Panera For Lunch & A New Bachelor!

Did anyone spend his or her night watching three hours of The Bachelor? You know I did. I’m pretty sure this will be the most dramatic season yet. (Not mocking Chris Harris) The girls have crazy eyes, give free hugs, and love to drink whiskey. There are a couple of normal gals that I’ll be rooting for, but whoa…talk about good television. I’m sure you won’t have a hard time getting your man to sit down for this one. My favorite girl is Kelsey. She’s a school counselor and a widow. She seems the most sincere and poised. Now, ONION GIRL is crazzzzzy. How in the world did she get a rose? Sheesh! What are your thoughts on last night’s show? By the way, for the record, Iowa is not only made up of farmland, dirt roads, and tractors. There are malls, restaurants, and giant buildings around. I think they should take these women to Iowa in the winter to see if they can survive. They may be switching shows after that!


I met up with Nick for lunch yesterday at Panera Bread. I was in the mood for soup and salad and Panera is close to his work.


I ordered the fuji apple chicken salad with a bowl of garden vegetable soup. I always have them omit the blue cheese because….gross. Panera’s soup and salad is always my go-to. Nick got the bbq chicken salad which is good too. I had that last time I went to Panera.

After lunch, I took Grumples on a three mile walk before going back to my emails.


  • sara

    Did you just see the date with Kelsey and Ashley? OMG.

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  • Lily

    And I agree about the onion girl. She is either high or completely insaaaaaaane.

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  • Lily

    I’m in Iowa right now and it’s crazy outside! Freezing cold and near white-out conditions. Guess I won’t be going out tonight, LOL. And I can vouch for Iowa not being all farms and tractors. We have cities just like everybody else (although maybe not as big). Also, not to call you out or anything, but isn’t one of your New Year’s resolutions to stop eating out?

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  • Natasha

    I was a big fan of Bo Stanley, so I’m glad to see her on the show. But I haven’t been keeping up. Glad to see I’m not the only who hates blue cheese, by the way! ew!

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  • Alissa

    That’s my salad order from Panera, too–agreed on the blue cheese, blech. I add avocado to mine though, it needs that “something.”

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  • Angela

    Oh my goodness, Onion Girl is crazy! And I thought Kelsey seemed really sweet too. As for Panera I love their soups and salads. I still have to try their minestrone, but their butternut squash soup is to die for, definitely try if you haven’t already!

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  • Niki Patterson

    This is my first year to ever sit down and watch the Bachelor. WOW!!! Being a country girl from Alabama I was kinda excited about Tara the “whiskey girl” showing up in her boots, shorts and plaid shirt saying “This is me” then getting in a dress and reappearing. I did a very bad girl thing though and looked up who won. It’s not my girl, (Tara is not my girl) Sad day!

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  • Hannah

    I love the Bachelor! I started singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” subconsciously while watching it hahaha. What are your thoughts on Chris? Do you like him?? This season does look dramatic, especially from that preview that makes it look like he hooked up with someone and pissed all the girls off! Kelsey is my favorite too–seems very classy.

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  • Linda @ TheFitty

    The only reality tv show I watch is so you think you can dance!

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  • Laura

    I am shamelessly addicted to The Bachelor, this season looks like it will be so good! And yes I cannot handle onion girl (or is it a pomegranate? lol), I couldn’t believe she got a rose haha

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  • Erin

    um…. yeah. I was kind of shocked the drunk girl and especially, the onion girl, got roses?!? I kind of like the hug girl, because they seemed to connect, but the first hug she gave him made me really uncomfortable (I feel uncomfortable for awkward people on tv lol) I thought she was never going to let go of him and she sounded like she was about to cry. Seems like it will be an interesting season.

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  • Alexis

    You realize The Bachelor isn’t real right? He picked onion girl because it makes for good TV and the producers told him to.

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    • Taralynn McNitt

      Not all the Bachelor is fake. There are a lot of couples that go off and get married, have babies, and live together. I’m sure they wouldn’t go that far after the show if it was fake. HOWEVER, there are so many twists and fake scenes baked up by the producers. I’m sure he chose drunk girl and onion girl for publicity/views, but I bet he was actually into some of them.

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  • Kristin C

    I love Panera. When I was on my road trip (by myself from North Carolina to upstate New York) Panera was the perfect road-coma-pick-me-up. lol

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