Going Here & Going There.


It’s been one heck of a week.  I promised to update more, but I couldn’t find the time or motivation to do it. Life has been a whirlwind lately. Hopefully this post isn’t too long and you’ll be able to enjoy it with our cup of coffee in the morning.


I woke up at six and headed to the gym for an hour of strength training. I didn’t go in there with a plan. I just did random sets on all the equipment and I’m feeling really sore right now. Sometimes when I’m tired, I wander around the empty gym and do all kinds of random workouts. If no one is watching, I don’t really care what I look like.


After my workout, I took Grumples for his! I love this weather 🙂


Last Thursday, I skipped running and walked about 70 minutes on the treadmill at an incline. Whenever I don’t feel like doing weights or running, walking is my go-to. It was raining out, so the treadmill came in handy. I usually listen to music and play candy crush while walking.


On Friday, I decided to test out some of my new Asics running shoes, Under Armor pants, running socks, and a couple other pieces from Road Runner Sports. Next week, I’ll be doing a feature post for them so you can check out all the cool items. I also tried out KT Tape and I was shocked at how well it worked. I thought it was a joke at first, but I had to buy it to see if it made any difference and it did.


After getting cleaned off, I relaxed a bit and watched the new season of House of Cards 🙂 Around six, I met up with a group of friends at Food Truck Friday. It was so cold out, so we headed over to the Wooden Robot Brewery.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s a cute little spot in SouthEnd and they have awesome craft beer. I ordered the “overachiever” and the “what she’s having.” I used to hate craft beer but I’ve been creating a taste for it. We ended up going to a couple other bars and having some wine. Around one, we were exhausted. My friend (btw, you speculators, you, my friend is a girl and I am not dating anyone) and I headed back to my place to watch a movie and pass out.


We drove around to about five different places to have brunch on Saturday morning. They were all one hour waits, so we said “screw it” and went to Panera Bread. I ordered a smoothie and a blueberry bagel.

12804075_997757393604170_2032426360_n 12825591_997757383604171_628778527_n

I couldn’t believe how good their dark roast coffee was. I’m already craving it again. Also, coffee tastes so much better out of a mug.

PicMonkey Collage

After breakfast, we headed over to SouthPark mall to shop. I picked up a really cute sundress at Gap! I’m excited to wear it this spring.


My friend has about ten stray cats that roam her property and this one is my favorite.


And then…this happened.

You guys are probably wonder “WTF.” BUT, it wasn’t just a last minute decision. I’ve wanted a tattoo of something REALLY simple for years. I didn’t know what to get and I didn’t know where I wanted it. I tried to think of a symbol that represented me. A camera popped into my head. I love taking photos and I love blogging, so I thought it represented me so well. I like how simple it looks and it makes me so happy.


This was obviously acting. Even though it hurt like a BEEEEEP when he got closer to my wrist.


My tattoo artist is literally my favorite person.


It’s still swollen and hasn’t heeled yet, but I still love it.


So you’re probably wondering what my parents think? I was actually wondering what they’d think too…well turns out they loved it!


After our adventurous afternoon, we stopped at HoBos in Fort Mill for dinner. I ordered their garden salad with grilled chicken. It was awesome!


After dinner, we rushed over to our friend Aimee’s house for a little spa party. I had to post this photo of her. 🙂 I also sent it to her fiancé. She is like the most well put together person I have ever met, so to see mud on her face is a rarity.


After the spa party, we rushed over to my friend Rachel’s housewarming party for a quick drink. I’m not kidding, we were on the GO GO GO all day.


After Rachel’s, we headed over to our friend’s house to watch the fights.


These girls are huge goofballs.


Also, if you ever need fashion advice…just talk to high school girls. They know what is in.


We ended up leaving around twelve.


I did a quick Jillian Michaels ab video (not really working lol) and then made breakfast before meeting up with a friend for a walk. I made a omelet with italian parsley, five egg whites, two egg yolks, and cheddar cheese.


Sugar Creek Greenway is GORGEOUS!!!!! It’s a must walk if you live or are visiting Charlotte.

12825540_997756786937564_128227002_n 12834506_997755883604321_1763408273_n

I grabbed a quick snack after the walk: whole grain bread and chunky peanut butter.


We decided to grab Sunday Sushi at Enso’s for dinner.


I love Ensos! They have all kinds of items on the menu and not just sushi. I had the spicy tuna roll, ginger salad, and edamame.


Monday I had my favorite for breakfast…coffee, cereal, and juice!


I hate leaving my dog by himself when I’m always on the go go go, so my parents had him for the weekend. They love playing with him in the backyard. BUT I MISSED HIM 🙁 so he’s been getting so many walks this week. Monday we went three miles together.

PicMonkey Collage

We like finding little paths and back neighborhoods to explore.


He always quits on me when we get towards the end of my place. He finds a shade tree to sit under and there is nothing I can do about it.


Since he’s been going to training, he’s gotten so much better when it comes to lunging at cars or bikes. I think he’s done it 1 out of 10 times this week. That is a miracle. He can officially sit somewhere and not want to attack anything.


I ended up dropping him off and then heading out for my own run on Monday afternoon. It was so nice out! After my run I stopped to pick up groceries for Bachelor Monday. I also grabbed some fresh pineapple!


The stir fry was so good from last week that we made it again.


This time we added chicken.


The women tell all episode was extremely boring and full of way too many commercials. I loved that Amy Schumer called out Chris Harrison. I’m also team Jubilee for the next Bachelorette.


Playing it cool and being sneaky on Tuesday morning………..:D


He also got an amazing walk Tuesday! & quit on me again…….


After my walk I had a Greek yogurt. I haven’t had yogurt in so long!   12834668_997755903604319_314080454_n

After being in workout clothes for the past two days, I needed to put makeup on and try too feel cute for at least an hour. Have you ever done that just to remind yourself that you don’t look crappy all the time? lol

12834815_997756793604230_1479536148_n 12833433_997755893604320_1863764532_n

I relaxed all afternoon, catching up on laundry and work. I also worked on getting through the new season of House of Cards 🙂


For dinner I had a Caesar salad with avocado, tomato basil Triscuits and Amy’s organic tomato soup!

Tonight, I’m going to meet a friend at the driving range and go grab dinner! (and again…my friend is a girl…I’m not dating anyone) lol I think I’ve been asked this question 20 times today. I understand though 😉


  1. Do you have a tattoo?
  2. Do you like Craft Beer?
  3. How do you handle GO GO GO weekends?


  • Allie

    Hey! I love your blog and have been reading it for a couple years now. I LOVE YOUR TATTOO and was wondering where you had it done??

    Reply to Allie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Allie!

      I got it done at Wild Oats Tattoo in Fort Mill, SC. I highly recommend the shop. The artist are super fun and nice. It’s very clean in there as well.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Paige

    I love your tattoo, it’s adorable. You should know that you do not need an ounce of makeup. You’re too young to worry about that. I live in the N.W. though, and we don’t wear a lot of makeup up here;)

    Reply to Paige
  • SMM

    Love the blue embroidered top (tunic?)- where did you get it?? 🙂

    Reply to SMM
  • Jay

    That tattoo is sick!

    Reply to Jay
  • Kyra

    Hi Taralynn!

    Could you post the recipe to your stir fry you make? It look SO good and I’ve been craving a healthy stri fry. Or maybe you did post it and I missed it?

    Thanks 🙂

    Reply to Kyra
  • Pita


    Reply to Pita
  • Gail

    I am so glad that you and Nick broke up. I’m not trying to be a bitch but I think you are a very independent girl and he pulled you down a bit. Your blogs are better now and you seem much happier. I love seeing all your energy throughout the posts now. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I just think you are way better off with someone who fits your lifestyle. I never say nick run with you or cook. A lot of healthy living bloggers get their husbands involed and he seemed like he didn’t care about anything other than his sports. I know I’m just a reader and don’t know the whole truth or relationship but you just seem so much better off and I hope you keep being my inspiration. I love you taralynn

    Reply to Gail
  • Dessie

    Taralynn, you’re my inspiration. You are always doing fun things and never letting your life slip away from you, even in the bad times! Please never stop. I love you so much!

    Reply to Dessie
    • Taralynn McNitt


      That means so much to me! 🙂 I make sure everyday is good and if it’s not, I make sure the next one is! I’m all about positivity and staying optimistic!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ashley

    ~YES! Owl on my arm, a quote on my shoulder blade and a dragonfly on my foot
    ~ only beer I like is light beers, don’t drink much
    ~ need a relaxing time during the weekend. Usually Lazy sunday

    Reply to Ashley
  • Steph

    I love how much you love Coffee! It makes me feel like i’m not alone in my obsession. How do you keep your teeth so white though? After I got my braces off in my teen years I had them whitened but you would never know it now because of all the coffee I drink! haha!

    Reply to Steph
  • Paige

    1. I do have a tattoo! I got a very detailed black mandala on my back last summer and I love it! I also love simple tattoos like yours!!
    2. I haven’t really tried too many craft beers, but when I have tried them I wasn’t the biggest fan lol! I’m a total wino.
    3. Being on the go go go is always difficult to handle. Little breaks throughout a busy day, have a cup of coffee, or knowing that I will get a goodnight sleep that night is what usually gets me threw.

    By the way, I know it’s weird adjusting to life when you end a relationship with someone that you were with for long time, I’ve been there. You are doing amazing though!! Stay happy, keep spending time with your friends, and exploring new things in life. ❤️

    Reply to Paige
  • Caitlyn

    1. yes I actually have two….they are pretty big but are both very special to me
    2. beer is not my go to drink by any means but I can get behind it sometimes, like my grandma actually introduced me to this weird pineapple beer and it is surprisingly delicious
    3. this weekend was a go go go weekend for me and on my only two days off 🙁 but it was nice because it was spent with family and we all got to reconnect so I just remind myself that the memories are worth being a little tired ^_^

    Reply to Caitlyn
  • Bethany

    Love the camera! If you think about it, that’s really what your blog is, little snapshots into you life. I think your tattoo is a great symbol for being in the moment and remembering to treasure it. Events only happen once, what a great reminder!
    I have a few tattoos stars on my foot, a birdcage with a bird flying out on my ribs, and a map of the world on my thigh; they all mean different things to me. The most recent though, the map, reminds me of faith and to have trust in difficult situations. I’ve had anxiety so it serves as a reminder that no matter where I go God is with me.

    Reply to Bethany
  • Valerie

    1. Yes! I recently got a Harry Potter themed tattoo on my foot.
    2. I’m still trying to develop a taste for craft beer especially with all the little breweries popping up everywhere…I’m not quite there yet though!
    3. GO GO GO weekends are definitely not my favorite lately! I have school and/or work all day every day of the week and I work every other weekend, so it’s nice when my weekends off are relaxing and I get to kind of choose how to spend them. Having lots of fun plans to see family and friends can be nice sometimes too though!

    Reply to Valerie
  • Brittany

    I have quite a few tattoos.
    I’m still figuring out if I actually like craft beer or not.
    I really suck when it comes to GOGOGO weekends. (They stress my oldest son out way too much!)

    I just have to say I’ve read your blogs on and off for awhile now and was surprised to see you live in Charlotte. That’s where I live. So now I get to see all the great little places around I never really knew existed.

    If you like walking at parks try out Reedy Creek Park one day it’s not far off of 485 and have some nice trails. =)

    Reply to Brittany
  • Bobbie Lea

    Tattoos: Squirrel (my friends used to tease me my first love looked like a squirrel), the word Banshee (I used to have a heck of a temper), paramedic symbol, my own cattle brand, the word Stronger on my ribs, the chinese symbol for ‘seize’ or ‘to hold’

    LOVE craft beer, currently had 18 kinds of Shiner beer and I try to hit up breweries when I can. Shiner is from Tx and all brewed in Shiner even though I think Miller owns them now. I am in Tx and had so much fun at their brewery. I love getting the variety packs and trying new flavors and if I don’t like a flavor that much I save it and cook with it.

    Not currently handling them all that well, I tend to look at all my stuff I need to get done and I take a nap. Gotta work on that. I have been working hard this week to eat better and started Crossfit

    Also, girl do you. Don’t worry about everybody’s questions on your relationship status, you are awesome all on your awesome. Hope you liked the kitty purring I snapchatted you. She’s super relaxing!

    Reply to Bobbie Lea
  • Lauren

    Love the tattoo! How much did it hurt? And did it hurt the entire time? I’ve wanted a tattoo of Peter Pan Wendy and the boys flying but as a shadow with the words
    When there is a smile in your heart
    I’m just scared it’ll hurt a lot

    Reply to Lauren
  • Michelle

    1. Yes I have peace and love… It was a spontaneous trip to the tattoo parlor when I was barely 18 and I made a quick decision. Now I’m 25 and want more but am putting a bit more thought into it. I love your new addition. Have you caught the tattoo fever?!?
    2. We live in San Diego which is huge on microbreweries. My husband actually makes his own which I’m completely impressed with but that could because I’m a bit biased.
    3. Coffee Coffee Coffee

    Reply to Michelle
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds beautiful. No tattoo fever 🙂 I definitely planed this one for years, and it’s my last!

      That is freaking impressive! kudos to your husband.

      COFFEE!! 😀

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brittany Joy

    LOVE your tattoo! So simple but cute!

    1- No I don’t, yet
    2- Nope! VODKA all the way! Although peach wine is growing on me.
    3- I love them, I would say that normally is how I exist, but then I appreciate the lazy weekends as well!

    Reply to Brittany Joy
  • Jen

    1. No tattoos! If I ever got one, (huge “if” but you never know) it would be a small one of the rose from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast because I think it’s beautiful and it’s one of my fav movies.

    2. Not a beer person! I’ve never acquired a taste.

    3. Go go go weekends are the norm seeing that I’m terrible at just sitting around doing nothing.

    P.s. I think your abs are coming along great! I love Jillian Michaels’ workouts

    Reply to Jen
  • Abigail

    I love your tattoo! I’m a big fan of simple tattoos. I have 2 – a star surrounded by swirls and smaller stars on my wrist (no special meaning. I got it when I was 19 and just thought it was cute) and the Roman numeral 13 on the back of my neck (my favorite number and the date I got married – the 13th of October, three years ago).
    Craft beer is my favorite. I live in Cincinnati, Oh and we’ve had quite a few local breweries pop up in the last few years. My favorite is Madtree Psychopathy!
    I feel like every weekend is GO GO GO – I have a 13 month old boy and 2 golden retrievers. They GO everywhere! I don’t mind though. We’ve been having nice weather here lately so we like to take the dogs and our son on long walks. It’s nice way to be active but it’s also relaxing at the same time!

    Reply to Abigail
  • Linda

    Yes, actually at exactly the same place as you, a heart I designed myself =)

    I have never tasted it, I think o_O

    They happen maybe a couple times a year, so I actually love them and enjoy the experience =)

    Wish you a great weekend and a great week!

    Reply to Linda
  • Brooklyn

    This week my weekend is yesterday and today, and they have been so GO GO GO…I’m excited to relax sometime next week!
    It’s nice though. I either love weekends like this or hate them depending on my mood, and right now I’m loving it 🙂

    I love your tattoo!! It is so cute! I think I’m finally going to get my first one soon! I’ve been thinking about it for years, and decided that it’s time!


    Reply to Brooklyn
  • Ka

    Can you do a post on what kind of training you are doing with your dog and how it is helping? I have a very antisocial dog even though we’ve been through multiple puppy classes in the past.

    Reply to Ka
  • Blair S.

    1. Yes I actually have three that are sort of beauty. I do love your camera tattoo though. I’ve actually been considering one similar.

    2. Never really been a huge fan of beer… prefer wine and champagne.

    3. After a go go go weekend I always need a day to do nothing and regain my energy. Especially since it’s not normal to do that all the time.

    Reply to Blair S.
    • Jacqueline Arcuri

      First of all, I LOVE your tattoo! It’s perfect for you!

      1. I have a tattoo:). I just got it about nine months ago. It’s on my wrist. It says LOVE, but the “O” is my cousin’s actual fingerprint. He passed away very suddenly and LOVED tattoos so I was really happy with the way it came out.
      2. I’ve never had craft beer before! I try not to drink beer too much.
      3. I feel like I’m always go go go, but I usually like it. I just make sure I’m (almost) always enjoying what I’m doing. As long as I’m happy, I’m okay being busy 🙂

      Reply to Jacqueline Arcuri
  • Amanda W.

    1. I do! My sisters and I all got small anchors on our feet for each other- they are my anchors and my best friends. Love your choice! I’m itching for another and have so many ideas, but I love simple small tattoos for sure.
    2. I love craft beer! My family and my husband and I live in West Michigan and GR is Beer City USA! So many great breweries around, in fact we are headed to two this weekend!
    3. I am and ICU nurse and I feel like I am always GO GO GO, and I work third shift! So when I have free time we jam pack it full! I love to stay in a binge watch shows (currently SOA) but I also pack time full of friends. This weekend features bridesmaid dress fitting, dinner with parents, meeting two new baby girls of friends, picking paint colors for our remodeled basement, more dinner dates, and brewery stops!

    Reply to Amanda W.
  • Ali Morga Brina

    1. No. But I’ve been wanting one little paw in my wrist (I haven’t got the cuorage jeje)
    2. I love it. I’m now pregnant (6 months) and i miss drinking beer or wine.
    3. I make an schedule and try not to take longer in each activity I have to do.

    Bises :*

    Reply to Ali Morga Brina
  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    Love love love your tattoo! Super cute and personal. I have a small wing on my left ankle because I love running! It’s sort of symbolic of the winged foot. I smile every time I see it 🙂 My parents weren’t super thrilled that I got it but they got over it and realized that it had meaning to me and my life. I wish I could pet your pup–he’s just the cutest!

    Reply to Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life
  • shanna

    1. No, I could never decide on what and where, so I just never went through with it. I’m kind of surprised this is your first though. I never thought about you having one, I just figured you did when you started talking about it.

    2. yes! way, way too much! my friend owns his own brewery and thankfully it’s only open 4 days a week. we are there 1-2 days a week as it is. I had to learn to like it too.

    3. I don’t care for busy weekends. I like one day to relax and get stuff done around the house. otherwise I’m stressed all week and just wishing the weekend would hurry up and get here.

    grumples is funny. my dog quits in the shade too. better than my dog in high school. she would just sit down when she was done. right in the middle of the street. haha

    Reply to shanna
  • Taylor

    I absolutely LOVE your new tattoo! I have had plans to get one for awhile but it’s so hard deciding on something that will stay there forever. I love how simple it looks and it’s something that means so much to you!

    That dress you got from Gap is beautiful, i’m definitely going to have to see if I can find that. Also, where is your navy green jacket from? I’ve been searching for one forever!!

    Glad to see you are doing well!

    Reply to Taylor
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Taylor! Deciding is hard but it took me four years to figure it out!

      They actually have the dress in different colors too! The jacket is American Eagle!

      😀 xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amanda

    Your tattoo fits you perfectly. You are famous at my school becuase our teacher is obsessed with your blog lol

    Reply to Amanda
  • Jessica

    1. I do not have a tattoo, but like you want to get something simple. I would like to get a fish hook for my one grandpa because he liked to fish and I used to go fishing with him and my dad when I was a very little girl. I want a horseshoe for my other grandpa, because one of his true loves and passions was draft horses (the big work horses that are SO beautiful). I also want a flower for my grandma who passed away almost 9 1/2 years ago. I was thinking of getting the horseshoe and fish hook on my foot, and now after seeing your adorable tattoo maybe I’ll do the flower on my wrist.

    2. I am learning to like more craft beers. I’m still very picky about which ones I’ll actually drink. I like pilsners and oatmeal stouts, but still can’t do IPAs. They are just too bitter for me. Every year, a city near me has a Beer, Wine, and Cheese fest, which is a blast but most of the beers I tried last year I didn’t like. 🙁 Maybe I’ll just stick to the wine tent. 😉

    3. When I have super busy weekends, kind of like last weekend where I was really only home until about 11 am on Sunday morning after being gone all day and night Saturday and then didn’t get home until 9pm Sunday evening, and add on top of that 11 hours of total driving time, I just need to keep going or I sit down and realize how tired I am and then it’s just too easy to stay on the couch and skip the rest of my plans for that day or night. I also try to plan ahead as much as I can and get the house clean, or pack snacks if I’m going to be out and about or traveling so I don’t feel so stressed when I get home on Sunday and I feel prepared.

    A couple others things: LOVE that dress! I can’t wait to start wearing cute sundresses! Have you ever heard of a clothing line called Filly Flair? It’s my new favorite and very addicting! Just in the past month since I heard about it I’ve ordered 4 new tops, a dress, and pair of wedge sandals. Very dangerous!

    I am also so glad I’m not the only person who needs to put on makeup sometimes just to “feel pretty.” I work from home, so most days I have no need to put on makeup or even get out of my pajamas. Usually I just end up going from pajamas to workout clothes to clean workout clothes after I shower. Glad I’m not alone! 🙂

    Reply to Jessica
  • Anna

    1. No tattoo yet, but I want one so bad! I don’t want to get one unless it has a lot of meaning though, so I’m waiting to find the perfect idea. Yours is SO CUTE. I love simple ones like that.
    2. My bf is obsessed with craft beer. He keeps track of all the different kinds he’s tried and goes to any beer festival he can possibly get to! I try his and often like them, but I stick to my bud light with clamato juice and a pickle 😛 sounds weird I know, but SO good.
    3. When I’m on the go all the time, I stress because, like you, I hate leaving my pets. So I cope with it by giving them tons of extra love as soon as I get back 🙂

    p.s. Thank you so much for the tip on my blog last week! I finally figured out how to make my pictures bigger, and that is all thanks to you. I didn’t even know that could be done. I love learning new things about blogging. And I have a LOT to learn. I hope you always keep blogging, you are so inspirational and fun!

    Reply to Anna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      OMG! I just went back to look at your blog and just by that tiny change, it looks perfect!!! So great 🙂

      1. Thank you 🙂 I’m all about simplicity.
      2. Lol your boyfriend is serious about his craft! That drink does sound………interesting……lol
      3. I HATE leaving my dog too lol so Grumps goes to the grandparents house.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelsey K

    I love your tattoo! Simply, yet beautiful!

    Reply to Kelsey K
  • Jessie @ The Acquired Sass

    1. I do have a tattoo, it was about 5 years of contemplation before I decided I knew I would love it forever.
    It says “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”

    2. Meh. Not a big beer fan. But hard cider!? Oh lawd. Love that stuff!

    3. I can handle it & they pop up more than I would like, but I usually do best if I can balance it with a few low key days on either end. I had a few GO GO GO months back in the fall. And when it was all over I slept 10+ hours a night for a few weeks to catch up.

    I think the tattoo is super cute! So glad to hear it was thought through. Nothing worse than regretting something permanent years down the road & having to pay $$$ to cover it // remove it.

    Reply to Jessie @ The Acquired Sass
  • Sarah

    I love your tattoo! It is so cute!

    As for the questions . . .

    I got a tattoo inspired by one of my favorite books on my right forearm – I’m a total book junky so it makes sense. I adore it!

    I’m not a fan of craft beer, or any beer really. I have a friend who is crazy about it. He hasn’t converted me . . . yet.

    I’m not a huge fan of “Go Go GO Weekends” so after i have one i need a “Me Time Monday” to recover! I love spending that much time with my friends but I much prefer when it is all in one place.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Katie

    1. i have 1 tattoo, ” la vita e bella”- life is beautiful in Italian( since I am)… i’ve been planning my next one, but since tattoos are always going to be there, i alwyas plan and really make sure that I will forver love this.
    I picked the quote becuase it will always remind me to love every second of you life and the people in it.

    2. i am a craft beer junkie… I am from Hickory, NC, but in Charlotte almost every weekend, usually brewery hopping.. My favorite is NODA,Sycamore and Unknown… .well pretty much any of them… I am also a runner.. a few weeks ago being at NODA, i realized how they are partnered with the white water center and do these fun little races ! Looks like a lot of fun and I am def. planning on participating in them!- plus, great beer at the end! on another note,st. pattys pub crawl this weekend in charlotte! woo hoo!

    3. I actually love GO GO GO weekends. After graduating school and adulting all week, its so nice to be able to just go and really enjoy everything! Bringing a puupy into the mix in June though so I am now trying to find a balance of not alwyas being on the GO and preparing to be here and provide for this little one! 🙂

    Reply to Katie
  • Whtiney

    1. I do have a tattoo. At first it was just the simple cross on my wrist, but I got it changed into a tree. It represents life.

    2. I’ve only had one beer in my life lol.

    3. I’m hardly ever busy lol, but the rare days I am, I just go with the flow. Because I love staying busy.

    Reply to Whtiney
  • Salina

    Your tattoo is so simple and cute, I like it! I do not have any tattoos… I am way too indecisive and would never be able to decide where and what I would want so I just stay away.

    I love craft beer! I used to hate beer but my ex actually got me into the craft beer scene and I now love it. Going to beer festivals and tastings are so much fun.

    Grumples is seriously so adorable and I am glad that he is doing better now because of training:)

    Reply to Salina
  • Sasha Rasmussen

    My dad is actually a tattoo artist and has done all of my tattoos! I have four. At first he didn’t know how he felt about tattooing his own daughter, but I convinced him and he does amazing work. I love that I have my dad’s art on my body that I will be able to cherish forever.

    I love craft beer, and I love the atmosphere of local breweries. My favorite are wheat beers. I don’t like anything too hoppy or bitter.

    It’s actually been a while since I’ve had a go-go-go weekend, my weekends have been pretty chill. That’s about to change, though, with wedding planning coming up! Goodbye Netflix binges!

    Reply to Sasha Rasmussen
  • Jenny

    1. I don’t have any tattoos yet. I love how cute yours turned out! It really is you.
    2. I love craft beer!! I grew up in Pirtland, Oregon which is home to a million (ok, not that many) microbreweries. I love reds, super hoppy IPAs and sour beers.
    3. I’m usually a totally homebody on the weekends but once in a while I really love GO GO GO weekends because it means I got the most out of my weekend!

    Reply to Jenny
  • Jennifer

    I do not have a tattoo, however I’ve wanted one for years now! Like you, I want it to mean something super special. A man that was like another grandpa to me lived in Southport and we’d go visit all the time when I was little. He always drank old fashioned’s. So I’d either want a tiny glass that says “Call me old fashioned…” down the inside of my arm, or we’d always sit on his lap and he’d tell us the story of the lighthouse that we could see from their back porch, so I’d want a lighthouse. I just don’t know where or which one to get!

    I do like craft beer, but they’re typically so heavy, that I can only handle one at a time. I like flights because they’re smaller and you get to taste more!

    I like having things to do, but I also like my lazy weekends after working all week. I try to keep it balanced 🙂

    Reply to Jennifer
  • LeeAnne

    1. Yes. A butterfly in honor of my mom who died 20 years ago. It also has ’11:11′ under it which is about the time that she died and has been my sign from her since then. She loved butterflies but it’s blue…MY favorite color. 🙂
    2. We LOVE craft beers! My hubby is a sales manager for a beer distributorship. They handle Miller & Coors products as well as lots and lots of craft beers. We really enjoy trying new ones when we travel or are out of town.
    3. Our weekends are all usually go, go, go. 🙂 Since we work all week, the weekend is our time to get stuff done and then still go have fun like playing golf or getting together with friends or family.

    Reply to LeeAnne
  • Jayme

    1. I have 7 tattoos, and more to come!
    2. I love craft beer! For the past while I’ve only had a taste for IPAs, and there are so many good craft ones!
    3. GO GO GO weekends are nightmares to me, I always try to rush my husband, which frustrates him, and it all makes me anxious.

    I wanted to tell you, if you’re looking for a good ab workout I HIGHLY recommend doing videos from either channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/XFitDaily or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi0AqmA_3DGPFCu5qY0LLSg

    I do one of the 10 minute videos 5 days a week, and it DEFINITELY works.

    Reply to Jayme
  • Jessica

    I always read your blog at work and I’m so jealous that you get to go out and walk around cool parks, while i’m sitting at a desk. Such is life but I thank you for taking amazing photos so I can feel like i’m walking with you. As for the tattoo, girl if it makes you happy then so be it. I have two tattoos and while they aren’t as personal as yours, i don’t regret getting them for one second. Now my question for you is, when you walked out of the tattoo parlor, did you want another tattoo right away? I get like this and i know some of friends have had this issue too.

    Reply to Jessica
  • Jen H.

    1. I have ONE tattoo! It’s a lily on my lower side back. I got it because my grandma always had pink lilies planted outside of her house and whenever I see them I think of her. It’s a very simple yet beautiful tattoo and I love it.

    2. I am a huge huge huge craft beer fan. They are all so unique that you can never go wrong with one! i love making an evening of going to breweries and trying different beers. Beer flights are awesome, you should try them!

    3. My life is go go go so I find it hard to have a free weekend…kind of the opposite of what you are asking! When I am not busy with 15 different things to do I get bored easily and need to find a project around the house to work on!

    Reply to Jen H.
  • Karen K

    1. I have 5 tattoos. I kind of want hooked after I turned 18 but they all have a meaning to me. I do wish a couple had better placements but other wise I love them and they represent me in the past and present. 🙂
    2. Beer yuck! Lol Wine. Gimme all the wine
    3. I’m not usually go go go very much so sometimes it’s a good change to have a busy weekend to keep your mind from over thinking because you have too much time too.

    Ps: I think you are incredibly strong for everything you’ve been thru while creating this blog. Don’t forget that! 🙂

    Reply to Karen K
  • Jaime

    1. I have one tattoo – I’m from Pennsylvania which is the keystone state so I got a keystone on my wrist. I also like that keystones symbolize strength because they’re the piece in an arch that holds it all together. But tonight, my dad brother and I are getting matching tattoos of a dime because we find dimes everywhere ever since my dad’s dad passed away!
    2. I like some craft beer but I can’t drink anything too hoppy. Maybe it will grow on me!
    3. With crazy weekends I hope that at least Sunday night is a bit calmer so I can unwind before the work week. Otherwise I try to take it easy after work the next few days. My least favorite part is how sometimes it means that the weekend goes by wayyy too fast.

    Reply to Jaime
  • Lisa A.

    Hi Taralynn!

    1. Your tattoo is so cute! I love it. I have one tattoo, a really simple flower on my foot I got right when I turned 18. People always say you regret it, but I’ve never regretted mine! I think if you get it somewhere you can hide, and it’s relatively small, then it’s fine. I’ve always thought about getting another one, but I don’t think I will. Haha I didn’t tell my parents first either, but they didn’t care…. they each have at least one tattoo, so what could they really say?!

    2. My boyfriend and I both LOVE craft beer. We actually try to go to as many local breweries as possible, and have been to about 15-20. I have a yelp account and have a whole list designated for breweries. It’s not only fun to try new things, but it’s a great way to support local business!

    3. Like yours, my weekend was go go go! Typically if I have one busy weekend, I’ll try to not schedule anything the following weekend and just take some time to relax. Busy weekends can be good/fun, but in moderation.. we need to relax too!

    Your stir fry looks SO good! That’s a great way to eat more veggies. What sauce do you put on it? Also, what kind of noodles are those?

    Can’t wait for the weekend!

    Reply to Lisa A.
  • Erin

    No tattoo here! I am soo bad at making decisions so I think I will never have one! I do love craft beer but usually stick to wine or vodka because I feel less crappy afterward 🙂 also, about the coffee in a mug… It does taste much better! I always ask for a mug for here at a coffee shop, even Starbucks! Or I bring my glass tumbler (it’s Starbucks brand so all the little coffee shops give me crap for it) but the paper cups have a plastic lining that leaks chemicals when you add super hot liquid! I generally handle go go go weekends by crashing on Sunday, I’m and introvert so go go go is tough for me!!

    Reply to Erin
  • Bianca

    I loveeee your tattoo, it’s so simple and so cute! I had my first one done last year and it’s kind of an old school styled heart inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely loved it, although it annoyed me a bit during the healing process haha.
    Also, the paths you walk are so gorgeous that it makes me wanna get in a plane right now to see them haha. I live on the beach which is really nice and all but I love this type of scenario. It’s gorgeous!

    Finally, I love craft beer and I get pretty overwhelmed by crazy weekends, so a quick nap here and there keeps me grounded 🙂

    Reply to Bianca
  • Jacklyn

    1. I always wanted a tattoo but didn’t end up getting one until last year….my husband and I got one together for our anniversary… it’s Roman numerals of our anniversary. But now I’ve got the itch to get more! Lol!

    2. I’ve never actually tried craft beer? I wonder if there’s any breweries in Michigan? I’ll have to give it a try! 🙂

    3. I’m not a big fan of go go go weekends…I like having plans and doing things…but I don’t like to feel rushed to get to one visit to another…I like to take my time and go with the flow :).
    Oh and I love your tattoo!! I love the symbolism behind it! 🙂

    Reply to Jacklyn
  • Nicole

    I love craft beer! and I’m very happy you’re starting to get a taste for it, so that I can look forward to more reviews on your blog!

    I don’t have a tattoo, but I’ve wanted one on my foot for ages. I just can’t quite decide on what, exactly.

    And for weekends, I like a mix of relaxing and productive. I try to work on projects and work on Friday nights with a glass of wine and then get up on Saturdays and Sundays and be productive before seeing friends or having a lazy night. I try to balance, but it’s hard.

    Reply to Nicole
  • Hilary

    I love your tattoo! I felt like I was the least likely person to get a tattoo but I got a matching one with my sister for our birthdays when I was 19! I love it and it has so much meaning for us being family and sticking together!

    Reply to Hilary
  • Shyann

    1. I have 3 tattoos, and there are 3 more that I want ( Tiny ones) but my husband has only approved 1, which I am certainly getting.
    2. I love Craft Beer, we have plenty Micro Breweries around our area and there is a fun Beer festival coming up again in June which we will attend.
    3. Not a big fan of GO Go Go weekends, depending on what we are going about, but I think a balance of Busy weekends & relaxing weekends are fun! Can’t always run around and forget to lay back and relax.


    Reply to Shyann
    • Taralynn McNitt

      1. Do what you want for yourself 🙂 It took me a while to realize that you are in control of your own body. I’d love to hear about your tattoos!

      2. Beer festivals are so much fun, even if you’re not drinking!

      3. A balance is key!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Autumn

    1. I don’t yet but I am turning 25 in June and I really want to get one! 🙂

    2. I love craft beer. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and there’s a bunch of awesome craft beer spots in downtown!

    3. When I know I’m going to have a crazy, busy weekend, I always make lists! I make them for everything. And I make sure there is always COFFEE! 🙂

    Reply to Autumn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      1. 25 is a good age if you know what you want!
      2. There really are in Indiana! I actually had a beer the other night from there 🙂


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Autumn

        That’s awesome! Do you remember what kind it was?
        Also, I LOVE your tattoo. It suits you 🙂

        Reply to Autumn
  • Kate

    I have 2 tattoos! I have a white cross on my wrist and on my ribs I have my dad’s signature from the last birthday card her ever wrote me.

    I love craft beer! My husband loves all the dark foreign ones and will try any of them. I’m more cautious and stick to a few : )

    I’m not a fan of nonstop weekends. They always leave me super drained and I need a full day to recover. I try to space my weekend plans out so I have plenty of time to enjoy them and not overdo it. When it’s unavoidable and we’re just super busy I like to take a long bubble bath, throw on some clean bed sheets and crawl into bed a watch a good light-hearted show like Gilmore Girls or Hart of Dixie.

    Love your blog! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Reply to Kate
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Kate!

      I wanted a white tattoo!! & might get one sometime. I think your tattoos are so special and I love the meaning. How amazing.

      EW. I can’t do the dark beer or the chocolate beer…..yuck. I do like the coffee ones, but I like the sampler glasses becuase too much is too much.

      Yeah, I like nonstop saturdays and relaxing on Sundays. Your weekends sound amazing though!!!!

      Thanks for commenting & sharing YOUR life with me as well!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Rachel

    Your tattoo is super cute!! I don’t have any tattoos, but I’ve been thinking about it lately. I am definitely into craft beer. It has been growing on me the past 4 ish years. There are tons of good breweries in the area and I think that it is fun to try new kinds of beer. I HATEEE GOGOGO days. It gives me anxiety and I have to remember to take deep breaths and relax. With my job, I usually have a GOGOGO schedule, so I like my weekends to be a different change of pace. I have been working on eating clean and having good portion control and your blog is so inspiring to me; it has been for a long time. You make new recipes look so easy! I love all the ideas I get from your blog.

    Reply to Rachel
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Rachel:)

      Thank you very much! It took me about a year to get the courage to just do it and I’m so happy with it. Living in Charlotte, I feel like I have to learn to love it becuase we are known for it. The breweries are pretty cool! I like GO GO GO weekends every once and a while. Lately staying busy has been good for me!

      Thank you for the kind words about my blog too! 🙂 xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Leslie

    Hey! I love tattoos, and like you have always wanted one, but I want one that means something significant, so I’m holding out for now. But yours is adorable! I actually love sweet drinks when I go out, so beer has never been my style, but I’m slowly developing a taste for craft. I had a weekend like that too. I just try to remind myself to live in the moment with the people I’m with now and remember that if I worry to much about the future, I won’t be able to live in the present….Plus making sure to get plenty of rest and not burn myself out lol Have a great week!

    Reply to Leslie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Leslie!

      You should definitely hold out. I remember when my friend and I were in Cancun (at sixteen) we almost got hearts together. IM SO GLAD we decided not to do it. I’m more of a wine person, so I’m with you on the craft beer! I hike the fruity and hoppy ones. I always ask the people at the brewery which ones is the fruitiest. I think they get asked that a lot. You are so right about living in the moment!! Just go with the current of life 🙂

      xo xo & thanks for commenting!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Claire

    Aww Taralynn your so sweet! I love your new tat!

    You always inspire me – ive had such a similar life to you lol. Havent been on your blog for a little bit but catching up now and loving it! keep doing what you do 🙂 xo

    Reply to Claire
  • Parker

    Love the tatoo! What kind of creamer and coffee do you use? I feel like I can never get anything to taste right.

    Reply to Parker
  • Jenn

    No, no, but I love crazy weekends! Maybe I’m just weird, but I think that they are so much fun, so there’s not much “handling” going on.

    Reply to Jenn
  • Melanie

    Hell ya! Love that tat.

    Reply to Melanie
  • Hannah

    Where did you go to get your tattoo? I want the same one on my neck? can you email me the name of the guy?

    Reply to Hannah
  • Madison

    OMG, this is hilarious – I know Aimee!! We went to college together at Simpson. Small world! 🙂

    Reply to Madison
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Haha that is funny. Aimee and I actually went to high school together. We did music and theater together as well! We started hanging out again when she moved down to Charlotte! She’s the best 🙂 SMALL WORLD!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ashley

    I have 2 tattoos and want more 🙂 a treble clef with hearts instead of music notes on my hip/thigh. Then 3 stars on the inside of my ankle.
    I love craft beer! I’ve realized I like the specialty stuff better than most others!
    Go go go weekends can be tough on me. I get worn out with them pretty easy. I always need a recoup day.

    I LOVE your tattoo! I think it’s so perfect!

    Reply to Ashley
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    sounds like a busy but fun time!! If ive gone a while without wearing makeup or have just been sick for a few days and havent worn makeup, i always need to put some makeup on right then and there to feel more put together! haha

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
  • Colleen

    1) Cute tattoo Tara! A little part of me wants one too but I know my parents would FLIP if they saw one on me haha! My sister got a big one on her leg and they still don’t know about it…it’s on the upper part of her thigh so she’ll be in long shorts most of the summer to try and hide it I’m sure! Lol
    2) Beer isn’t toooootally my thing. I really like hard cider though! Probably because I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth 😉
    3) With go go go weekends I just try to make sure I have a little time to spare for myself. Even if it’s just a long run or a yoga class, I set aside a little time in between the crazy! Those weekends can be fun too though, so as I’m running around I also enjoy what I’m doing and try to be in the moment 🙂 it can be a challenge!

    Reply to Colleen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Colleen!

      Thank you so much 🙂 I actually thought my parents would hate it. I called them and said I think I’m going to finally get that tattoo I wanted. My mom said “WAIT FOR ME” lol Her and my dad want little anchors becuase they met on a navy ship 30 years ago. I think that is adorable. My dad didn’t say anything to me until I went over to their house. He said…”let me look” and I was expecting something bad but he goes “wow, that’s classy. I like it” and my heart just sank in a good way. I love all the support my family gives me no matter what crazy thing I do. It’s your body, your choice.

      Hard cider is so good!!! I have a sweet tooth too and thats why I like wine. 😀

      I totally agree with your ideal go go go weekend. I like to incorporate me time in them all.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Rachel

    I really love your tattoo! It is so cute! I have one it is my sign with stars in my birth stone color. I never have had craft bear. I am lucky to normally get slower weekends. Often they are me catching up on house things and homework. When I am on the go I never know what to do! Great post as always!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Melissa

    1. I do, it’s a memorial tattoo I got for my dad when I was 18. I’ve contemplated getting another but sort of like you – im just not sure where! The wrist or the back of my neck always spring to mind. I assume both would hurt equally lol
    2. I do like craft beers, but I like most if they play around with different flavours. In Canada I havn’t found many that are very good at this… but when I was living in New Zealand they have GREAT craft beer (Chocolate Coffee was my favourite)
    3. I actually love Go Go Go weekends, it makes me feel like I really made use of the time off and had fun. Relaxing days can be good too, but at the end of those I never feel as satisfied!

    I love your tattoo by the way! Great choice, I think it suits you perfectly. And kudos for doing it after wanting to for so long! 🙂 I wanted to get second holes in my ears (but was so chicken of it hurting because I was lucky and had my ears pierced when I was a baby so I dont rememebr lol) but I was so happy when I finally went for it a few months ago.

    Reply to Melissa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Melissa!

      1. Love the meaning behind your tattoo. They hurt for like 10 minutes and then you’re done 😉

      2. You’re so lucky to have lived in New Zealand! I hate chocolate beer BUT, I like coffee beer!

      3. Gogogo weekends are awesome!!

      Thank you for the kind words about my tattoo! Getting your ears pierced doesn’t hurt at all! I actually let my friend pierce my second holes with a piercing gun at her mom’s hair salon ten years ago lol Glad you finally got it done!! I think when I got my nose pierced, that hurt the worst!!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Melissa

        lol you’re right- ear piercing didn’t hurt at all. I felt a little silly as well as happy afterwards. Funny thing is I got my nose pierced too about 7 years ago, and yeah that definitely was way worse!!
        Hahah that’s awesome how you got your second holes done.

        Reply to Melissa
  • Shannon G

    Do you have a tattoo? I do on my ankle, it just felt like a cat scratch to me. I have a high pain threshold though. Got it eons ago way before marriage. I always said I handle pain well but it could also be the guy was hot and flirting with me at the time that made it less painful 🙂

    Do you like Craft Beer? I don’t drink but I do love coffee and tea 🙂

    How do you handle GO GO GO weekends? I try to carve out as much time to read as possible. I take a book with me at all times plus have books loaded on my phone. Do you like to read? If you do I’d love to see post about what you read.

    Reply to Shannon G
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I feel like getting it on the ankle would tickle lol and I don’t know why. Lol I think tattoo artist are all flirts!!! & it makes you feel more relaxed lol I get it 😉

      Coffee is great too!!

      Your weekends sound so relaxing! I like to read a lot of old literature and short stories. I’m actually currently reading the Harry Potter books becuase i’ve never seen/read any of them. I think it’s about time!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Shannon G

        I’m reading Harry Potter too, We taped the whole Harry Potter weekend and watching the movies as my 4th grader and I finish the books. I love classics and YA. I’ve read so many great books, I’m a YA (and middle grade) book reviewer for some publishing companies. I get paid in tons of free books, works for me 🙂

        You might love Into the Dim it just came out, the Inkheart series is great. I’ll try to think of a few more. Classic wise I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Rebecca, Jane Austen, Dracula, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, The Haunting of Hill House, oh and The Birds by Daphne Du Maurier (it is so different from the movie) plus all the great children’s classics.

        OK I’ve can talk forever about books

        Reply to Shannon G
  • Madeline

    Your tattoo is ADORABLE!!! I love it <3 <3 I actually have nine but none are as cute and dainty as yours. I'm headed to NOLA at the end of this month with some friends and we have tattoo plans in the works 🙂 Can't wait!!

    You look like you're living it up and I'm jealous how many walks you are able to take Grumples on.

    Keep up the wonderful living lady!

    Reply to Madeline
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Madeline.

      I bet yours are so cute! Life is all about living it up as much as you can. Live your days as if it’s your last 🙂 No time in the world to be unhappy!

      The walks are great. We’ve been working on a lot of his training!

      Thanks so much for your kind words!!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Chelsea B.

    I love your tattoo! It represents you perfectly!!
    I live in Cincinnati and they have a ton of breweries! So my boyfriend has turned me into a beer snob and now I really enjoy IPA’s! We are from Greenville, NC & visit Asheville frequently- It is another awesome beer town!

    My brother is moving to Charlotte soon and can’t wait to check out some of the trails you go to!!

    Reply to Chelsea B.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Chelsea!

      Thank you so much 🙂 I think so too!

      Cincinnati is such a cool city! ASHEVILLE IS THE BEST BEER TOWN:)

      Let me know when you’re coming down and I can give you some ideas!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
    • Brianna

      Tara, just had to let you know that I am so proud of you for doing something completely for yourself and staying true to yourself. It’s not easy to go through a rough patch in life and keep a smile on your face so good luck and don’t worry, good things will happen to good people 🙂 p.s. I absolutely love you blog!!!!!!!!!!!

      Reply to Brianna
      • Taralynn McNitt

        Thank you Chelsea!! “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” is something my mom would always tell me & if you keep that in mind, it’ll be easier to smile and love life!

        xo & thank you for the kind words about my blog.

        Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amber

    I have a tattoo, it’s of Bambi and a butterfly! My mom and most of my family used to call me Bambi. Not until later did it set in that Bambi is a boy lol but oh well it’s sentimental☺️
    I LOVE craft beer, I like to try anything! Not a huge fan of really hoppy beer but I will try it! I love the dark stouts-yum!!

    If I know I have a weekend coming up that is going to be busy I try to plan a few hours of down time in the near future to rest and catch up on shows and such. I also like to relax by taking a long warm bubble bath and ordering food!

    Reply to Amber
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds like an adorable tattoo!!

      See, I can’t do the stouts, BUT I CAN do the hoppy! I just did a stout beer cupcake and will post that recipes soon!!

      Your weekend plans sound amazing. I like go go go and then relax on Sundays! A bubble bath does sound great!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Whitney

    Do you have a tattoo?
    I have three! The first one I got is two small paw prints with a tiny red heart. I got it after my childhood dog passed away. The other two I got last year as a birthday present for myself and they are the Deathly Hallows symbol with the stars from the Harry Potter books and the other is a pug because I am pug obsessed!

    Do you like Craft Beer?
    I love craft beer. I am fortunate enough to live in beer country (Denver,CO). I am particularly fond of sour beers. I had a delicious watermelon sour last year that I hope resurfaces again this summer!

    How do you handle GO GO GO weekends?
    I just ride with it until it’s over then crash on the couch with my dogs. My life if general is GO GO GO since I have two jobs so I’m used to it now 🙂

    Reply to Whitney
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I love the idea of your tattoos. I think when (god i hate talking about this) Grumps passes, I’l get something on me to remember him. UGH, NOW IM SAD 🙁 I’m currently reading the harry potter books!

      I want to go to Denver so bad! One of my friends is originally from there, so we’ve talked about making a trip.

      Lol you sound a lot like me!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sarah

    Hi Taralynn,

    I love the tattoo you chose and the area to put it on. I think body art is wonderful for expressing oneself. I have over 10 tattoos…I wish I had waited until I was over 21 for about 9 of them. I grew up and the tattoo of a butterfly on my ankle isn’t as meaningful as I thought it was when I was 16. LOL

    I love craft beer! Perfect with a burger.

    When I have a go go weekend, I schedule the next weekend to be calm and relaxing.

    Mr. Gumples is so adorable!

    Have a great week!


    Reply to Sarah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Sarah!

      It is just a reminder of your youth 🙂 Butterflies are beautiful.

      OH YUM!

      I do the same, but we’ll see how that turns out.

      Thank you 🙂 I love Grumples!!

      I hope you have a great week/weekend!!!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Patricia

    1 – I do! roman numerals on my ribs of my grandma’s bday (her and I were really close :))
    2 – LOVE craft beer/beer in general, one of my favourite activities is going to breweries with tastings with friends…so sad that beer is like the worst thing when you’re trying to get in shape lol.
    3- I hate super busy weekends, when you work full-time, my favourite weekends are ones with nothing planned, sleeping in and being lazy.

    Ps – thinking about you a lot while you’re going through this difficult time…break ups are so hard but thank you for sharing it with us and being honest….we all love you and support you xo

    Reply to Patricia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      1. That sounds like a special tattoo!

      2. As long as you eat healthy and workout, one craft beer won’t kill you 🙂 It’s when you have like five with pizza and fries lol

      3. Sometimes I plan lazy weekends, but it never turns out that way!

      Thank you for the kind woods Patricia. I’m truly doing great and have living my life to the fullest. XO

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Marissa

    1. Nope.
    2. Love craft beer. Funny story I went to high school with the founders of Wooden Robot.
    3. I’m not a fan of Go Go Go weekends. Need a day to recover before going back to work.

    Reply to Marissa

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