Sunday Funday With My New LG Watch Sport

Hi Everyone & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can you believe it’s February and it reached 78 degrees over the weekend? Hallelujah! Sunday was the perfect day to try out my new LG Watch Sport. I’m still a newbie, but I learned so much and can’t wait to share it’s features with you! It does so many cool things, and it’ll take me a while to take it all in.  
What I love about the LG Watch Sport is that it’s fancy, yet so easy to use. AT&T customers can leave your compatible phone at home, but still stay in touch with family and friends from the watch by using the NumberSync feature. You can send and receive phone calls and text messages while using the same mobile number as your smartphone (1). Oh, and it’s all touchscreen!

Setting the watch up and syncing it to my device was pretty simple. I couldn’t wait to try the LG Watch Sport out Sunday morning, so my boyfriend set it up for me while I cooked dinner Saturday night. It literally took him five minutes because there were only three steps.

The watch charges wireless on a little cradle. I put it next to the bed to use as an alarm clock.

I woke up at 7:00am to make coffee, walk the dogs, and relax an hour before meeting up with Becca for our Sunday activities! As you can see, I was excited to jump into the LG Watch Sport. I played around with it while drinking coffee.
When we were done with our circuit, we played around with some of the watch’s workouts. I couldn’t believe the picture and video quality on the LG Watch Sport. It felt like we had a real-life personal trainer pushing us through some of the challenges.

Don’t ask me how the squat challenge was. I haven’t been able to move my legs since leg-day Thursday! I plan on trying it out tomorrow after my run.

The real-time tracking monitored my movements and knew how many sit-ups I completed. I guess there is no cheating on this challenge…

The LG Watch Sport will be perfect for my race-day. I always carry my phone and it’s a heavy pain in the butt. The LG Watch Sport  lets you make calls and stream music on bluetooth headphones and track mileage. The reason I stopped using my other watch to track miles is because I couldn’t contact anyone if I had an emergency, and I’m all about safety. I also love that the watch detects your heart rate(2). I really like monitoring mine to make sure I’m at a healthy range.

After the gym, we decided to grab coffee and walk to lunch because it was gorgeous out…and I was still geeking over the LG Watch Sport. You can select different activities for your watch to track. The watch also has Google Assistant, which allows users to reply to messages, set reminders or ask for directions!
If you enter events into your calendar, they’ll show up on your watch’s home screen! I typed in “gym date with becca” just to see how it looked on the screen. I love little reminders.

And if you’re worrying about sweating or forgetting to take it off in the shower, no worries! It’s water resistant for up to 1.5 meters for thirty minutes.
I’m a huge fan of how the LG Watch Sport looks. It’s so comfortable, has stainless steel details and a brushed metal finish.

My goal was to complete over four hours of activity + 10,000 steps. You can manage and set goals for the day!
I needed a couple more miles to complete my goal, so I went out on a walk with Little Leo! Wearing my goals right on my wrist is a great reminder and motivation to complete them! The LG Watch Sport is more than just a fitness watch, but as you can see, I’ll be abusing it in the fitness department!

LG Watch Sport is the first smart watch available to customers with Android Wear 2.0, which includes Google Assistant & Google Fit!
You can get the LG Watch Sport  smartwatch with 4G LTE connectivity at AT&T stores and HERE for $49.99 with a two-year agreement(3) when you purchase a LG G5 or V20 smartphone on AT&T Next. 🙂

This post was sponsored by AT&T and all opinions are my own!

Question for you!

  1. How would you use your LG WATCH SPORT?
Requires smartphone on AT&T postpaid account & set up for HD voice & compatible wearable on eligible wireless plan.  Data charges apply to text messages sent/received through smartwatch via NumberSync.  Watch must be in AT&T-owned/operated coverage area to share phone’s number. Click HERE for details.
2 Disclaimer: This device and related software is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Consult a doctor before starting an exercise program
3 Req’s qual. svc. Activ., early termination & other fees, charges & restr’s apply. See store for details.


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