). Not sure what else to do at this point!

    Taralynn- I loved your fajita mix. Will have to try that this week!

    Reply to Leticia
  • Peggy O’Neill

    Hey Taralynn! I wanted to give you one suggestion for your home. In the late Spring, you should plant a Meyer Lemon Tree. I paid about $10 for mine about 10 years ago. I get anywhere from 100-300 lemons off of it every year. It beats paying $0.59 a lemon, and my friends and family look forward to them every year!

    Reply to Peggy O'Neill
  • Macey

    Hi Taralynn and John,

    My boxer puppy (Rosie) of two years has suddenly become fearful of men. She has grown up going for walks in an apartment complex where she met and was excited to see lots of people, including men. However, recently, she’s shied away from them immediately and won’t let them pet her. She loves women like normal. What’s going on and what steps can I take to get my happy-go-lucky girl back around men?

    Reply to Macey
  • Sofia S.

    Hi Taralynn! Following your blog and your IG gives me so much positivity that I need in my life.

    One question for you; I live in Greenville SC and have a golden retriever puppy and I’m looking to start going on some adventures that are dog friendly in the south east. Any suggestions??

    Two for John!
    Any suggestions on stopping dog play biting? My dog bites when he’s excited and wants to play and sometimes it hurts, anything you’d suggest to lower this behavior??

    My dog is 6 months old and unfortunately was recently attacked at a dog park by an older dog that was an aggressive breed. Any suggestions to ease him back into socializing with dogs? He was (and me also) was traumatized by the situation and cowers away from any dog.

    Reply to Sofia S.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you, Sofia! That is so sweet!

      Greenville is such a dog-friendly place!:) I think taking your dog to the coast near Sullivan’s Island or Tybee Island would be a lot of fun! Also, Ashville is dog-friendly!

      I’ll leave the rest for John!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Wiki

    Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, but I couldn’t find it. Do you have it?

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


    Reply to Wiki
  • Jocelyn

    Question for your trainer!

    Our labradoodle Maple is very shy and fearful when meeting new people or dogs. We are having trouble introducing her to other dogs when on a leash without her barking, lunging, or growling. Once she meets them, she is totally fine and happy—it is the introduction that seems difficult. She will see a dog far away and immediate have her guard up and as they approach she goes a little nuts. Maple has been this way since birth—she is 2 years old now. Would love any advice 🙂

    Reply to Jocelyn
  • Hillary Danielle

    1. My question for John is:

    My 2 year old Terrier Mix (the place we take her for daycare/boarding occasionally believes she has a lot of border collie in her due to her personality) has a tendency to be afraid of a LOT of things such as baby gates, sweepers of any type (she runs and cowers on the couch even when just the closet where the sweepers/brooms are kept is opened), and even a Santa hat. How can we teach her these are things she doesn’t need to be afraid of, and to get her to stop hiding and barking at them?

    2. A quick and delicious meal I like to make is simply just a can of tuna with miracle whip (or mayo, I’m not picky) and then I put it on a low carb tortilla or a flat out wrap from Fit & Active.
    I found a version of fajitas on Pinterest about 2 years ago that takes no time at all to make, and we don’t care for many veggies in it, so we usually just cut chicken breasts into strips, and cut up a few bell peppers. Throw everything into a baking dish with a little bit of olive oil and this fajita seasoning you make at home found on the pinterest post, make sure everything in the pan is coated and bake it! It tastes soo good! If I don’t have any low carb tortillas on hand (since I’m trying to eat as low carb as I can) I will just throw it on a plate or in a bowl with cheese and sour cream.

    3. Productive

    Reply to Hillary Danielle
  • Ashton Jury

    MY WEEKEND: INTENSE I was at work, I work at a children’s hospital and with this crazy flu it was a busy weekend! I love making fajitas it’s my go to quick meal lately, I like to make them on a sheet pan and just toss them in the oven. I also like to use the mini sweet pepper since I’m not really a fan of the green bell peppers. I also like to use chicken tender pieces and I’ll usually marinate a bunch in fajita mix and a bit of pineapple juice and then toss them on the pan with slice up onions and mini peppers! YUm!

    Reply to Ashton Jury
  • Kailey

    I’ve worked on the last two seasons of Revenge Body, glad to hear you liked the new episode!!!

    Reply to Kailey
  • Linda @ the Fitty

    oh my gosh, I’ve still yet to try the Barista brand almond milk! I seen it here in there a Shoppers Drug Mart, but it was always overpriced. And it’s nice to see that you’re enjoying walks. I saw your Instagram story about You mentioning training. – do you mean marathon training? Are you going to start running again?

    Reply to Linda @ the Fitty
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It may be pricy, but think about how cheaper it is vs buying an actual latte! 🙂 I think I was referring to dog training. I’m never running a marathon ever lol

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Erica

    I have a question for John 🙂

    When my fiance walks our dog, he is very well behaved and gets along great with other dogs that come our way. When its just me, he can act like a totally different dog, I have to change directions when we see another dog because he gets somewhat aggressive (barking and pulling). Basically, my question is is this me or my dog? Can he feel that I am tense or is this a protective thing? When he was a puppy he was attacked at a dog park and I was with him, so since then I haven’t taken him to dog parks (he gets a lot of socialization from family pets) because his fur goes up as soon as we enter, but again, my fiance takes him and he is perfect! Just wondering what I could be doing differently, or maybe he senses that I’m not as relaxed?

    Thank you!

    Reply to Erica
  • Shauna

    1. I’m having a baby any day now and my almost 11 year old miniature schnauzer is very territorial of me. I can’t go to the bathroom without him following me. He’s already not a fan of my step children (ages 7&8)…do you think he’s too old to be trained to be good around children? I hate it when he can’t be in the same room as all of us and it terrifies me that he is going to dislike the baby.
    2. Stir fry – chicken, veggies and brown rice
    3. Lazy (I’m due tomorrow and my body has been telling me it’s time to slow down and I am so tired lately!)

    Reply to Shauna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Shauna!

      Leaving the first one for John!

      2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stir fry nights!

      3. Lazy is A-OK and you have the best excuse! GOOD LUCK ON EVERYTHING!!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    Haha I totally know how Kyle feels – I’m on a mission to beat Ben in chess! He taught me how to play, but I have yet to win (I’ve gotten SO close!).

    Ben and I are such people of habit so we have a LOT of quick go-to meals that we turn to often. My current breakfast favorite is steel cut oats with almond milk, chia and flax seeds, almond slices, and fresh fruit. SO YUM!

    Also, I notice you snagged Daiya cream cheese spread, but you should definitely try Kite Hill spread (it’s almond milk based)! It tastes JUST like real cream cheese and doesn’t have that funky fake dairy that some brands can have. I’m honestly addicted to it! The chive flavor is my favorite, but they’re all good!

    Happy Monday!

    Reply to Susie @ Mile High Dreamers
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahahaha you’ll get there!! I feel like I can’t win now! haha

      That sounds like a delicious breakfast!

      Thanks for the rec! I haven’t tried the Daiya yet, but I wanted something to with the vegan bagels I’m making this week! 😀

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Angelina

    So many yummy eats!

    1. Trainer question: our dog is afraid of coughing and we can’t figure out why or how to stop it. If we cough she runs into the other room and hides. We’ve tried giving her treats when we cough but she’s not buying it.

    2. It’s not actually something I “make”, but I eat boiled eggs and cottage cheese when I’m hungry and haven’t cooked anything in advance.

    3. Social

    Reply to Angelina
    • John Holland


      I think you are on the right track with rewarding when you cough. I would probably put the dog on leash so that she can’t get away and practice with a few low volume coughs (maybe starting with clearing your throat). Whatever volume your dog will tolerate without getting too stressed. Keep rewarding and incrementally increase the volume. Practice this like you would any other obedience command. I hope this made sense.


      Reply to John Holland
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Angelina!

      (leaving your first comment for John)

      2. That is actually a great high protein/low carb dish!

      3. always fun!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lorissa

    Question for the dog trainer: I have a super sweet, but super strong pitbull who gets leash aggressive when we are out on walks. She’s fine without her leash and absolutely loves other dogs (if another dog is in the backyard with her she’ll happily play all day), but when her leash is on and she sees another dog she’s completely different. It makes walking her, along with my other very large dog, a really unpleasant experience. I have to try and avoid any house with a dog in their yard, or change directions when I see someone else walking their dog. Not quite sure what to do, and what I am doing wrong to cause this behaviour.

    Reply to Lorissa
    • John Holland


      Thank you for the question. Leash aggression is quite common. Rest assured, it is nothing you are doing! Some dogs when unable to get away (think fight or flight) become scared and aggressive. Avoiding the situation will only exasperate the situation. The key is to go back to the basics; sit, stay, down, come and heel. Then once the dog is very competent with the commands begin to add the distraction of other dogs at a distance while your dog is on leash and heeling. It is a very long process. The goal is to SLOWLY desensitize the dog to other dogs while on leash. It may mean starting off at a great distance and slowly getting closer over long periods of time. It helps to make friends in the neighborhood that know what you are trying t accomplish. Keep in mind that with any signs of aggression, it is always best to get a professional trainer involved who has experience with aggression. It can be dangerous to people and other dogs if not done in a safe manner.

      Thank you for your question and I wish you much success in your training!


      Reply to John Holland
      • Lorissa

        Thank you so very much John. I really appreciate this. She’s about to go for knee surgery next week (poor thing!), but once she has recovered I think it is high time to get her involved in some professional training with you guys. Thanks again.

        And thanks Taralynn for sharing all of this. Truly appreciate it.

        Reply to Lorissa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Leaving this for John <3

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tarren Riley

    I actually have a question for John! I have a 1 year old female border collie and 9 year old male weenie dog. I live right by a walking trail, so there are constantly people walking by my house. My dogs are very sweet, but they love to bark at the people walking by. I feel bad because sometimes a little kid will want to pet them, but then they start barking and scare them away!

    My border collie didn’t do this at first, it was mainly our weenie dog, but she has taken after her brother and now does it too.

    Any advice?

    Reply to Tarren Riley
    • John Holland


      Great question! Dachshunds can be tough little dogs! Border Collies are super smart and high energy. While barking is a breed trait of both dogs, the “quiet” command can be taught with a little patience. I start out by suing food. I tell the dog to quiet and when the dog gives me even two seconds of quiet I reward. Eventually, you should be able to increase the time between the when the quiet command is given and when you give the dog the treat. Make sure to get at least 2 seconds of quiet before rewarding or you risk accidently rewarding the barking instead of the quiet command.

      Reply to John Holland
    • Tracy

      My 7 month old border collie does the same thing! Barks at kids, someone coming to the door, if she’s in the car she barks at people on the street!

      Reply to Tracy
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Leaving this question for John! I’ll let him know it’s here 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    The bedroom is really coming along, Taralynn! You have an eye for design for sure! 🙂 It’s good to see you training your dogs, both you and them deserve it! Hope you guys continue to train! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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