33 Mile Bike Ride Around the Washington D.C. Monuments


Good Morning Everyone!

I bet you’re all happy it’s Friday. I have fun plans for today and want to share my photos before I head out. I know my posts have been short and choppy, but it’s better than nothing. I’m trying to go out and enjoy the area, spend lots of time working out, and catch up on homework.

I’ve been going on little one mile walks 5-7 times a day with Kona. This little fluff ball has so much energy and loves being outside. We can’t get around the block without someone stopping to pet him. He’s like a real life teddy bear.

12165867_931013840278526_526727586_nΒ 12086919_931013626945214_1612985224_n

And he has his routines with everyone. It’s funny because when we walk down the street, people know his name. We wake up at five am for our first walk of the day. I’m starting to enjoy getting up this early, and my days feel much longer. It is pretty chilly though!

12167345_931013553611888_1801514360_nΒ 12167134_931013573611886_559388968_n

Karlee and I decided to set out on a bike ride yesterday to explore D.C.


Shaughna and Mike left us their awesome E-bikes. Remember when I rode them last time I was here?


It was one of prettiest rides I have ever been on. The trails were filled with fallen leaves and the sun was shining.


I had my camera around my neck and I kept snapping photos.


We rode over to the Mt. Vernon Trail and took that all the way to the monuments.


We stopped every 3-5 miles to take photos.


I love the Mt Vernon trail because most of the ride is along the water.


Best place to snap some photos! I’m aware that nothing I’m wearing matches πŸ˜‰ It’s the comfort that counts.


You can see the monuments from across the way.

11696649_931013506945226_483545169_nΒ 12166785_931013490278561_883125420_n

There is nothing more fun than being a tourist on a bike.


I think my favorite part of the bike ride is going over the 14th St Bridge (George Mason Memorial). You feel the rush of the traffic, the wind from the water, and the view is gorgeous. We went over the bridge at night last time I was in D.C. and it was breathtaking.


Of course we had to stop and take some touristy shots!


The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Monument.


The Washington Monument reflecting on the water.


Scoot over segways! Did you hear about the guy who invented the segway…?


Have you ever been to the Lincoln memorial? Did it shock you to see how big Lincoln’s statue was? T.V. and photos make it look so much smaller!

IMG_8150 IMG_8156

Taking selfies on heavy bikes is always safe. We loved our egg-head helmets.


Beautiful day at the park.


This is another one of my favorite spots. SO many movies filmed here. Hey, Kerry Washington! Yo, Kevin Spacey!


Iowa represent!

IMG_8177 IMG_8160

We ended up riding around some more and exploring little areas.


It was such a beautiful day πŸ™‚

12170543_931013713611872_1219123364_nΒ 12170694_931013740278536_255643026_n

Kona and I went on a walk when we got back and several more throughout the day.


Around six pm, I headed out for a five mile run and then stopped at Whole Foods with my brother to grab a salad. I came back, caught up on Nashville, and studied!

My salad was delicious, but the Bai5 sparkling pineapple infusion was out of this world!


It’s safe to say that I’m exhausted this morning!

What are you guys doing this weekend?


Quote of the day to leave you guys with!


  • Melanie

    Love that bike!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Kristin C

    Have you ever used the bikes at Freedom Park? I really want to sometime soon. I see people riding them all over the place.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Kerri Mcgrail

    I love that you have been focusing on your health and getting healthy again! I always loved those posts of yours. Also if I saw you walking with Kona down the street, I would probably have to stop and pet him too- he is just so stinkin’ cute!

    Reply to Kerri Mcgrail
  • Melissa

    I agree with the other Melissa, don’t worry about your post lengths or flow. They’re just a treat to read whenever they come up. I’ve been reading your blog for years (never commented though! lol there’s a first for everything) and your positive and inspiring lifestyle is enough of a draw to come back and read. So you do your thing!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Brit

    I would love for you to come visit my shop in D.C. I just sent you an email. – Brit

    Reply to Brit
  • Emma

    Where did you get that bracelet you’re wearing in your posts?

    Reply to Emma
  • Chanelnumberfive

    You just got so much cooler! I love Scream Queens!

    Reply to Chanelnumberfive
  • Sammie

    Taralynn! What are you going to be for Halloween?

    Reply to Sammie
  • Hannah

    Your blog is my favorite. I want to go everywhere you go after you post. I love how relatable you are and it’s inspiring! Keep it up.

    Reply to Hannah
  • Sarah

    I LOVE your blog and have been following it for several years now…wow! It doesn’t seem that long! haha But seriously, I admire you and how you admit when you have guilty indulgences and yet you try to eat healthy as well. I appreciate that so much!
    I don’t know if recently you have been going through a break up but I might be going through one super soon. Would you be interested in writing a post on feeling the pain, working through it, and eventually learning to get back to life? Just somethings you’ve learned and are willing to share? I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

    Reply to Sarah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Sarah!

      Thank you so much for all the kind words and I can’t believe it’s been that long either! (five years now).

      Relationships are really hard and breakups feel like your world is crumbling down, but there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. I have gone through my breakups in life and there is no sugar coating it…they absolutely suck. I could probably write something up πŸ™‚ But if you’re going through a break up right now, allow yourself to “deal”. Do not push those emotions back. Eventually, you’ll start feeling better, things will start falling into place again, and you’ll become a stronger person because of it. Always focus on YOU, and what makes YOU happy!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Erin Revis

    You are such a beautiful person and such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your day to day journey with us.

    Reply to Erin Revis
  • Sharni

    Taralynn you just inspire me so much! You’re so active and productive every day! Even on the not so good days you find something to make you smile. Keep it up girl I love reading your blogposts – the choppier the better!

    Reply to Sharni
  • ellen

    thank you so much for wearing helmets while bike riding <3

    Reply to ellen
  • ashlee

    oh my gosh DC looks beautiful this time of year. i went for labor day and had so much fun.

    Reply to ashlee
  • Ana

    How fun! I was in Washington DC this summer! It was for work but at least we got a half day to go explore the city. Kona is SO cute. I want to cuddle him!

    This weekend, I have plans to go shopping! I’ve been working out consistently for the last 3 months and now my clothes are starting to get loose on me! That definitely means a shopping trip is in order, and I’ll be going to Leeds, England.

    Hope your weekend is great! Thanks for the update!

    Reply to Ana
  • Amanda

    You inspired me to explore my new city on a bike this weekend. Great idea!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Courtney

    OMG, I want a little Kona so bad!! In regards to the bikes, what is the percentage of peddling/steering? They look like a lot of fun. How long does the motor last, and do you just plug it up? Sorry for all the questions!

    Reply to Courtney
  • Linda @ The fitty

    Your adventures always look so fun, you’re almost making me want to ditch Mt running shoes for the bike!

    Reply to Linda @ The fitty
  • MΓ©ryl

    Again beautiful pictures Taralynn ! Thanks for sharing with us πŸ™‚

    Reply to MΓ©ryl
  • Lauren

    Kona is adorable! We have a goldendoodle, Riley, that looks identical to him so every time I see these posts I think of him- I was even a nerdy dog mom and showed him Kona’s picture! They must be about the same age! Everyone stops us on the street with him as well and I’m always surprised people cuddle him like a teddy bear! Looks like a great trip, thanks for sharing with us!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Brittiny

    What are you going to
    School for?

    Reply to Brittiny
  • Aimee

    Love the pictures! It looks like you are having a blast! You are my motivation to get moving today!

    Reply to Aimee
  • Melissa

    Love Love Love it!
    Stop worry about the length! Your posts are such a sweet treat and to have them pretty much 2 days in a row is fantastic!!
    I haven’t been to DC in years but it looks so beautiful through all of your photos! I will for sure have to make another visit out there sometime! I hope you’re enjoying your time there! And I am the same way doll, I am all about the early mornings. I love the crisp fresh morning with a nice hot cup of coffee and long walk!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Reply to Melissa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Melissa!

      If you can, try to make it here on a fall day πŸ™‚ SO beautiful. You’d have a blast spending a morning with coffee and walking here!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ab

    Ive always wanted to try bai5 sparklers because i love the other bai drinks esp the pomegranate!! What do the sparklers taste like? Have you had any other flavors?

    Reply to Ab
  • Andrea

    Love those pants on your bike ride! Where are those ones from?

    Reply to Andrea
  • Carly

    I love everything about this post! Dog, Fall Leaves, and Bike Riding! Your posts makes me want to visit DC just to bike around it! Happy Friday!

    Reply to Carly
  • Bev

    You are rockin that outfit!

    Reply to Bev

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