Kathy Davis Bedding Giveaway

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

Nothing brings me more joy than my morning time. It’s the time I get all to myself to drink coffee, relax,  and appreciate the small things in life before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Life is short, so it’s important to live each day filled with love and happiness. I partnered up with the Kathy Davis brand a couple months ago and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with them again. The Kathy Davis brand believes that everyone has the right to “Create a Life They Love” and I live by that motto every single day. They create meaningful products that remind us to celebrate life, share joy, nurture relationships and appreciate yourself.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

Since I work from home, it’s important to fill my place with inspiration. I’m also a fan of making decor cozy and comfortable so it’s easy to relax. If I have a writer’s block I tend to move from room to room to change up the scenery. I’ll sit on my couch, my desk, or in bed. Grumples follows me everywhere I go and he’s the permanent comfort.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

I agree with the Kathy Davis brand that your surroundings can inspire your days. I change my surroundings and decor all the time. I do it when seasons change and I do it when I need something new. Since yesterday was the first day of summer, I added in some fresh summery colors to my room thanks to the Kathy Davis brand for sending me over some adorable bedding.

Want to know the best part? You can enter to win a set of Kathy Davis bedding for yourself! (all details at the bottom of the post)

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

Kathy Davis is wonderful at being the trusted voice that brings comfort, joy and the right words to the ones we love. Kathy Davis has been doing it for 25 years! She makes it easier for us to celebrate the big and little moments in life. Her products and greeting cards have been sold in 60,000 stores nationwide.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding GiveawayKathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

New bedding gives me the same excitement that you get when you spend the night at a grand hotel. I love their commitment to creating meaningful products.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

Every time I browse the Kathy Davis Brand collections, I get inspired to create and paint. I love all the designs and colors in her work.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway

There are so many colors throughout the bedding and it paired perfectly with my rustic furniture and other decor.

Kathy Davis Brand Bedding GiveawayKathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway Kathy Davis Brand Bedding GiveawayKathy Davis Brand Bedding Giveaway


KATHY DAVIS™ & Simply Taralynn Bedding Giveaway

Questions for you!

  1. Do you create inspiration in your space? (office, home, car)
  2. What is one small moment you enjoy everyday?
  3. Who inspires you most?
This is a sponsored post with the Kathy Davis Brand and ALL opinions are my own.


  • Mirna M.

    uuu love this kind of things, colorful sheets and bedding. I am a summer girl, so even in the winter I love to have nice and “happy” colors on my bed to help me keep spring and summer in my head 🙂
    bad thing is I can’t enter the competition! But hey, it is OK , you’re gonna make someone else happy!

    lot of love from Bosnia

    Reply to Mirna M.
  • heather

    I create inspiration in my home by decorating for the season. The one small moment I enjoy everyday is having my morning coffee on the front porch enjoying nature. My mother inspires me the most.

    Reply to heather
  • Dominika

    pity that I can not enter the competition. I am from Slovakia 🙁 that bedding is beautiful 🙂 I keep my fingers who logs

    Reply to Dominika
  • Nicole Hawkins

    I have to say, though it is a slow process for myself to build my living space and all the things that make me smile and feel comfort in my own room. It would be the little pieces that bring it together, from the choices of the candles down to the little decor that really make the place pop, like my golden wing Nate Berkus decorative bowl.
    My favorite moment is every morning when I wake up, and start my routine for the day. Starting the coffee and making the oatmeal right down to washing my face. Those three moments are my favorite. Plus that first sip of coffee in the morning is simply the best feeling.
    I would have to say that I gather my inspiration from different people. Anyone who can stay motivated, and keep thriving and continuing to learn and grow as a person is one who inspires me the most.

    And having a bed to sleep and restart your day is just the greatest as well, especially with such pretty bedding as Kathy Davis.

    Love, LOVE your bed and can’t wait to see the building process of it.

    Reply to Nicole Hawkins
  • Elizabeth Segarra

    Oh my gosh, that bedding is beautiful!!

    Reply to Elizabeth Segarra
  • Shani G

    My bedroom is my favorite room to be in. Waking up to a nice space sets my day up for motivation. My favorite moment everyday is either my morning time with the dog or when u first slip into bed at night. No better feeling! Most of my inspiration comes from bloggers like you!

    Reply to Shani G
  • Jamie

    That bedding is really pretty. It’s nice that your room is so neutral, so you can switch it up a lot more. I don’t switch my bedding too much, but you’re giving me inspiration to neutralize my main decor so that I can play around with accessories more.
    1. I LOVE home decor, so it’s important to me that my home and classroom are clean, well-decorated, and enjoyable places to be. I want my spaces to feel calm, inviting, and welcoming.
    2. I love the time I have to myself every day after work. That’s my dessert time of day where I’ll have a sweet treat and go online. SO relaxing.
    3. It depends on what aspect of my life you’re talking about! Almost all the people I surround myself with are uplifting/inspiring in some way. I’ve got a pretty good group of friends/family/colleagues 🙂

    Reply to Jamie
  • Brooklyn

    I love new bedding! I get so excited when I get new bedding, new throw pillows, a new sleep pillow, new duvets, everything!
    It is so refreshing to change up your space 🙂

    A moment I enjoy everyday is going through emails in the morning while drinking coffee. My coffee addiction is getting pretty bad, but coffee just makes everything better 🙂


    Reply to Brooklyn
  • Anonymous

    Hi Taralynn,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and admire your dedication to health and fitness. I wanted to ask you about something I struggle with (sorry, off topic and not about bedding), which is food cravings during PMS. Any advise to ward off frequent, unhealthy eating? This is really the only time I struggle to keep up my diet, but I feel like it is sabotaging all of my efforts! Thanks in advance for the advise 🙂

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Casey

    1. Yes I love creating inspiration! My cube is the most decorated in the office with pictures and trinkets from travels and I like writing inspirational things to myself on my mirror as a reminder to myself as soon as I get up!

    2. My 10 minute meditations. I know it is not a long time but it brings me peace in my hectic day.

    3. My mom! She has always worked so hard in her job and raising my brother and me and I can only hope to one day be half the mother that she is!

    Reply to Casey
  • Melissa

    This bedding is super pretty! I love how subtle the pink is. 🙂

    Do you create inspiration in your space? (office, home, car)
    YES! My whole apartment is always changing with different decor and colors. HomeGoods + Kirklands are my guilty pleasures.

    What is one small moment you enjoy everyday?
    My best friend and I have been taking night walks lately, which are really clearing for the mind and so nice. Last night we walked for an hour + 20 minutes and we’re back at it tonight!

    Who inspires you most?
    My mom, for sure. She’s the epitome of a strong female and everything I aspire to become. 🙂



    Reply to Melissa
  • Carly

    This bedding is ADORABLE! I always change up the look of my rooms based on the season!

    I feel like any place I am, I create inspiration. From the pictures I hang in my hallway, to the inspiring wall art in my office, to the cutesy air freshener in my car. Having an inspiring space no matter where you are can make for an inspirational life!

    I am an early bird, so mornings are my special time. My favorite is having a cup of coffee on the couch with the dog curled up beside me before the day starts!

    I don’t know that there is one person who inspires me most. I draw different types of inspiration from those around me. The passion and drive from my husband, the creativity from my best friend, the simple happiness from my dog, etc.

    Reply to Carly
  • Ashley Breanna

    Do you create inspiration in your space? (office, home, car) Yes! I truly believe a clean, well-organized, color-friendly space triggers the mood & brain to function vibrantly!
    What is one small moment you enjoy everyday? The drive home from work, jamming in the car to 90s country songs. Or, the drive in, where I have my talks with God.
    Who inspires you most? I have so many, but it’s just a mix of those people & who I want to be in the future. I am working towards becoming a better me, & I admire that girl 😉 I admire myself right now, a heck of a lot, too 😉

    Reply to Ashley Breanna
  • Rae

    1. I try to create inspiration to sleep in my bedroom! I’ve suffered from mild insomnia paired with some other health issues since I was a teen so I’m always focusing on making my bedroom as relaxing and calming as I can!
    2. My morning coffee in bed while I go through emails and Instagram!
    3. I work at a local police agency in Canada and my coworkers inspire me each and every day. I always try to live my life as I see so many of my coworkers live: be kind and selfless, always courageous and constantly trying to help those in my community. I work with some brave men and women who put it all on the line every single day!

    Reply to Rae
  • Aleysha

    Where did you get that striped dog bed?? I love it and its SO hard to find dog beds that don’t completely clash with my home décor themes.

    Reply to Aleysha
  • Emily

    This bedding is so cute! I need a refresh in my sleep space ☺️

    1- I have inspiring quotes, paintings, and vynil records of some of my favorite artists and Broadway cast albums
    2- I also enjoy my coffee everyday like you do but what I enjoy most is walking to work and listing to classic rock radio stations
    3- the person who inspires me most is my mom who is recently passed ? she is inspireing me to do more and be more in this life because it is oh so short ☀️

    Reply to Emily
  • Amanda Klems

    Wow! I have never heard of Kathy Davis brand before, but I will be sure to check it out now! As you know, my fiance and I just bought our first home, so I am sure that her website will have lots of things that we need! 🙂 Your decor is always beautiful!

    1. I inspire myself when I surf Pinterest. Pinning ideas of crafts, DIY projects, home decor and recipes that I want to try! Looking through the photos gets my wheels turning, and I can start to think of other ideas, too. I also get a lot of inspiration flipping through magazines and reading blogs that I subscribe to!

    2. I too, am a morning-lover. I really need to work on getting up a little earlier so I can fit in a workout before work, or perhaps make myself a proper breakfast. The mornings are when I am the most motivated to get things done. I am a total list maker, and I find satisfaction in being able to cross off things on my list as early as possible. Bills paid, check.

    3. My Aunt Casey inspires me the most. She is a graphic designer, so she is very creative and artsy. She can “think outside of the box” better than anyone I know – perfect person to have on my side during wedding planning! 🙂 She also has faced several hardships in her life and worked through them, coming out better than before. She inspires me to never give up and keep working toward my dreams.

    Reply to Amanda Klems
  • Amanda T.

    Loving this bedding! I try to make my home my place of inspiration. My favorite spot? Our sun room. We planted a ton of flowers and I just love sitting out there with my coffee and usually a kitty on my lap :).
    My husband inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself as possible and to see the good in everyone and everything I would honestly be lost without him.
    That’s why my favorite small moment of the day is when he finally comes home from work and we make dinner together and talk and get to be ourselves after a long day at work. <3

    Reply to Amanda T.
  • Jen H.

    1. YES!!! I feel like creating inspiration in your office is a must. I am a teacher and in grad school so a huge deal of my time is spent in my room at my desk. I created an ‘inspirational’ bulletin board that’s on my wall above my desk. It holds special notes from my students, important reminders, and inspirational/motivational quotes. When I’m feeling stuck or down, I look to that bulletin board for help 🙂

    2. I am very similar to you, Taralynn, and enjoy my morning coffee. Especially Saturday mornings when nobody is awake yet and the world is quiet. I usually sit outside on my back porch and watch the sunrise. Taking a moment for yourself, breathing in the morning air, and listening to the quiet is so peaceful and much needed in our hectic world.

    3. As cliche as it sounds…my Mom. She is a single parent working two jobs, 7 days a week. Her work ethic is amazing. Not only that, but she comes home and is non stop doing stuff around the house. She has shown me that I can be an independent, self-reliant woman and that I can live on my own. She is what inspired and and gave me the strength to work 3 jobs and push myself through grad school.

    Reply to Jen H.
  • Morgan Powell

    I try to create an inspiration wall or board near my desk or bed. With people I know that inspire me, celebrities or athletes and with quotes. I’m constantly adding new things to it so that it doesn’t get dull.
    I’m the same way, I love the time right after I wake up where I can just relax before my internal “to-do” list starts to order me around 🙂
    I would say my mom inspires me the most. She works really hard at work and then she comes home and she works hard on her home. But she knows how and when she should relax as well. I think learning how to balance work and relaxation is so important to a person.
    I love your blog btw! I read it all the time 🙂

    P.S. I hope you’re still planning on doing a post about how to make your bed frame! I am so in love with it 🙂

    Reply to Morgan Powell
  • Jennifer

    I definitely try to! I’m currently working on re-doing my desk space (hello homegoods) so I have a cute place to work from since I just got a part time job that lets me work from home!

    The moment I lay down on my bed after a long day of work. It’s the most comforting moment!

    To be honest, you are one of my biggest inspirations! Following you helped me lose weight at one point, and it’s helping me again. You’re also so creative and set such a good example for people! Really anyone who does that is an inspiration to me.

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love self-affirmation and positivity decor. My little uni room can definitely use this.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Carol

    Love the bedding, very summery. I’m often inspired by scents, my mom always kept candles as a kid and those same scents bring back many memories

    Reply to Carol

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