Summertime Sushi & Baseball!

asian fusion yama  house salad yama ginger dressing

It has been one hot summer so far. The pools are already 95 degrees, golfing sounds miserable, and three minutes in the sun fries you like an egg! I’m ready for fall already. Anyone with me?

A couple of my friends and I had a girl’s night planned on Tuesday. Our original plan was to go for a long walk outside and then have some wine on the porch, but it was scorching out! We traded those plans for sushi at Yama and Jurassic park!

sushi tuna spicy roll yama

We all got salads and split a sushi tray.

*Spicy Tuna Rolls, *California Crab Rolls, *Crab Sashimi!

jurassic park  enlightened broad beans

Jurassic park was so good! Although, I cried a couple of times because I hate when animals die, even if it is computer animated.

grumples grooming goldendoodle grumples grooming goldendoodle

Yesterday morning, I had my second chiropractor appointment and another doctors appointment, which I’ll be posting about soon. Getting answers is always relieving. I’ve been working this year on rebuilding my body and health to full potential. Recovering from an E.D takes years and your body really will fight you. It’s tough, but I’m willing to put everything into regaining full health.

After my morning appointments, I took Grumples to his! He has the best groomer! I went months and months without getting grumples groomed, sometimes tried to do it myself because I was so afraid of groomers. He always got anxiety, hated me for days after being groomed and sometimes would get cuts on his skin. He can’t do crates and spending over 7 hours at a groomers seems like torture.

I finally found a groomer that completes him in two hours, he looks amazing, they don’t crate him, they dry him with an actual doggy blow dryer instead of throwing him in a dry crate, which are extremely dangerous. He actually loves going to her. If you are in the charlotte area looking for a good groomer, email me!

fresh hair cut simply taralynn

While Grumples was getting groomed, I decided to get my monthly hair cut.

I had seven inches cut off my hair in January after going almost a year and a half without getting one trim. I told myself I’d never let my hair get so unhealthy again. I have gone 5 months without using any hot iron or blow dryer on my hair. There are so many different ways to style or curl your hair without heat. It’s also been a year and a half since dying my hair.  I’ve been getting an inch off ever 4-5 weeks and contenting to condition it with my homemade remedy.

I spend a lot of time in the sun so my hair turns very light at the bottom. I’m trying very hard to get my hair in the best shape ever. Even if it means letting it dry and wearing it wavy! I used to look at my hair and count the split ends on ONE strand. Now, I have a hard time finding one split it. My only issue would be wearing hair ties. I need to find ones that don’t break the ends.

allure comfort alo voss drinks water road trip hot summer southern home white front porch

While Grumps finished up, I stopped and got some refreshing drinks and then went for a walk in the heat. I love walking in the south because the homes are beautiful 🙂

healthy eating road trip snacks yogurt banana almonds

Later in the day, I headed uptown to Nick’s for the Knights baseball game. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and was in a hurry to get there, so I grabbed a banana, almonds, and yogurt to have on the way. I knew I was going to get stuck in rush hour. I was right, it took me about an hour and a half to drive 15 miles.

*this photo was posted before I started driving*

just fresh wrap vegetable baseball game

We got to the game around seven! It was hot hot hot hot! If you haven’t gone to a Charlotte Knights game yet, you really should! (if you live in the charlotte area) The stadium is right uptown and the view is gorgeous. They actually have a game tonight with fireworks!

just fresh wrap vegetable baseball game

I love that stadiums are starting to offer healthy options. If you shuffle through the pizza booths, burgers, and popcorn, you’ll usually find something healthy.

We stopped at the Just Fresh booth.

just fresh wrap vegetable baseball game

simply taralynn charlotte knights game just fresh wrap vegetable baseball game

We had such a fun night! (sorry for the no make-up scary face) but there was no point in wearing make up that would melt off in 104 degree weather.

What is your favorite thing about summer?


  • Jay

    My favorite thing about summer is Air Conditioning! I have absolutely no tolerance for the heat, humidity or bad air quality. Cold watermelons, ice cream cones & syrupy snowballs are also favorites (can you see a pattern here?).

    Reply to Jay
  • Casey

    No need to apologize for no makeup, you are pretty just the same!

    Reply to Casey
  • Niki

    I just love reading your blog! You were saying something about finding the perfect pony tail holder. Well I get a Birchbox every month and this month was the L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony tube. Absolutely love it. Now when I take my hair down I don’t lose half of my hair. Here’s the link to some on Amazon.

    Hope these work for you as well as they have for me!

    Reply to Niki
  • Emilee

    I cried too!!! Jurrasic World was so good though. Did you see the preview for Max before the movie started? I didn’t think I’d ever cry just from watching a preview, but I sure did!

    Reply to Emilee
  • Michelle Wallace

    Isn’t the heat horrible? I think our index was 112 here. Our AC couldn’t seem to keep up!

    Reply to Michelle Wallace
  • Melanie

    I am so with you on the weather! It’s not nearly as hot here in Michigan but I am already wanting fall to be here!

    I’m hoping to make it to a Tigers game sometime this summer! Did you ever go to Tigers games when you lived in Detroit? They’re so much fun 🙂

    My favorite thing about summer is days on the lake! I could spend hours out tubing and jet-skiing 🙂

    Reply to Melanie
  • Elisabeth

    That’s a valid argument. However, as someone who is recovering from a severe ED, I know that limiting one food group (e.g., meat) makes it easier to fall back down that slippery slope of restricting other food groups as well.

    You should read some we love, some we hate, some we eat. It’s an awesome book.

    Reply to Elisabeth
  • Amanda @ Positively Amanda

    I love how much time I can spend outdoors and not have to put on my entire wardrobe! Oh and not slipping on ice when I run! 🙂

    Reply to Amanda @ Positively Amanda
  • Cassie

    Had sooooo much Japanese food this week–can’t even look at sashimi!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Selin

    Do you think you could write a post about how you style your hair? My hair is frizzy and wavy and I always end up grabbing my straight-iron (even after telling myself I wont) because I can’t find a way to style it.

    Reply to Selin
  • Julia

    Definitely not a scary face!! Seriously, I wish people knew just how beautiful they are, and a lot of that has nothing to do with their face or body : )

    Reply to Julia
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I pike your foods of choice, Tara.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Jenn

    Sun dresses and skirts! I hate having to wear pants sometimes, except jeans. A good, worn in pair of jeans are never a bad thing.

    Reply to Jenn
  • Ryan Moos

    Not a scary face without makeup at all! You are beautiful when you go natural and made up!

    Reply to Ryan Moos
  • Dorka

    There is really no need to say ‘sorry for the no make-up scary face’, you are really pretty without make up too! And come on, in this summer heat who can keep on wearing make up all the time?! I usually go with as little make up as possible:)

    Reply to Dorka
  • Alia

    You say in this post that you cried because you can’t stand to see animals die and then in the very same post you are eating a dead animal in your turkey wrap. If you love animals then you need to realize that eating them is killing them whether you are watching it or not, and millions are being tortured and killed every day. Not trying to be rude, just wanted to point out the hypocrisy.

    Reply to Alia
    • Jess

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion (and food preferences). Please be kind. I have been reading her blog for years and have never commented but, these statements are getting old. Why not celebrate the fact she is overcoming an ED. Looking for new challenges, growing as a person and enjoying life! Taralynn please continue your journey your spirit is beautiful.

      Reply to Jess
      • May

        I’m right there with you Alia. And Jess, your statements are getting old. “everyone is entitled to their opinion and food preferences”. Yeah, sure. Or maybe you can’t put an opinion (which is immaterial) on the same level as a living being? The world will never know!

        Reply to May
      • Jessica

        What a great comment and positive attitude! We need more women embracing and lifting each other up. I’ve been reading this blog forever now too and I enjoy seeing the comments like this along with the posts! Thank you!

        Reply to Jessica
  • mookie

    I love minor leage ball games. To me they play so much better than majors because thy are usually trying to prove themselves to get to the MLB.

    What I love about summer is that I am off! I am a teacher so I enjoy using my summers to relax, travel, and work on new stuff for my classroom for the upcoming year.

    Also, never apologize for an unmade face! You are beautiful and shouldn’t apologize for forgoing make-up.

    Reply to mookie
  • Lauren

    That looks like yummy ballpark food! I have been craving sushi lately too.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Jessica

    I saw Jurassic World last Friday with my husband and I got teary eyed too when the dinosaurs died – especially the raptors 🙁

    I love that you passed up pizza/popcorn/burgers for a healthier option – way to go girl! The zesty artichoke parmesan spread on your wrap sounds amazing!!!:)

    Reply to Jessica
  • Laura

    Try invisibobble hairties! They are amazing…good for your hair, long lasting and I feel like the hold can be adapted much better than with a regular hair tie

    Reply to Laura
    • Joi

      As soon as I read that she was looking for hairties I was going to comment about the invisibobble ties as well!
      I absolutely love them! I wear my hair up a lot and used to get headaches from it- but these hair ties are just amazing, don’t break your hair and don’t hurt my head! 🙂

      Reply to Joi
  • Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

    I love that Alo water! Sometimes I pick it up at the organic grocery store to go with my lunch.

    The best thing about summer is that work is more laidback. I work in an office, in Portland, and when the weather is nice, everyone just kind of accepts that no one really wants to work.

    Reply to Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

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