Oh, How I Love Thee…Charleston


Every time I visit Charleston, I get the urge to pack everything up and stay. I’m sure this is normal for anyone who visits there.


Yesterday was perfect. The weather was nice, there weren’t crowds of people, and everything was quite.


We visited the Charleston City Market 🙂

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We got free juice! 🙂 Makes me miss my juicer back at home.


We saw incredible art.


Then got a sweet tooth:) But this place was closed…


So we went to the Charleston Candy Kitchen. It was like my dream place. SO MUCH CANDY!:)

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We got the coconut gelato. I love when you can taste the REAL coconut and none of the artificial flavors. By far the best coconut gelato I’ve ever had.


One of my favorite parts about Charleston are the brick streets.


And how the trees shade the walkways.

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Charleston is also full of talented people. This was Kareem, he made me the roses out of palms. We got to talking and brain stormed some pretty awesome ideas. If you’re ever around the pier in Charleston, go see Kareem!


I also did some shopping on King Street:)


The United States Custom House.


I wish I was a kid again:)


The candy kitchen…nom nom nom



We found one of the coolest alley’s in Charleston. It’s hidden away on King Street.

10150621_697694716943774_3206842336146326571_n 1958105_697694506943795_4460683197767432189_n_Fotor

I still think Graffiti is the coolest form of art.



  • Celeste

    Seeing your pictures of the candy kitchen made my mouth drop….holy delicious!!!! I wanna visit that place so bad!!

    Reply to Celeste
  • Sara

    I love the pictures that you’ve taken. What kind of camera do you use?

    Reply to Sara
  • Jenn

    I live in Charleston, I do not care how many times I see the streets and homes and just the pure southern charm, I fall in love again and again. I hope I never have to leave!!!! EVER!!!! So glad you loved it, and the Candy Kitchen is my favorite. Once a year I fill as much candy as I can into a tin container, and share it with my family!!!! Hope you get to come visit again soon!!!!

    Reply to Jenn
  • Katie

    sooo pretty, i would absolutely love to visit charleston!

    Reply to Katie
  • Ann

    I’ve never commented, but since I live in Charleston, I had to! Glad you love our city…we do, too! Just spent the afternoon at Sullivan’s island, laying in the sun. My ya’ll is authentic…born and raised here, and returned after college. Come back and visit soon!

    Reply to Ann
  • Amanda

    Charleston is my favorite place on the planet!! The outlying islands are pretty great too, Sullivan’s Island, Johns Island, Mt. Pleasant…love them all.

    Reply to Amanda
  • LJS

    haha–you need to move to charleston! : D
    don’t worry, you’re not alone–it is an awesome place!
    how long does it take you to drive there?
    & you may want to talk your friends into driving just another couple of hours south to Savannah–another wonderful southern city (they have savannah candy kitchen on their river front)

    Reply to LJS
  • Anna

    Now I’m jealous! I watch these pics and all I want to do is to pack everything and move to the USA, somewhere south! I love your pics and blogs, it’s almost feels like I’m there too, so please keep posting!:D

    Reply to Anna
  • Ashley

    Love the blog! Charleston looks like so much fun. Have already planned a girls trip in June. Where did you all stay?

    Reply to Ashley

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