Adorable Accessories by Ankit


I promised you guys I’d share my fun accessories from Ankit after posting my new mug on Instagram yesterday morning. I love all of the fun products they design and it was nice getting a little package to help me cope with the eight days of rainy weather. Luckily, the sun is out today and I’m in such a better mood.

You know all the cool products at Forever 21, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Anthropologie, PacSun, ModCloth and so on? Well, those are designed by the people over at Ankit and you can buy them right online!

They have pillows, water bottles (with hilarious quotes), contact cases, mugs, cell phone chargers, throw blankets, coasters, air fresheners, and more.


My favorite is the desert floral mug.


It matches my new cell phone chargers 🙂


They have really fun air fresheners and they smell heavenly! I love the teal mandala feather freshener. The flavor is blueberry yum yum. I love the style and look of this. It makes me want to start making my own fresheners; they’re so much cuter than the ones at the store.

Ankit makes adorable stocking stuffers (for you early christmas shoppers), gifts for your friends, or just cool stuff to spice up your style.


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