Sunday Funday


I was so tired Saturday night from the lake that I overslept and missed my normal mass time. Thank God for the 11:30 mass! I woke up and had coffee with Grumples and Tino on the porch before getting ready.

After mass, we headed to the Starbucks drive through to get a pick-me-up for our day of errands.


I got the grande iced coffee with a little bit of cream.




Later in the day, we headed out to golf with my dad, nick’s dad, his bother, and our friend Anthony.

I brought some snacks!

My favorite snack bars around, the golf energy bars!

-gluten free honey toasted oat -almonds -coconut -organic agave syrup -balanced combination of complex carbohydrates-protein-vitamins-minerals.


We golfed the twilight so of course the sprinklers went off on me.

I felt like I was in Iowa again with the deer crossing.

Final scores for our team.

1st Tara: 39
2nd Dad: 42
3rd Nick: 43

To be fair my dad hurt his knee so he is usually 10x better than I am.

After golf we had dinner at the clubhouse. I had a salad with avocado, onion, croutons, romaine, grilled chicken, and parmesan with dressing on the side.

Nick ordered the birdie burger with sweet potato fries. I had to steal one of his fries because they looked so good. They fry them in batter first…intense.


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