Golden Tote December Review!

Golden Tote Review - December

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far and spending lots of time with friends and family. I have been trying to get everything done, but have managed to only shop for three out of twenty people. I know what I’ll be doing Saturday…The past week and a half has been very tough as I’ve been recovering from a nasty case of poison ivy. I’ve been in and out of the doctors office, jacked up on steroids and other medications, and refused to leave the house with the rash all over my body, not allowed to workout, not to mention the amount of water weight the steroids put on me…glad this is almost over! I’m ready for some normalcy (but is my life ever that?)

I’m excited to tell you guys all about Golden Tote! This is my first time ever letting someone else do the picking out for me, so when Golden Tote reached out to me, I was a little iffy. I was a complicated child that my mom never dared to shop for. She never bought me clothes becuase I never liked anything. She was forced to take me with her on her shopping trips and make me physically try everything on, otherwise all the money spent would go to waste. I had a mind of my own and my style was always changing. I think I went through a month phase in kindergarden where I would only wear my brother’s clothes…(bless my moms heart) My mom still to this day refuses to buy me clothes on Christmas; she gives me gift cards instead. I love that lady so much for never giving up on me- even though I was one heck of a complicated child.

Golden Tote Review - December Golden Tote Review - December

I looked over the Golden Tote website and was truly impressed. Once you sign up for free, you create your profile! This gives the awesome people over at Golden Tote the key points to help you find the perfect outfits. You choose your height, weight, shape, age, sizes,  and other personalized options. I love that it asks you which body parts you like to show off and which ones you don’t. I feel like that eliminates a lot of clothing I would never wear! And if you want, you can upload a photo of your style icon!

Golden Tote Review - December

The totes come in different sizes.

The tote I have is the $149 tote and it comes with 5-6 peices. You could also do the $49 Tote that comes with two pieces or, you can be brave and do a $99 surprise tote that comes with 4 peices.

This top in the photo had two of my favorite things…grey and plaid. It was soft and great for a casual fall/winter day.

Golden Tote Review - December

You also don’t have to be surprised by everything. You get to pick two of your favorites out of several options. This literally took me a good thirty minutes becuase I couldn’t choose which ones I wanted!

I was shocked when I opened up my tote. It’s like they knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to wear…(well I did tell them) I’m obsessed with stripes, sweaters, black anything, long sleeves, gold, and anything plaid. They had ALL of that included. I was really expecting to not like at least something, but they hit this one out of the ball park.

Golden Tote Review - December

This was one of my favorites. I think the burgundy/red is really good for my skin tone and a great holiday color. The sweater was good quality and fit me like a glove. I’m very picky when it comes to sweaters like this; they’re usually too tight, too big in the chest, or they make me look like a twelve year old boy. This will be great for after Christmas mass with a pearl necklace and a plaid undershirt.

The add-ons are really cool. If you see something in their boutique (all pieces $25) you can add them to your purchase.

Golden Tote Review - December

For my style profile, I chose “Classic”. There are a ton you can choose from. My winter wardrobe is very classy/preppy and then my summer wardrobe is very casual/bohemian (on the days I’m not sporting workout clothes).

This dress was super cute and would be great for a holiday party or Christmas Mass. I loved the piece of jewelry that came in my tote as well. I will wear anything gold. The necklace also went well with every single piece in the tote. I loved how cohesive everything was.  Golden Tote Review - December

I was also very surprised how well everything fit. I know I gave them like a billion answers about my body shape, but everything fit so well! That never happens. I’m in love with all the plaid and all the fun clothes that came in my tote. I think it’s a good thing that I stepped out of the box and let someone else do the picking becuase it made me try on things I may have never from the start!

I have to say that I am pretty dang impressed and I loved absolutely everything. My mom, who is a fashionista, is definitely going to be getting one of these surprise totes for Christmas. I know she’d LOVE it.

Golden Tote Review - December

And…the last thing (I picked this one out) is the furry jacket. I think this has become my new favorite jacket on the planet. It’s by far the softest, coziest, and warmest jacket I’ll ever own. I plan on keeping this thing until I’m an old lady! I love it so much.

I’m so happy I decided to try out Golden Tote and this will not be my last time using their company! I never thought I’d ever be happy about someone picking out an outfit for me, but I am.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Golden Tote, but ALL opinions are MY own.


  1. Have you ever received a Golden Tote before?
  2. What is the WORST subscriptions service you’ve ever received?
  3. Describe your winter style!


  • Jel


    Reply to Jel
  • Tomas Hansi

    Hi Taralynn ! I recently discovered your blog after seeing a lovely picture at you,, from Pinterest. . I am from Sweden, here we have much blueberry, but i´m not the creative type. Do you have any favorite recipe to share ?

    Btw. I love your dog much,, it looks so kind and sweet.

    hope life is good.
    Take best care / Tom

    Reply to Tomas Hansi
  • Cate

    Oh gosh! so cute!

    Reply to Cate
  • Jillian

    I regret not ordering the “Whatcha Drinkin’ Shirt” from your store before it went out of stock!!!!!!! do you have a size chart of any kind? I am pretty much a different size at every store which makes online shopping difficult sometimes. Also I cant decide if I want to try out Golden Tote or Stitch Fix. Any thought between the two, spending money on “surprise” items sounds scary but I also figure they may pick out something I end up loving that I would have never picked out for myself.

    Reply to Jillian
  • Natalie

    May I ask what brand and shade of lipstick you’re wearing in the photo with Grumples? 🙂

    Reply to Natalie
  • taylor

    You have such a cute style! Love all of these outfits. I LOVE those brown boots, do you know where you got them?

    Reply to taylor
  • Lauren

    Dang that jacket is awesome & everything they sent is super cute! I just got on to look at it but when I got to the pick your 2 items they only had one item in a large and it was nottt my style. Looked through the sight more and they had hardly anything in Large so I feel like it would be hard for them to really customize. I would totally do something like this if they had more stuff in Large though 🙂 Wondering about that jacket for real cause I would definitely buy that!

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I went back and did the same! I’m guessing that they start to run out of inventory towards the end of the month! Try making a tote the first of the month 😉 You can shop throughout their boutique too!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mindy

    I love your style! I want that coat so bad.

    Reply to Mindy
  • Jenn

    Your outfits are so cute! What brand are the boots? I have been looking for ones similar to those!

    Reply to Jenn
  • Heather

    I love everything they sent!

    Reply to Heather
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    wow this is awesome ive never heard of this! will have to check it out!

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
  • shanna

    i have never heard of this, but love the concept! and $149 is not a lot for what you got. i’ll have to look into this.

    The worst subscription service I’ve ever gotten myself into was Aloha. They didn’t follow through on their end and now I’m out $60 for products I never even got to use. lesson learned.

    I don’t have a style. I gained quite a bit of weight and I refuse to by new close unless they are smaller. I’m basically out of clothes. heh.

    hope you get over this poison ivy soon! what an awful experience you’ve had with it.

    Reply to shanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      No it’s an incredibly cheap amount for everything I got! I also LOVED everything, which made it worth it. I always see Aloha advertised on my Facebook, but never looked into it! Good to know!

      We all go up and down 🙂 It happens! I’m sure you look beautiful in anything you wear! xo

      yes…its the worst!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Imogen

    I love your style, so cute! You should do more fashion posts, or even a winter lookbook post 🙂

    Reply to Imogen
  • Jess

    You basically took the words out of my mouth about the sweater lol I have the same problem!

    Reply to Jess
  • Jacqueline

    I’m going to have to check goldentote out. I’ve never heard of that company prior to you mentioning it. What size range do they offer?

    Reply to Jacqueline
  • Stacie

    Do you just pay the $149 and keep all the pieces you want? Or, do you have to buy the pieces in addition to the $149? Thanks!

    Reply to Stacie
  • Melanie

    Love this post and all the fashion ones you do! Keep them up 🙂

    Reply to Melanie
  • Melissa

    I’m disappointed that they only offer up to a size large 🙁 I’m usually inbetween L-XL on tops so I won’t risk ordering a L. Also, their very first pop up where it asks you to sign up has TWO spelling/grammer mistakes in 2 1/2 sentences *cringes*…obviously that has nothing to do with you, but it’s a huge pet peeve.

    Reply to Melissa
  • Zully Hernandez

    OMGosh, whoever had the task of choosing your stuff did an awesome job! You’re right about the red and your skin tone. Which by the way, I wish you’d share more about your makeup!

    Reply to Zully Hernandez
    • Taralynn McNitt

      THEY SERIOUSLY DID! and I want that person to be my personal stylist. 🙂 I was going to do a make up tutorial post before the poison ivy lol I’ll have to wait just one more week!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sara

    I love your choices I the tote!!! What an awesome gift. I might have to do this today. That jacket!!! I love it!!! Thank girly for sharing this. I’m definitely going to sign up now!!!! Merry Christmas ??

    Reply to Sara
  • Sarah

    I know how you feel about being sick and the steroids. I’m having an IBD flare now so I’m not able to work out or run and I’m taking steroids too that make me gain weight and retain water. It’s awful!! Glad there are other people who understand what it’s like. Happy holidays and hope you’re feeling better!

    Reply to Sarah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Lol it is MISERABLE and I hope you get better soon. Luckily I get to workout later on today and my ivy is SLIGHTLY clearing up! It’s off my face thank goodness!! xo & happy holidays!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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