On The Road Again: Heading Home!


As I said before, I had the best birthday weekend ever! I didn’t want it to end, but on the plus side, I was heading home to another fun day, Superbowl Sunday! We left Asheville around 9 am to head back to Charlotte. I spent about two hour scratching off lottery tickets and planning out the Super Bowl menu. Nick was hosting the Super Bowl party at his place.


We didn’t want to waste time going to a sit down restaurant because we had a lot to get done and so we just settled for McDonalds. I won’t eat at McDonalds unless I’m out of town, and I try to order the healthiest thing on the menu. McDonalds has done better with offering lighter choices.

IMG_5129 IMG_5130

I ordered their egg white muffin with bacon.


I threw the cheese off because it was kind of rubbery, and then ate the egg, bacon and half of the muffin. The bottom half was burnt. Nick had no problem eating it though. Do most guys like burnt bread? I know my dad does!

I also ordered their small coffee with three creamers. I love McDonalds coffee and I think I’ll go get one after I workout today!


I take road trips very seriously and dress the part!
Shoes/Slippers: Bass & Co
Socks: H&M By the way, I have a fancy sock collection as of three months ago and it’s becoming one of the greatest obsessions ever!
Leggings: Gap


I’ll post the Super Bowl food soon! First, I want to post my 20 day clean eating post. I’m on day four and feel amazing!


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