Stay Healthy: Organize, Clean & Toss!

My makeup definitely takes a beating. It gets shoved into a drawer, taken out and shoved into a bag when I travel, and I’m constantly rummaging through it to find pieces. It can get pretty frustrating. Not only is it unorganized, my brushes are always getting exposed to germs and dust, which isn’t good when I’m applying it to my face. That causes breakouts and “aint nobody got time for that.” I’ve decided that it’s time to get organized! On Monday, I cleaned out my make up drawer and washed all of my brushes. Did you know that you’re supposed to wash our makeup brushes after every use? Neither did I…

IMG_0070 IMG_0095

My mom is a makeup lover. She’s always introducing me to new products and my makeup collection seems to grow every time I see her. Now that Christmas is coming up, I need to get organized before the new shipment arrives. 😉IMG_0071

My makeup drawer is overcrowded and I hardly use any of the makeup in it. Instead of throwing it out, I decided to keep the makeup I don’t use in the drawer and put the makeup I do use in a clear storage tray on the counter. It’ll save me time from digging through it all. Having it organized on my counter makes it so much less stressful and it keeps the makeup cleaner. IMG_0084I really like the acrylic Caboodle tray because it’s easy to clean and very sturdy. It’s somewhat heavy when you pick it up and has thick handles on the sides to make it easier to move. The two tower tray has twelve separate compartments and fits a ton of makeup!

The Caboodle brings me back to my childhood. When I was in first grade, my mom bought me a pink and purple Caboodle case. Now, I wasn’t wearing makeup back then, but I carried my Barbie’s accessories in it. I also kept my fake plastic makeup in the compartments too.

I found this acrylic Caboodle tray at Target, but you can also browse through the selections at Ulta and Walmart while supplies last. They make great gifts and he trays can also be used for your desk to separate office supplies. I have a tray sitting at my desk to separate shipping labels.

IMG_0076When my makeup is in the draw, the powders and eyeshadow get everywhere. Have you ever seen the bottom of makeup drawer? Ew. I used to write “wash me” with my finger on the back of my parents car as a kid. Well, you could probably do the same with the bottom of my makeup drawer. The tray keeps the makeup so clean. The brushes are up in the air and not laying on a surface collecting germs.

Before I put all of my makeup in the Caboodle tray, I cleaned all the brushes. Now, lets be realistic. You won’t find me cleaning my makeup brushes every time I use them, but I will clean them once a week. There are tons of products out there for cleaning brushes, but if you don’t have any on hand, you can use antibacterial soap or even shampoo! Let the brush run under lukewarm water and lather the brush with the soap using your fingers. Let it run under the water until all the soap is gone and all the makeup color runs clear. Blot the extra water with a clean cloth and lay it on a towel to dry, or you can use a blow-dryer. Don’t forget to do this to your eyeshadow brushes too.

My go-to style consists of under eye cover-up, mascara, and lip gloss. I go full out makeup maybe three times a week. I apply mascara about sixty times a month…that is a lot! I make sure to get new mascara every thirty days and I immediately throw my mascara away if I’m sick. Mascara is one of the biggest factors in getting an eye infection. My mom always stressed to NEVER share mascara or lipgloss. I became a germaphobe in high school and would actually keep a separate lipgloss in my purse becuase my friends were always asking if I had lipgloss. And you can’t lie and say “no” when your lips were perfectly glossed. IMG_0080Have you guys ever heard of the rubbing alcohol tip to repair broken makeup? It’s amazing! I learned this a couple years ago on Pinterest. If you’re like me, you drop EVERYTHING! And for some reason, it’s always my blush that falls to it’s death. I used to just throw it out or work around the little pieces, but my life was changed after learning a little tip. If you drop your make up powders, blush, or eye shadow, put the pieces back the best you can, and spray rubbing alcohol over the make up and let it dry. It magically goes back together like dirt in the desert during a rainfall.

Our mouths carry a lot of germs, and especially when we’re sick. Luckily, lipstick is easier to clean. I take a Qtip and shave the top layer off the lipstick and then dip it in rubbing alcohol for fifteen seconds. I do this once a month or when I’m sick. When it comes to lip gloss, I treat it like mascara and replace it once a month.

When you’re traveling with your make up, try to find a makeup bag that has compartments. The Caboodle cases have compartments in them to keep your makeup safe and clean. I hope these little tips helped you and I’d love to hear your makeup tips!


Upload a photo to Instagram showing me how you organize your makeup! Tag me @taralynnmcnitt and @RealCaboodles using the hashtag #cuethecaboodles! I’d love to check it out!

  1. Did you ever own a Caboodle? 
  2. How often do you clean your makeup?
  3. Do you have any fun makeup tips? 

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Caboodles, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #cuethecaboodles


  • Alena

    Where did you get your IT cosmetics?

    Reply to Alena
  • Acia

    Cute bathroom!

    Reply to Acia
  • Daniella

    Love these posts! I’m like all the others and used my first Caboodle in dance!

    Reply to Daniella
  • Katie

    Just bought the same case today! Thank you for inspiring me to clean up my makeup!

    Reply to Katie
  • Felicia

    I love all of your makeup tips! Thank you!

    Reply to Felicia
  • Anne Salem

    My first reply to your awesome posts! hehe

    1. Did you ever own a Caboodle?

    Many. As a former dancer, I am almost haunted by the word Caboodle lol. I had a huge pink one used to lug around all the make-up that I still hated wearing (ages 7-12) – liquid foundation felt like dog slobber when my mom put it on my face lol, so that’s primarily the memory I associate with Caboodles. 🙂

    2. How often do you clean your makeup?

    Not often enough but I am very cognizant about how frequently I clean my blush brushes – maybe once a week if I’m being good. I also try to dab off my eyeliner on a clean Kleenex before use, to eliminate any germs from the previous use before it touches my eye.

    3. Do you have any fun makeup tips?

    I’m crazy about mascara (best part about being a girl, am I right?) – but really no fun tips. I am an amateur but do enjoy a controlled cat eye look.

    Love your blog, Taralynn! Keep on being an inspiration 🙂

    Reply to Anne Salem
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Welcome welcome 🙂

      Seems like all the dancers that have commented owned a Caboodle! 🙂

      You still clean your brushes and makeup more than most people!

      Mascara is my favorite as well. I don’t care about anything on my face as long as I’m wearing mascara. I wish I could do the liquid eyeliner! I’m horrible at making b both eyes even.

      xo xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • kelly

    Thanks for doing a makeup post!! 🙂

    1. I have never used those compartments! I am like you and shoved everything in a drawer or a bag. I am actually redoing an antique desk to make a vanity. My bathroom is small and my husband complains I hog it too much 😉 so I will be able to keep my woman things in the vanity. I think I will look into those makeup trays!

    2. I NEED to clean my brushes! I keep putting it off…

    3. You pretty much said all my tips. (When to throw away makeup) the only other thing I can add is to use a highlighter for your face. I use Watts Up from Benefit and I really like it. It brightens up and gives your face a shimmery look without it looking greasy.

    Reply to kelly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Of course!!

      I bet that antique desk is going to be so cool as a vanity!! I’d love to see a picture of the final product.

      & Thank you for your tip!! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tara

    I can’t believe caboodles are back! I used to have several to carry all my makeup and hair stuff for dance performances! All of my friends had one, and we used to decorate them with paint pens. I really like that tray.

    Reply to Tara
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I know absolutely nothing about make up. I learned what a primer was about 3 weeks ago.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Niki Patterson

    Another trick I learned to make my mascara go on smoother is to put a drop of visine or contact lens solution in it. Absolutely the best trick ever!

    Reply to Niki Patterson
  • carlee

    I use toothpicks to pick through my eyelashes to separate them. I have a pet peeve about clumped eye lashes!

    Reply to carlee
  • shanna

    I had multiple caboodles. every teenager in the 90’s needed them to store lipsmakers. I can’t believe they are back. I’m so excited! I had a case like you mentioned, a tray with multiple compartments, a small plastic tote and a small softside bag for traveling. I rarely wear make up now. I had an allergic reaction in the late 90s and never figured out what caused it, so I just go without. it’s better than resembling a distant cousin of Sloth from the Goonies.

    Reply to shanna
  • Melissa Fitzgerald

    1. I used my first Caboodle to hold all of my beads and whatnot. I was the family jeweler from the young age of 4. 😉

    2. I’m super bad about cleaning my makeup brushes. I *say* I’m going to do it once a week, but end up doing it every other week (or sometimes once a month, if I’m really feeling rebellious).

    3. It’s not really a “fun” tip, but try using a Beauty Blender for your foundation! Once I did it, I never looked back. I’m in looove.

    Reply to Melissa Fitzgerald
    • Taralynn McNitt

      1. Hahaha I love that! Speaking of family jewelry *EMBARRASSING STORY ALERT* When I was in kindergarten, my teacher called my mom to inform her that I was wearing a surprisingly large diamond ring on my finger…lol I stole my moms ring and wore it to school apparently. 😉

      2. Lol sounds like me.

      3. I’ve heard those work really well! I only wear foundation like once a year, and stick to powder, but maybe that’ll make it look better on me!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole

    I used to own a pink and purple caboodle back in the day! It also held my Barbie accessories and Lip Smackers chapsticks haha.

    I have a super basic makeup routine and stick to Bare Minerals foundation, bronzer, add a little eye liner and mascara. If I want to feel “done up” I do my eye shadow with nudes/bronze shadows. I love a very natural, minimalist look so it works for me to keep it simple. I don’t have many tips or tricks, but…

    NEVER “set” your makeup with hair spray! In college, a lot of my friends would do this, since we lived in Florida and sweating off makeup was a common occurrence. It’s so bad for your pores. Instead, when I have an event to go to where my makeup needs to stay amazing (like an outdoor wedding) I get Urban Decay “de-slick” makeup setting spray. it works like a DREAM and a little goes a long way. The trial size bottle from ulta is only $11 and is perfect for keeping in a clutch. It kept my makeup on through long August days in Florida.

    Reply to Nicole
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Lol we were all 90’s babies!

      i love bare minerals as well. I have a lot of their products.

      I had to do that in theater! But we had a special hair spray that worked better, but our pores were SHOT after that!! I will look into that spray! I find that the IT cosmetics stays on forever!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melanie

    wow, I really need to buy a caboodle! My makeup drawer is a mess. I clean my makeup sponge after every use but rarely EVER clean my brushes… probably not too good for my skin haha. I have never heard of using rubbing alcohol for broken makeup! I usually end up tossing broken eye shadow or blushes but I’ll have to try that next time!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Monica

    I’m obsessed with IT cosmetics! Their mascara is my absolute favorite and their brushes are awesome!

    Reply to Monica
  • Nikki

    How do you like IT cosmetics? I have been looking at them. My boyfriends mom made me sit with her and watch the show about it. But in your opinion is it honestly worth the money? Btw I love your blog you are an amazing person. I can relate with you in so many ways and being the same age makes it even easier!

    Reply to Nikki
    • Taralynn McNitt

      They’re the best products I have ever used. I’ll never ever ever ever trade them for anything. Everything looks natural (no nasty shimmery sparkles) it’s perfect if your face tends to break out a lot, and my face feels like velvet with it on. I love it so much! It’s the closest thing to magic…It’s 100% honestly worth every penny in the bank. If you go to Ultra, you can probably try it out!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Devyn Conry

    Great post! I have been really trying to condense my makeup, because I feel like I hold onto products I don’t like to use them up and thats no fun for a make up lover like myself! I love trying new things and want all of my products to be holy grail products! 🙂

    1. I love my caboodles, I didn’t even know they were still around until I saw them at target a few months ago – mine was full with my smackers chap sticks in every. flavor.

    2. I clean my makeup and brushes pretty regularly, I use baby shampoo and coconut oil to help get off waxy products like lip stick and gel liner. Make sure you lay them flat to dry so the water doesn’t get into the metal area of your brush, you don’t want the glue to wear off!

    3. I bring my eye shadow primer (Urban Decay) under my eye a little bit when I apply it to help with concealer and any shadow I may bring to my lower lash line stay put! Concealer is a product I have the most trouble with wearing off, so this helps!

    Your mom sounds a lot like mine! A few years ago I got a stye and my mom made my throw out all eye liners and mascara and get new! Mommas know best!

    Reply to Devyn Conry
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’m a makeup hoarder too 😉 lol and I don’t use it! I do that with clothes as well.

      1. hahaha I remember Smackers! I love that they still sell the pink cases!

      2. I need to get some baby shampoo! Someone else had mentioned it. I need to get that primer, I have the worse dark circles because my circulation is bad and I am usually low on iron and i can never get concealer to stay!

      Mommas do know best!!!:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Phyllis

    I always use baby shampoo for makeup brushes, powder puffs, and sponges. I soak them for about thirty minutes. I have a silicone oven mitt with ridges I found at Walmart for $3 which is close enough to the $40 one everyone tells you to get. I put a dab of baby shampoo on it then rub my brushes over it so it gets in the center to clean. Rinse and use the thumb/glove area to squeeze excess water out. Then just dry normally. I do it about once a month. Ain’t nobody got time for that everyday!!

    Reply to Phyllis
  • Hannah

    I remember in 5th grade going shopping with my mom for my first makeup and buying a pink caboodle! I defiantly don’t clean my makeup brushes enough, purity by philosophy works great if you are looking for a makeup brush cleaner. (:

    Reply to Hannah
  • Renee

    Hi Taralynn!!
    I’ve been a reader for a long time and always look forward to a new post! I was just thinking that I needed to clean my makeup brushes, so this post was perfect!

    1. Of course!! Used it for all my “fancy” jewelry as a kid. Wasn’t this a necessity as a 90s kid? haha just like Trapper Keepers and Polly Pockets

    2. Not often enough!! I really need to do it every week like you said because its nasty to think how germy they probably are

    3. Mmmm no. I wish I was better at applying makeup — I need a lesson!


    Reply to Renee
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Renee!

      Thank you so much! I was super busy over the weekend working on posts! (which means more to come)

      1. Yes my polly pockets LIVED in mine! They were the barbies in 2000! lol

      2. Same here girl!

      3. Also, same here! I just wing it!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    As a former dancer, the caboodle was a staple of transporting make up for shows and competitions. i used to decorate mine with cheezy 90’s stickers that i thought were awesome at the time. haha!

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot

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