Football Saturday at Bar Louie


Saturday was our last night together, so we did what we do best…football and shopping!


After shopping around the Greene, we headed to Bar Louie for football and food.  It was freeeeeeeezing in Ohio. I am so thankful to be living down south this year! I started off with a hot cup of coffee.


We were all getting hungry, so we ordered a few appetizers. I chose the hummus, tapenade and tzatziki with warm pita bread and cucumber slices. I’m glad I ate the tapenade before I found out what it is. It’s finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies, and olive oil. It was really good, but I wouldn’t have tried it if anyone told me what it was.  Tzatziki is strained yogurt. It taste a lot like plain greek yogurt with the consistency of cream cheese.


We also ordered the wings. I usually pick the skin off of them to make them healthier. By the time I’m done, my fingers are covered in sauce. It’s attractive.


Later in the night, I ordered a house salad with a side of broccoli. I also had a little side of mac & cheese.


After dinner and football, we headed over to get froyo. It was my Dads first time ever seeing a froyo place. If I ever moved back to my hometown (which is very unlikely) I’d open a froyo place .


  • Tom

    How long did you live in Ohio??
    I live like 20 minutes from bar louie

    Reply to Tom
  • lauren

    Daa if I would have seen you at the greene I probably would have freaked out! And your right! Ohio is already freezing. Can’t wait to see what winter holds :/

    Reply to lauren
  • Kelsey

    Ottumwa is actually getting a froyo! I don’t live there anymore either but as soon as I moved away we got Starbucks and now I think they said Jimmy John’s and a froyo is coming.

    Reply to Kelsey
  • Tanya

    Hi! I recently found your blog and was just wondering – what camera do you use? I love the quality of your pictures

    Reply to Tanya
  • Lindsay

    I love The Greene. That’s where my fiance took me on our first date and proposed there in April. I celebrated with cookies from Cherly & Co!

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Laura

    After reading your post yesterday I had to go to the grocery store to get hummus, cucumbers and carrots! Just missing some pita bread and YUM, I love healthy snacks that I’ve forgotten about and you tend to remind us 🙂

    Reply to Laura
  • Nastya

    Hello, Taralynn! 🙂

    I like this yogurt, but in the town, where I`m living now, this isn`t. And one place where I can have it, when I come home to Vilnius. And if be a realistic, I think, that now, in my town, this idea can`t be interesting for people. Because people can`t understand that it`s not ice-cream. And thinking that someone want deceive their and take more money for usual ice-cream.. It is upset for me, but I with my BF made our homemade frozen yogurt 🙂

    I hope, that everyone here will have a good day 😉 Taralynn, u a best!

    Reply to Nastya
  • Erin

    you always go to the greene whenever you are in Dayton. Tells you exactly how much stuff there is to do in Dayton… Zero. You could always drive about 25 min south and hit up IKEA and Jungle Jim’s. It is the coolest grocery store.

    Reply to Erin
  • Jenny

    Do you ever get tired of eating mainly salads and veggies? I know you eat turkey roll ups, chicken wings, pizza, e.c.t, but it seems you always have a salad! I have burned out of foods (thanks college life. . .). So do you ever “burn out” of foods?

    Reply to Jenny

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