Wholehearted Grain Free Dog Food & a Petco Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be teaming up with Petco on the #PetcoWholehearted campaign! As you guys know, Mr. Grumples has been on a weight loss journey for the past month. When the vet told me he was almost fifteen pounds overweight, my heart sank. I felt horrible and immediately came up with a game plan to get him back on track. It’s unbearably hot in the South during the summer months. Grumples won’t walk in the heat for more than five minutes before finding a shade tree to sit under. I don’t really blame him…he’s practically a polar bear. That lack of exercise resulted in some weight gain. This blog post is sponsored by Megan Media and Petco’s Wholehearted blogging program! All opinions are my own and I hope you love this new food for your pup as much as I do! Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food img_5365-768x960-2 For the past month I have been waking up at 6 am to walk. It’s about 65 degrees and the perfect weather for a long walk.  The first couple of weeks, we would walk 2-2 1/2 miles, but now we are walking 4 miles. He’s getting in shape fast! This new routine is something I look forward to every morning. I love Grumples so much and will do everything I can to get him back on track and in the best shape possible. He has brought me so much joy for the past five years, and I want him around for a very long time. Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food A couple weeks ago, Petco reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out their new WholeHearted dog food. It came at the perfect time because I have been wanting to change up Grumples’s food. He’s been on the grain free Rachel Ray brand for about four years, but I thought it was time to try something else out. Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog FoodWe headed to Petco to check out the new food!
Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food
There were yummy flavors to choose from. They had chicken & pea, beef & pea, and salmon & pea. There were also wet food cans available. Sometimes I like to mix in one tablespoon of the wet food into his bowl. It’s a little treat for him. Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food
We went with the beef cans and the salmon dry food! We like to mix one tablespoon of the wet food in his bowl.Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food  Oh, the distractions at Petco! Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food I love that the WholeHearted food comes in large 25 pound bags. Healthy grain free dog food is usually super expensive, but the WholeHearted food is affordable, which allows more people to afford healthy food for their dogs. It’s about $20-$30 cheaper than the average 25 pound healthy grain-free bag.Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food He didn’t go home without snagging some toys…Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food The ultimate test! What did Mr. Grumples think? Whenever I change up his food, I always make sure to gradually mix in the new food into the old food. He has a solid stomach, but I don’t want to take any chances! The mix was a fail because Grumples ate all around his old food. I think it’s safe to save he LOVES his new food. Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food
There are so many great things about WholeHearted dog food. Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food -Grain Free, All Life Stage Formula -Guaranteed canine probiotic strains help maintain healthy digestion -Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids for Healthy Skin & Coat -No Corn, Wheat, Soy or Grains of any kind -Antioxidant Formula for Healthy Immunity (guaranteed levels of Vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc) -Vitamins & Minerals for Balanced Nutrition -Real Salmon # 1 Ingredient **You can read more about the benefits on the website!**Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog FoodI feel good about the ingredients too. I was going through Grumples’s treats a couple months ago and got a little worried when I saw all the fake dye and flavors. You won’t find any of those in the WholeHearted bag.  It has yummy ingredients like salmon, lentils, pea flour, chickpeas, peas, canola oil, sweet potatoes, flaxseeds, salmon oil, and more! img_6092-768x1024-2Petco has given me a three month supply of the WholeHearted dog food and I cannot wait to see how Grumples does on this. I will make sure to keep you all updated with his healthy lifestyle changes. If all goes well, I’ll most likely sign up for their repeat deliveries they offer online.Whole Hearted Petco Grain Free Dog Food Grumples is down 6.2 pounds and we have about eight more to go! img_5372-768x1024-2 img_5387-768x1024-2
If you are looking for a healthier dog food for your pup that WON’T break your bank, give WholeHearted a shot! GIVEAWAY! (because who doesn’t love to spoil their pets?) Win one of 2 $50 petco gift cards, or a Grand Prize of a year’s supply of Petco Wholehearted!  a Rafflecopter giveaway Questions for you!

  1. What do you look for when buying your dog’s food?
  2. What kind of dog do you have?
  3. Does your dog LOVE his food?


  • Linda

    Been using this brand for awhile for my dogs but now it’s on the list of many dry dog foods the FDA says may cause heart disease (DCM) because it contains potatoes, peas and legumes. Going to ask vet what to switch to.

    Reply to Linda
    • Jake

      Wholehearted does make chicken and brown rice recipes for adult dogs and puppies, which are not grain free. They still use peas but no potatoes or legumes.

      Reply to Jake
  • lizz

    love this stuff

    Reply to lizz
  • Melanie


    Reply to Melanie
  • Elle

    Grain free food will keep my dog super healthy.

    Reply to Elle
  • Romme

    Glad Grumples is almost at his goal weight–Way to go!

    You have such a sweet family!

    Reply to Romme
    • Carson

      Exactly what the FDA is saying not to feed your dogs. Grain free is linked to cardiovascular problems in dogs

      Reply to Carson
  • Linda

    I love that it is grain free since grains are not the best for dogs. This will keep him much healthier.

    Reply to Linda
  • Amy Orvin

    Just looking at the ingredients in this food, I was excited. I saw sweet potato listed and read online that it is so good for dogs to eat. This will help my Toby Tangles thrive! I really love all of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, too.

    Reply to Amy Orvin
  • Lindsey C.

    I love that this food will help my dog be the best they can be for longer because of the natural ingredients with no filler and lots of real protein!

    Reply to Lindsey C.
  • Stephanie

    My dog bentely would totally benefit from some Petco Wholehearted dog food! Right now we feed him Fromm’s or Blue Buffalo but man does it get expensive. I’ve always trusted the Petco brand, and I think this could be a great fit for us!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Lauren

    I wish they made a cat food too!

    Reply to Lauren
    • Edye Payne

      They do cat food. M-I-Ls cats love the canned flaked with gravy.

      Reply to Edye Payne
  • Christie

    Just started our 6 month old puppy on their puppy version – she seems to like it so far. I hope it helps her skin, as she’s got sensitive skin and very, very short hair (so almost nothing protecting her skin!)

    Reply to Christie
  • Shanna

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been on a new food quest for a few months now. I’m going to try this out. I have found my dog does better on grain free. Affordable is always a great option!
    1. I’ve always fed my dog quality dog food. She eats better than me. Haha I look for natural, organic…and now I’ve added grain free to the list.
    2. I have an 11 year old shitzu.
    3. I don’t know that she loves her food, but she hated blue buffalo.

    Reply to Shanna
  • JenniferAnne

    I’m not sure my comment went through.
    I said that this dog food would make my dog live a healthier life and would help his well being

    Reply to JenniferAnne
  • JenniferAnne

    It will help my dog live healthier because it is made of quality ingredients that are good for my dog’s health and well-being

    Reply to JenniferAnne
  • Rachel

    I adopted/rescued an older Siamese cat from a local shelter this summer. He’s almost 8, so I make sure that his food is grain-free given his age and sensitive tummy.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Tyneisha

    We’re always looking for ways to keep the pets in our family healthy and it looks like Petco’s Wholehearted may be a welcome addition!

    Reply to Tyneisha
  • Hannah Rumbarger

    What do you look for when buying your dog’s food?: My dog is a pup so I look for something made especially for puppies! He will honestly eat anything but I prefer grain free because I’ve noticed that his poop is less smelly when he eats grain free food!
    What kind of dog do you have?: I have a heeler/boston terrier/something else mix. He’s a cutie!
    Does your dog LOVE his food?: Yes he does, thankfully! He is not picky.

    Reply to Hannah Rumbarger
  • Julia

    I’ve also been using Rachel Ray’s dog food, so I’m intrigued by this healthy option for my husky! She always loves getting new food 🙂

    Reply to Julia
  • Carly

    I’m so proud of the progress Grumples has made recently. Just by how you write about him I can tell your an amazing dog mom and he is so loved!

    I always try to find dog food with real ingredients! Wholehearted Grain free sounds like a great option! I may try it out for Moose next time I buy dog food. Right now he eats Natures Recipe Sweet potato and pumpkin, but he likes nearly any food so he’s always excited to try new flavors and kinds!

    Moose is a schnoodle, schnauzer poodle mix, and kind of looks like a mini gray version of grumples. I think Oodles have great personalities, which I’m sure you get with grumples too!

    Winning anything dog related is always the best, because chances are good that I would use any kind of winnings to spoil him anyways!

    Reply to Carly
  • Crsytal

    I have 2 boxers, Hurley & Marley. When looking for food for them I make sure that corn meal is not high on the list of ingredients. They love it when we switch up their dog food and I’m sure they would love to try this brand!

    Reply to Crsytal
  • Sherri Fristoe

    We have a Greyhound that needs a high protein diet. I think she would eat 24 hours a day if we let her. She needs a good healthy food so she can enjoy her retirement for many years

    Reply to Sherri Fristoe
  • Godlove

    My brother is a dog lover.

    I will teach him this tips.

    Reply to Godlove
  • Courtney Haas

    I look for grain free, natural dog food. I have a Lab/Pitbull/Chow Chow puppy that is about 6 months old named Lilo <3 I love her to death and I want her to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible! I'm assuming she loves her food because she gobbles it up as quick as possible every time I feed her! I actually had to trade out her bowl for a muffin pan in order to split her food up more so she won't eat so fast! (This also reduces the chance of her getting twisted gut). I really want to find a food that my parents will be able to get easier while I'm in the Peace Corps. The food I get is only found online or in northern Minnesota, which is about 4 hours from where my parents live! Luckily, there's a Petco and Petsmart less than an hour away from them, so hopefully she'll like this food!

    Reply to Courtney Haas
  • Shannen

    1. Healthy, tasty, and affordable food. All three are very important!
    2. English Springer Spaniel and Labradot mix. Although I think she may have some border collie in her too.
    3. We just got a new bag of food and she likes it for now. She is a picky eater and halfway through a bag she will decide she doesn’t like it and will stop eating it.?

    Loved hearing about the new food and the fact grumples is doing well with his weight loss!

    Reply to Shannen
  • Lucy

    We just rescued a 2 year old Irish wolfhound and she is currently eating Iams, but after looking at the ingredient list I want to switch her to something grain free- but all the brands I’ve researched have been so expensive! I’m a college student so always looking to balance quality and cost, and of course trying to have self control and not just buy her everything even though I want to. This food might be a great choice I’ll have to check it out!

    Reply to Lucy
  • Sara

    I have two German Shepherds so I go through quite a bit of food. ?? The biggest thing I look for is affordability. A lot of people with GSDs do a raw diet, consisting of a specific blend of protein/fat/carbs and all meat is served to them raw. This would be awesome to do, but so expensive! So mine get regular dog chow. ? They love to eat, and are so spoiled! They get fed twice a day and then get a either a banana or some steamed green beans for a snack in the afternoon.

    Reply to Sara
  • Corinna

    I have been feeding my dog’s grain free Taste of the Wild. I’m definitely going to check out this brand from PetCo to see how they compare!

    Reply to Corinna
  • Miranda

    My little husky puppy has had tons of digestive issues since I’ve gotten him a month ago, I’m def gonna look into this food and see if maybe this could be an option :]

    Reply to Miranda
  • Katharine

    What do you look for when buying your dog’s food? natural, grain free food at a affordable price
    What kind of dog do you have? I adopted a mix breed and did a DNA test… he’s pitbull, golden retriever, rottweiler, and chow! he’s adorable
    Does your dog LOVE his food? he can be picky when it comes to eating- he much prefers human food 🙂 but I don’t give him much

    Reply to Katharine
  • Kellen

    I have a ten week old goldendoodle puppy! I was trying to decide where to go next when she outgrows her puppy food. I will have to try this when we switch in a few months!

    Reply to Kellen
  • Emily Weir

    I’m so happy I can finally participate in one of your dog giveaways! About 2 months ago, my husband brought home a dog that he claimed was just a “visitor”. Much to my cats dismay, he’s still living with us and has officially become a part of the family! I’ve never owned a dog though so I’m trying to educate myself on what’s best food wise for him. He’s a pit bull/shar-pei mix and has the saddest eyes, so you’d think he was living a touch life with us (even though he definitely isn’t). While he’s happy to eat, he always wants to follow my husband around so we have to sit with him until he finishes his food.

    Reply to Emily Weir
  • Georgia

    We have a very active pit bull mix, and I recently switched her to raw meat and cooked vegetables, and she seems much healthier. I’ve been thinking about mixing some kibble into her diet, so I would love to try out Wholehearted!

    Reply to Georgia
  • Dana

    I’m excited about Whole Hearted dog food! Both of my dogs were about 5-6 pounds overweight but at their last check-up they were both down to a healthy weight!

    I’ve always just given them Iams but I’ve never really looked at the ingredients. I will definitely have to check that out. I’ve been wanting to switch them to a new food but the natural brands are super expensive but hopefully this will be exactly what we are looking for.

    Oh and we have an Australian Shepherd-Chocolate Lab mix and a white shepherd mix!

    Reply to Dana
  • Jill

    I have a miniature schnauzer, Casey, and they have very sensitive stomachs. So I’ve just always bought the more expensive food to make sure it doesn’t upset her little belly. Also, we’ve been having the same problem where Casey can’t handle walking in the heat – and we’re in Kansas where it’s been super warm – so she isn’t getting as much exercise. So I’d love to try the wholehearted food!

    oh and ps, my parents have a golden doodle, Sam, and I think he and Mr. Grumples would be besties 🙂

    Reply to Jill
  • Becky

    I love Grumples – he’s like the big brother to my Ginger 😉

    Reply to Becky
  • Carolsue

    What do you look for when buying your dog’s food? Natural, grain free food
    What kind of dog do you have? Chocolate Lab
    Does your dog LOVE his food? He loves food more than ANYTHING. He lives to eat!

    Reply to Carolsue
  • Ginger Rardin

    My dog loves the salmon based dog food also! He has a sensitive stomach, and it really does work the best for him!

    Reply to Ginger Rardin
  • Sylvia

    I look for grain free and if there are probiotics built in, even better! We have tried many different brands for our maltipoo, Bella. She finally somewhat likes the Kahoots store brand but I’m always looking for new flavors to try.

    Reply to Sylvia
  • LG

    This would be great to try! The grain free food my pup eats now is pretty pricey.

    Reply to LG
  • Shellie

    I have 3 dogs. A mixed lab, cocker spaniel, and we Have Agustas who is allergic to almost any grain. He has a white coat so if he has a reaction he turns pink all over. The vet said put him on a Salmon and veggie plan. IT has helped a lot. still allergic to grass, well at least that’s what the vet believes. So after every walk or trip to bathroom outside he has to be wiped down all over. Poor Fella. This started when he was 10 weeks old. He is 6 months now. A good food like this one would be awsome for him and a bonus for me. There are some pics of him and my other babies. Oh I am also doing the Octoberfitchal.

    Reply to Shellie
  • Devanee

    I always look for meat of some sort as the first ingredient in my dog’s food. There are way too many that have corn.
    My dog is a mutt. Haha. A boxer/Rhodesian ridgeback.
    My dog loves everything. Edible or not. If it fits in his mouth, he’s probably eating it.
    I’m so glad to see that Grumples is making great progress. ?❤️

    Reply to Devanee
  • Jk

    We have a Weimaraner Retriever mix. She was a giveaway and turned out to be a great dog and spoiled. She gets to eat peanut butter and brown rice with her dry dog food, salmon type as well, she was losing weight and needed more carbs… wish I had that problem;). She loves her food so much she starts “talking” when you say food.

    Reply to Jk
  • -Lindsey Brannen

    I have two dogs. One is a 4 pound chihuahua and the other is a 45 pound German short hair pointer mix. They are very different but are absolutely best friends. They can’t stand to even be in separate rooms of the house. My Chihuahua has struggled with food allergies ever since we brought her home last year. We have her on a very expensive food because that’s all she has been able to tolerate. The petco wholehearted grain free food actually does not contain anything she is allergic to! I am so excited to try it especially since it is significantly cheaper than what she has been eating. The best part about this being a petco food is that there is no risk in trying it because I know petco will let me exchange it if she has a reaction to it. Their return policy has been a life saver and a budget saver while working through my pup’s food allergies!

    Reply to -Lindsey Brannen
  • Rachel

    Grumples is a lucky dog ?

    I look for grain-free food with as natural ingredients as possible, same deal with treats too! Occasionally I’ll make some homemade treats since my dog really loves those and is super motivated by them. He also loves apples and bananas, so he’s always trying to convince me to share those with him.
    My dog is a 2 year old golden retriever named Duncan and he is seriously my life. I don’t know what I would do without him, he’s so sweet, funny, and so incredibly smart. I got him from a service dog organization and we were able to train with the rest of his siblings for a while when he was a pup, it was such a cool experience.
    He likes his food a lot! I change up the flavor every now and then to keep him on his toes and he hasn’t complained yet lol

    Reply to Rachel
  • Brittany

    I actually have a Golendoodle too! His name is Melo and he’s my favorite in the whole world!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Tara @ Run and Live Happy

    My dog is a little overweight and we are trying to get his weight down too. I would love to try this food! We use Iams Healthy Naturals but it doesn’t seem to help with weight control. We don’t have a Petco near us, but I will have to look online at this food.

    Reply to Tara @ Run and Live Happy
  • Shy

    we have 2 labs who would love to have this whole healthy food for their big appetites and energized bodies. it would also help provide for them considering two big dogs can be costly. I’m anxious to see if new dog food would help their shedding.

    Reply to Shy
  • Maggi Vodraska

    I have a 3 year old golden so I am crushing on the little guy in your snaps!!

    My fluff is a grazer he may save his breakfast for dinner and be find the rest of the night. I’ve tried to switch up his food but it doesn’t seem to change things and he still gets told he’s a little too chunky at the vet. So for Watson I always look for something hearty and full of nutrients that will last him if he desides he doesn’t need to eat for 24 hours.

    Totally excited to have him try this food!!

    Reply to Maggi Vodraska
  • Emily Landers

    This would be great for my German Shepard because he has food allergies and we are always looking for new cheaper alternatives to what he has now plus we want to get him some new toys.

    Reply to Emily Landers
  • Haley

    Such a great post! My Golden Retriever needs to lose a few pounds! He has a love for my leftover sweet potatoes 🙂

    Reply to Haley
  • Ali

    I’ve preferred to feed my puppies a grain free food for years, but have recently slacked on it because most grain free options are so expensive. I’d love to try a more affordable brand!

    Reply to Ali
  • Brooke

    I have a little mutt. 🙂 I think he’s a cocker spaniel mixes with a Pomeranian or something. Either way, he’s adorable and my best friend. As far as his food goes, he’s not a big eater. Friends have commented that he’s the only dog they know who doesn’t rush to his food as soon as it’s in the bowl. Maybe that means he doesn’t like it? After this post, I’m seriously considering a new food for him. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Reply to Brooke
  • Heather F

    My dog suffers from grain allergies so this looks like a good option.

    Reply to Heather F
  • Rin S.

    I would love to win this giveaway! This food sounds great! My dog is a couch potato and won’t go on walks for very long before wanting to lay down. If I could help her out with her food then maybe we could go on longer walks and she’d enjoy it more! I like that you know what’s in the dog food and there’s not big chemical names in the ingredients.

    Reply to Rin S.
  • Rachel

    I always look for what is healthiest. I just adopted my little guy about two months ago and he is my world. So I want him to be happy and healthy.

    I have a three-year-old terrier poodle mix. I adopted him from a shelter. He was not treated very well in his first few years, so I make sure to give him all the love. And he loves food maybe as much as I do. He’s ALWAYS hungry.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Mary

    I love healthy options for my dog!! Thank you!

    Reply to Mary
  • Jessica

    This looks great! My french bulldog has a finicky stomach and loads of allergies, so I found grain free is the best! She is currently eating Natural Balance, which she seems to enjoy. An empty bowl means she likes it, right?? 🙂 Love that you and Grumples are getting back into walking – I am still waiting for the temps to drop so that my frenchie and I can start adding more distance to our walks!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Kathryn

    I like to look at the ingredients. While I’m pretty sure my pit mix, Lilly, will eat anything that comes her way. I have also owned dogs with sensitive stomachs so I still pay attention to foods that are are natural.

    I also mix the wet food in with dry food (sometimes even a drop of plain yogurt) for a special treat! This seems to be her favorite.

    Reply to Kathryn
  • Linda @ the Fitty

    Have you found that having a furry friend has greatly reduced your anxiety?

    Reply to Linda @ the Fitty
  • Alexa

    I have 3 dogs! 2 that have allergies to just about everything! Our doggies are on the Rachael Ray 6 ingredient dog food and they seem to really love it! We still haven’t nailed down the exact food allergy in our pug, but this food has been the most helpful!
    One of our dogs is a beagle mix, one is a pug, and one is a cockapoo mix!
    They all love food, but they are actually big fans of fresh fruits and veggies. When I meal prep, they get the scraps and go crazy for them!

    This giveaway is awesome! I’m also super interested to try out this food with my dogs!

    Reply to Alexa
  • Liz Roberts

    We just got a French bulldog pup, and they have tons of allergy issues! We just switched from chicken grain free to salmon grain free. We’re trying out a bunch of different brands, and would love to try Wholehearted! (ps- love your blog, super big fan! )

    Reply to Liz Roberts
  • Cate

    I admit it, I’m obsessive about my dog’s food! I will only buy grain free and only ones that get at least 4.5 or 5 stars on dogfoodadvisor.com. I also only buy dog food made and sourced from the US or Canada. My mini poodle will eat anything- but it’s my job to make sure he’s getting the best food I can afford! That doesn’t nessesarily mean the most expensive, but the best quality. Currently he’s on Canidea pure sky.

    Seriously, dogfoodadvisor.com is awesome! It changed how I look at the ingredients in pet food (for example, “chicken” is about 80% water, “chicken meal” is actually a better because its high protein without the excess water. Also, peas protein, chick peas and other legumes as major ingredients suggests they are boosting the protein levels with plant protein instead of meat.)

    Reply to Cate
  • Lacey

    I adopted two pups within the last two years- one is a boxer mix (Chewie) and the other a min pin mix (Spock). They are both sweet boys! To answer your question 1) protein/meat has to be the first ingredient! 2) both dogs are on Hill’s Science Diet right now, one is the puppy formula and the other is the dental kind for his teeth. 3) My dogs LOVE all food! They love trying new things!

    Love the blog, especially your posts about Mr. Grumples! Your posts always get me excited to get out and explore with my best friends. 🙂

    Reply to Lacey
  • Amy

    I just had to switch up my dog Ivy’s dog food because she had been so itchy! This would be great to try!

    Reply to Amy
  • Pamela

    Our boxer/hound mix, Joey, is still a puppy and very active. We are currently using Kirkland dog food. The lamb and veggie kind. He really seems to like it, but I am always open to try something new. I had read somewhere that many dogs are allergic to chicken so that is why we changed to the lamb.

    Proud of Grumples and his weight loss journey! Such a sweet dog.

    Reply to Pamela
  • Joni

    My dog has a pretty sensitive stomach, so I would live to try this out!

    Reply to Joni
  • Michelle

    We have a yellow lab that is about 8 months old. He is definitely still in the puppy stages so everyday is a challenge of how much we can wear him out so he isn’t running around like crazy all night 🙂 Definitely the best decision we’ve made since getting married. He has brought us so much joy!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Allie

    I have two dogs: one with an iron stomach and one with some GI issues. I have to be super careful when buying dog food because things like grain and corn upset his stomach. I usually feed my dogs the grain-free Rachel Ray dog food as well, but I would be interested in changing it up.
    I love both my dogs like family and want to do right by both of them. I rescued both of them and I want them to feel loved and happy.

    Reply to Allie
  • Tiffany

    1) I recently use Blue Buffalo, I look for natural ingredients (health freak). If I wouldn’t eat I sure don’t want my pups to eat it.
    2) I just got a Goldendoodle she is 7 weeks old, her name is Lady and then a 4 year yorkipoo Baxie
    3)I think they like the food but if I can switch to someone healthier and less expensive I am all for it.

    Reply to Tiffany
  • Liz B.

    We have 2 dogs both with many allergies. We are constantly trying to find a food that they like and that is also goo for them. We have also been on the Rachel Ray food for a little over 2 years and would love to find something new for the girls!

    Reply to Liz B.
  • Denise

    My pup is super picky! I’m going to go try this out and hope maybe we find a keeper!

    Reply to Denise
  • Orsi

    Oh, we just went dog food shopping this weekend and were debating whether to get our pup something new and we went with the same as we always buy to be safe. Have been thinking about switching his food up tho, I am sure it is not the best for them either to eat the same all the time.
    1. We always look for grain free food and organic ingredients. It is so hard to tell what they actually put into their food and we want to make sure he gets good quality…but they are so expensive…WholeHearted sounds like a wonderful option.
    2. We have a 1 year old cockapoo, his name is Echo.
    3. Echo loves food in general haha he is not very picky or doesn’t really think about what he puts in his tummy..including rocks :/ He is very sneaky that way. I hope he will grow out of it…he is getting heavy from all the rocks haha

    Reply to Orsi
  • Amanda

    I would love to try this dog food out! I have two very sweet spunky fur babies that I love with all my heart and only want what’s best for them. However, having dogs can be expensive and choosing the right food can be hard on the wallet. Getting to try this out for free will ensure that it’s worth the investment!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Rachel

    My dog has been battling food allergies since he was 2, he’s 9 now, and we’re on a limited ingredient food. I would love to try this!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Caitlyn

    My dog actually has anal gland issues, and I am seriously on the hunt for a new food for her because you are supposed to change up their protein source every now and then, but it’s sooooo hard because all of the grain free and healthy dog foods are WAY too expensive for me because I’m a college student on a budget, so this is pretty cool that they are making their own grain free food, maybe I’ll give it a try

    Reply to Caitlyn
  • Anonymous

    yaay! i miss your giveaways

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Sammie

    My boyfriend and I were just talking about switching up our pup’s food. Penelope (our dog) can be really picky, so I would love to give this a try! 🙂

    Reply to Sammie
  • Savannah @Savvy Thoughts

    My adorable mutt Cashew is getting old! Petco Wholehearted dog food sounds like it will keep him healthy and keep that puppy spirit in him! 🙂

    PS- As a fellow dog lover I think you’d love my instagram… @pupsinpajamas!! 😉 haha!

    Reply to Savannah @Savvy Thoughts
  • Lauren B

    1. I look for all natural whole ingredients. Just like I do for my own food. Want to make sure my dog is getting the best quality food I can give her, but without breaking the bank.

    2. I have a Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog, named Max (named after The Road Warrior). She’s my best friend and walking buddy.

    3. I’m actually in the process of switching up her food to something a little better than what she was eating. She’s got a sensitive stomach so I like to make sure it’s grain free and made with real ingredients. She recently got into something and we had to rush her to the vet because of blood in her stool. Very scary but she’s doing better now, so I’m in the process of picking out a new food that will be easy on her stomach. Haven’t switched her food yet so I’m going to go check out Petco tonight for this!

    Reply to Lauren B
  • Delaney

    1.) What do you look for when buying your dog’s food?
    I look for grain free and I always have a look at the ingredients on the back! I currently use Merrick Grain Free Dog Food which we both like, but it is a bit pricey, so I’ll have to check this new Petco brand out!
    2.) What kind of dog do you have?
    Mocha is a border terrier mix. Her mom was full blooded, but she was rescued so we’re not sure what the fathers mix was.
    3.) Does your dog LOVE his food?
    She eats her food, but she’d much rather eat table scraps, which I know is a bad habit! I’d like to find her a food that she enjoys so much that we can stop that old habit!

    Reply to Delaney
  • Sarah

    Have three dogs at home, and would love to try a new grain free food! Right now they are on the Instinct brand, which is great, and they love but my wallet does not love so much! So great to see some new brands coming out!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Elizabeth

    I have a very energetic Austrailian Shepherd. I would love to win the year of pet food!! She could really use a better diet. I think a new diet would help her feel better and improve her health preventing disease down the road. I love my dog and I can’t imagine life without her!!

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Jean

    1. I look for the main ingredients to be meat and not byproducts. I also look out for corn meal and anything with flour.
    2. We by Kirkland Natures Domain™ Organic puppy food from Costco. It comes in a 30lb bag for about $45. We have a 4 month old Australian Shepard Beagle mix puppy.
    3. She goes CRAZY for it! It doesn’t take much for her love something but she eats so much for her small size. It is worth the extra we spend on it to know she’s getting good quality food but we may have to check this kind out next time we go to Petco.

    Reply to Jean
  • Ariel

    Hey Taralynn!

    I have a toy poodle and he has a lot of stomach problems so I get him food that is grain free and has nothing bad in it. He likes the now brand nuggets for small breeds. He seems to enjoy his food but I have seen the Rachael Ray food and being a fan of her myself I bet my pup would love her dog food.

    Reply to Ariel
  • Amanda

    Hi Taralynn! I too, like to look for healthy ingredients when buying dog food. All the artificial stuff can’t be good for dogs!
    Right now we are using Iams for Mature Dogs (Rudy is going to be 8 this month!). It’s okay, and he likes it, but I’m sure we could find a much healthier option. I will check out Petco’s Wholehearted foods next!!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Brittany M.

    Hey Taralynn,

    I look for food that is easy on my pup’s stomach. Her tummy is sensitive. I have a Corgi, and she’s the best! She has so much energy and always wants to play! I need to start taking her out for long walks to let her burn off some energy! She does like her food. She’s up for anything. How was your trip?

    Reply to Brittany M.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Brit!

      Long walks are the best for dogs with high energy. It puts them in amazing moods and is so good for their mental health. Grumples is a changed pup.

      My trip was wonderful 🙂 & i’ll be blogging all about it!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jennifer

    Now if they would just make healthy food for people cheaper too! ?

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Sarah Aragon

    We would love to win some! I have 2 Boston Terriers and we use grain free food, but I think it’s also time to change it up as well. My youngest is a couple pounds overweight so this would help him shed the last 3 pounds. He also has tiny teeth, so we like food with smaller kibbles, and this looks like it’s small and smoothe enough for him to chew with no problems! (:

    Reply to Sarah Aragon
  • Jenn L

    I would love to give this dog food a try! I have an overweight boxer, an average weight boxer, and a senior corgi mix. I think this might be a great option that will fit the needs of all three of our babies!

    Reply to Jenn L
  • Lindsey Cooley

    I would so love to win this for my lovely pooch Tank!!! Don’t know what I would do without him and I want to keep him around as long as possible! He will be two next month so he is still a young pup and I want to keep him on the right track so he can live a healthy, happy and long life!

    Reply to Lindsey Cooley
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Tank! That is such a cool name. I love hearing people’s dogs names. They’re always fun and unique. One of my reader’s dogs name is MOOSE and I’m obsessed. I also would love to keep my dog around as long as possible and that’s all up to us! We have to feed them right and exercise them! xo Sounds like you are on the right path.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Terra

    We love our pups and they need to be feed the best food available.

    Reply to Terra
  • Jenn

    Grain free dog food can be so expensive! I’m going to look into this!

    Reply to Jenn
  • Lauren @ Following the Path of Life

    I’ve considered trying grain-free dog food before, simply to see if it is a better choice for dogs because of their carnivorous — and thus high-protein–nature. I am very happy with the food I have Zip on now (Kirkland’s Lamb and Rice blend), but it would also be nice to have a back-up option in case Zip decides he doesn’t like his regular dog food anymore (he’s kind of a picky boy). Also, since we don’t have a Costco in Wyoming, I might be able to got to a Petco more easily and regularly than I do a Costco. Even if I didn’t use the Wholehearted brand for his regular food, I could also use it for training treats; then he would be eating rewards that are properly more well-designed for a dog’s system than Cheerios or dehydrated hot dogs are (both are what I generally use for training, mostly the Cheerios).

    Reply to Lauren @ Following the Path of Life
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Lauren!!

      I know what you mean about the picky boys. I found a huge difference in Grumples energy when I switched over to a grain free food. Love that you use Cheerios for training. I used to give Grumps Cheerios for training when he was a puppy and his toots for horrendous! I had to stop lol You could slowly transition into a grain free diet and see how he does! 🙂 xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kristen

    The salmon and pea sounds great! Congrats on the pup’s 6 lb weight loss !

    Reply to Kristen
  • Danielle

    This stuff seems great! My Boxer has a very sensitive stomach and we have tried so many types of dog food and nothing really seems to solve the problem :/ So glad to see this on the market and I would love to check it out!

    Reply to Danielle
  • Celina

    Perfect timing. I’ve been looking to change my dog’s dry food to something healthier since he’s getting older & I want him to live at least another 50 years! (Kinda kidding. Kinda not.) We’ll have to grab a bag next time we’re at Petco. 🙂

    Reply to Celina
  • Erin W

    I have 2 dogs who would love this food. We try really hard to look at the ingredients for them and can’t wait to try this brand.

    Reply to Erin W
  • Carol

    Thanks for the chance

    Reply to Carol
  • Michelle M.

    We recently adopted a 2 year old American Bulldog who has allergies like crazy. I’ve been told their breed is basically allergic to themselves! We have him on a grain free diet currently (Rachael Ray as well) but would love to try something new for him. Glad to know Petco has some nice options & the Wholehearted line sounds great. Will have to try for sure!

    Reply to Michelle M.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I feel ya on the allergies! Congrats on the new addition to the family. American Bulldogs are super cute.

      Grumples has transitioned so well to the new food. I hope your pup enjoys it! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hillary Danielle

    This giveaway and blog post makes me happy! We have been trying different foods for our (now) 2 dogs, and haven’t really found a brand that’s been 100% yet. We prefer to go grain free as well, but as you mentioned they can get pricey, and now with having 2 dogs, they go through twice as much, twice as fast! We just might have to try this brand out! Also, I love that this is a Petco giveaway because Petco is my Go-To store for my dogs and cats needs. So thank you for this opportunity to win a giftcard!

    Reply to Hillary Danielle
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Woo Hoo!:)

      Having two dogs is super expensive, especially when you have dietary needs for the both of them. Grumples is HUGE, so he requires a bit more food and it’s so great they offer a budget friendly dog food. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I love that all dogs around the U.S. can eat healthier now!!

      Thanks for entering and GOODLUCK!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lucy

    WholeHearted sounds great and affordable! I have a goldendoodle too, Jemma, and I’m sure she would love it!

    Reply to Lucy
  • Amanda| The Kitcheneer

    Great post!!! Love Petco! I usually stop by there once a months to stock up on our kitties’ favorites! We have an older diabetic kitty who needs specific food that they carry and love the price to boot! Glad Grumples loves his food! Crossing my fingers on this give away!

    Reply to Amanda| The Kitcheneer
  • Amanda

    My dog is getting older and I want to make sure she loves for a long time and I hope that healthy food could help her do that!

    Reply to Amanda

    Love this post, pups are the best!

    Reply to MARCIE
  • Kaitlyn McIntyre

    Winning this giveaway will help me in my quest to find the right food to fit my Mastiff Odin’s dietary needs. He is allergic to chicken, makes poor pup itchy and irritable.

    Reply to Kaitlyn McIntyre

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