We decided to make a delicious tofu vegetable stir fry with udon noodles for Bachelor Monday dinner! It was so easy to cook up and it was absolutley outstanding!


I chopped up one yellow onion, one cup of baby carrots, one red bell pepper, two green bell peppers, and two cups of broccoli.


I added it to my stir fry pan on high heat with a couple tablespoons of olive oil. I kept the veggies cooking and added a couple tablespoons of classic stir-fry sauce every two minutes. During the two minutes, I left the veggies covered.


Once the veggies were completely sautéed and perfectly flavored, I added the Udon noodles.


These cook up really fast.


While the udon noodles were cooking with the vegetables, I chopped up some tofu and cooked them in olive oil with a couple tablespoons of classic stir fry sauce.


I was shocked at how delicious the tofu was! Tofu is high protein, low carb, and a great source of iron.


This meal was prepared in under 25 minutes!

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You can add some egg to your stir fry!