Disaster Trip: Ohio Bound


Yesterday was one of the worst days to drive across the country. I’ve had rainy road trips before, but never have I ever had to ride the storm for 12 hours straight. There were a couple 30 minute breaks, but that’s about it. My eight hour drive turned into a twelve hour nightmare. The positive part is that I’m safe and made it to Dayton. I’m also going to stay with my brother one more night! I’m taking advantage of the time I have with him before he leaves. Plus, Dayton is the halfway point to Charlotte, so it makes sense to stop here. I actually really like Dayton, too!


This is how dark it was at 10am in the morning. I had to pull over several times because the rain would pour so hard, I couldn’t see a thing. Grumples never gets scared during rain storms, but even he was startled by it.


And with every road trip post I do, I include my road trip grub! My mom stocked me up with these True blended smoothies by Grimmway Farms. They’re delicious, full of vitamins and a much better energy drink than the ones bought at Gas Stations in a can.


This is what the 30 minute breaks would look like. I feel like I drove under the same storm all day and we would pull out the Mario Cart moves and pass each other every now and then. Luckily his lightening bolts never hit me.


Around one, I hit one of those “can’t see a damn thing” storms, and pulled off the exit to grab something to each for lunch.


I chose Panera bread!


I had the Fuji apple chicken salad. I forgot to ask for no blue cheese (because it’s disgusting), so I did the obstacles around it. It was still really good and they didn’t put much on.

 I normally wouldn’t order soup on a road trip, but I was pulled over anyways, so I had their garden vegetable soup without pesto; I’ve never been a pesto fan. I used half of the bread for dipping in my soup and the other half for croutons on my salad.


You know where his nose was the entire time I ate…


I lost several hours when I hit rush hour in Indianapolis, and at that point, I was expecting everything to go wrong! Oh! And it started to hail during this little traffic jam.


But…it was kind of beautiful, too.


After losing four hours during the chaotic drive, I was so ready to just get there! Luckily, I have a dog that enjoys being in the car and would live in it if he could. One of the worst things about driving in the rain is the semi’s that don’t care. They (not all) drive like maniacs, kick up rocks with their tires that fly back at the windshield and basically hydroplane all over the lanes. I’m very cautious when I see them coming up behind me. I did learn my lesson, to pay attention to the weather before a road trip. It’s supposed to rain all day today and I’m not going anywhere other than breakfast with my brother, and a workout at the air force base!


I ended up getting to Dayton at nine. I was so exhausted! We all sat around watching Catfish while eating dinner, and I passed out within minutes on the couch.

I left this road trip with a cracked windshield and a busted pcp pipe from the rain. great


  • peyton

    You are so brave

    Reply to peyton
  • Maysa Gois

    Hey Tara,
    I’m from Brazil and I follow you since tumblr. You inspired me so much. I love your recipes, posts and pictures.
    Thanks god you’re ok.

    Reply to Maysa Gois
  • Alexis

    I’ve driven to Ohio and Chicago from St. Louis on a motorcycle and it was terrifying at first! It started hailing when we were in Ohio and we were on the highway with no bridge or exit to go nearby. So we had to drive down the highway until we saw the closest exit. Horrifying.

    Reply to Alexis
  • Melissa

    Jealous of your lightning photo. That can be hard to do! Do you use a photo editor for your pictures?

    Reply to Melissa
  • estkimo

    Driving in rain is not an ideal situation but WOW some of those pictures were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUl!! I wish I could’ve seen some of those!!

    Reply to estkimo
  • Stéphanie YOUNG

    I know that pain!
    I drive from my school in southern Illinois to my sister’s place in Pittsburgh, PA. The storms chase me the whole way! Such a pain on an already long trip!

    Reply to Stéphanie YOUNG
  • Molly@This Life is Sparkling

    I live in Indianapolis so that was neat you drove through it 😉 Indy is always overlooked so I love when people mention it, haha.

    Reply to Molly@This Life is Sparkling
  • Sarah

    I’m from Ohio too, but Southern Ohio. Dayton is awesome, I’ve been there a few times. The storms looked so scary!

    Reply to Sarah
  • EVA

    Usually, I get kinda annoyed by your travel posts because whenever you get fast food, it seems to be like barely anything! But you ‘done did good this time!

    Also, I think the photo you took of the lightning is KILLER. I’ve been staring at it for way too long now. Severe weather fascinates me yet scares me; I’m just glad you got out of it unscathed!

    Reply to EVA
  • alyssa

    Those rainstorms are horrifying! Glad you’re safe, looks like Grumples enjoyed that long drive. By the way, what type of camera do you use, beautiful pictures!

    Reply to alyssa
  • Alyssa

    Aw! That is so scary. Those lightning bolts are beautiful but look awfully close! Glad you made it okay and have extra time with your brother though 😀

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Ashley

    OMG that looks so scary! Although I must admit, all your road trip posts make me want to go on one! 🙂

    Reply to Ashley
  • Beks

    Scary driving, but you captured some gorgeous scenery. I had a similar driving experience from Denver to Santa Fe with my best friend in 2010. It was so cool seeing the storm cross the desert. Where I live in Iowa (SW Iowa), you don’t see that much, because of all the bluffs.

    Reply to Beks
  • Amanda

    LOL. I know what you mean about the crazy truck drivers! My dads and I favorite past time, when I was about 13-15 years old, he used to be an over the road truck driver and I LOVED going with him trucking all over the country. Our favorite was summer going through Oklahoma when all the thunderstorms hit. It was beautiful to watch. Truck drivers are so good at what they do the weather hardly effects them! They can make it through blizzards when everyone else is in the ditch. I don’t know how and for some reason I always felt safe, even when the weather was bad. Doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen, though! Now that I’m a mom I’m super nervous about bad weather. I’ll hardly ever even think about driving when its snowing out.

    Anyways, back to your story! I’m glad you made it safe and I hope your time with your brother is great. I follow up on you often, but I don’t always know the details. Which base is your brother at? My husband is also Air Force and we are trying to get out of here on B.O.P and get stationed at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. We have a few other choices, too, but that’s one of my biggest hopes. Nothing to do with family, South Carolina just seems beautiful, military friendly, and family oriented. Unfortunately, Joint Base Charleston doesn’t have my husbands job.

    Reply to Amanda
    • Erin

      Since her brother lives in Dayton, he prob works at Wright-Patterson AFB, the largest and brightest 😉 I will admit, it is a pretty neat base. my fiance also works there.

      Reply to Erin
      • Amanda

        That is true! Silly question on my part. All I needed to do was a quick search to remind me there is only one base there. Unless her brother is Air National Guard, then I think there is a few of those bases in Ohio. I could be wrong though!

        I’m glad you like it! 🙂

        Reply to Amanda
  • Paula

    Tara,you have such a beautiful life and you are such a great person. Can I please ask you how can I work from home like you? I really don’t like what I am doing right now and I read your story that you have the courage to quit your job and do what makes you happy. You inspired me! But I don’t know how to do it…I lack in confidence and courage too…Can you please help me? I would be extremely grateful!

    Reply to Paula
  • Kristen

    You are a great photographer! I love the pictures.

    Reply to Kristen
  • Christina

    Wow, that sounds insane–good thing you’re such a seasoned driver and have made countless road trips before! Glad everything worked out for you and that you got to spend more time with your brother before he deploys 🙂

    Reply to Christina
  • Chelsea

    Glad you made it, Taralynn! I live in Dayton and yesterday was so dark and dodgy! Love your blog!

    Reply to Chelsea
  • Livi

    Driving in rain can be so scary! Glad you made it back ok!

    Reply to Livi
  • Erin

    I like that pic of Peoria, my hometown! I hate driving in the storms. That cracks me up you like Dayton because I want to move ASAP. haha! Have fun driving back to Charlotte.

    Reply to Erin
  • shannon

    Glad you made it safe and sound! Enjoy the time with your brother!

    Reply to shannon

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