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I have officially played basketball, tennis, golf, hiked, ran, and relaxed in my new Bombas socks. I spent a couple weeks testing them out and seeing if they actually made a difference in my workouts. One of my friends, who is a running expert, once told me that socks make a huge difference and that Bombas were her favorite. I used to just wear my cheap little think anklet socks, but those will now be reserved for my booties.

Bombas do make a difference.


Let me introduce you to the blister tab…(only the best thing ever)

See that disgusting photo in the corner? That is my ankle which continues to blister every time I workout. After using the Bomba socks with a built in blister tab after a couple of weeks, it’s officially gone. I don’t even feel my heel now when I’m running. I used to have to stop and continue to pull my socks up or fix my bandaids. Seriously, where have these socks been all my life? A couple years ago, I had a bone spur on that heel; it’s given me issues ever since. These socks give me the extra padding and protection that I need.

The Bombas have certainly changed my life (when it comes to workouts).


Not only have the Bombas helped me solve my small problems, they are making a difference in the world.

Did you know that socks are the number one requested piece of clothing at shelters? Every time you buy a pair of socks from Bombas, they donate a pair to the shelter. They don’t just donate your everyday sock either; they donate a sock designed just for those who are in need.


Their donated socks:

*Darker Colors
To show less visible wear.
*Anti-Microbial Treatment
Prevents the growth of fungus. Doesn’t need to be washed as frequently.
*Reinforced Seams
For greater durability and longer lifespan.
I was most likely one of the worst five year olds on the planet and my mom tells me everyday that she prays I have to go through the same (thanks Mom).  I had a pretty serious issue with socks and refused to wear them. I hated them because of that little seam that runs across the pinky toe. My mom would cut it out and then I’d throw another fit because my toe was popping out. I wore flip-flops in the winter because of my stubbornness. I’m not sure why it bothered me so much as a kid, but I remember getting sick to my stomach about that stupid little seam. I thought it was funny when I read that the Bombas have an invisitoe. I thought I was the only one with the seam issues, but apparently others are also annoyed by the little line. Bombas got rid of that seem and you don’t feel a thing.
If my mom could have had these socks years ago…


So far they have donated 520,525 socks to shelters since October 2013′; that is inspiring!
^^ This number will most likely go up the next time you look at their website.


They make Bombas for everyone. This Christmas, everyone in my family, all my friends, and anyone else I have to shop for will definitely be getting a pair of these. Give the gift that gives back! They come in so many fun colors and styles. Your kids, brother, sister, friends, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or whoever will enjoy these comfortable socks.

Even though they are athletic-leisure socks, they’ve been keeping me warm during the last couple weeks of rain and low temperatures. They are such a great company and truly care about your happiness. If you don’t like your socks, they’ll refund the entire purchase. 100% happiness guaranteed. 


Now, I started wondering what the “BEE BETTER” meant. How in the world do bees and socks have anything to do with each other, but then I found this…

“Bee Better
The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee. Bees work together to make the hive a better place. We like that. When we say Bee Better, we mean it as a mantra, a way of approaching every day. It’s stitched into the inside of every pair of Bombas for a reason. It’s a reminder to push yourself harder to be better at your athletic pursuits. A reminder that these socks are engineered and designed with thought to bee better. A reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase. And a reminder that we’re all connected and little improvements can add up to make a big difference.”


I was very impressed with the quality of these socks and the difference they have made in my workouts. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Discount Code: 25% off  four pairs or more, with the code:
Applies to your first order, of any size.

This is a sponsored posts and all opinions are my own!


  • Cilia

    Just ordered some!

    Reply to Cilia
  • Sandra

    This is such a great company. I ordered my socks with your code and they came in two days. My socks are wonderful and the quality is exquisite!

    Reply to Sandra
  • Kayla

    Lmao I hated seams on my socks too when I was younger!! My dad got so fed up with me and no one else understood either…just thought it was funny that you had the same issue hahah and I’m getting these socks because I have been getting shin splints maybe they’ll help stabilize my ankles more so thank you!

    Reply to Kayla
  • Chloe

    if we order a pack would the discount code be applicable?

    Reply to Chloe
  • Shannen

    These look awesome! And I love that they donate when you buy! Love giving back! Quick question, what type of running shoes do you have?

    Reply to Shannen
  • Victoria

    Love the socks! Are you going to sell them in your shop?

    Reply to Victoria
  • EVA

    Uhmmm….you said “they’ve donated X amount since October 13″….October 13th hasn’t happened yet….

    Reply to EVA
  • Kristin C

    These look amazing! I bet I would love that blister tab!
    And no, you are not the only one with the seam issue. My mom still picks on me for my seam issues with undies when I was around 5. I would freak out every time I put them on. lol.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Amanda

    These are so cute, and I love their mission!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Zey

    I’ve been needing a pair like this! And they’re cute too 🙂

    Reply to Zey
  • Tara

    I’m glad you did this review! I’m going to order some of these to try out!

    Reply to Tara
  • Candle

    Is this a sponsored post? Don’t you have to disclose that? You put up so many posts that read as a sponsored post or where you received free items and you don’t mention that or if you do its at the end of the post instead of the beginning.

    Reply to Candle
  • Emily bagg

    Hey girl! Is your shop closed for a few weeks while you’re out of town? How do orders work now?

    Reply to Emily bagg
  • kilee

    just bought them!!

    Reply to kilee

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