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Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the colors, all the love in the air, and that it’s a day dedicated to love! I couldn’t wait to hand out my Valentines as a kid! You can spend it with your family, your love, or your best friends! It’s a great excuse to drink wine and eat chocolate. This year my boyfriend and I are going to make dinner together and watch a movie. Last year we had a great dinner at our favorite restaurant, but ended up on the side of the road fixing a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. We get a flat tire every 365 days apparently…(you can read about last year’s Valentines day here)


I’m known for my sugar cookies. I make them for Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas and Easter! I use the same exact recipe for all of my cookies and change them up depending on the theme. Below is an easy and fun recipe for frosted sugar cookies!


  •  1 Large Egg
  •  1/2 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1Teaspoon Almond Extract
  • 1 Tablespoon Cream of TarTar


Mix the butter and sugar together using an electric mixer.

Slowly mix in the egg, vanilla, and almond extract.


Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt.


Slowly mix in the flour mixture.


Roll the dough into a large ball and wrap it. Refrigerate for thirty minutes.


While the dough is refrigerating, make the icing. Mix together the powdered sugar, vanilla, almond extract, cream of tartar, and egg whites.


I use a cupcake pan to separate the colored icings.


Fill a squeeze bottle with red icing for the wording.


Create the colors. Add one cup of icing in each slot.


Take the dough out of the refrigerator. Add flour to the counter top or use a pastry cloth to roll the dough out and cut shapes.


Add cookies to an non-greased baking sheet


Bake cookies for 7-10 minutes at 350 degrees.


Let cookies cool completely before adding icing.


Spread the icing over the heart cookie. Royal icing tends to spread out, so don’t add too much.


Use the squeeze bottle to write conversation quotes.


Let the frosting harden for an hour


Conversation quotes: “Too Hot”, “Call Me”, “I Luv You”, “Be Mine”, “Be True”, Xoxo”,”You Rock”


These are perfect for handing out in little baggies because the frosting is hard and they aren’t messy!

Check out more of my Food Lion Recipes by clicking the logo above!


1. What are you doing for Valentines Day?
2. What is your favorite Valentines Day memory?
3. Do you LOVE or HATE Valentines Day?


  • Rachel

    These are so cute! I didn’t see this until after valentine’s day, but I think I will still make them! I love your blog! Glad I finally get to catch up on all your posts!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Janey

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    Reply to Janey
  • shanna

    made these with my 3 year-old sunday. they turned out wonderfully! I’m thinking of making some shamrocks for st. Patrick’s day.

    Reply to shanna
  • Marilyn

    These cookies look great I will have to give it a try next year. This Valentines Day my boyfriend made it fun and relaxed. As a gift to me, my boyfriend ran a 5k with me (which he does not care for) a couples run for the American Heart Association. We actually came in 2nd place for fastest couple, but more importantly we both had a great time. It made my heart so happy for him to take part in my favorite hobby. Then we went out for breakfast. Then tonight we exchanged small gifts and he made dinner it was perfect. My favorite Valentine’s memory besides this one would be about three years ago, my boyfriend (same one), surprised me with dinner. I didn’t get off until after 10 and as I walked to my apartment there were roses laid along my pathway. He stood there at my door waiting with the rest and it was so romantic. I wouldn’t say I LOVE Valentine’s day but I appreciate the message of letting the people in our lives know they are loved. I always send my mom a gift and card to remind her she was my first Valentine. Also I give my gals a little treat too. It is a great reminder to know that we as humans are all loved in so many different ways. I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

    Reply to Marilyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds like the perfect Valentines Day!

      It’s FREEEZING here!

      Your boyfriends sounds like a romantic and a keeper 😉 My mom and I used to always celebrate Valentines together too 🙂

      Valentines Day was great. I spent it with one of my friends and we explored some small towns and then my boyfriend and I made dinner together!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Alena

    Hello! This year my fiancé and I will be spending the whole day together just lounging, watching movies and then making dinner together (we do that every year). My favorite memory of Valentines Day is from when I was younger. My mom used to put out little stuffed animals and candy on the dining room table for my siblings and I! I don’t love or hate Valentines Day. My fiancé doesn’t really dig it so we compromise because I usually go all out for holidays. Xox

    Reply to Alena
  • Akeba

    Hello! This year my fiancé and I are going to spend the whole day together which includes a lot of lounging, movie watching and as we do every year – make dinner together. My favorite memory of Valentines Day is from when I was younger. My mom would always have little treats and stuffed animals for my siblings and I put out on the dining room table. I don’t love or hate Valentines Day. My fiancé doesn’t dig it too much but we compromise because I typically go all out on holidays (this one I have to hold back a little lol). Enjoy your Valentines Day!! Xox

    Reply to Akeba
  • Anonymous

    So adorable

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Ashley

    So cute and creative! I’ve been looking for a new sugar cookie recipe and look forward to trying these. The addition of almond extract really appeals to me.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Brooklyn

    Awe these are so cute and look so yummy!
    Such a great idea 🙂

    Reply to Brooklyn
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    aw these are so cute! 🙂 Did you guys decide what movie you are going to watch?

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
  • Alexis G

    You could also have a fun “galentines” party for your girlfriends and put funny/inappropriate sayings on them! That’s what I did this year 🙂

    Reply to Alexis G
  • linda

    Those look so cute!

    Reply to linda
  • Chandler

    Those are so cute! Love it 🙂 This year, my boyfriend and I are doing the same thing as you and Nick, cooking and a movie! My favorite Valentine’s Day memory would have to be last year before my boyfriend and I were dating. We decided to do the same thing, cook dinner together and watch a movie, except it was disastrous. He dumped a box of kosher salt all over the food, so we had to clean everything up, and then after we took the food out of the 500 degree oven, I stupidly grabbed the pan with my bare hand, and burned the crap out of my hand. I must’ve been nervous, but I was crying and miserable for like 3 hours. However, we were able to watch our movie and keep hanging out, and we’re obviously dating today, so it all worked out in the end 🙂 I like to think back to last year though because it’s hilarious now, and it shows how far we’ve come haha. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

    Reply to Chandler
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Chandler!

      HAHAHAHA that actually sounds so comical. Love that it all worked out in the end and you’ll have those memories forever.

      Hope you have a fabulous AND SAFE Valentines day 😉

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Andrea @ Blog Strength

    These are so cute! I make sugar cookies for most holiday’s as well, I use royal icing and my son uses ‘egg paint’to decorate them. I have an entire bin of different cutters for all the seasons!

    Reply to Andrea @ Blog Strength
  • Nena

    Those look absolutely delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe!

    Reply to Nena

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