Painting My Afternoon.


I’ve been sitting here all morning following ABCNEWS as they cover the terrorist attacks in France. My heart goes out to France and I’m sending prayers for everyone’s safety.


This photo popped up on my Tumblr feed and it fits what’s going on in the world perfectly. We always laugh at pageant girls when they reply “world peace”, but it’s actually what this world needs more than anything.


I’ll try to move forward to more positive things and blog about what I normally blog about. Yesterday afternoon, I found my Jason’s Deli leftovers hiding in the fridge from last Saturday. Gross? Nah! I took out the lettuce and bean salads and made myself a meal! It was actually pretty darn good!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

I chose two large canvases to work with and used acrylic paints for my medium. I only used four colors for the picture: white, black, blue, and purple. I used those four colors to blend and make new ones.


Here is the final. I call it “midnight moon”:)

PicMonkey Collage



  • Sam

    You should sell prints

    Reply to Sam
  • shantel

    Amazing! i love it!!!

    Reply to shantel
  • Rachel

    Such a beautiful painting, all of them are that I’ve seen. You should really consider selling them. They are amazing.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Amara

    that is such a beautiful painting! the flowers look so gorgeous!

    Reply to Amara
  • Tina Shaw

    The painting is beautiful!

    Reply to Tina Shaw
  • Cami

    This looks like a great afternoon, and that is the most perfect birthday present. What a thoughtful thing to do 🙂

    Camellda Lynn

    Reply to Cami
  • Kristin C

    Taralynn, you could (and really should if you’d enjoy it) sell your paintings. You are very good. Two of my best friends (both your age) are artists and they are wonderful! Your stuff is very similar and I know people would buy it 🙂

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Amber

    Where did you learn to paint?? You’re so good! I like painting too but I’m still getting the grips of everything.

    Reply to Amber
  • Tiffany

    Your paintings are gorgeous! I wish I had half your talent!

    Reply to Tiffany
  • Casey

    What a beautiful gift to receive! Very thoughtful and very talented!

    Reply to Casey
  • kayla kopke

    That painting is amazing, and she is going to LOVE IT. What a thoughtful gift!!!

    Reply to kayla kopke
  • Mackenzie

    So beautiful. You have such an artistic flare, what don’t you do!? She is going to love that!!

    Reply to Mackenzie
  • Ashley

    Your painting is absolutely gorgeous! I would totally buy that!

    Reply to Ashley
  • Lauren

    I love the painting-the sky is gorgeous!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Cass

    You could totally incorporate your artwork into livashore. Calenders, diaries,stationary, or even just prints of your artwork. Its very sell-able and also very much stylized to reflect YOU, which is what we all love about this blog!

    Reply to Cass
  • Yadira

    I like all your art work. U could definitely make some mula off of it!

    Reply to Yadira
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Wow, not only do you have a talent in photography but allso in visual arts. I admire your right brain, haha.

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Méryl

    Nice paintings ! You are really gifted !

    (And thanks for your kind words about what is happening these days in France, we are going through a hard time right now)

    Reply to Méryl
  • Jamie Ferraro

    I am in LOVE with this painting! I would buy it in a heart beat to
    hang in above my couch in my apartment if you chose to paint & sell another one.
    I have been looking for something to hang above my couch & something like this would look amazing!!!

    Reply to Jamie Ferraro

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