Running, Japanese, & Bowling!


It was beautiful Saturday, but don’t let the beauty fool you; it was still cold. Nick and I bundled up in our sweats and headed out for a run at the park. The cherry trees were in bloom and it was such a beautiful scenery.

After our run, we shopped a little at the mall and then we headed back to hang out with my brother for a while. I caught up on The Following and some emails while Nick caught up on Shameless. Thank goodness for Beats. After a while, I got up and got ready for the night. A couple that Nick and I are friends with were having a joined bachelor/bachelorette party that we attended Saturday night.


We all met at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar on Pineville-Matthews road in Charlotte for dinner. The hibachi chef was so fun and energetic. He had us laughing so hard that we could hardly keep our food down. I ended up ordering sushi because 1. there is too much sodium in hibachi and it gives me a headache, and 2. I would eat sushi everyday if it was an option. But I did have a couple bites of Nicks and it was delicious.


I ordered my favorite, spicy tuna roll, and some kind of tempura shrimp and avocado roll. They were both very good! Spicy tuna can be a hit or miss. It’s usually well flavored or grossly bland.


After dinner, we all headed to Park Lanes to bowl. First, Nick and I made an important detour to Starbucks. I needed a skinny quad tall latte. I was doing pretty well after a few gutter balls, going on my third strike, and then the game shut off. The bad thing about Park Lanes is that you rent the lane by the hour. It’s around ten dollars a person for one hour. They made about $120 an hour on our two lanes and then shut off our first game. Kind of a bummer because the lane was rented to someone else after and so there was no way of finishing. That is why I like buying games vs. lanes. (RANDOM RANT SORRY) But it was still fun!


After bowling, we headed over to Angry Ales for drinks and to watch the Kentucky vs. Notre Dame game. The game was such a bummer because we were pulling for Nick’s team, Notre Dame. They ended up losing by two because of a horrible foul call by the refs. But, I’m glad they gave Kentucky a run for their money because they are a talented team. Nick’s brother and a couple of his friends met up with us too which was fun! We headed back to Nicks around midnight and got our stuff ready for Church in the morning!


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